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Full text of "The peerage of England : a complete view of the several orders of nobility ... together with an introduction, shewing the high and illustrious extraction of our most gracious sovereign: also an historical account of all the offices of state, usually filled by the nobility, the arms of the all the Lords spiritual and temporal, three useful plates teaching the art of heraldry, &c. &c. &c."

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'eerage of England, 


* the feveral Orders of Nobility, the 
Descents, Marriages, Issue,' a; 
Relations; their Creations, Arm' 
RIAL Bearings, Crests, SuppoRTEf 
MoTTOS, Chief Seats, and the high C 
FiCEs they poflefs ; fo methodized as to; 
play whatever is truly ufeful in this inftf' ^k 
tive and amufing branch of Knowledge . f 

together with 

I. Introduction, fhewingthe high and illuftri- 
asExtradion of our moft gracious Sovereig-n : 

A L S O 

hiftorical Account of all the Offices of Stat*, uf^alIf^ 
filled by the Nobility, the Arms of all the Lords Spi- 
ritual and Temporai., three ufeful Plates teach- 
ing the Art of Heraldry, &c. &c. &c. 

By Mr. KIM B E R. "^ 
Corrected to July 23, 1766. 


ited for H. WooDFALL, J. Fuller, G. WooD?Att, 

1.. Baldwin, W. Johnston, B. Law, T. Longman, 

;*. Lowndes, J. Wilkie, J.Johnson and Co, W. «J 

ATHOE, Z. Stuart, W, NicOLt, E.Johnson, aaAj m| 



July 21, 1766. 

. art of Oxford is appointed Lord L 
tenant Of the county of Radnor. 

ilerday died Dr. John Thomas, ] 
i3ifhopof Salifbury, and Chancellor of 
Order of the Garter. 




r H E Editor, confidering the mani- 

fcft Utility of a manual of this 

"ind, can have no reafon to apologize 

:>X its Publication ; being convinced it 

calculated to recommend itfelf to all 

ho defire, with Facility, to be ac- 

aainted with the Families and Adions 

our hereditary Legiilators, who, if 

e confider them juftly, have eclipfed 

il. the^ Nobility of Europe, by their 

any Uluftrious Actions in Peace and 

'/ar, ^nd by the Struggles they have 

laintained for the Support of our 

{cellent Conftitution, our Laws and 


Be this as it may, however, it is well 
;own hov/ necelTary it is for the Man 
" Bufinefs and the Gentleman, to be 
quainted with the Matters laid before 
em in the following Pages, wherein 
Method is purfued hitherto never at- 

A 2 te mpte d. 


tempted, which will convert a Subjedt^^^ 
<iry in itfelf, into a perfed: Amufement. 

He hopes there are no material Mif« 
takes in his Compilation, as Corrednefs^* 
was as much his Study as Brevity. 




;. '.f H a '^ 

jq T R O D U C T I O N. 

' would be an unpardonable negleft in the cora^' 
Mler of a work of this kind, if he did not pre- 
Tiifefcme particulars, which, though known t3 
y, cannot be fo to the generality ot purchafers^ 
/horn a ready and fatisfaaory mfpeftion into 
V thing regarding the Royal Famijy, as well a^ 
Nobilify of England, will have, evidently, many 
which need not be enumerated. Jhe King 
g the fountain of honour, I (hall give a brief, 
exaa account of his pedigree, 
he moll high, moft niighty and moft excellent 
ce Georc?- William Frederick,^Ktng of Great 
ain, France and Ireland, Duke of Brunfwick Lu^ 
Lgh, Eleaor of Hanover, Arch-Treafurer and 
^ceof the facred Roman Empire, &c. &c. de- 
s his defcent from very remote times, 
zo the firft. Count of Efte, .and Marqu.fs o? 
fcany, was the emperor's vicar m Italy, and died 

^o hfmTcceeded Thibaut his fon who by th^ 
. 5eror Otho was created Marquifs of Efte, being 
I , Lord of Lucca. Cremona, Mantua, Ferrara, &c. 
he dying in 976, was fucceeded by Albert Azc 
brother fwhich Albert dying m 995, was fuc- 
cded by Hugh his fon, whofe wife was Mary, 
b ighter to Theodatus Marquis of Parma, and by 
\ he had Azo his fon and heir. ^ ^ , r ,, ^ 
1 \zo the fecond, who was the founder^ of the 
I jnfwick family, married Cunegunda, fifter and 


heirefs of Guelph the third, (of the family of the| 
tient Guelphs) Earl of Altorf, Ravenfberg, 
Duke of Carinihia, and by her he had GueTphl 
firft, ofEfte, furnamed the Robuft ; which Guel 
in the year 1071, was by the emperor Henry I 
made Duke of Bavaria ; and he marrying Judl 
daughter of Baldwin the fifth, (furnamed of Li 
Earl of Flanders, and widow of Tollo Earl ofK<| 
brother to Harold King of England, by her left i| 
two fons, Guelph and Henry. 

Guelph the fecond, who, in the year iioi, i| 
ceeded his father, dying without iflue, Henry 
firft, his brother, called the Black, became he| 
and he dying in IJ25, left ifTue, by Wilfenden* 
wife, dau-ghter of Magnus Billing, Duke of Eil 
Saxony, Guelph, who fettled in Italy, and Hei| 
the fecond, called the Haughty. 

This Henry married Gertrude, daughter of the e | 
peror Lothair II. of whom he had the inveftiture 
Bavaria, and afterwards the dukedom of Saxon 1 
and dying about the year 1179, was fucceeded 
Henry the 3d, his {on, who was called the Lion, f 
was one of the raoft poxverful princes in Germaiiy. 

He married Maud, daughter of Henry II. king 
England, by whofe mearjs he obtained the earldo. 
of Brunfwick Lunenburgh ; and dying in the yf 
1195, left ifiue three fons, whereof 0:ho was the 4 
emperor of that name, Henry was count Palarne tj; 
the Rhine, by means of his wife Agnes, and Wiilia " 
was duke of Brunfwick and Lunenburgh i for 
was then that his brother Orho ereded thofslan-l 
into a dukedom. , 

This William the ift, furnamed Longfword, fui 
ceeded his brother Gtho, married Helena, daught«j 
of Voldemar King Of Denmark, and by her was f 
ther of Otho, called the Young, who was Duke ( 
Brunfwick and Lunenburgh ; and dying in 125?, le: 
ifiue by Maud his wife, daughter of Albert Marqu 
of Brandenburgh, two fons and four daughters. 


ll the fons, Albert the eldeft, called the Great, 
eded him ; and John, who was Duke of Luneo- 
1, and dying irh 1330, leftOtho, who died with- 
{fue, and William ; which William alio dying 
lefs in 1365, gave his eftate to his kinfman Mag* 

bert the*Great, who fucceeded his father, a9 
i-mentioned, married Elizabeth, Daughter of 
y the Magnanimous, Duke of Brabant, by 
fi he had three fons, William, who died without 
Albert the Fat, his facceffor, and Henry the 
irable; which laft had two fons, Henry the 
ig, father of Otho, who was the fourth hulband 
an Queen of Jerufalem, Naples and Sicily ; and 
ftus, whofe pofterity ended in the fifth gene- 

am Albert the ad, called the Fat, who died in 
, are defcended all the Princas of the houfe of 
fwick now in being; for he marrying Ricca, 
hter of the Duke of the Herules and Vandals, 
er had Magnus the Meek, his fuccefibr, whofe 
was Sophia, daughter to Henry Marquis of 
denburgh, and by her he had Magnus Torquatus 
hain-bearer, fo named from a filver chain he 
about his neck. 

lis Magnus the ad, who in 1362, fucceeded his 
;r, married Catharine, daughter of Voldemar, 
Dr of Branderiburgh ; and he dying in I3 75» by 
reft three fons, whereof Frederick was Duke of 
Twick, and elefted emperor; but in the year 
, was murdered at Friflar, by Count Waldech ; 
ard was progenitor of the Dukes of Lunenburgh ; 
Henry was Prince of Calemberg and Wolfen- 

30ut the year 14-aS, Bernard had the Dukedom 
unenburgh, and his father's right over the city 
runfwick, by partition made with his nephews ; 
dying at Zell, in i434, left ifl*ue by Margaret 
/ife, daughter to Wenceflaus, eleftoi of Saxony, 
. Otho. 


Otho, fusnamed the Lame, who had no iffue 
Frederick called the Juft ; which Frederick, in r 
died in a monaftery at Zellj leaving ifilie by Mj 
len his Wife, daughter of Frederick eie(5lor of 1 
denburgh, two fons. 

Of the fons, which were Bernard and OthoB** 
eMeft dying in 1464* without ifTue, Otho ^isbnBJJ 
became heir; and he dying in 1471, leh ifTtPf 
Anne of Naflau his wife, a fon named Henry, 
was called the Young, whofe wife was Marg 
daughter to Erneflus duke of Saxony ; and d 
atParis in 1531, left by her 3 fons, Otho, Francis. 
Erneflus, who all fubfcribed the Augfburg confe: 
and Erneft Duke of Lunenburgh, who died in i 
was one of the moft zealous Princes in defer 
and fupporting the Prcteflant religion in Gerrr 
and was the firfl Proteftant Prince in this family. 

He married Sophia, daughter of Henry Dul 
Mecklenburgh, by whom he had Francis Otho, 
died in 1559., three months after he had married 
zabeth, daughter of Joachim, the 2d Marqu 
Braodenburgh ; Henry Earl of Dannebergh, 
was anceflor of the houfe of Brunfwick- Wolfenbi 
and died in 1598 ; and William Duke of Lunenbu 
Zell, born July 4, 1535, from whom is defcei 
the houfe of Hanover Zell, of which King Ge ; 
is the head. 

He married Dorothy, daughter of Chriftian I 
King of Denmark ; and dying Aug. 40, 1592 r 
her left feven fons and feven daughters ; of wl 1 
George, who was born in 158a, fucceeded him ; 1 
he dying in 1641, left ifTue by Anne E!eanoi 
wife, daughter of Lewis Landgrave of Heffe-Dt 
ftadt, four fons, and a daughter named Sophia-A 
lia, who was married to Frederick III, King of I v 

Of the fons, which were Chriilian-Lewis, Geo ? 
William, John- Frederick, and Erneft- Auguftus, 
latter, who was born in 16*9, w^s firft adminiltr, 


lie biflioprick of Ofnabrug, for the Auiburg con- 
!«, VIZ. the proteilant or reformed religion; 
I in 1662, purfuant lo ihe treaty of We£lphalia> 
|e anno 1648, fucceeded count Francis of Wir- 
)ergh in the faid bifhoprick. • 
e alfo, in i6S0i became Duke of Hanover, as 
to his brother John-Frederick, who died with- 
iiffae male, and on the lyih of October 1692, he 
by the emperor Leopold created at Ratifbon, 
ele<^or of the empire, viz. of Brunfwick-Lunen- 
;h, and to his heirs male ; and on the 29th of 
ember following, the faid emperor gave the fo- 
1 inveftiture at Vienna, by delivering the ele<5lo- 
:ap to the Duke of Hanover's plenipotentiaries, 
declared him ele<^or, with the office of Gonfa- 
:r, or Standard-bearer of the empire, (and the em- 
r Jofeph, the fon of Leopold, when he put the 
:or of Bavaria under the imperial Ban, gave Duke 
;ft the poft of Great Treafurer of the empire* 
:h had belonged to the ele<5lor Palatine ;) but 
new title of eleAor being oppofed by feveral of 
German Princes, the difpute continued till June 
1708, when all the three colleges of the empire 
;ed to the eftablilhment of this new ele<5torate 
]:he perfon of that eledor's eldeft fon, George- 
4 is, (late King of Great-Britain) and on Sept. 7, 
l| )wing, he was admitted into the eiedoral-coliege; 
^ the office of arch-treafurer of the empire was 
[■ n to the fliid elector of Brunfwick in 1709, in 
i|ch year, on the 17th of April, the emperor Jo* 
E 1 died. ^, , 

1 1658, the faid ele^or Erneft (who died in 1698) 
t, Tying the Frincefs Sophia, fifth and your.geil 
Ighter to Frederick V. Ele<5lor Palatine of d^e 
i ne, (eledled King of Bohemia, Nov. 4, 16 19, and 
|lNov. 9, 163*) by Elzabeih of Great Britain, 
lift daughter to King James I. (niece to the rov:4 
|f tyr, lifter to tiie famous Prince Rupert, coiiliii- 
Jtnanto the Kings Charles and James iU ind their 
'; _ 'a rovil 



royal filler, Mary Princefs of Orange) by that ma I 
riage arid h's own birth, he had in his veins fome d 
ail the royal blood of Europe. 

;**To difplay theafEniry of the prafent royal fanlif 
t^ the Welch nation, I fhall introduce the foJlowicL 
abftra^ed genealogy. ' '* 

/^Adwalader the laft King of Britain, was fu) 
^^ named Bhendiged, or the Ble^Ted ; he was th - 
fon of King Cadwallan (defcended from Coel G{.; 
deboc, King of Britain) but had no great fway, tlijl 
Saxons having eftablifhed feven kingdoms in Britair' 
and obliged the Britains to retire, foms beyond th  
Rivers Severn and Dee, and others into Cornwa ' 
and Little Britain, or Armor ica, in France. 

Amongft the latter went King Cadwalader, to h < 
coufin Alan 11. then King of Little Britain, ans 
from thence in 680, to Rome, and died in 6SS, h 
anceftors having reigned in Britain 1827 years, ' 

When King Cadwalader retired to Rome, his ft 
Edwal Wyrchof the Roe, firft King of Wales, Wb 
very young, and under the tuition of Alan II. Kifc' 
ef Little Britain, above mentioned; and this Kiw 
Alan, having a fon named Ivor, to him Edwal n 
figned the kingdom. 

After the death of Cadwalader, the faid Ivor, U 
ing accompanied by his coufin Edwal, came ov< 
from France, and routing the Saxons, pofl'efled hin 
feif of the counties of Cornwall, Devon, and Somei 
fet, and then married Ethelberga, coufin to Ket 
twyn. King of the Weft-Saxons ; whofe nephe 
Cadwall, religned to Ivor the kingdom, which \ 
enjoyed for fome years, and then went to Rome. 

This Ivor, who by fome Hiftorians was called In: 
began his reign anno 68^, and in 727, religned t 
Adelard his coufin. 

To Edwal Wyrch, or the Roe, firft King of Wale 
after his father's retirement (and came over fr®ii|t;;;, 





IN T R O D U C T r O N.^ xi 

nee with his coufin Ivor as above-mentioned) fuc- 
\td Roderick Malwynoc, who in 727, became 
j» of Wales, and died in 755. c u 

'his Roderick having two fons, Conan, his heir 
he kingioiji, and Howel ; the faid Howel took 
;Icfea from his brother Gonan, and afterwards 

the Ifle of Man given him by Merfyn, for life, 
died in 825. 

ooan, who was fijrnamed Tindaythwy, dying m 
, Jeft a daughter named Efylht, who was his Tole 

; and Ihe marrying Merfyn Frych, fon of Gwy- 
j, fo-n of E'.idure, lineally defcended from Coel 
leboc. King of Britain, and of Nefta, daughter 
'ftde!h ap Brochwel ap Elis, King of Powis, he 
er right became King of Man, and was alfoking 
I Vales ; and dying in 843, by her left a fun who 

called Roderick Mawr, or the Great King of 

'his Roderick Mawr, marrying Angharad, daugh- 
md heir to Meyric ap Dyfnall ap Arthen ap S't- 
t. King of Cardigan, by her had three fons, 
ch were Anarawd, Prince of North Wales, Ca- 
K, Prince of South Wales, and Merfyn Prince oF 
/is; which Merfyn loft his principality to his 
iher Cadelh, and was flain by the Danes, Ann^ 
n. 900, leaving no ifTue. 

.narawd, brother to Merfyn, became Prince of 
th Wales, A. D. 877, and dying in 913, left 

fons, Edwal Foel Prince of North VVales„ and 

, who were both flain, A. D, 940, b^ the Eng- 

and Danes; but Edwal leaving. three fons, Mey^ 

Jevaf, and Jago, the latter, in 948, .hecam^- 

ice of North Wales jointly with his brother Jevaf* 

was expell'd by his nephew Howel, vyhich put 
hnd to the line of Jago. 
evaf (his brother Meyric being fet afide by him 

hs brother Jago, and imprifoned by his nephew 
wel) became Prince of North Wales, fucceeding 
wei Dha, and to him in 972, fucceeded Howel 
.'■ i a a his 



hi> fon, which H^wel alfo fucceeded his uncle Jago . 
but in 984, was flain in a battle with the EngliftJ 
and was fucceeded in the principality of No nh Wale: t 
by his brother narped Gadwalhon. . j, " 
.This Gadwalhon being flain inJ'^fy'V'^MeTedk^ 
ap Owen, and dying without ifJue, we return t 
liowel his brother before mentioned, which Hov 
had a f JQ named Conan, but he being flain in tb 
:year 1003, by Aedan ap Blegorad, who ufurped tb 
dominion of North Wales, after the death of Edw; 
ap Meyric, and was flain by ^hewelyn ap Sitfylh 
A. D. 1015, put an end to that hne ; fo that we rt 
turn to Meyric, who was fet afide by his brothers Jii 
jyaf and Jago, as above mentioned. 
^ This Meyric had a fon named Edwal, who wi 
Prince of North Wales, fucceeding Meredith a 
X^wen, A. D. 99* ; but he being flain in a battle wit 
Harold the Dane, An. 1003, Jago his fon becare 
Prince of North Wales, fucceeding Lhewelyo ap Si" 
iylht, anno loai ; but this Jago being flain b 
Gruffyth ap Lhewelyn, who fucceeded him in 103' 
<}onan, the fon of the fvd Jago, warred with the la 
OrufFydh ap Lhewelyn lur the princ'pality of Norl 
Wales, and marrying Ranulph, daughter of Aifri 
.King of Dublin, by her had a fon named GrufFydl 
who was Piince of North Wales, he fucceeding Tf; 
haero ap Garadoc, whom he flew in 1080. 
-This Gruffydh married Angharad, daughter' 
.Owen ap Edwyn, which Owen rebelled againjft hif 
and inyited the E'^glifh into Wales^ who in 109 
appointed him Prince of the country ; but he fot 
lofing it, and dying in H02, the faid GrdfFydh, vr\ 
married his daughter, having a fon by her, and 
daughter named Gwenlhian ; th^ ftid daughter b 
came the wife of GrufFydh ap Rhys, and mother 
Rhys ap GrufFydh, Prince of South Wales,' and hi 
brotlierOwea.who was furnamed Gweynedh, fucceec 
ing his father in 1146, was Piince of North Wales. 
This Oweo hid two fons, and a daughter name 


rN T R O D U C T I O N. xiii 

SenlH^n, Nvhiti^' daughtef wa# married to Owen 
irfeilioc. Lord of Powis, as hereafter will appear. 
Of the fald two fons of Owen Gweynedn, Jor- 
Kth Drwyndwn, the eldeft. ^^as fet ahde on ac- 
^t of his broken nofe; and David h's brother. 
pceeding his father, anno .170, was Pnnce^of North 
:ales; but he dying unmarried in 1195, Lhewelyn 
jtJephew, the fon of Jorwerth his brother, fuc^ 
edcd him, and was Prmce of North W.les ; afid 
on af^er the death of GrufFydh ap Rhys, Prince of 
.uth Wajes, received Homage from his Ion Rhy-S, 
d became Prince of all Wales. . -; ^* 

This LheweFyn, who died in 1240, married J6^rt, 
ughter to John King of England, and by her had 
i^^d his heir in his principality, and a daughter named 
ladys, who was married to Sir Ralph Mortimer. 
David, who, in 1240, fucceeded his father, and 
IS Prince of ail Wales, dying m 1246, unmarried, 
• fhall now fpeak of Gruffydh, his father s bale 
n, who was father of three fens, Lhewelyn, Owen, 
d David : whereof Owen, who was Prince ot 
'a'es jointly with his brother Lhewelyn for lome 
n^ joined his brother David agamfl: Lhewelyn ; 
It they in i»55. being both overcome and impri- 
ried by Lhewelyn; and Dayid, after his brother 
hewelyn's death, being delivered up to the Welch, 
d beheaded at Shrewfbury, and dymg without iliue^ 
did Owen his next brother, Lhewelyn the eldeit 
^ the laft Prince of Wales, but was routed by 
tjward L King of England, Anno Dom. laSz, and 
Lhead fet on the Tower of London. 
This Lhewelyn leaving ilTue a daughter named 
nharine, who was hts fole heir, fhe was married tp 
bewelynap Gruffydh ap Tangwflh, and by hiin 
id a daughter named Eleanor, which daughter being 
arried ta Thomas ap Lhewelyn ap Owen ap Mere- 
tb Lord Ifcoed, by him had a daughter named 
'Vrgaret, who being married to Tudor ap Gronw ap 
udor, by him had a fon named Meredith ap Tudor, 
Ihofe wife was Margaret, daughter to Dafydd Fy- 
F; a 3 Chan, 



riv iNTRODiJcrf folsrr 

chan, and by her liad a fon named Owen Tutb 
whicl) fon (who was defcended by ifTue male froi 
Keman the fon of Coel, King of Britain, and m 
ther to Hellen, mother to Conftantine the Great 
as aUb from Roderic Mawr, the Great King of -WaK 
before- mentioned) marrying Queen * Catharin- 
youngeft daughter to Charles V(. King of Frana 
and widowo^King Henry V. of England, by herhaj^ 
ifiue three fons, viz. Edmund Tudor Earl of Rich 
mond, Jafper, and Owen, and a daughterthat died! 
her infancy. 

Edmund, Earl of Richmond, married Margqreiv 
fo;!e daughter and heir to John Beaufort, Duke r 
Somerfet, fen of John Earl of Somerfet, fon to J:)H 
of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter 4th fon of King Ed ' 
ward III. (and fo named, being born at Gaunt \V 
Danders) and by her had Henry VIl. King of Enp '■ 
land, (and firft of the Surname of Tudor) whofe wil 
\yas Elizabeth, eldeft daught'er to King Edward I\ 
and by her, b: fides a daughter named Margaret, h 
had Henry VIII. of England, which Henry VIII. ha 
Edward VI. King of England.. Mary, who fuccee^ 
ed her brother Edward, and Elizabeth, who fuc 
ceeded Mary; which Queen Elizabeth dying i 
1603, unmarried, and her brother and lifter withoi 
iflue, put an end to that line ; fo that we fhall no' 
return to Margaret before-mentioned, the daughte; 
of King Henry VII. 

This Margaret married James IV. King of Scoti 

• The wife of King Henry V. was Cathariii. 
youngeft daughter of Charles VI. King of France 
fhe died Jan. 3, 1437, in the 38th year of her agt 
and was buried in the chapel of Our Lady, in Wef^ 
minfter- Abbey ; but her corpfe being taken up i 
the reign of King Henry Vll. her grandfon, whei 
he laid the foundat'on of his new chapel there ; Oi 
was never fince buried, but remains absve ground 
in a coffin of boards. 



in A D 15 13, who by her had James V. King 
^^hat country, and a daughter Margaret. -gvWIi 
Joher wa m^ to Matthew Stuart, Earl of 

Sx, and by him was mother of Henry Lard 

'Kinriimes V. of Scotland, who died in JJ54:?, 

an cd M^y of Lorrain. and by her had Mary Qjueen 

^Scodand who was beheaded in 1587.; which faid 

afenhannR married the above mentioned Hei^ry 

^ d d' mle^, by him had James the toh Scot- 

nd and firft of England ^ho died^An i6a5 , and 

manyine Anne, daughter of Frederick H. King 

r Denmark, by h^r, beSdes Henry Pnnce of W^es 

';dCh"lesl.of England, ^vhojas beheaded, had 

^ cLghter named Elizabeth ; .which taught r (who 

edini660 being "^^^^'^^ I^^^'^^-'^^f BoK^^^ 
Eleaor Palatine of the Rhine, Kirg of Bohe- 
naf who died in 163a. by him had .a daughter 
ned Sophia, v.ho died in 1714; but m 1658, ^e 
eTngmamed to Erneft, Eiedbr of Brunfwick be- 
';e?mendoned, by him had the following ifliie, 

J. George-Lewis, of whom more in its place. , 
i Frederick- Auguftus, born OcS. 3, '^'l^/^^^^ 
lie 13th of Dec. 1690, bemg c.ap,tain of the guard 
Tthe imperial army, was flain in Tranfilvania, (un. 


;n S.) and died on the i6th of June,i7a6, un 

-TcLles-Philip, born Oa. 13, 1669,. and was 
(lain in thebattle of Cafaneckin Tranfilvania, Jan. i, 
ff&no. hehtinc againft the Turks. • 

'^^5 Chfftian, born Sept. ^.9. >67X, and^vasdrow 
edinthe Danube, unmarried, after the battle oS 
fMunderkingen, July 31. I703- , •-1 

6. Erneft-Auguftu?. born Sept. 17, 1674, and 
was Prince of Brunfwick- Lunenburgh. , 1 - 

Lino, he was eleaed Proteftant orftcular^ti^ 

a 4 


.J- fhop of Ofrnbrag in -Gefmanyi (in theroom of thi 

**^ late Roman Catholick biOiop, Qiarks- Jofeph, Princi 

xiiSsf Lorrarn, who died December 14, 1715) purfuani 

ni'to the isth article of the treaty of Weftphalial 

bi'ivherein it was ftlpulated, that the See of Ofnabru)| 

J^^Hionld be alternately poflefled by a Roman Gatholi " 

-oand a Proteftant prince (the inhabitants being a mixj 

'ture of both religions) in fach a manner, thatwheil 

it ihould be the turn of a Proteftant, he fhouid all 

\vays be chofen in the moil ferene houfe of Duk< 

George of Brunfwic-Lunenburgh ; and in cafe th* 

male line of that branch of the Brunfwick fami!) 

(hall become extin<5t, the alternate rght to that bi 

fhoprick fhouid go to the line of Auguftus Duke o) 

Brunfwick- Woifenbu* tie. 

On the spih of June 1716, the faid Erreft- Au- 
guftus, Bifhop of 6fnabru£», was created Dake oJ 
York in England, Duke of Albany in Scotland, and 
Earl of Ulfter in Ireland ; and on the firft of July 
following, being eledled a Knight of the Moft Noble ^ 
, ^.Oider of the Garter, was inftalled at Windfor the 
3o:h of April, 1718, by his proxy Sir Adolphus 
Onghton, Kt. and Bart, but died on the 14th of Aug, 1 
iyiS, N. S. unmarried. 

Sophia Charlotte, only daughter of Duke ErneftI 
and the Princefs Sophia, and filler to the (ix fons 
above mentioned, became the zd wife of Freds;ricki 
the 3d, Marquis of B-andenbu'-gh, who in the year 
17C0, with the confent of 'he Emperor Leopold, af- ' 
fumed the t'tle of King of Pruflia, and died in ijiz, 
having had ifTue by his fai-i wife (who died at Hano* 
ver Feb. i, 1704-5) two fons, Frederick- Auguftus, 
born 0(51:. 6, 1685, and died Feb. 21, 1686, and Free 
de^ick- William, Lite King of Pruffia, born Aug. 4, 
1688 ; who- on the i8rh of Nov. 1706, was married 
to his coufin German, the Princefs Sophia- Dorothea, 
only daughter of George I. late King of Great Bri-* 
tain, of whom I ftial! now fpeak. 
George- Lewis, eldeftof the Hx fons of Duke Er.- 



lefl and the Pnncefs Sophia, who was bora the 28th 
)f May, Anno 1660, in the palace of, Ofnabrug in 
A^eftphalia, on the 18th of Jan. 1698-9, fueceeded 
i!S father in al! his titles and dorhiri ions, (expepttbat 
)f the Biihoprick of Ofnabrug) which fqll to his bro- 
her Duke Emeft, by virtue of the treaty of Wetl- 
malia, as before-mentioned. . a 

At a chapter of the Knights of the Garter, be!d 
t Kenfington on the 18th of June 1701, the r 3th 
>f Wilham III. he was elected a Knight of. that iVloll 
vioble Order; and on the 21ft of the faid montb, 
'harles Gerard, Earl of Macclesfield, and Gregory 
s^ing Efq; Lancafter Herald, were fent to Hanorer 
/ith the habit and enfigns of the faid order ; where, 
n the 3d of Auguft following, he received the Gar- 
er and George, and the next day being Sunday, he 
/as invefted with the whole habit ; and on the 13th 
F March 1702-3, the 2d of Queen Anne, he wasin- 
:alied at Windfor, by his proxy Charles Lord 

Upon the demife of Queen Anne, Auguft i, 1714, 
e acceded to the crown of Great Britain, and was 
rowned at Weftminfter on the aoth of Odober en- 
uing ; and having reigoed in England i« years, 10 
lonihs, and 10 days, died the nth of June 1727, 
t Ofnabrug, (in the palace of his brother the Duke of 
lorkj where he was born) as he was on hisiourney 
Hanover. ...^ • . 

On the aift of Nov. 1682, he was married to So- 
phia-Dorothea, his firil coufio, only child and heir- 
fs of his father*s brother, George- William, Duke 
»f Brunfwick-Zell (who died <?n the iift of Auguft 
7° 5) by Eleanora de Mires, bis wife, daughter of 
'ilexander Lord of Olbreuze in France, and by her 
who was born in 1666, and died on the 2d of No* 
ember 1726, ia the caflle of Althen» in the Ele<5lo- 
ate of Brunfwick Lunenburgh, where fhe had lived 
naoy y^ars) had George- Ayguflus, late King of 

a^ Great 

icvill I N T R O D U C T ^O N. 

Great Britain ; and a daughter named Sophia- Doro 
thea, who was born on the i6th of March 1686-7 
and on the 14th of November 1706, N. S. was mar 
ried to Frederick-WilHam, ]ate King of Prulfia, b^ 
whom fhe had five fbns and five daughters. Note 
here we are to underftand, that the mother of dv 
Jate King of Pruflia, was the orly fifter oi^ Kir^ 
George I. and his wife was the only daughter of tha 

His moft facred Majefty George II. late King 
Great Britain, who was born on the 30th of 0& 
168 J, was in a chapter held at Kenfmgton on the 4tl 
of April 1 706, the 5th of Queen Anne, ele<5ted a Knt i, 
of the moft noble order of the Garter ; and on thd 
2 2d of the fame month, Charles Montague, Lore 
Hallifax, and John Vanbrugh, Efq; Clarencieux kinj ; 
of arms, were commiflioned by her Majefty to carr t 
the habit and enfigns to Hanover, whereon the 3iii 
of May, O. S. he received the Garter and lefTe ) 
George, as on Sunday evening the 2d of June, he wa v 
invefted with the whole habit of the Order ; and 01 \\ 
the zid of December the fame year, was inftalled a 
Windfor by his proxy. 

On the 9th of November 1706, the 5th of Queen 
Anne, he was, by letters patent bearing date a 
Weftminfter, created Baron of Tewkibury, in thi 
county of Gloucefter, Vifcount Northallerton in th( 
county of York, Earl of Milford haven in the count} 
of Pembroke, and Marquis and Duke of Cambridge 
entailing the lame on the heirs male of his body fo 
€ver ; and as a farther addition of honours, an a6 
of parliament then pafTed, which gave- him the pre 
cedence of all the reft of the peers of Great Bri 

On the 27th of Sept. 1714, in the firft of his fa- 
ther's reign, he was created Prince of Wales, anc 
th^'{ year (by parliament) declared Earl of Chef- 
ter and Flint ; and during the King's abfence, froir 
>6 Julj 


ulv7, J7i6, to January 18, i7i6-i7,.he wasguar- 
in of the realn^ and lieutenant within the lamp ; 
ndbelides the tides above-mentioned, he was ^whil t 
rince of Wales) one of his Majelty's privy counal, 
ne of the governors of the Charter-Houfe, captain 
-neral of the artillery-company, and chancellor .ot 
h,e univerfjty of Dublin, and was the only prince ot 
Vales fince the Black Prince, fon to KmgEdward 
II. that had children alive in his father s reign. 
On the nth of June 1717, he fucceededhis father 
1 the monarchy of Great Britain, &c. was on the 
4th of the faid month proclaimed m London, as on 
^^e 19th he was in Edinburgh and Dubhn ; and on 
^ nth of Oaober (with his Queen) was crowned at 
Vellminfter. , . . _ . , 

On the 2d of Sept. 1705, his Majefty was married 
. Wilhelraina- Caroline, (who was born on the hrlt 
' March, 16^2-3) daughter to John Frederick, 
larquis of Brandenburgh-Anfpach, (by Eleanor- 
:rdmu'h-Louifa his fecond wife, daughter to Johp- 
;eorge, 33uke of Saxe-Eyfenach) and by her Jie had 
he foilowmg if?je, viz. „ , . , ^ . -> . r 
T. His Royal Hi ghnefs Frederick-Lewjs, Prince pt 
A^aies, &c. &;c. &c. born at Hanover, January 20, 
F 706-7, and died March ao, 1750 i. His Royal 
^ighnefs married, April 27, 1736, Augyfta, Pnn- 
-fs of Saxe-Gotha, and by her had illue, i. Au- 
-ufta, now Princefs of Brunfwick, born on July 31, 
[737, who hasiflueafon and a daughter* 2. His 
^refent Majefty, of whom hereafter. 3- Edward- 
Auguflus, Duke of York, born March 14, I73S-9* 
u Elizabeth-Caroline> born December ,53, I74P» 
died Sept. 4, 1759- 5. William-Henry, Duke of 
Gloncefter, born Nov. u, I743- ^- Henry Frede- 
rick, born 0&. ^7, I745- 7 Louifa-Anre, born 
March 8, 1748-9. 8- Frede-ick-WiUiajn, born Ma^ 
r3, 1750, and died Dec. 31, i 7^5. 9- Caroline Ma- 
t Ida, born July 11, 17JI- 
a. Anne, late Princefs of Orange, mother of the 

a 6 pre-. 

M' fKTlTt) DUCT ion: 

|)r«feflt Prince^ and the Princefs of NkfrauWeilbar^ 
d'ho .wis married t<J hh Moil Serene Highn 
<'^arles-Wiiliarn, PriRce of Orange, March i; 
*^7^4, 'aikl^died Jan. I*, I'S^' -» 

3. Amelia Sophia-EIeonora, born May 30, 171 1.' 
. 4-. Elizabeth Caroline, born May 30, 17 13, and 
^ied Dec. 28, 175I?. - 

' 5. William Auguflus, Dnke of Cumberland, bo: 
April 15, 1721, and died O^hji, 1765. 

6. Mary, born Feb. 22, 1721-3, and MaT 8, 174QI 
married to Charles, then Prince, but now Lan 
grave of Hefle-Caflel, by whom Ihe has ifiue W^ 
fiam, the Hereditary Prince, married to his coulij 
the , Princefs Sophia Magdalena, Princefs of 1> 
mai-k ; Charles and Frederick. - 

7. Louifa, born Dec. 2,7, 1714, and in Novem' 
J743» married to the Prince Royal, Ute King oi 
Denmark, by whom {he was mother of the preferi 
King, Chriftian IV. and the PrincffTes, Sophia Mag| 
dalena (above mentioned) Wilhelniina-Caiolina a: 
Louifa. She died Dec. 8, 1 75 1. 

Her Majefty Queen Caroline died on Nov. lo 
1737, and his late molt facred iMajefty George M 
C(5l. 25, 1760, at his palace of Kenfmgton, by th( 
rupture of the right ventricle of his heart, and '>vai 
fucceeded by his prefent moft gracious Majefty. 
George III. (his grandfon) who was proclaimed or 
OS:. a6, with the ufual ceremonies, and was married, 
on Sept. 8, 1761, at St. James's, to her fcene high- 
nefs Sophia- Charlotte, Princefs of Mecklenburgh 
Strelitz, born May 16, r744-> (youngeft daugh'^erof 
Prince Charles Lewi?, and fifter of Adolphus Fre- 
derick IV. now Duke of Mecklenburgh- Strelitx.) 
'Their Majefties were crowned. Sept. 22, 1761, with 
the greateft fplendor and magnificence. By his royal 
confoTt he has iffae, 1. George Augudus-Frederick, 
Prince of Wales, born Auguft i%, 1762, who on 
Dec z6, 2765, was elefted a Knigh-t of the Gar* 

INT R O D U C TI ON. xxi 

;, and Is captain general of the avtillery company 

London, a. Prince Frederick, born Aug. 16, 

iSj, eleaied Prince Bifliop of Olhabrapj, Feb.,*?, 

64. 3. Prince William Henry, born Auyull ai, 

ARMS.; a-uivi:..  
After the Conqueft, Anno 1066, the Kings of 
Qfeli'nd bare two Leopards, borne firfl by the Con- 
leroras Duke of Normandy, till the time of Henry 
:. who in the right of his mother annexed her pa- 
Tnal coat, the lion of Aquitain, which being of the 
rhe field, metal, and form^ with the leopards, from 
«nce forwards they were jointly marrn-lled in one 
lield, and blazon'd three lions as at prefent. 
King Edward II L in right of his mother, (who 
/•as Ifabel, daughter to Philip IV. fiirnamed the Fair, 
Ling of France, whofe ions, Lewis, Philip, and 
Charles, all Kings of France fucceffively, dyed with- 
«ii iiTue male) the better to profecute his claim to the 
:rown of F ranee, ft rengthened himfel f by alliances with 
;he Emperor of Germany, and feveral other princes 
md ftates. In January 1340, being in perfon in the 
Netherlands, he concluded a treaty with the Flem- 
tngs, whereby they engaged to acknowledge and 
afEtt him as their fovereign, provided he fhould take 
upon him the arms, as well as the title of King of 
France; which he did accordingly, and thereupon 
received their homage. 

It is obfervable, that at firfl he placed the arms or 
England in the i ft and 4th quarters ; and thofe of 
France, which at that time were, azure, feme e of 
fleurs-de-lis, Or, in the ad and 3d quarters, with this 
Motto, Dieu& mon Droit; thereby declaring, he 
confided only in God, and the juftice of his caufe. 
Soon after, either to gratify the French ,oation, or 
becaufe theirs was the more ancient and greater. mp- 
uarchy, he placed the fleurs-de-lis in the ift or 4ih, 
or more honourable quarters: And wjien Charjes 
VI. of France, reduced the femee to thrte fleurs-dc- 


lis, King Henry V. of England, who conquelf^ 
France, did the like ; and pJaced England, whi 
was, gules, three lions pafTant-guardant, or, (as abo\ 
before France ; but Henry VI. of Eng'and, bei 
crowned at Paris King of France, the fieurs-defjjjfti 
were again placed firfl". 

King James I. upon the union of England ^] 
Scotland, caufed the arms of France and England 
be quartered with thofeof Scotland and Ireland, vi 
j{\:, France and England quarterly ; ad, Sco'lanc 
3d, Ireland ; 4th, as the lirft : But fince the unif 
with Scotland, Anno 1707, the 6th of Q^een Annifji!; 
the fleurs de-lis are placed on the 2d quarter ; an 
fince the acceffion of Ki' g George I. Anno 1 714, th 
royal atchievement is marshalled as follows, viz. 

Quarterly, in the firft grand quarter. Mars, thr^ 
lions palTant-guardant in pale, fol, the imperial en 
figns of England, empaled with the royal arms 6 
Scotland, which are lol, a lion rampant, within 
double trefTure flowered and counterflowered witi 
fleurs de-lis. Mars ; the id quarter is the royal arm: 
of France, viz. Jupiter, three fleurs -de Is, icl ; tli< 
3d, the enflgn of Irelard, which is, Jupiter, an harp] 
Ibl, ftringed Luna ; and the 4th grand quarter is hi; I 
prefent Majefty's own coat, viz. Mais, two lions paf- 
iant-guardant, fjl, for Brunfwick, impaled v/ith Lu- 
nenburgh, which is, fol, femee of he^irt^, proper, a 
lion rampant, Jupiter, having ancient Saxony, viz. 
Mars, an horfe current, Luna, ente (or grafted) in 
bafe ; and in a fhield furtout, Mars, the diadem or 
crov;n of Charlemaine, (which will be defcrlbed in \ 
its place) the whole within a Garter, as iov "reign of 
that rnoft noble order of Knighthood, infcribed with 
this Motto, Honifoit qui mal y penfe, inven by King 
Edv.'atd III. the founder of the faid Order. 


An helmet full-faced and grated, mantled with 
cloth of gold, doubled ermine, and furmounted t)f 



mperial crown, on the top of which is a Hon paf- 
guardant, So!, crowned with a hke crown. 


)n the dexter fide, a lion guardant, fol, crownea 
the creft, (the proper Supporter of the Eng ilh 
gnl on the iinitter, an untcorn Luna, horned, 
i?ed, and hoofed, fol, gorged a collar of 
(Tes pattee and fleurs-de-lis, ,a chain thereto af- 
»d al! <^old, both Handing on a compaitment, from 
ence illue (from one Hem) the two royal badges 
h'S M?jefty's chief dominions, viz. on the right, 
ofe party per pale, argent and gules ftalked and 
ved vert, for England ; and on the left, a thiftle 
3per for Scotland ; being fo adorned by King 
mes I. whofe Supporters (as King of Scotland) 
•re two unicorns ; but under him in 1603, England 
ins united to that nation, gaveoccahon for our car- 
ing one of them on the finifter fide, as above ; and 
the year 1614, (being King of Ireland) he alfo 
ufed the harp to be marfhalled with the arms ot 
reat Britain ; fince when, it hath been fet upon the 
rjtifh coin. 

Charlcmaine, (or Charles the Great) who wss 
iuc of France and Emperor of Germany, and died 
anuaryaS, 814, having a very rich crown, (which 
is Majefty King George bears in his arms as arch- 
reafurer and Prince Ekaor of the Holy Roman Em- 
ire) the following is a defcription thereof. 

It is made of pure gold, weighing fourteen ponnds, 
livided into eight parts, and is ftiU preferved at Nu- 

^ThJforemoft part is adorned with twelve jewels, 
lU unpoliftied, and is bigger than thofe on the right 
ind left, but that behind is of equal hze. ^ 

On the fecond part on the right hand, is our Sa- 
viour fitting between two Cherubs, each with four 

wings J 


wings, whereof two are upward, and two do| 
ward, and under this-Motto,Per me Reges regnar 

The thard:part on the fame fide, has only gems 
pearls upon it. , , , ^ • _ i, 

,»,, On the fourth part is King Hezekf ah fitting, Id 
-ing his head on his right hand, as though he m 
{ick; and by his fide, Ifaiah the Prophet, wit 
fcroll, whereon is this Motto, Ecce adjiciam ful 
dies tuos 15 Annos. As alfo over the heads of ^jt^ 
figures, Ifa as Propheta, Ezechias Rex. r' 

The fifth part, which is behind (and of equal m 
Befs. with that before) contains jewels femi. 1 

The fixrh pirt has the effigies of a Kingcrowful 
and a fcroll in his hand, with thefe words, Hor.l 
Regis judicium diligit : As alfo over his head, Rl 
J?add. 5  

The ftventh part is only of gems ; but the eig^J 
and lafl has a King fitting, with his crown upon I 
head; and on a fcroll which he holds with bol, 
hands, is this Motto, Time dominum, & r«ge(V 
amato : As likewife over his head. Rex Solomon. 

On the top of this crown is a crofs, whofe fro 
contains feventeen jewels, and in the top of the cro 
are thefe words, IHS Nazarenus Rex Judseorun. , 
as alfo in the arch or femicircle, thefe words, CH\ 
RATOR AVG. which fhews, that the femicird 
was added after Charlemain's time, by the Emperc 

Note, by an article of the union with ScbtlandYi 
•1707, the 6th of Qneen Anne, it was agreed, tha| 
the Crofs of St. George, which is gules, the fide 
argent, and the Crofs of St. Andrew, which is ar« 
Rent, the field azure, be conjoined, when ufed in 
flags, banners, ^andards,, and cnfigns, both a; fea 
aXid land. -^ ;-^. v *■;: -^^^o^^ ^?^isvvi<*^ 


^N^T RODUgJlQN. xxf 

^"^ PRINCE of WALES. 5^;T j; 

i»E moft high, pu'fTAnt, and illuftrioas' Prftc^, 

George Auguftus-Frederick, Prince of G^eit 

ain, Iilleaoral Prince of Brunfwiclc-Luneflburghf, 

ice of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Rothfay, 

iQ of Gloucefter and Edinburgh, Marquis of the 

of Ely. Earl of Chefter, Carrick and Eltham, 

fount of Launcefton, Baron of Renfrew and 

fcjdon. Lord of the Ifles, Steward of ScoilattcH 

^ ght of the moil noble order of the Garter.^- [^^ 

;^T.'^' ARMS. ' -^ 

ae Arms of his Royal Highnefs the prefent 
ice of Wales, are the fiime as the Kmg's, dif- 
nced only by the (hield furtout in the laft quar- 
being uncharged, and the whole marked in chief 
}^ label of three points luna. 

; C R E S T. 

kbove an helmet full-fac'd and grated as the King's 
•n a coronet wiih one arch, as before expreiled, a 
I paflant-guard^nt; alike crowned proper, and 
j^ed with a label of three points, as in the Arms. 


The fame as thofe of the King, fave only that the 
Cter fupporter is crowned with the Prince's coro- 
, and bo-h fupporters and creft are gorged with 3 
el of three points. ^^' ^" 

M O T X O, Jch Dien. 

,•3;. .■./^^- v«' - ^ •• 

loraewhat of the origiii, creation, &c. of the Pnnf. 

of Wales, eldeft fons of the Kmgs of Etigland, 

y not improperly be added : King Edward I. hav- 

.^" *« 


ing fubdued Wales, united it to the crown of EhK«^ 
land ; but perceiving the Welch une^fy under \ 
rule of ftrangers, he fent Eleanor his Queen to ( 
ernarvon cafile in North Wales, where, on the i-v 
of April, 1-84., ilie was delivered of a fon (whi^ 
.was the youngeft of four, of that King and Qu^ct 
but the only one that furvived) and then the Ki j 
calling to^fther the barons of Wa]°s, demandec 
they would he content to fubje6t themfelves to Ca. 
of their own natives, that could not fpeak a wordBf 
Englifh, and againft whofe life they could tak4\i^ti 
juli exception ; to which they readily confented, ? 
having fworn to yield obedience, he noniinated.t 
new-born fon, who in his charter the 24th of Mai 
1305, the 33d year of his reign, he lliled Prince 
Wales, being the firft of the fons and heirs appar^ 
of the Kings of En;>Iand, that bore that title; a 
the King likewife bellowed on him, all the lam 
honours, and revenues belonging to the faid prin 
pal ty ; fince which time, the eldeft fon and heir a 
parent of the King of England, has been ftiled Prin 
of Wales. 

King Edward HI. by his charter, dated the 18 n 
of May, 1332, the 6th of his reign, granted to E n 
ward his eldeft fon, furnamed the Black Prince, t 
county of Chefter, as alfo that caftle, and the cafli 
of Flint, with many other places and lands in En; 
land, from whence forward he" had the title of Eaj 
of Chefter added to his ftile. For John, furnam* 
-Scot (fon of David Earl of Huntingdon, who w 
younger brother to William, called the Lion, Kir 
of Scotland, obtaining it in right of his mother, wh 
was Maud, eldelt fifter and coheir of Ranulf, fu- 
named Blundevile, the 6th Earl thereof) marryin 
Helena, daughter to Lhewelyn Prince of Waltf 
and dying without iflue. King Henry III. in iz$< 
the 43d year of his reign, in regard that many reg; 
prerogatives belonged to this earldom, gave the fou 



•s of the fald Jolin le Scot, which were Margaret, 
3l Maud, and Eva, other lands inftead of if, 
in the 51ft of liis reign, anno i24 7> by letters pa- 
annexed it to the crown for ever, and made his 
(Ifon, Prince Edward, Earl thereof. 
y another chapter, dated the 17th of March 
S-7, the nth of Edward III. he was In the Par^ 
ent'held at Weftnrnfter, created Duke of Gorn- 
, and inverted by the Sword only, this being the 
precedent for the creation of a duke in England ; 
from this Prince Edward, the Dukedom of Corn- 
hath ever (ince flept in the crown : for ihe el- 
fon and heir apparent to the King of England, 
eiher it be by birth, er the death of his elder bro- 
, or his father as King) is Duki of Cot n wall 
lOut any creation. 

1 the Parliament held at Pomfret, anno T342, the 
1 of Edward HI. the above mentioned Black 
ice was created Prince of Wales by letters patent, 
id the 1 8th of March the fame year ; as alfo cre- 
i Earl of Chefter and Flint, and was inverted m 
principality of Wales, with the enfigns of ho- 
r, viz. a chaplet of gold, made in the manner of 
arland, a gold ring, and a verge, rod, or fcepter 
ilver : And for the better fupport of his ertate 
Prince of Wales, the king granted him feveral lands, 
ticularly enumerated in a writ, to be delivered to 
5 Prmce, or his attorney, with this dignity. 
h the 16th year of h'S age, the Black Prince en- 
ing upon the ftage of war, accompanied the King 
^father mto France, where, at his landing, he re- 
ved the honour of knighthood from that martial 

Jng's hands ; and at the battle of CreiTy, (which 
s fought on the a6th of Auguft, 1346, the 20th 
Edward III.) leading the van-guard, he there 
w John of Luxemburgh, King of Bohemia, and 
m deplumed his cafque of thofe oftrich feathers, 
lich in memory of this vidory became his cogni- 
U fance ; 


lance ;rir6metimes ufing one feather, fometimes tht* 
(as appeareth^ by his fcals and on his tomb) yX 
fprplls coDtaiiiinp; this motto, Ic/j Diert, which in- 1 
German or old Saxon language fignifies, I fervej- to "the words of the apolUe, that the ht] 
Whilit he is a child, difFereth nothing from a ferval 
And thefe feathers and motto have been ever Im 
borne by our Princes of WiJes, heirs apparent to tl 
KJn^s of this realm, with the addition (by the ra<j 
ITiodern kings) of a coronet, and by the vulgar {( 
called the Prince's Arms; though the antient an] 
of the Princes of Wales (whilft they were ia^j 
reigns) were quarterly, gules and or, four lions p;l 
fant gusrdant counterchanged : But now the anl^ 
of that Prince differ from thofe of the King, odI^ 
by the addition of a label of three points, luna, IJ, 
chief, and the omiffion of Charlema nes crown bolr l ' 
in furtout in thelaft quarter, the faid efcutcbeon fu] 
tout being carried uncharged by the prefent Princ| 
to exprefshis beinghtir apparent to the office of arc 
treafurer of the Roman empire^, i/,.: L 

Afrer the reftoration of King Charles II. viz. ( 
the 9th o*^ February, 1 660-61, it w^s ordered, th 
the im and heir apparent to the crown of Englani 
ihould ufe and bear a golden coronet of crofles pa 
tee, and fleurs-delis, with the addition of one arcl 
and in the midft a ball and crofs, m refemblance ( 
the royal diadem. ' • 

At the fame time it was alfo ordered, that the Duk 
of York, and all the immediate Ions and brothers c 
the Kings or Queens of England, fhould bear then 
coronets compofed of crofTes pattee and fleurs-de-li 
only ; but that al! their fons refpe^vely, having th 
title of Dukes, fnould bear their coronets compofe. 
of crofTes p:Jttee and flrawberry- leaves, fuch as ar 
ufed in the compofure of the coronets of Dukes 
who are not of the blood royal, 




ice the union of England and Scotland, anno 
', the title of the Prince of Wales hath been 
:e of Great Britain (but he is ftlH generally fliled 
ce of Wales) as he is alfo Duke of RothfaVt and 
fdial or fteward of Sx;otiand from the firrt hour 
is birth, (as being the King's eldeft fon) a title 
n in the year 13^6, toDavid Stuart, foil to King 
ert HI. fince which it has continued 5,9, .^!l^l%5 
SDf Scotland. ,\ , . • ^ ^■■ 

^ t his creation (as Prince of Wales) he is prefent^ 

Before the King in his furcoat, cloak, and mantle 
rimfon velvet, and girt with a belt of the fam^,. 
n the King putteth a cap of crimfon velvet iii- 
ed and turned up with ermine, and thie €0«;onelj 
e-mentioned on his head,, as a token of prince- 
; the King alfo putteth into his hand a verga 
3ld, the emblem of government, and a ring of 
on his middle finger, to intimate that he mull 
hufband to his country, and a father to her chil* 

6 him is likewise given and granted kttefs i^a- 
, to hold the faid principality to him and his heirs,' 
I gs of England ; by which words the feparatiotv 
ns principality is for ever prohibited. His mantle, 
:h he wears at the coronation, is doubled below 
elbow with ermine, fpotted diamoftd-ways ; but 
robe which he wears in parliament, is adorned 
i five bars, or guards of ermine, fet at an equal 
mce the one from the other, with gold lace above 
ibRi. .  

Of PRB* 



fi 2 

■nY-^'flatute (5^thei(ibf Henry Vlll. (ifLerfl 
^ King and the Princes of the Blood, viz. the fori 
grandfons, brotRers, uncles, and nephews of til 
King) thefe great officers of the church and crp\| 
are to precede all other of the nobility, viz. the Lo! 
archbifhop of Canterbury, the lord chapcsllor. 
keeper of the Great Seal, the lord archbifliop . 
York, the lord treafurer of England, the lord prl 
fidcnt of the privy council, and ihe lord privy fea,u 

Next, Dukes, according to 

their creation. 
The eldeft fons of Dukes 

of the blood royal. 
Marquifles, according to 

their creation. 
Dukes eldeft fons. 
£arls, according to their 

Marquifles eldeft fons. 
Dukes younger fons. 
yifcounts, according to 

their creation. 
Earls eldeft fons. 
Marquifles younger fons 
Bifliops according to their 

Barons, according to their 

Vifcounts eldeft fons. 
Earls youngeft Ions. 
Barons eldeft fons. 

Privy Counfellors, ni 

Knights of the Garter, 

not otherwife dignifie 
Lord chief juftice of tl i 

kings-bench. [ 

Mafter of the rolls. 
Lord chief juftice of ll 

common pleas. 
Barons of t+ie Exchequei 
Mafters in chancery. 
Vifcounts younger fons. 
Barons younger fons. 

Knights of the Bath. 
Knights Batchelors. 
Serjeants at law. 

And laftly, Gent'emcn ( 

Note, Thefe great ofRcers of the court, of what df 
pree foever they are, take place ol all other of th 
fame degree, viz. tke mafter of the horfe, lordgre 



eriain of England, lord high conftable oFEnp- 

r lord high admiral of Engbnd, lord fteward and 

Chamberlain of his Majefty's houfhold; fecre- 

; of ftaie, if Peers ; and the ladies take place or 

dency, according to the degree of quality of 

liH (bands. 

te alfo, That by the articles of the union in 
, all the Englifli of the fame degree at the time 
e union, are to have rank and precedency before 
e Scots of tlie like order and degree, at the 
of the union : But thofe who were peers of Scot" 
It the time of the union, are to have the pre- 
:cy before all peers of Great Britain of the like 
s and degrees, who fhould be created after the 










Kestg Geokge nr? 


Frest ce arW^Ai^E s 


IhiKE of Gloucester 

M^^^Ja^tM I 

leascMiddle Cln^ 

^c Point 




^?i^^ ■J€^^//t. 


1 Tm 

^OT'foiky Sonvertfet CLeznUaTvcL 

ItccAr?t07t^ Qr^aj/^17. ^ecuio^i^t 

y. xyltu^a^nd ^St7^^?^ -X ecct^ 



^atlana. ^ncct^tet^ 

NeTV-au^tle^ ^OT^lancC J^Ian.oke^te^'^ 

CivarLctotd Do-y\f&i7 ^?'^tdae^vuf€'\ 


I "1 




? r}<enM'(^U'}^/ 2)^7*^1^1/ Hufi.U'nAjdon^ 

J^y^yrLCoi9^^ ^MjfjfkylA. 

[ ^^^^^ ILcc^te^ JSTor^tAam/vim 


s/iaf^^huiy 'Ldc/ifielcL Berkeley 

MH7t(/de?v 6^cl^l1^^4.'€r'Ou^kI£old&^n^el^ 

VLwiiotdk S cm'^wrouaU Jlo^^ri/hi^cl 

iU'ema^?^^^ C<n'€7itry J^e/r-d^cy 

^^3. md md^c T<mUrViMe 

\Ayl(u>foi-cl B7-wt<ri 



?tunAofze^ Mar^vrou^v Maccie^^^ie/d 


^^^^^^ TmiH^ ISrortlvamherlm. 



^ [-r-. .  -t 

t^i^=^^ *».^ 




\v » » » « 




^^I^i W Gi^iljfiryf^ Coi-n^aMA^ 

Bai-llrufton^ TcutcwJ^^ 

Dclanwc/t^ ToyUxyt 

IVoT-^'n^toTv Bcul^rur?^ 


Tfey}*cfo>*cL 31o?ztU^^f4^e^ Say L- Se/e. 

^onm&kend 'Wet/nt<HdA JB&U^cy'inxncc 

WcUnvoutfiy Toint'tiatorv L€>M2f>teT^ 

SentiiHTi^tiv Ccytcrteyrt-cvy JQ^d^^lCe/i/ 



.eDf^^fffitrr^ ^i^^/'f/^riv/ntj/ A/fdUi/ 










Te^yn/iii^nv JWvt/?^a^rd Zet^/i 


Bi/^wi Zani/di/e 

7^ / ^ ^±m*ta£i 

r////i>fY/ -^^y^ 

imft^/ Cmi^n 







F<c^ef/^.vt.. JSa/Zf/rnft O ji^^pii' 

Ri^f/lH^l/ Cff^(^/7?l 




lfiVMO?t ^W^r^n^^Vlr/ 






\(ret/(>//i/u/i H^(ifff^'(/h J0yme/i>7i. 

(rn>aif€Ju^r^ t/ea?i//7m^ J^oj^^?l 

^fp/i/m/zf JI/V/PN 


Hi>/Um/ Zi^yruer^ t}zjHJe/t 





fpU f/,^3l\7//M/l^/f^lft\ - 

Bf/nm^ifTir/vfi^ C////('n/ Z>/(f//et/ ll- 

r^anv// JJ^r^fnttJ/^'/fr/r/- CVf^rZ/M/zt 




^^^^^^ ^f^Wn7m Wmr/f^^e^ 

e/.^,>^^// Ba,f,jft>?- ^a//t2^WeA 

Bifbop 5 

'/f/r/n\^e?^ t/rD^i'/r/(/ ^0/ 

^Sltv/^A* (jr/t^fce^^?^ Sere/^n/ 

La/it/^7//^ Z^fia^fi M'W' 

'^ t^iA?/i/>i/ 

3^vv/y<'/l Oirfhrr/ J^/sr/tyr(>ti{/A 



H E firft perfon raifed to this tide-, was the il- 
luftrious Black Prince, eldeft ion of Edvv. II [. 
who, on March 17, 1337, was created Duke 
: -ORfJVVALL ; by which creation, thefirft born ibn 
; !-.e King is Duke of Cornwall from his birth. The 
Liour of Duke is hereditary, and he has the title of 
F Grace. His eldefl: Ton (if a Marquis be his fecond 
 :) is To ffiled ; and all his other fonaand dau^^hters 
the titleof Lord or Lady joined to their chriftiaii 
1 les, as Marquis of Taviflock, Lord George Sack- 
;, Lady Harriott Somerfet, &c. The mantle, o/fur- 
:, which he wears at th^ coronation of aKing, or 
•en, is of crimfon velvet, lined witli white taHata 
the mantle is doubled from the neck to belc'v 
elbo'.r with ermine, having fbur rows of fpotson 
\ Hioulder : but the robe he we:ii-3 at his creation 
in parliament, is of a fine fcailct cloth, lined with 
te talfata, and is doubled with four guards ot 
me, at equal diftances, with a gold lace above 
I guard, and is tied up on the left fhouldcr with 
ick ribbon. His cap is of crimfon velvpt, lined 
I ermine, having a gold button and tafiH on the 
: aud his coronet, which is alfo of gold, is fct 
id with flowers, in form of Jhawberrv-leave« 
es are filled by the King, Our right trully and 
-el^ neloved coulin ; and if of the privy counciL 

DUKE of Y O R K. 

he moft h.igh, moft puiiTant, and mofl ilkiilnom 

ceJiDWARD Augustus, DukeofKRUN'swicK 
:endurgh, next brotherof hisMa-eRy, was, on 
'i4,.i76o, created Duke of YoRk' and Alb^kv. 
e kingdom of Great Britain, and Earl of Ulster 
elaR4 i aud o» May 19 folio^vy^g^ icok his feat 

^ in 

[ ^ ] 

ni the Hoiife of Peers. Ilewas born March 25,173?-- 
and on M:uxb 18, lys^* "^^s eleaed a Knight coii 
panion of the molt noble order of the Garter, ar 
inilalled on June 145 the hme year. He is a priv; 
counfellor, vice admiral of the blue, high fteward 
the corporation of Plymouth, F. K. S. and prefid 
of the London hofpital.— Arms. The fame as th- 
of the Prince of Wales, with this difference, that t 
label has five points, the middle one charged with 
crofs, ^ulesjand the other four with a canton, gul 
and that the efcutcheon in the^-th quarter is omittt. 
—Crest. Above a helmet full faced, on a core 1: 
like the Prince of Wales's, only not arched j a lion :' 
England, crowned with the like coronet, as the ci:l 
of tlie Prince of Wales \ but not arched, and chard 
on the bread with a label, as in the arms.— Si. 
PORTERS. The fame as thofe of thePrince of Wa : 
with this difference ; .that the coronet on the liois 
not arched, and both the lion and the uidcorn 
charged on the bread, each with a label of five poi 
ns in the arms.-— Chief Residence. In Pall-ir 
bt. James's. 


The moft high, &c.&c.Wi lli a m-He n ry, fee 
brother of his Majelty, Duke of Glouc£st£R a 
FBit^BURGH, in Great Britain, Earl of Comnauct, 
in Ireland, (fo created Nov. 17, 1764.) Duk d1 
iJRUNSWiCK-LuNENEURGK, vvasbornonNov. 14 5, 

jn±'i, and on May 27, 1762, elected a Knight or.K 
Gaiter, andinflalled Sept. 25 foUovvmg. HisK 1 1- 
Hi^^hnefs is a privy confeilor, ranger of Kampiv 
co-art park, and took his feat in the Houfe of ^i 
on an^. .o! .764- -Arms. The fame as the Du] 
York's, with tliis difference, that the middle } n 
of the 'label is charged with a fleur de lys, a: :e 
and the other four with a crofs, gules.— Crest, b^ 
iame as the Duke of York's, with the label d tt 
^nced, as i:j the srms.— Supporters. On the d ^^ 


[ 3 ] 

ion, or, crowned as the Duke of York's ; and oil 
; finifter a unicorn, argent, armed, crefted, gorged 
th a collar of crolles pattee, fleurde lys, and llraw- 
rr)'-Icaves, with a chain affixed and reflexed, or, 
th the lion and unicorn are charged with a label, 
in the arms. —Chief Residence. Glouceiter- 
afe. Upper Grofvenor-ftreet. 

D U K E of N O R F O L K. 

The mofthigh, puiflant, and moft nohle Prince * 

) WARD Howard, Duke of NoRFLOK, Earl Mar- 
.1, and hereditary Earl Marflial of England, Earl 
Arundel, Surry, Norfolk, and Norwich; Baroa 
J 'Ward of Mowbray, Sec. &c. &:c. &c. Premier Duke, 
rl, and Baron of England next the blood royal, 
i chief of the illuftiious family of the Howards, 
ceeded his brother Thomas,- the late Duke, Dec. 
, 1732 J and married, Nov. 6, ifzy, Mary, daugh- 
and c<?>hcir of Edward Blount, of Blagdon, in De- 
i/hire, Efq; by whom he has no iffue. — His Grace 
! one nephew, and heir, Edward, and a niece, Anne> 
•Jy Petre, the ifTae of his brother Philip, fifth foa 
Thomas, late Duke of Norfolk.— His Grace is de- 
i nded from Thomas de Brotherton, Earlof Norfolk^ 
f h ion of King Edward I — Creation's. Baroa 
J ward, by writ of fummons to parliament 03:. 15^, 
) 0, 10 Edw. IV. alfo Aug. 19, 147-, 12 Edw. IV. 
J 1 Marflial, Duke of Norfolk, and Earl of Sui 

: 2 5?, 14.83, I Rich. Ilf. Earl of Arundel, as ac 
, ,-d in Parliament, July 8, 143?, n Hen. VI. ai 
I lummonsto parliament, Jan. 16, 1580, xjEliz.-^ 
^ defcent originally, as well before as after the Con- 
ifiiiy confirmed by'Kin|- Hen. II. and alfo June tj^ 
*>9, I Rich, I. Earl ot Norfolk, June 6, 1644, ao 
ir.L Duke of Norfolk, by acl of parliament, with 
^entail on the heirs male", and divers limitations, 
|iy S, 1 661, 13 Car. II. Baron Howard, of Caftle- 
*iMg,Mar. 27, 1669, u Car. II. Earl of Norwich, 

' The re«i{^r will funply thefe v.'ovds-to^ the r«ft cf the 

[ 4 ] 

and hereditary Earl Marfhal, OCb.ig, 1672, 24.Car. 11. 

Baron Mowbray, by writ oflumn^ons to 

Mar. 6, 1678, p Car. 11. and likewlleMar. 21 (i6',9 

icCar. I. By delcent originally, June 8, i294> iiEd. 1 

--Arms. Gules, in the middle of a bend between ii?i 

cro^s crollets, argent ; a (Inekl, or ; therein a dein: 

Vion rampant, pierced through the mouth with an ar 

Ww, within a double treffure counterflorey, gules. - 

Crest. On a chapeau, ruby, turned up ermine, : 

Jion pallant-guardant, his taiUxtended topaz, gorg 

•ed with a ducal coronet/both pearl, asdefcended tro.i 

Mar'^aret, daughter and heir of Thomas de brother 


fide a lion, and on the dniller a horfe, both pearl •, th 
latter holding a Hip of oak frufted, proper.-MoTTO 
Sola virtus l.viSta.-^CniEF Seats._ At Arundel 
caftle, in Suffex ; Workfop-manor, in NettmgUara 
ihire j St. James's-fquare, London. 


Edward Seymour, DukeofSoM^ERSET,Baro 
Seymour, and Baronet, lucceeded his father Dec. 1 . 
.7V, and is unmarried. His Grace has tnree brc 
tiers, viz. Lord Webb-Seymour, who inherits h| 
maternal grandfather^s eitate at Monkton- Farley 
Lord William, barriiler at law. Lord Francis, on. 
of his Maiefty-s chaplains in ordinary, canon ( 
Windfor, and dean of Wells : ^^ '' '^^'''''\l 
Catharine, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Payne, an 
lifter to the Countefs-dowager oi Northampton. Ali 
.^ niece, Mary, and anephew Jofeph Seymour Birco^ 
ttfue of his filter Lady Mary, late the wife of Vince 
B.fcoe.Efq; His Grace is lineally delcended fi^m E 
ward Duke of Somerfet, uncle of Kmg Edw. VL an 
proteaor of the realm in the beginning or that re.g. 
Lcreations. Baron Seymour, by letters paten 
Feb. 15, 154-6 (r Edw. VL) and Duke of Somerf 
the day following. Baronet, by patent, June ^< 
irii,/ja<;.I,-iRM3. Quarterly, M and fou^f 

r 5 T 

', on a pile, guiles, bttwecn lix f.enrs de lys, azure, 

litre liens of Ej\gland ; (an augmentation granted 

 Iving- Hen. Vlil. on his marnage with the Lady 

nc Seymour) fecond and thii'd^ the paternal coats of 

:T»our ; gules, two wings, conjoined in hire, tips 

ivvnwaids, or. — Crest. Out of a ducal coronet, or, 

plicsnix in flame?, proper, in memory of King 

i\v VI. — SuppoRT£RS. On the dextei {:de an uni- 

in, argent, armed, crefted, and gorged, with a 

^:1 cellar, to which is afhxed a chain, or. On the 

iiler a bull, azure, collared, chained, and hoofed, 

that on the dexter. — Motto. Foy pour dei'oir.'— 

j.iEF Seats. At Maider<-B-radiey, in Wiltfhire ; 

d Berry-Pomeioy, in Devonlhire j Upper Grofve- 

>r-itreet, X-ondon. 

1 U K E of C L E V E L A N D. 

William Fitzkoy, Duke of Cleveland and. 
>uTHAMPTON, Earl of Southampton and Chichei- 
r, and Baron of Nonfach and Newbury, coniptrol- 

cfthefeai and green wax-office, and receiver-ge- 
ral and comptroller of the protits of the feals in the 
urts. of King's-bench and Common-pleas, was 
in Feb. 19, 1697-8, fucceeded his father, the late 
ike Charles, in J 730, and married, in 173 1, the 
;'y Henrietta Finch, daughter of Daniel late Earl 
Winchelfea and Nottingham, who died in April, 
.^-1, by whom he had no ilTue. Kis Grace has two 
(.rs, viz. Grace, Countefs-dowager of Darlington, 
d Anne, the wife of Francis, Paddy, Efq; — Crea- 
oN's. Karon of Nonfach, in Surry, Earl of South- 
rpton, and Duke of Cleveland, in Yorkfliire, by 
Kent from his mother, fo created Aug. 3, 1676,. 

Car. II. Baron of Newbury, Berks, EarlofChi- 
'iler, and Duke of Southampton, Sept. jo, 1675, 

Car. II.^Arms. Qiuarterly; the firil and fourth 
and quarters quarterly, France and England ; the 
ond Scotland, and the third Ireland 5 being the. 
liS of King Charles. II. over all a ballon, fmifter 

[ 6 ] I'. 

counter-compone, ermine and azure.— -Crest. On ■< 
chapeau, gules, turned up ermine, a lion pailant 
£;uardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet, argeni 
and goraed with a collar counter-compone ermin 
and azure.-SuppoRTERs.Onthe dexter fide a ho 

guardant, cr, crowned with a ducal coronet, azur, 
and P-orffed with a collar counter-compone, ermir 
 and Szu?e. On the finifter. a greyhound, argen 
collared as the dexter.— MoTTO. Secm>dis dubufq' 
r'.^«r.~CHiEF Seats. AtBayles,nearWmdfor,Berk 

. Combe-park, Surry, and St. JamG3's-fquare,Londoi 

D U K E of R I C H M O N D.. 


Britain, of Lenox inNoith Bntain, andAuBiGNY 
France; Earl of March and Darnley.Baron ot Settnn 
ton andTorbolton, &c. one of his Majefty s princir 
fecretaries of ftate, a lord of the privy -council, a m 
' jor-general, vice-prefident of the fociety of arts, a. 
FrTs. was born onFeb.zi,i7S4-5.f"CceededChatl 

the late Duke, his father, Aug. 8 1750 5 and Apr J 
,7C7, was married to the Lady Mary Bruce fifte 
• the Earl of Ayle(bury. Bis Grace has one brotlv 
and five filters, viz. Lord George- Henry, aid deca, 
to theKiuF, and colonel of the asth regiment of to< I 
ne nSer for and mayor of Chicheiler, who has ifi . 
by his Lady, Louifa-Marla, daughter ot th. Ea 1 
An-ram. a fon Charles Lenox, and three daugkte 
Louifa, Emdia, and Georgina : Georgina-Carolir 
Ja^oneVs Holland, wife of Henry, Lord Ho Ian. 
I Emilia, Marchionefs of Kildare ; Lady Louifa-A 
i ^;Sa, married to Thomas Conolly , Elq; Lady Sai^ 
to Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart, and La 
recilia.Margaret, unmarriedj alfo a great aunt t : 

ot R chmond. Earl of March, and Baron of Settrn 
ton Av- o, 16-7^, -2.7 Car. IE Duke of Lenox, E 
<S D^rnhyrand'BLo;. of Torbolton, Sept 9, ,6; 
and Puke of Aubigny, in France, in 1683-4,^ 

L 7 J 

■,, XIV.-.ARMS. The arms of King Charles IT. 
,thin a borcluro-compo.^.e, argent and g^^^^s j the 
' 1 cU.roea with verdoy cf rofes ot the fecond, 
a bed and l>eded, prope/.-CREST. On a chapeaU, 
ues t rn^^d uu ermine, a lion paflant-guardant, or, 
tied with a ducal coronet, g-^^s and go.^ol 
vith a collar, gobone. counter-charged, as the bor- 
u e in the cia^-t.-SvPPoaTERS On U.e dexter Me 
n unicorn, armed, creikd, and hoofed, argent On 
he aailier; an antelope, armed, crcfted, and hoofed^ 

s the dexter ; each iupporier gorged with a cohai, 
 on pone, gul s and erm\n,.-UoTroEnla rofeje 
^„".>!icHiHF SEATS, At Goodwood, Suficx J and 
Yivy-garden, Whitehall. 

^^D U K E of G R A F T O N. 


roN, Earl of Euftonand Arlington,Vilcountl hetford 
tnd iprwlch,.Baronor Arlington and Sudbury, a lord 
)f the privy-council, rtmembrancer of tne hrkir ui^s, 
•auffer of Whittiebury-forea in Northamptoniliire, 
us Maielly^s crame-keepsr at Newmarket, and re- 
x«xkr of the city of Coventry, born in Oft. 1735^ 
.Succeeded his grandfather, Charles, the late Duke of 
Uralton, Mav 6,1757, 'nei"g ^Idelt ot the ions o. Lord 
Aju-rufEus, ftcond fonof hisfoid grandfather; and on 
\!,nz,), ,756, maniedAnne, only daughter of Henry 
Uddel, Lord Ravenl worth, who, on May S, 1757* 
wtjpbroociht to bed of a daughter, named Georgiana 5 
and of a ion and heir, George-Henry, Earl otEuilon, 
^;ia. f 4, 1760 i and a fecond fon, Charles, born July 
V7, 1764. Kis Grace has one brother, viz. the Hon.^ 
Charltsfitzrcy, colonel of the fourth regmient or 
' dragoons and married toMlfsAnneWarren^daughter, 
 nd^one of the coheirs of the late Sir Peter Warren, 
lulv 27, 17 58, by whom he has illue four fons,.and one 
daui-hter. AUb two aunts, viz. Carolina, Countels 
oi'liarrington ; and Arabella, Countefs of Hertford. 
His Grace is defctnded from Henry Fitzioy, leconcl 

B 4. ion 

[ 8 ] ? 

fonof King Charles II. by the Lady Barbara VilHers^ 
Ducbefs of Cleveland.— Creations. Baron Arling; 
ton, Middlefex } Virconnt Thetford, Norfork j am 
Eail of Arlington aforefaid, by defcent \'ro\n h\ 
great-grandmother. Baron of Sudbury, Vifcoun 
jpfwich, and Earl of Eufton, a!l in Suffolk, Aug. i6 
3671, 2+ Car. II. and Duke of Grafton, in North 
aniptonfhire, Sept. 11, 1675, a; Car. II. --Arms 
The arms of King Charles II. with a batton finidtrj 
compone, argent and a7,ure. --Crest. On a chapeau 
gules, turned np ernnne,alion pa fTant -guard ant, or 
cro^^-ned with a ducal coronet, azure, and gorged 
with a collar counter-compone, argent and azure.— 
Supporters. On the ilexter fide, a lion guardant 
or, crowned with a ducal coronet, azure, and gorgec 
with a collar counter-compone, argent and azvire 
Oil the finifter, a greyhound, argent, gorged as th* 
lion.— -Motto, tj deais et prei'tum refii -— Ckiei 
Seats. At Wakeiield-lodge in Whitlebury-foreil, ij 
riorthamptonihire ; at Livermore-l.all, andEufton 
hall, in Suffolk j and Grofvenor-fquare, London. 

D U K E of B E A U F O R T, 

Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, Man 
qui5 and Earl of Worcelber, Earl of Glaniorg^an, Vif.^ 
count Grofiiiont, Baron Herbert, Lord of Kaglini^ • 
Chepilow, and Govver, all in Monmouthdiire ; as alll 
Baron Beaufort of Caldecot-caltle, born Oft. 16 
1744, fucceeded his father Charles, the late Duke.. 
who died Nov, i, 1756. His Grace married April i. 
17&6, Elizabeth, daughter of the late admiral Bof- 
cawen. His Grace has two filters, furvivi ng, viz. 
Lady Harriot, and Lady Maiy-Iialella, both un- 
married. This Jioble Duke is lineally defcended from 
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter, fourth fon of 
King Edw.ird Kf,— -Creations. Baron, in right of 
his wife, and by letters patent, Nov 26, 1506, zz 
Hen- VIL origin dly by defcent and writ of fummons 
to parliament, July 265 14.61, i Edvv. IV. Earl Feb. 

[ 9 ] 

i, T 51 3-14, 5 Hen. VIII. Marquis Nov. t, 164.2, 18 
.ar.I. and Duke of Beaufort, Dec. 3, 1683, 34Car. II. 
--Arms. Quarterly> France aud England, within a 
•ordure-compons, argent and azure. ---Crest. A 
■ortcuUis, or, nailed, azure ; chains of thefirft.— - 
UPPORTERs. On the dexter fide a panther, argent,^ 
>>otted with various colours, fire ilruincv out ot his 
lauth and ears, proper, gorged with a collar, and 
liain pendant, or. On the iinifter, a wyverne, vert, 
olding in his mouth a finifter-hand coaped at the 
'iift, proper. — Motto. Mutare "Jtl iiniere fperno. — 
HiEF Seats. At Badminton, in Gloucefterfliire ; 
hepftow-callle, in Mo.nmouth(hire; atNetherhaven, 
I W ilts J and Groivenor-fquare, London., 

DUKE of St. A L B A N S. 

 George Beau CLERK, D uke of St. A lb a n s ,Earl 
F Burford, and Baron of Heddington, hereditary 
\and falconer of England, and hereditary regilter 
:" the court of Chancery, and high Iteward of the 
)rporation of Windfor. He fucceeded his father 
harles, the late Duke, (who was grandlon of Charles - 
. by Mrs. Eleanor Gwyn,) July 27, 1751. Heraar- 
ed, OSi. 23, 1752, Jane, foie daughter and heir of 
r Walter Roberts, of GUiTenbury in Kent, Bart, 
Jt has no iffue. His (}raGe's furviving uncles are, 
ere. Lord Vere of Hanv^-orth ; Lord George Beau- 

, erk, a lieutenant-general, and commander in chief 

Scotland 5 and Lord James, biftiop of Hereford. 

-Creations. Dec. 26, 1676, Baron of Hedding- 

n in Oxford/hire, and Earl of Burford 3 and 35 

ar. II. 1683, Duke of St. Albans.— Arms. The 

• ms of King Charles IL with a baton fmiiter, gules j 

- larged with three rofes, Argent, feeded and barbed, , 
.oper.— Crest. On a chapeau, gules, turned up 

•f mine, a lion paiTant-guardant, or, crowned with a 
ical coronet party per pale, argent and gules, and. 

- 4-ged with a collar, gules, charged with three rofes, 
gent,^ feeded aiid barbed, proper..--Supr9RT£?5. 

B. 5 Vh 

[ 10 ] 

On the dexter fide, an antelope, argent, nrmed ar 
unguled, or. On the iinifter, a greyhound, argen 
e-or^edand unguled, as the other.— Motto. auJ) 
cium mslkris ^-x-i— Chief Seats. At Windfor ' 
Berk(hire j and at Crawley in Hampfhire. 


Harry Powlet, Duke of Bolton, Marquis 

Winchefter, Earl of Wiltfliire, Baron St. John of B 

fms, premier Marquis of England, and vice-admir 

of the white, fucceeded his brother Charles, tl 

late Duke, upon his death, which happened July 

176c. He wedded. May 13, 175'-. Mifs Nunn, 

Eltham ill Kent, who died in May 1764, and by li 

had iffue a daughter, now living. His grace has t\ 

fifters, viz. Lady Henrietta, the wife of Sir Rob( 

Colebrooke, Bart, and Lady Catherine, the wiie 

Andrew Drummond, of Meggins m Scotland, l!,? 

This noble Duke is defcended from Hercules Lc 

ofTournonin Picardy, who came over to Engia 

with Jeffrey Plantagenet, Earl of Anjou third fon 

Kins: Henry IL and among other lands had the lor 

Ihip of Paulet in Somerfetftiire conferred upon hi 

—Creations. Baron, by letters patent, March 

,.,8_g, 5oHen.Vin. Earl, Jan. 19, i549-Sf» 3Ed 

VI. and Duke of Bolton, April 9, 1689, 1 Will, a 

Mary.— Arms. Sable, three fwords m pile, th 

points towards the bafe, argent, the pomels and hi) 

or, a crefcent for difference.-CREST. On a wre- 

a mount, vert, from whence a falcon, nfmg, j 

^orsred with a ducal coronet, gules, the creft of Lc^ f 

§t fohn of Bafmg, as a defcendant of an heir fern : 

of that family.— SurPORTERS. Two hinds, pi 

pure, femi of Eftoils, argent, gorged with a ducal . • 

ronet, or.— Motto. Aymezloyaulte.—Cm^^^^^  

At Hackwood-park, and Abbotftone, m Hampjii i 

at Golden-grove in Caermarthenftire ; ^t Bom- 

hall, Yorkihirej at Hook-park in Dorfetfhire ; a 

St. James's-ftreet, London. p U K ) 

[II ] 

D U K E of L E E D S. 

Thomas Osborne, Duke of Leeds, Marquis 

ipf Caeiniarthtn, Earl of Danby, Viicount Latimer 

!uid Dumblaine, Baron Oftiorne of Kiveton, ancl;Ba- 

«>nct,one of the lords of his Majefty's privy-covm- 

:ij, knight of the molf noble order of the.garter, 

hief jail ice in tyre of his Majeily's forefts, Szc. north 

if Trent, LL. D. and F. R. b. ilicceeded his father 

■he late Duke Peregrine, May 9, J 73 1 ; and, on June 

, , 1740, married the Lady Mary, youngeif daughter 

r Francis Earl of Godolphin, and grand-daughter 

r John late Duke of Marlborough, and by her, who 

led Aug. 6, 1764, he had ilFue living, a Ion, Fran- 

is-Godolphin, Marquis of Caermarthen, born Jan. 

0, 1750-r. This noble Duke is defcended from the 

onourable family of the Ofbornes, of Afnford in 

lent.— Creatjons. Baronet, July 1,3, 1620 j Baron 

id Vifcount, Aug. 15, 1673, 25 Car. IL Vifcount 

umblain, July 19, 1675, 27 Car, IL Earl, June 27, 

C'74, 26 Car. IL Marquis, April 20, 1689, i Wm. 

id Mary, and Duke of Leeds> May 4, 1694, 6 Wm. 

id Mary.— Arms. Quarterly, ermine and azure, a 

ofs, or.— Crest. On a wreath of his colours, a 

^er paffant, argent.— Supporters. On the dexter 

ie, a griphon, or. On the finiller, a tyger, argentj 

■:h gorged with a ducal coronet, azure.— -Motto. 

"".x in he~lo. -—Chi^f Seats. AtNorth-mymsin Hert- 

tdlhirej at Kiveton, HarthiU-hall, Thorp-hall, and 

'alkr-hall, all in Yorklhirej St. james's-fquare, 



John PvUssel, Duke of Bedford, Marquis of 
aviftock,Earlof Bedford, BaronRufleiot Cheneys and 
bprnhaugh, and Baron HovAland of Streatham, lord 
iUtenant of the counties of Bedford and Devon, 
gh-fteward of the corporation of Huntingdon, lieu- 
ftant-general of his Msjelty's forces, colonel of the 
i' JB 6 firft 

[ 12 ] 
(lift battalion of Devon{hii e militia, Knigl^t of th<! 
inoft noble order of the Garter, one of the lords o\ bul 
Majefty's moft honourable privy-council, mafter o: 
the Trinity-houfe, cliancellor of the univerhty o 
Dublin, prefident of the Foundling hofpital, and oil« 
of the governors of the Charter- houfe, was born 
Sept. 30, 1710, and marr-ed in oa. 173J, to the Ladj|| 
Diana Spencer, youngeft daughter ot Charles Earl qI I 
Sunderland, by the Lady Anne, daughter of Johi l 
Duke of Marlborough ; by whom he had illue on 
fon, who died the d^.y he was born ; and her Grac 
dyine, Sept. 27, J735> his Grace married agam, 11 
April 1737, Gertrude, eldeft daughter cf John Lor- 
Gower • by whom he hath iffue, Francis Marquis ci 
Taviftock, born Sept. a6, 1739. member in parliamer 
for Bedfordftiire, and colonel of the miiitia ot thin 
county, who married Lady Elizabeth, daughter ct| 
the late Earl of Albemarle, pn June 7, 1764, and hal  

tne lare ui xi.iuv.iii»'*^> v,.. j^ — /, -, --r. -, 

ilTue by her a fon and heir, born July zi, i7&if 
Lady Caroline, born in Jan. 174^-3. wedded on Au^i 
a,, 176Z, to George, the present Duke ot Mai»bc|. 
rough. His Grace has two fifters, vis^ Lady Rachae « 
who married his Grace Scroop Egerton, late Duke( 
Bridgwater, and is fince married to Sir Richard Lyi 
telton, Knight of the Bath; and Lady Eljzabetl 
Counters Dowager of Effex. This noble Duke is ( 
Norman extraaion, and his ancertors appear to has 
been pofftffcd of a conf.derable eftate m Dorfeiftire 1 
theyeanzoz.-CREATioNs.BaronRufTe] of Cheney 

Bucks, by patent, Mar. 9, 1533-9, 3° Hen. Vll 
Earl of Bedford. Jan. 19, 1549-5^' 3 Edw. VI. a. 
ron Ruffel of Thornhaugh, July ai, 1603 1 Jac. 
Marquis of Taviftock and Duke oi Bedford, May i 
,604. 6 W. and M. and Baron Hof^-land of Srrea 
Lm Tune 13, 1695, 7 W. IIL— Arms. Argent; f 
n 'ra^npant^gule?!' o'n a chief, fable, three ercalloj. 
of the firft.-CREsT. On a wreath, a goat paffan 
argent, armed, or.-SuPPORT£RS On the dextt 
f d- a lion J on the fmifter an antelope, both gulesi 

[ 13 ] 

latter gorged with a ducal collar, chained, armed, 
sited, tutted, and hoofed, or.— Motto. Che Sara, 
fc-.a.— Chief Seats. At VVot>urn-abbey inBedtord- 
jV; Thornhaugh in Northamptonlhire ; Cheneys in 
[i:ks; and at Bcdtbrd-houle in Bloom ibury-fquare, 


, William Cavendish, Dukeof Devonshire, 
r rquis of Hartington, Earl of Dcvondiire, and^ 

I on Cavendifli of Hardwick, lord hiah-treaiurer of 

I I md, governor of the county of Cork in that king- 
c n, was" born Dec. 14., i743» and fucceeded his fa- 
t r in his honours and eftates, on 0«5t. 3, 1764. His 
^ ace has two brothers, Lord Richard, born on June 
i 1751, Lord George Henry, born on Feb. 27,1754, 
ji a filter, Lady Dorothy, born on Aug. 27, 1750. 
j J Grace's uncles are. Lord George, a privy coun- 
ter, and member for Derbyih re } Lord Frederick, 
J i-ijor-general, and colonel of the thirty-fourth re- 
j lent of foot, and member for Derby j Lord John, 
I mber for Knarefborough, and a lord commillioner 
^the treafury : Alfo two furviving aunts, viz. Lady 
Jzabeth, wife of theHon. John PcnfoDby j and the 
jdy Walpole of Woolterion : Likevvile a great 
1 cle. Lord Charles, a truftee of the Britilh Mufxum, 
; :! F. R. S. who has two fons, Frederick and Henry. 
' is noble Duke is defcended from Robert de Ger- 
; n, a Norman commander, who attended William 
like of Normandy, in his invafion of England, in 
1; year 1066. — Creations. Baron Cavendifh of 
iirdwick. Com. Derb. by patent. May 4, 1605, 
J ac. L Earl of Devonlhire, Aug. 7, j6i8, 16 Jac. I. 
Jarquis of Hartington and DakeofDevonftiire, May 
i^, 1694, 6 W. and M. — Arms. Sable ; three harts 
3ads cabofhed, argent, attired, or.— Crest. On a 
•ieatb, a fnake noue, proper. — Supportfrs. Two 
jrts, each gorged with a garland or fprig of rofes, 
loper ; attired, or. —-Motto. Cavendo iutus.->^ 
^ Chi*f 

r 14] 

Chief Seats. At Chatfworth and Rardwlck in El 
bylhiie J and Devon/liire-houfe in Picadilly, Londl 


George Spencer Duke of Marlborouc 

Marqviis of Hlai"idford,Earl ot Sunrieiland and M<' 

borough, Baron Spencer of Wormlfcighton,and Ba: 

Churchill of Sandridge, a lord of the privy couii 

lord lieutenant and cuitosrotulorum of Oxford(hlr< 

governor of the Charter-houfe, prefident of the fm 

pox hofpital, LL. D. born Jan. 26, 1738, fucceet 

his father O^. 20, 1758, which Charles, the 1 

Duke, in 17 31, on the death of William Marqui; 

Blandford, fon and heir of Francis Earl of Got 

phin and Henrietta Duchefs of Marlborough, f 

ceeded to that title, and to 8000 1. per ann. oF 

late Duke of Marlborough's eflatej and on thede 

ot the faid Henrietta, Duchefs of Marlboroughj 

1733, he fucceeded to the title of Duke of Marl 

lough, as heir to the Lady Anne Churchill, his r 

ther, fecond daughter and coheir of John the gr 

Duke of Marlborough. His Grace has twc broth 

and two fillers, viz. Lord Charles, born on March 

174.0, one of the knights of the fliire for the com 

of Oxford, a privy counfellor, and verdurer of Whi 

wood foretl ; who, by his Lady, Mary daughter 

Lord Vere, has iiTue two Tons, George and Charii 

Lord Robert, bai'n May 8, 1747 : Diana, Vifcount 

of Bolingbroke, and Elizabeth, Counrefs of Pe 

broke. On Aug. 2.3, 1762, his Grace wedded La 

Caroline RulTel, daughter of John Duke cf Bedfo; 

by whom he has iffae George, Marquis of Blandfoi 

born March 3, 1766; Lady Caroline, born Oct. 5 

1763, and Lady Elizabeth, born Dec. 20, 17^ 

The late Duke (by the mother) was defcended frc 

Roger de Courcil, of the family of Leon in Franc 

who came over with William the Conqueror in 106 

and had a confiderable eftate in lands cont''erred i 

hira, for his fervices in that expedition j and par 



[ 15 ] 

larly, the lordfiilp of Churchill in the county of 
[neriet, which becsme the priacipal f«at ot the fa- 
y, ar.d from whence he took his furname. 
arles End of Sunderland, father of the late Duke 
Wlarlborough, married to his firit Lady, Arabella 
jendi(h,youngeft daughter and coheir of his Grace 
r-ry late Duke of Newcattle; and dying in June 
,8, left Frances, his only daughter, who was mar- 
1 to Henry, late Earl of Carlifle. The faid Charles 
■I of Sunderland married to his fecond Lady, Anne 
I archill, fecond daughter and coheir to the great 
ke of Marlborough. This family derive their pe- 
ree from a younger branch of the ancient Barons 
;ncer, among whom were the two Hugh de Spen- 
s,fathtr and fon, f.ivouritesof King Edward IL— 
EATIONS. Baron Churchill of Sandridge, May 14, 
{r, I Jac. n. Baron Spencer of Wormleighton, 
y ai, 1603, 1 Jac. I. Esrl of Marlborough, April 
1689, I William and Mary ; Earl of Sunderland, 
le 8, 1643, 19 Car. £. Marquis of Blandford and 
ke of Marlbcroueh, Dec. 14, 1701, i Anne. — 
;MS. Quarterly, argent and gules, in the fecond 
i third, a frer^ or j over all, on a bend, fable, thiee 
allops of the firft.— Crest. In a ducal coronet, 
, a gryphon's head between two wings erefted, ar- 
„nt, gorged with a plain collar, gules, beaked, or.— 
J ppoRTERS. The dexter a gryphon, party per hfs, 
i^entandor, finiiter, a wyvern, argent, wings ex- 
Jnded, each collared and chained, lable ; each col- 
 charged with three efcallops, argent.— Motto. 
T Spencer, Dieu defend le droit.— For Churchill, 
^'IperodefJecado. -Chief Seats. At Blenheim, and 
|i)rnbury, in Oxford (hi re j Langley-Park in Bucks j 
IJll-mali, London. 

t D U K E of RUTLAND. 
KiloHN Manners, Duke of Rutland, Marquis 
[i Granby, Baron Roos of Hamlake, Trulbut, and 
leWoir, and Baron Manners of Hadden, mafter of 




i6 ] 

" the horfe to the King, ;o;d lieutenant and ml^p|»^ 
tulonjm or the county ot Leicelter, Knight of; 
mod noble order of the Garter, and one ot the l( 
oi Kis Majefty's privy conncij, fucceeded his fat 
in honours and ellate on Feb. lo, 1720-1 : tlis Gi 
was born Oct. 21, 1696 ; and on Aug. 27, 1717, rj 
lied Biiuget, only daughter and heir cf" Robert 5 
ton Lord Lexington, by whom he had ilRie fivei 
and fix daugi.ters, of which are living, John Marc 
of Granby, a lord of the privy-council, mafter-gen 
of the oidnance, and lieutenant-general of his Tir 
jefty's forces, colonel of the royal regiment of he 
guards blue, lord lieutenant and cuftos rotulorun 
Derby fliire, and member for Cambridgeftiire : 
was born in January 1720-21, married, in Sept 
,ber 1750, to the Lady Frances Seymour, eldeft dau 
ter of the late Cnaries Duke of Somerfet j by wl 
Lady, who died Jan. 25, 1760, he had iflue two A 
John Lord Roos, born Aug. 22, 1751, died Jun 
1760 J Charles, now Lord Roos, born March 
'7 54)5 3nd three daughters, Frances, born Ma » 
a4, 1753 J Catharine, born March 28, '755 » • 
Caioline, born Aug. 22, 1756, but died in Jariu 
following J aifo Robert, born Feb. 6, 1758. L 
George Sutton, member for Grantham, born Mar 
J722-3, married, Dec. 1749, to Diana, daughtei 
. John Chaplin, of Blankley, in the county of L 
caller, Efq; by whom he hath ifiue, George, h( i! 
Aug. I, 1751; John, born July 12, 1752 j Rob 
born Jan. 5, 1754.; and Charles, born Feb, 14, 17 
The daughters died unmanied,and thcDuchefs, tt" m. 
mother, died in June 1734. His Grace's furvivif 
brothers are. Lord William Manners, who has a f< , 
John, member for Nev/ark, and keeper of Whitel 
palace. Lord Robert Manners, colonel of the th 
regiment of dragoon guards, lieutenant-general 
his Majefty's forces, and member for Kingllon up 
Hull. He married, Jan. i, 1756, Mifs Digges, ^ 
Grofv€nor-fquare, by whom he had two fons, Rob< 


[ 17 ] 

) Jjhn-James ; c-ilPj two daughters, Mary and 
^y. Lord James Manners j and Ms furviving 
vs are, Lady Catharine, relidl of the late Right 
1. Henry Pclham, Efqj brother to the Duke of 
•criltle J Ln iy Frances, married, in 17 3^, to the 
. Kichard Arundel ; Lady Carolina, married firll, 
' 734., to Sir Henry Harpur, Bart, zdiy, July 18, 
;, to Sir Robert Burdett, Bart. Lady Lucy, mar- 
in 174.^, to his Grace William Graham, Duke 
lontro e. This noble family derive their pedi- 
from Sir Robert Manners, of HethnU, in the 
ity of Northumberland, who flourifhed in the 
1 of King Henry III. ---Creations. Baron Roos, 

Ssbuf, and Belvoir, by defcent and writ of fum- 
s to parliament, Nov. 12, 15 15, 7 Henry VHL 

f intly June 23, IZ95, 23 Edw. I. originally Dec. 
1264, 49 Hen. HL Eail of Rutland, June 18, 
, 17 Hen. VHL Baron Manners, of Haddon, by 
of Summons to parliament, April 29, 1679, 31 
ir. Marqu'.s of Granby and Duke of Rutland, 
ch 29, 1703, z Anne.--- Arms. Or, two bar?, 
e, a chief, quarterly of the fecond, and gules, 
?irft charged with two fieurs de lis, of the firft, 
the latt with a lion of the fame, which chief was 

ij.'ntly g'des, and the charge thereon is an hono- 

eaugmentatiQa, fliewing his defcent from the 
1 royal of King Edward IV.. --Crest. On a 
^ eau, gules, turned up with ermine, a peacock 
I ide proper.— Supporters. Two unicorns, ar- 
i : their horn?, crefts, tufts, and hoofs, or,--- 
I TO. Pour V parvemr. —Cii'iEF Seats. At Had- 
3 Hall in Derbyfliire; Belvoir-Caftl*; in Lincohi- 
i i and Knightsbridge. 

D U K E of DOVER. 

 ARLEs Douglas, Duke of Dover and 

".SBiiRRY, Marquis of Beverley, Qu^eenfberry, 

iOumfiiediire, Earl of Qiieenfberry, Solway, and 

I ilanrig, andBaronof Rjppon, a lurdof tlse priK^- 



[ 18 ] _ 

council, and lord judice genera! in Scotland, wns \ 

at Edi.-.Uurgh, in Nov. i"698. His Grace, in M 

17 J9-C10, married tl-e Lady Catharine H\de, Je( 

daughter of Heniy liyde, Earl of Roclieller 5 by w 

he bad iillie two Tons, who died afier ariivin| 

years of maturity, and a daughter who died ya' 

James Duke of Queenlberry, father of the yu 

X>uke, was, in the year 1708, created, by Q 

Anne, a Peer of this real^n, by the ti;le of I 

of Dover, Marquis of Beverley, ar.d Baron 

Kippon, but does not fit in the Houfe of Ptei 

Arms. Quarterly, firll and fourth, argent, a h 

gule?, crowned *ith an imperial crowi, or, on a c 

azure, three mullets of the field, for Douglas} fe< 

and third, szure, a btnd between fix crofs cro 

firche, or, fur the earldom of Mar -, the whole w 

a bordure, or, charged within a double trtfiure (1 

and counter-fieury of the fecond, being an augi 

tation, as is alio the heart in the firft quarter, u'i 

memory of the pilgrimage made by Sir James D 

las, anceltor of his Grace, to the Holy Lar.d, witl 

heart of King Robert Bruce, in the year 1330,. w 

was there interred according to that King's de 

and tiie double treiTure was added by King Charl" 

when he honoured the family with the marquif. 

(^eensberry, the bordure before that tia.e I 

borne only plain.— Ck.est. On a wreath, a hear 

tween two wings, gules, crowned with an imj 

crown,or. — Supporters. Two pegafufTes, ar 

wings, crclb, tails, and hoofs, or. — Motto. Fora 

—Chief Seats. At Drumlanrig in Dumfriefl 

Amesbury, Wilts ; and Burlington-gardens, Lorli 

DUKE of B R A N D O N| 

James-George Hamiltok, Duke of Bf" 
DON and Hamilton, Marquis ot HamiUon 
Doug'af, and Baron ot Dutton, alfo Duke of Ch.i 
btrault, inFrance,wasbornFeb.i8, 1755, and fuoB'^ 
ed his father James, the late Duke, Jan. 19, 1758 
Grace has a brodier, Lord Dowglas Hamilion, 





C '9 ] 

^tt;y 1756, and a fifler, Lady Elizabeth, born on 
. 26, 1753. Their mother married fecondly, the 
rquis of Lorn, fon and heirappaient of the Duke 
irgyle, by whom (lie has ifiue. His Grate, on the 
jaiTecf Archibald, late Duke of DowgUs, Dec. j, 
I, (ucceedtd 10 the titles of Marquis of Dowglas, 
lof Angus, &:c. James Duke ofHimilton, great- 
fjdlather of the prefentDuke, was, by Qn^een Anne, 
ited a peer of Great Britain, by the title of Duke 
Brandon, and Baion of Dutton, Sept. 10, 1711, but 

allowed to fit in pajliairicnr.---ARMS. Quarterly, 
and fourth, gules, three cinqfoils, ermine fecond 

third, argent ; a ftiip having fails furled, 
e.— Cr£st. Or, an oak frufited, proper, having 
ame-faw, tranTverfly fixed in the body of thefiril. 
luppoRTERS. Two antelopes, argent, armed and 
gcd, with ducal coronets, or, chains affixed to the 
jnets, and their hoofs of the fecond.- Motto. 
5tfj/;.- -Chief Seats. At Hamilton in Laneik- 
ej and Kennel in Stirlingfiiire. 


'eregrine Bertie, Duke of Akcaster and 
STEVEN, Marquis and Earl of Lindlisy, Baron 
iloughby of Eresby j lord great chamberlain of 
'land, by inheritance, mailer of the horfe to the 
•en, lord lieutenant and cuilos rotulorum of the 
nty of Lincoln, one of the lords of his MajeHy's 
/y-council, lieutenant-general of his Majeliy's 
:es, recorder of Bodon, and keeper of Wahham- 
sft in the faid county, fucceeded his iather Pere- 
;re, the late Duke, Jan. 1, 1742. He married, May 
1735, Erzabeth, daughter and f^le heir to Wil- 
li Biundell, of Baflngftoke in the county of South- 
pton, Efq} and rehft of Sir Charles Gunter Nichol, 
whom he had no iflne. Upon her deceafe he 
rried to h's fecond wife, Nov, 27, J750, Mary, 
ighter of Thomas Panton, Efq; mailer of the King's 
ining-horfes 5 and by her, who is a lady of the 


[ 20 J (Ir 

bed cham-ber, :ind tTij(tre(s of the robes to the Qh' 
he iias iilue, now living. Lady Mary Catharine, h 
Apr. 15, 1754} Koberr, Marquis of Lindfey, t 

Nov, 4, 1756} Lady , born Feb. 15, 7761,'' 

^.idy Georgina-Charlotta, born Aug. 7, 1764. '! 
.Grace's liirviving brother is, Lord Brovvnlow, m 
her for Lincolnfhire ; and his furvivnig fii'iers 
.L.idyMary, married to Sannuel Greathted, Eiq; L 
Jane, mairied to Capt. Matthews } and Lady C< 
lin.T, married to George DeA'ar, Efq; liis unclj 
Lord Robert Bertie, member for Bolton, cclonelj 
tlie feventh regiment ct' foot, governor of Cortl 
lieutenant-genera!, and lord of the bed chamber j 
the King; and his aunt» Mrs. B-ludworth. T . 
noble family came into England witii the Sax( 1 
vho made a conqueft of South Britain, in the f 1 
century ; and had a caftle conferred on them by I 
.of the Saxon Kings, from them denominated Ber 1 
ftad, now Berfted, near Maidltcne in Kenr.--CR ' 
TiONS, Baron, by fummons 10 parliament, Jan.f 
1580, ajEbz. By defcent originally, July 26, i^ 
7 Edv^. IL Earl of Lindfey, Nov. 2z, 1626, a C»i 
'Marquif, Dec. 21, 1706, 5 Anne; DukeofAncal 
and Kffteven, June 29, 1715, 1 Geo. L---Ar 
Argent, three battering rnm5, barways, armed 
garniflied, azure. ---Crest. On a wreath, the bii 
of a K-ing (named Baraicon) couped at the bifl 
proper, crowned ducally, or, being the crell of ' 
. Barons Willoughby. Their creff, as Bertie, \i a pi 
tree, proper. ---Supporters. On the dexter (niil 
pilgrim, or fryar, veiled in ri'llet, with his ilaff ; 
pater-nofter, or. On the linifter, a lavage wre^l 
about the temples and middle, with ivy, all proper.l 
Motto. Lc^auUe me oblige. ---Cuief Seats. I 
Giimlthorpe in Lincolnlliire j and Bcrkley-rqual 

D U kI 

C 21 ] 



quis of Dorcheltcr, Earl of Kingfton, Vifcount 
ark, and Baron Pierrepont of Holme Pierrepont, 
enant-general of his Majefty's forces, and knight 
le moll noble order of the garter, fucceeded hiS 
.dfather, Evelyn Duke of Kingfton, March 5; 
1-6.7 William, father of the prelent Duke, dying 
ie life-time of his grandfather. His Grace is 
mmarried. His Grace has ieveral nephews and 
23 fey h-is only fitter, Lady Meadows, Vsife of 
'hilip. This noble family derive their pedigree 

1 Robert de Pierrepont, of Norman extra<5tion> 
attended William the Conqueror in his invafiou, 

iigland, in the year 1066.— Creations. Baron 

:<:pont and Vifcount Newark, June 29, 1647, 5. 
I. Earl of Kingfton, July 25, 1628, 4 Car. I. 

ijuis of Dorchefter, Dec. 23, 1706, 5 Anne; and 

2 of Kingllon, July 20, 1715, i Geo. I.— Arms. 
mt, feme of cinqfoils, gules ; a lion rampant, 
.—Crest. On a wreath, a lion rampant, fa- 

between two wings erc6f, argent.-- -Suppor-. 
^. Two lions, fable, armed and languid, gules.- — 
\ TO.i^t^r^/>o«/^/f.— -CHiEFSEATS.Holme-Pierre- 
Thcrefby-park, in Nottinghamfnire ; Tong- 
.', in Shiopdiire ; Bradford, in Wiltftiire ; at 
lope, in Bucks j and Arlington-ilreet, London. 


HOMAs Pelham IIolles,^ Dukc of New-' 
'Le upon Tyue, and Duke of Newcaftle-under- 
n the county of Stafford, Marquis and Earl of 
;, Vifcount Haughton, and Baron Pelham of 
htpn and of Stanmere, and Baronet, lord privy- 
and of the privy-council, lord lieutenant and 

3 rotulorum of the county of Nottingham ; 
fd, keeper, and warden of the foreft of Sher- 
., and park of Folewood, in the county of Not- 

lani, and recorder of the town of Nottingham 5 


[ 22 ] 

one of tlie Governors of the Charter-houfe, kiv 
of the jTioli noble order of the garter, chancello 
the univerfity of Cambridge, fellow of the Royal 
ciety, and L L. D. His Grace was born Aug 
1693, and fiicceeded his father, as Baron Pelhaii 
Laughton, Feb. 23, 1711-12, and by the laft will 
teflament of his uncle John Holies, Duke of N 
callle, who died July 15, 171 1, was adopted his h 
and authorized to bear the name and arms of lio 
His Grace was married, April 2, 1717, to the L 
Harriot Godolphin, daughter of the Right h 
Francis, Earl of Godolphin, by the Lady Henri 
his wife, eldelt daughter and coheir of his Gi 
John late Duke of iVj a rl borough, but has no \iVm 
her Grace. His Grace's nephews and nieces are 
Earl of Lincoln, who will iucceed hmi as Duk. 
Newcaille-under-line j theVifcount CafikcomerjL 
Sondes j Grace and Mary, daughters of his brot 
the late Right Hon. Henry Pelham, whole rel 
Lady Catherine, daughter of the Duke of Rutla 
is keeper of Greenwich -park. The ancellors of 
noble Duke took their name from the lordlhif 
Pelham in FJertfordfnire, of which they appeal 
have been poflefied in the reign of Henry HI 
Creations. Baronet, May 22, 1611, 9 Jac. I. 
ron Pelham of Laughton, Dec. 29, 1706, 5 An 
Baron Pelham of Stannier, May 4., 1762, 2 Geo. 
(with remainder to Thomas Pelham, of Stanil 
Efq; a privy ccunfellor, member for SuiTex, ; 
comptroller of the houfhold) ; Earl of Clare, ( 
26, 1 7 14, I Geo. T. Marquis of Clare and Duke 
Newcaftle, Aug. z, 17 15, 4 Geo. I. and Duke of N 
calUe-under-line, with remainder to Keniy Karl' ' 
Lincoln, Sic. Nov. 13, J756, 30 Geo. IL—Ar ' 
Qu^arterly, in the firil and fourth, three pelicri 
argent (the arms of Pelham) ; and in thefecond J 
third, ermine, two piles, in point, fable, the arm; 

Holies.— -Crest. On a wreath, a peacock in 
piide, argent ; and fometimep a bntklg. argent, 


[ 23 ] 
lory of Sir John Pelham's taking King John of 
ace prifoner. — Supporters. Un the dexter 
a bay horfe ; on the fmiller, a bear, proper ; 
1 conared or gorged with a belt, argent 5 buckle 

9 duds or.— -Mo rro. n>2cit atnor pairia'. ---Chief 
_TS. At Ckiremont in Surry; at Nottingham- 
e, and Houghton, in Nottinghfliire -, at biTaop- 
ein Suflex j and Linco!n's-inn-fields, London. 


,Vl L L I A M -H E N R Y -C A V E N D I S H B E N T I N-C K f 

:e of Portland, Marquis of Tichfield, Earl of 
tland, Vifcount Woodllock, and Baron of Ciren- 
er, prefident of the Britilli lying-in hofpital, lord 
mberlain of thehoulliold, aprivy-counfellor, and 
D. was born April 14, ijS^j ^^^^^ fucceeded 
liam, his father, the late Duke, May i, 1762. 
Grace has now living, a brother. Lord Edward- 
.rles Cavendifti, born March 3, 1754, and two 
rs, Elizabeth, Vifcountefs Weymouth, and Hen- 
ta, the wife of Lord Grey, eldeil fon of the Earl 
itamford. William Earl of Portland, great grand- 
ler of the prefent Duke, was page of honour to 
Prince of Orange (William III, King of Great 
tain.) He was afterwards gentleman of the bed- 
mber to that Prince, who fent him into England 
legotiate a marriage between his Royal Highnefs 
a 1 the Princefs Mary, eldeil daughter of the then 
Ike of York, in 1677. He attended the Prince into 
Inland in his expedition of 1688 ; and, it is faid-, 
n"^ principally relied on in that enterprize. _ Soon 
Sr his mafter afcended the Britifti throne, viz. on 
ril 9, 1689, he was created Baron of Cirencefter, 
count Woodftock, and Earl of Portland ; and 
.rquis of Tichfield, and Duke of Portland, July 6, 
•6, z Geo. L— -Arms. Azure, a crofs moline, 
ent.— -Crest. Out of a Marquis's coronet, pro- 
, two arms counter, embowed and veiled gules ; 
ved, or j and holding each an oftrich feather, ar- 


I 24 ] 
gent.— Supporter s.Two lions dowble quevee j' 
dexter, proper; the other fable. -^ Motto. Craip; 
/?onfe.---LiiiEF Seats. At Bulllrode, in Biickii 
hamihire ; V/elbeck, in Nottinghamfhire ; and Gr 
vernor-ltreet, London. 


George Montagu, Duke and Earl of Ma 
CHESTER, V'ifcount Mandeviile, Baron Montagu 
Kimbolton, a lord of the privy-counci], one of 1 
lords of his Maje(H''s bedchamber, lord lieutenj 
iind ciiftos rotulorum of the county of Huntincrd( 
and high-ikward of GodnianchelUr, fucceeded 
father, Robert, late Duke, on ?/Iay 10, 1762, Hev 
born on April 6, 1737, and wedded, on 06t. 2, jyt 
— — , daughter of Sir James Dafnwood, Bart, a 

has ilfue a Ion and heir, , Lord Vifcount Ma 

deville, born ou Nov. 11,1763. His Grace ( 
brother, Lord Charles-Grevilie Montagu, born M 
19, 1 741, late knight of the Hiire for'iluntingdt 
and now governor of South-Carolina ; and a iift 
Lady Caroline. ---Creations. Baron Montao-ii 
Kimbolton, and Vifcount Maiideville, Dec. xg,'^i6- 
18 Jac. r. Earl of Mancheller, Feb. i, iGz^-O, 
Car. L and Duke of Manchefter, April 30, 17; 
5 Geo. L---ARM3. Quarterly, firft and fourth, r 
gent, three lozenges, conjoined in i'efs, gules, with 
a border, fable, with a crelcent, for difference, 1 
Montagu ; fecond and third, or, an eagle difplayc 
vert, beaken and membered, gules, forMontheriiu 
—Crest. On a wreath, a gryphon's head, coupt 
or; wings indorfed, fable; gorged with a coll: 
argent, charged with three lozenges, gules. ---Su 
PC (ITERS. On the dexter fide, an antelope, or; arme 
creifed, and hoofed, argent. On the fmifler, a gr 
phon ofthefirii-, gorged, with a collar, argeni 
charged with three funis, gules.-— Motto. Df/'p 
itendo me fion mutando n7e.---CniEY S^ats. At Kir 
bolton-caftle, h\ Huntingdon feire ; scii.d Berkelei i 
ff^ual-e, London. 

r 25 ] 


Henry Brydges, Duke of Chandos, Mar- 

Lis and Earl of Carnarvon, VilcouHt Wilton, 

J Baron Chandos of Sudley, Baronet, and Knic^ht 

the Bath, clerk of the hanaper, and high-lleward 

thecityofWinchefter^fucceedtd his father, James, 
e late Duke, Aug. 9, 1744.; and Dec. zj, ,728, 
in led Mary, eldell daughter of Charles I ord Bruce, 
ly fon and heir apparent ofThomas,Earl of Aylefl 
ry, by whom he had ilfueonefon and a daugiiter, 
I. Jaiiics Marquis, of Carnarvon, born Dec. z^'] 
31, and married, March nz, 1753, to Marcarel' 
ughter and heir of John NichoK of Southgate, in 
•c'tl'lefeXjErq; who is member for Radnorfhire, and 
^ger of Enfield ch ace ; and Lady Caroline^ boru 
uch 29,1729-30, and married, March 17, 17 cf 
John Leigh, of x'lddleilhrape, in GJoucefterihire' 
V T^}^ I^iichefs dying in 1738, his Grace mir- 

\^- '^'^, ^"r^o^^^ wif^^ ii^^ i74S> Mrs. Anne Wells, 
which lady, who died Aug. 9, 1759, he hath ifTue 

■y ^':S-^f^-' ^''^^•-'^ ^^' 6» ^ 748. 1 he anceftors of 
3 ncble family took their name from the city of 
iges, or Brugge, in Flanders ; and one of them 
le over with VViliiaiit the Conqueror, and had a 
hderable (hare m the viaory obtained ne?r Haft- 
s, ]n Su.Tex, ro66.~.eREATiONs. Baron Chandos, 
pater. t, Apnl 8, 1554, 1 Mary I. -Baronet, May 
i6z7, 3Lar. L Vifcoujit Wilton, and Eiirl of 
narvon, Oft. ,9, T7F4, j Geo. L and Duke of 
indc3, April 30, 1719, 6 Geo, L— Arms. Argent, 
a cjofs, a leop-u-as head, or.— Crest. On a 
ath, the bull ot an old man,, fide-faced, proper 
athed about the temples, argent and azure, vellod 
' ot the iirlt, and gules and femi of roundles 
lUerchanged, the cape ermine.; and on his head 
cap, or, bned with white fur.— Supporter'? 
^ otters, argent.— Motto. Maifi tien la droV 
Hi£F Seats. At VVilton-callle, inlierefojdfhire j 

^ an<4 

[ 26 ] 

nnd Aconbury, in the fame county ; at Blddefde 
ii,c:ir Luggerfiiell, in V\ jltlhire ; and Dover Iheet. 


Charles Sackville, Duke of the county 
Do K SET, Earl ot Dorfet and Middiefex, Karon Buc 
hurll, and Baron Cranfitld, lord" lieutenant aj 
cullos rotulorum of the county of Kent, and of t 
city of Canterbury, and vice-admiial of the fa 
connty of Kent, fucceeded his father, the late Dul- 
Lionel, on 06V. q, 1765. His Grace was born Feb. 
1710-11. He married Grace, daughter and fole h' 
ot Richard Boyle, Vifcount Shannon, of Ireland, w 
died on May iG, 1763, univsrfally lamented. I 
Grace has one furviving brother, Lord George Sa( 
vi]le,born Jan. 26, 1715-16, member forHythe,jo 
vii-e-treafurer for Ireland, and aprivy-counfellor; w 
■by his Lady, Diana, fecond daughter and coheir 
7ohn Sambroke,Efq; has three daughters, Diana, 
iizabeth, and Caroline : alfo a fifter, Caroline, L: 
Milton. His Grace has likewife a nephew, John, 2 
neice, the children of the lateLordJohn-Philip. 1 
ancellors of this noble family were Lords of the tc 
and fei<yniory of Sackville, in Normandy, and cr 
over vs'ith tke Conqueror, when he inVvaded Engla 
in 1066. — Creations. Baron of Buckh.urft, by pat< 
Junes, 1566, 8 Eliz. Earl of Dorfet, March 
1603-4, 1 Jac. L Baron Cranfield, and Earl of y. 
dlefex, April 4, 1675, 27 Car. IL and Duke ofE 
fet, June 13, 1710, 6 Geo. L--Arms. Quarterly 
and gules, a bend over all, vaire.— Crest. Out < 
ducal coronet, or, an eftoile of eight points, argf 
-.-Supporters. Two leopards, argent j fpoti 
fable.--- Motto. Aut nunqiiam tevtes^ aut perfice 
Chief Seats. At Knowle, in Kent} at Buckhi 
in Suflex ; atCroxhall, in Derbyfhire j and Arlingt 
Itreet, St. James's. 

D U I 

r 27 ] 


Francis Egerton, Duke of Bridgwater, 
d Mcuquis of Brackley, Earl of liridgwater, Vii- 
int Br.^ckley, and Baron of Ellermcie, was bom 
May 1736, fucceedtd the late Duke John, his 
5ther, in 1747-8 j and is unmarried. His Grace 
5 a filler, Louifi, Countefs Gower, and feveral 
jfins, &c. particularly Dr. Egerton, Bifliop of 
ngor. This family derive their pedigree frojn the 
lent family of Egerton, defcended from the Ba- 
is of Malpas, in Chelhire. The prefent Duke is 
eally delcended from Lord Ellefmere, lord high- 
mcellor of England in the reign of King James I. 
Creations. Baron, July 21, i Jac. I. Vifcount 
ickley, Nov. 7, 1616, 14 Jac. I. Earl of Bridg- 
:er, May 27, 1617, 15 Jac. I. Marquis of Brack- 
, and Duke of Bridgwater, June 18, 1720, 6 Geo. I. 
'\ Argent, a lion rampant, gules, between 
te pheons heads, fable. ---Crest. On a chapeau, 
es, turned up, ermine, a lion rampant of the ftrft, 
Jing a pheoujor; headed and feathered, argent. 
t'l)UP PORTERS. On the dexter fide, an horfe, ar- 
c| r, gorged with a ducal coronet, or On the llni- 
, a gryphon fegreant, or, gorged with a plain 
ar and chain, azure. ---Motto. Sic donee. -•- 
EF Seats. At Alhridge, Bucks j and Cleveland - 
1|-, St. James's. 



M A R Q_U I S. 

'HE dignity of Marquis took its name from 

Mark, or March, a limit, or bound 5 his office 

.g to govern the Marches or Frontiers of a Pro- 

e. 1 he firft created in England, was Robert de 

I J, Earl of Oxford, who was created Mar ou is 

C a ^ of 

[ 2S ] 
•orDt;ELiv, \n.,^S, 9 R^c. II Tbey i^^e no^v creaj 
eel by patent. His robe m pari runent is ot hue !ca. 
W rloth lin-d with whue taRata, and has foi 

left fet at equal diP.ance, with a gold 1 xe .00 
et h ^ . d, and is tied up on the le t fl^ouldcr w. 
ar bbon. His cap is oF crimfon vdvet, hned vjit 
■Lmine having a ,old button and tafel on the toj 
'ndlis coronet which is alfo otgold, is part flowc 
edard part pyramidal, the pouvts having peai 
on' the top, knd leaves cv ftowers ot equal he,g^ 
?L c^ron^tion furcoat, -, m.ntle is ot cnn. c 
velvet, lined with white taftata, and the raant.e 
dm b Id fro-.n the neck to below the elbow, wi 
eralme, having ^bur rows of .Jpcts - ^e ng 

il.onlder, and t'^^'^-^^ "".^f ^^ ^ ^.u^ ..a ^bla 
hereditary, and he is called molt nob.c .nd .uil a 
Prince 5 his eldeil Ion taking his leco. d t.tle, is call 
hi courtefy, Earl, or Lord, &c. -"cl the yom^^^^^^^ 
Lords, by their chrilhan names} and the daught( 

are itiltd Ladies. 

The moli noble and puiflant P.""ff' C«a^kl^ 

•Pnrl of Malton, in England and in ire. ana, vi.cul 

Hie .1 Higham-Frrrers, Baroii Rockingham 

;i"lha,., Saronof Malton, ^-}'^^^l 

den, firiUordof 'l- \^f ^^j! j°,t '^T^cc^ut 
rnflos rotu.orum ot tne weii-xn^nM^ ^^i 
nf York and cuftos rotuloram of tbenorth-rid-.)-.g 
the faS^'county, vice-admiral of the whole county 
York and the\naritl..e p.rts thereci^Kn^ght ot 1 
iro'l noble order of the Garter, aiui F-l^-^' .. 
^\.^n May n, ^730, and on thedeath o .S 
ther fucceeded to his honours. He .^^ff}^^> 
f4 ^6, 175^-, M'-^ry' daughter ana heir ot 1 hon 
Br-;^i; of BadiWoAh. in the county ot \ or., b 
b; whom he has a fon and heir, and otner dvi.d. 

[ 29 ] 
homas, the late Marquis, father of the prefsnt 
[arquis of Rockinghaoj, was created Baron ot Mai- 
n, in May 17^8 f and in Nov. 1734 ^vas created 
irlof Malton,' Vilcount Highauiof Higham-Ferrers, 
id Earon of Waith, and Harrowden ; and by the 
■ath of Thoims. Far! cf Rockingham, in Feb. 
45-6, the honour of Baron of Kcckingham-callle 
volved en him ; whereupon he was created Mar- 
lis of Rockingham in April i745- His Lordrni;^ 
s fevcral fillers, viz. the Conntdi-dowager Fitz- 
■illiams. Ladies Mary, Charlotte, and rlenrietta- 
licia. The Hon. Thomas Watfbn, fon cf Edward 
)rd Rockingham, by the Lady Anne Wentworth, 
ughrer of Thomas late Earl of Strafford, was 
iadfath(-r ('f the preient Marqujs, and t;)ok upon 
n the firname of'wentwcrth. The y\ aifon and 
entworth fimilies were united in his Lordaiip's 
:2t-gran.; father, Thomas. The noble family of 
atf.^n are defcendcd from Ed'A-^rd Vv/stfon, of 
di!K;ton, in the county of Rutland, who fiouriihed 
the reign of King Edward IV. The VVentworths 
; of vSaxon original, defcended from Reginald de 
entworth, or Wintewade, fo called from their 
tnor of Wentwrrth, ir. the county of York, where 
; faid Reg'nald refided at the time of the conquefl. 
le Earl cf Strafford, prisre miniiler. to Ring 
iar'.ei L one of the anccllors of this noble Mar- 
's, is fiiid to be dcTcended from John of Gaunt, 
-Ttb fon of King Edward ilL in the patent whcre- 
l\e was created Earl of Strafford. -Creations. 
fupya.---ARUs. Quarterly, liril an i fourth, ar- 
nt, on a chevron ingrailed, a7Aire, between three 
iftlets, f?blc, as many crefcents, or, for V. at fon'; 
ond and t'lird, fable, a chevron between three 
'pards faces or, for WentwtTth.- — Cr est* A 
)'poori"s head erafed, argent, gorged w-iilv a ducal 
■onet, or, for \\ atfon. A gryphon palfant, wings 
par.ded, ar'gtnt, gorged with a ducal coronet, or, 
• Wentv.Qr'ai. --SuFPCRTiiRS.. On the dexter 

g y iidc 



[ 30 ] 

fide a gr}'pho-n, argent, gc r^ed with a ducal coron 
or, for V/atfbn. On the fmifter ijdc, a lion of? 
fecond, for V/entworlh ---Mottos, Mea sLn,jfu 
And, £« Dien fj} tcuf.. — CniEF Seats. At Wo 
worth houfe, in the county of York j at Malton, 
the fame county ; at Great Han-owden, in Nori 
amptonPuire } ai:d in Grofvenor-rquare, Lcndou. 


^"^ H E dignity of Ear', not only was formrrl 
JL title of honour, but was an o.tice of jutlice, 
having the ch:irge or cuilody of the county of whi 
]iewasE?-rl,an'l it was the highell dignity in Fngla. 
next to the blood royal, from William I. toEdw. i 
All Earls in Fr-'.and are denciriinared I'roni fo 
place, except feventeen, whiO have their titles fr 
their family names, as will be Icen hereafter, c 
they are now created only by patent j having a ro 
cap, and coronet, which they wear in parliament, v 
his mantle ir, the fame with that of a Marquis :- 
Duke, with only this difftrence, a Duke's robe 
foi-r p-uards and a lace quite round, a Marqu 
three and an half, nud an Enrl's but three. His i 
li the fame as tiiat of a Duke and Mnrquis ; b\]t 
crronet diHsri from both, that of a Duke hav 
nniy leaves, that of a Marqnis leaves and pe^ris 
e-iuai heigh-t, and his lia^ ilie pearls mucli hig 
than the leaves Ei:t the robe of an Earl d li'irs fr 
that of a Duke or ^'1:^rquis, the Duke having f< 
rows of fpots, the M?rquis three and an half, f 
the Earl but thr^e. An Farl's eldtfc (en, by 
courtsfy of England, is dignified by his lathers 
cond title ; all his daogliters are 1 adies j but 
\ounger Ions are oniy tJquires. Larls have the t 
of LorUjhip, and by the are Itilcd, Our ri| 



[ 31 ] 

•ufty and entirely beloved coiifin ; and if of the 
rivy-council, then with the addition, and counlellor, 

E A R L of S H R E W S B U R Y. 

The right Hon. George Talbot, Earl of 
hrewsb'^urv, andBaron J'.ilbot, in ICnghiud, and 
arl of Wexford and Water for J, in Ireland, born 
ec. II, 1719, ilicceeded Gt-orge, the late Earl, his 
.ther, in 1733 ; and nuirried, Nov. 21, 175?, Eliza.- 
2th, daughter of the hon. John Dormer, of Peter- 
y, in Buckinghanilhire, afterwards Lord 
isLordflii;) has the following brothers, Uc, the 
an ( harles Talbot, married to Mary, daughter ahd 
)heir of Robert Al.wyn, of rr.d'ord, in the county 
' Suifex, Efq} which Lady died in child-bed of a 
mghter, Mary, June 2, 175c' 5 ^•'"'d he n amid, 
condy, April 2, 1752, Mary, daugbttr of S'.r ritrce 
loylton, of falacrc^, in Flintiliire, fart, by whom 
; has two fons, Charles, born March 8, 1753, and 
ecrge, and a dai ghter Anne, born Maich 9, i754- 
rancis, who married Lady Anne Belaiyle, daughter 
"Thomas, Karl ofFauconberg ; alfo two furvjviug 
lers. Lady Mary, married, in July 1749. to Charles 
ormer, Efq; fon and heir to the hon. John Dormer, 
"Feterley, in Buckinghamfhirs j and Lady Luc)'',* a 
un. Kis Grace Charles, late Duke of Shrew (buiy, 
ying without illae in 17 17, the tides of Duke and 
iarqu's, which were only granted to him and his 
::irs mal-, ceafed with him 5 but the Earldom of 
iirewsbuiy devolved on Gilbert Talbot, the eldelt 
irviving {oxv of Tl omas Talbot, of Longford, only 
m of jolin, the tenth Earl of Shi evisbury , byFrances, 
is feconti wife, daughter of i homas, Lord Arundel, 
f Vv'ardour 5 u.pon vvhofe death iucceeded, George, 
le late Earl, his brother. The (iiid Duke procured 

I adl of parliamen to lettle 4000 1. per ann. for ever 

II the in!>.tritors of the title of Earl of Shrewf- 
nry. 'T hisfanuly of Talbot, or Talebot, appear "to 
av'e been poilelled of a large eftate in England, in 

C 4 tl\e;: 

[ 32 ] 

riie reign of William the Conqueror. In the th'i 
of Edward III. Gilbert Talbot, with his eldeft fc 
Richard Taibot, embarked with the King for Franc 
The defcendants of thefeTalbots had a great flia 
in the vi6loriesobtainedby the Englifli in France at 
Scotland. Sir John Talbot part'icularly attend( 
King Henry V. in his triumphant entry into Pari: 
and Sir John Talbot was created Earl of Shrew 

bury, 20 Kenry VI. 1442. —Creations. Baro 
by writ of fummons to parliament, June 5, 133 
4 Edw. III. Strange, Fiirnival, Verdon, l.ovetc 
Giffard, Clumming, Valence, and Montchenfy, tl 
Jiaaies of families. Earl ofShrewfhury, May 20, 144 
ao Hen. VI. Earl of Wexford, and Earl of Wate 
ford, July 17, 1446, 24 Hen. VL — Ar ais. Gule 
a^ lion rampant, within a border engrailed, or.- 
Crest. On a chapeau, gules, turned up ermine, 
lion, or, his tail extended. ---Supporters. Tw 
talbots, argent. ---Motto. Prejf d'acccm/^liy... 
CHiEFSEATi. Atlfleworth, inMiddlefex; atAltoi 
caitle, in Staiiwihire j at Heathorne, near Woodiloc) 
in Oxfordihirej and Stanhope-ftreet, London. 

E A R L of D E R B Y. 

Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, Bare 
Stanley of Latham, and Baronet, lord lieutenant 1 
the county of Lancaller, was born Sept. 17, 168. 
On the death of James, the tenth Earl of Derby, ti: 
Earldom devolved on the iaid Sir Edward Stanley, < 
BickerftaiF, Bart, in the year 1735-6. His Lordftii 
married, in 1714, Elizabeth, only daughter and he 
of Robert Hefketh, ot RufFord, in Lancafhire, Efc 
by whom he had ilfue, James Stanley-Smith, Lor 
Stanley, commonlycalled Lord Strange, born in Jar 
1716-17, married, March 17, 1746-7, to Lucy, on|| 
of the daugliters and coheirs of Hugh Smith, cji 
Weald-hall, in Effex, Efqj and by her, who dit || 
Feb. 7, 1759, has.iflue fix children, Elizabeth, Luc 
Edward, I'homas, James, and Harriott. H^ is icnJj, 


f 3^3 J 

Giitcnant and colonel of the militia of Lancafhire, 
n:in. e icrof the (luchy of Lancalter, aprivy co'in'el - 
r, :iad a knight of the fliire for the*laid coimty. £('- 
ard Stanley, norn in June 1732, and fix daughters, 
!Z. Lady Elizabeth, inarritd, in March 1746^ to Sir 
eter V* arburton, Bart, snd the Ladies A'Jnry, i{a- 
flla, M'.rgaret; Jane 5 and Charlot;e, imrried to 
)hn Bourgoine, Efqj Sir Thomas 5-tanley, Eart. 
ther of the prefent tail, was born Sept. 27, 1670. 
e married to his fi ft wife, Elizabeih, only dauohter 
\d heir to Thomas Patten, of Prefton, in the county 
 Lancaller, Efq; by whom he had iffue four Ions, 

whom Edward, theprelent Earl' of Derby, and 
am, the fecon^i Ion, only are livin^: He married, 
concily, Marg;u-et, daughter of f homas Holcroft,; 

LaiKalhire, Efqj rei 6~t of hir Richard Stand iih, of 
jxbiiry, in the fame ccun;y, R.irt by whom he had 
' iilue. The Earls of Derby are defcended from 
lomas, Lord Stanley, who mairied the Lady Mar- 
f ret, widow of Edmund Earl of Richmond, and 
* )ther of King Henry VIL and joining the Karl of 
chmond his fon, at the battle of Bofwo'th, ob- 
ned a complete viftory over King Richard III. 
10 being killed in the field of battle, the Lord, 
mk-y fet the crown on the head of the Earl of 
chmond, and proclaimed him King of Englandi 
ance, &c and he fucce;eded King pJchard III by 
; name of Henry VIL --Creat/ons. B^ron Stan- 
, by fummons to parliament, Jan. 20, 1455, 34. 
n. VI. E-^n o\ the county of Derby, oa. 27, 1485, . 
lenry V]L and Baronet, June 26, 3 Car. L-- 

MS. Argent, on a bend, azure, three b cks heads 
jolfed, cr ---Crest. On a chapeau, gules, turned 
, ermine, an eagle with wings exr.?,nded, or, prey- 
: upon- an infant in its cradle, proper. ---Suppor- 
R8, On the dexter ftde, a griffin ; on the fmifter, a 

k, both or, <iucally coliartd, and chained, azure. 

Motto. Sans (.banker Chief Seats. At ' 

towefiy and Biclcerilaif, both in th-ecmmty of 
ticafter j aad Grol'vernorTqiare. EARL 

. N G D O N 


Hotieaux, Mo! ill ^ 
>un if Uor, Piooni * ' 

• [ 34 ] 

EARL of H U N T I N G D O N 

Francis Hastings, Earl of 
Baron Haltings, Ilungerford, E 
Nevvmark, and Mosls, a privy counitUor, gi' 
the Itole to his Majefly, and F. K. S. wis born Man 
13, 1728, and (uccetded liis father Tbeophilus, t: 
late Karl, in his honours and ellate, Oct. 13, 17^, 
Plis LordTa p has two filters, viz. filizabeth, Counts 
cf Moyra, and Lady Selina. This noble Earl 5 
dele nded from Hugh de fallings, a younger fonf 
the anc ent and noble family of Hailings Earl i\ 
Pe'.nbroke, cf which family was William de Haftinilli'' 

ftevvard to King Henry I. Creations. Barll*! 

Ha ings. July 26, 1461, i Edw. IV. Baron Hungil'' 
ford, Nov. 15, 1482, 22 Edw. IV. both by fammcsf 
to parliament. By defcent, originally, Jan. 7, 14; 
4 Hen. VI. Eari of rlie county of Huntingdon, 
paient Pec. 8, rs29, 21 Hen. VHI..— Arms. Arge 
a maunch, fable.--- Crest. On a wreath a bulial 
head erafe>l, fable, gorged with a ducal coronet, a 
armed, or ---Suppokters. Two man-tigers affrc 
tee, or, their vifage like the human, proper. ---Mc 
TO In veritate 'vkl W^^.-.-C hiff Seats. At Afbl 
^e-larZouch, and at Donnington, both in the couj 
pf Leiceller j and M James's-place, London. 


Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke ai 
Mo-tgomery, Baron Herbert of Caerdiif, Rofs" 
Kendal, Parr, Mtz- Hugh, Marmion, St.Quintin, a 
Herbert of ihin land, a major-general, colonel of t 
firft regiment of dragoons, lord lieutenant and cul . 
rotulorum of ihe county of Wilts, and high ftew- 
of Salifbury, was born July 3, 1734, and fucceec 
Henry, the late Earl, his father, Jan. 9, i749-;j 
His Lordfhip married, March 13, 1756, Lady Elii 
beth Spencer, fecond daughter of Charles the 1; 
Duke of Marlborough, who was brought to-bed 


C 35 ] 

foil and heir, Ge^orgc, Loid Herbert, Sept. lo, 1759- 
His LonKhip has now living two uncles, viz the hon. 
Kobert-Sa-.vytr Herbert, member for Wilton, and 
furveyor- general of his Majeifys land revenue : and 
the hon. Nicholas Herbert, member for VVikon, and 
liccretary for Jamaica. This noble family is de- 
Ict-ndtd from Henry Fitz-Roy, natural fon to King- 
Ueixry I. And the firft of this family that had the 
title of iiarl, was VViUiam Herbeit, Lord of Ragland, 
in the county of Monmouth } vvhich William was 
a!fo chief juitice and chamberlain of South 'v\'ales, 
and Knight of the Garter ; but was afterwards be- 
beadcd at Northampton, by the .command of the 
Duke of Clarence and the Earl of Warwick, for op- 
|v fing the Lancaftrian party in behalf of the King. 
Mr v\ dliam Herbert, one of the anceftors of the pre-' 
"ent Earl, wasmi^Iier of the horfe to King Hen. Vlll. 
ord^ prefident of tlie marches of Wales, and Knight 
)f the Garter. He was alfo. by the faid King, ad* 
/anced to the dignity of Baron Herbert of Caerdiff, 
ind the very next day created Evarl of Pembroke, 
inno 1551. He was general of the fjrces to Queen 
Vlary, againft the Kentifh rebels j one of the privy- 
,„ :ountil to Qiieen, Elizabeth, and mafterof her houfe- 
i[ lold. "-Creations. Baron Herbert of Caerdiff, 061. 
10, 1.551, 5 Edw. VI. and nextday Earl of Pembrok'e, 
iaron Herbert, of Shurland, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. 1,, 
md at the fame time Earl of the county of Monrgo- 
nery.— Arms. Party-per-pale, azure and gules, 
hree lions rampant, argent. ---Crest. On a wreath^" 
., wyvern, with wings elevated, vert, holding in it3 
nouth a finilter hand, couped at the wrift, gules.-— - 
SUPPORTERS. On the dexter fide, a panther guar- 
lant, argent, fpotted of various colours, with fire 
Suing out of his mouth and ears, ids ducal collar, 
zure. On the (inifter, a lion, argent, gorged with a 
lucal coronet, gules. -Motto. (Jng je fer-viray.'-^ 
'hief Seats. At Wilton, in the county of. Wilts 5 
ntl Privy- garden, Whitehall. 

C 6 E AKL 



[ 36 ] 

EARL of L I N C O L N. 

HtNRY Clinton, Earl of Lincoln, Baro 
Say and Clinton, auditor of the receipt of his Mr- 
jelly's exchequer for life, comptroller of the cuftoii 
in the port of London, mailer of Geddington-chac( 
Northamptonfllire, high-itevvard of VVeftminller, pr( 
fident of the Weftminller Infirmary, Knight of tl 
moft noble order of the Garter, F. R. S. and LL. I 
was born April 20, 1720, fucceeded George, the lat 
Earl, his brother, April 30, 1730. His Lordfni 
married, Oft. 3, 1744, Catharine, eldeft daughter c 
the right hon. Henry Pelham, late brother to th 
Duke of Newcaftle, by which lady, who died Jul 
ft7, 1760, he has iffue, living, three fons, viz. Henr 
Lord Clinton, born Nov.'5, 1750; Thomas, bor 
July 2, 1752, and John, born Sept. 13, 1755. H 
Lordfhip has one fifter, Lady Lucy, living, and un 
married. Alfo two firll coufins, the hon. Henry Clin 
ton, and Mary, children of his uncle the late admin' 
Clinton This no' Je family is defcended from Jeifre 
de Clinton, lord chamberlain and treafurer to Kin 
Henry I. grandfon to Vv'illiam de Tankerville, cham 
berlain of Normandy; from whom defcen 'ed Wii 
iiara de Clinton, chief jnftice of Chefter, governor c 
Dover-caftle, lord warden of the cinque-ports, an 
lord-warden of the King's forefts fouth of Tren1 
Edward Lord Clinton, another of the Earl s anceftorj 
was conftituted lord high-admiral of England fo 
life in the reign of Q£een Elizabeth, who created hir. 
Earl of Lincoln —-Creations Baron Say, by lum 
mons to parliament, Feb. 18, 1609, 7 J^^- ^- ^Y ^^ 
icent anciently in 1404, 6 Hen. IV. originally b; 
writ, July 26, 1313, •? Edwr. L and June 8, 1294, 2: 
Edw. I. Baron ■. linton, by fummons to parliament 
Feb. 6, 1298, 26 Edw L Earl of the city of Lin 
coin, May 4, 1572, i4Eliz. — Arms. Ar^rent, fi? 
crofs croflets fitchy, three, two, and one, fable -, "or 
a chief azure, two mullets pierced, or,— Crest. In j 



[ 37 ] 

al coronet, gules, five oilrich- feathers, argent, 
ided, azure.— Supporters. Two greyhounds, 
ent, their plain collars and lines gules. Motto. 
altetieho?ite.--CiiiLV Seats. At Oatland, in Sunyj 
i New Palace-yard, Wcltmialter. 


iENU-Y Howard, Earl of Suffolk and Berk- 
ire, Vilcount Andover, and Baron Howard of 
ilden and Charlton, was born May lo, 1739, fuc- 
ded his grandfather Henry, the late Earl, March 
1757. The faid late Earl Aicceeded to the titles 
iarl of Berkfliire, Vifcount Andover, and Baron 
iA'ardof Charlton, in 1706, and to the titles of Earl 
hiffulk and Bindon, Baron Howard of Waldon, 
Baron of Chefterfield, April 23, 1745, on the 
th of the right hon. Henry Bowes Howard, Earl 
iufiolk. The prefent Earl wedded, on May 25, 

4, , only daughter of Robert Lord Trevor. 

Lordlhip has two uncles, viz. the hon. Thomas 
ivard, member for Caitle-Rifmg, and Charles j 
[ a ftfter Frances. This noble family is defcend- 
from Thomas de Erotherton, Earl of Norfolk, 
;i fon of King Edward I. from whence defcended 
omas HoA'anJ, a younger fon of Thomas the fe- 
d Duke of Norfolk, by Margaret, hisfecond wife, 
ighter and foie heir of Thomas Lord Andley of 
ilden V\ hich was, by King James T, 
ated Earl of Suffolk, conftituted lord chamberlain 
lis Majefty's houfhold, lord trea/urer of England, 
I Knight of the molt noble order of the Garter.— 
EATioNs. Baron Howard of Waldon, Ocfr. 24.^ 
7, 39 Eliz and Earl of Sutfolk. by letters patent^ 
y 21, 1602, 1 Jac. I. . Baron of v. hariton, and Vif- 
int Andover, Jan. 23. 1621, 19 Jac. I. and Ir arl of 
ks, Feb. 6, 1626, 1 Car. I. — Suffolk Arms, 
les, a bend between fix crofs croflets fitche ar- 
it, with an augmentation in the niidft of the bend 
an efcuvcbeon, or, a denni-iion farapajitj pierced 


[ 38 ] 

through the mouth with an arrow, v^ithln a dc 
treirurecounteriiory,.oM,ies.— Crest. On a cha( 
gules, turned up, ermine, a h'on giiardant, hii 
extended, or, gorg-d with a ducal coronet, arger 
SuppoxTf Rs. On the dexter Cnle, a lion -uard 
or, gorged ducaily, argent On the fin.fteV, a 1 
argent —Motto. Nonquofed^^^ hief Se, 
At ^ hirlton, in Wilts ; ntLeven?, in VVe(hnorel; 
at EUord, in StafFordihire j at Oxford j and in Di 
iireet, Weftminlter. 

E A R L of S A L I S B U R Y 

James Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, Vifcc 
Cran'oujn, and baron Cecil of hffmgdon, was t 
in 171 5, and fvicceeded James, his father, late . 
pf Salisbury, Oft. 9, 1728. His LordHiip m^rr 
in 1743, M'is Elizabeth Keet, eldeft daughter of 
Edwaj-d Keet,_of Canterbuiy, by whom he hath i 
James lord Viicount Cranburn, born in Sept. 17 
Lady Anne, born in March 1745-6 ; and Lady h 
net, born in April 1747. Jhe faid James Cecil, 
Earl of Salisbury, father of the prefent Earl, marr 
in Feb. 1708-9, the Lady Anne Tufton, fee 
daugliter and coheir of James, late Earl of Thai 
who died April 22, 1757, and by whom he had ifl 
James, the prefent E rl j Wi.liam, who died 
married, in 1740 } Lady Anne, married to Willi 
Stroud, of Punsburn, in the county, of Hertford, £ 
^ied in July 1752 ; Lady Catharine, married, 
J 736-7, to John now Earl of Egmont, in Ireland, 
whom fhc has had iffue live fons and two daught( 
and died in Aug. 1752} and Lady Margaret, ( 
ceafed. This noble Earl is defcended from WiUi 
Cecil, Lord Kurleigh, fecretary of ftate, and aft 
wards lord treafurer of England, in the reign 
Queen Elizabeth, the moft celebrated itatefman 
that age \ whofe younger fon, Robert, anceilor 
the prelent noble Lord, was conilituted fecretary 
ilate, and mafter of the court c»f wards, by Que 




[ 39 ] . 

<',uhitb 5 and iii the iuccarjdlng re'gn of King 
1CS I. was conitituted lorJ high-treaiurer of Eiig- 
tl • created Baron Cec-1, of Efluitdon, in the 
mty of Rutland, on May 13, 1603, i Jac. I. and 
count ( ranburn, in the county of Dorltt, Aug. 20, 
,4. 5 and Earl of Salisbury, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. I. 
\R:/i.s, Barry often, argent and azure, over all fix 
utcbeons. three, two, and one, iable, each charg- 
with a lion rampant of the titld, a crellent for 
ercnce — Csfst. On a wreath, lix arrows, or, 
ids and feathers, argent, giit together with a 
ulac-e, or belt, azure, garnifhed, or; and over 
Ah ttiathers a motion cap, proper.— SuPx-'orters. 
.'O lion?, ermine.— Motto. Se'o, jedferio. — Chief 
^Ts. At Hatfield, in Hertfordshire ; Cranburn- 
,ife, in Dorfetih'.re ; Qu"ckfv\ood, in the county of 
rtford ; and Grofvenor-ltrcet, London. 

E A R L of E X E T E R. 

Browklow Cecil, Earl of Exeter, and Ba- 
i of Burleigh, lord lieutenant and cullos rotulo- 
n of the county of Rutland, born Sept. zi, 1725, 
xeeded his father, the late Earl Brownlow, who 
« ;d Nov. 3, 1 7 54-. His LordQiip married, July 24, 
4.9, Letitia, fo'le daughter and heir of Horatio 
)wn{hend, Efq; one of the commiflloners of excife ; 
10 died April 17, 1756, leaving no iffue. His 
)rd{hip has a brother, the hon. Thomas-Chambers 
;cil, member for Rutlandihire ; and two furviving 
ters, Lady Elizabeth, the wife of John Chaplin, 
q; and Lady Anne, unmarried. This noble Earl 
defcended from Robert Sitlift, Seefil, or Cecil, who 
)uriihed in the reign of King William Rufas ; but 
e greateft of his anceftors was William Cecil, Lord 
jrleigh, lord high-treafurer of England, f*nd prime 
inifter to Qu^een Elizabeth. The prefent Earl is 
jfcended from Thomas Lord Burleigh, the eldeft 
n of that great ftvitefman WiHiam Lord Burleigh. 
"^ Crea- 

[ 40 j 

—Creations. Baron Br.rlcigh, Feb. 25, 15701 
Khz. by parent ; and F.aii of Exeter, Ah<y 4, 1 
3 Jac. J. —Arms. Barry cf ten, ajgent and az 
over aU fiK eCcutcheons, three, two, and one, 1 
each charged with a Ijon lampant of the hek 
CRtsT. On a chapeau, gules, turned up, ermin—^ 
garb, or i fupported by two lions, that on the del: 
iide, argent; the luiilber, azure.— Support ^i 
Two hons, ermine. Motto. Cor lo-um, -ota wia 
Chief Seats. At Burleigh, near Stamford, in 
county of Northampton j and Berkeley-fcu 
London. ^ 


Spencer Compton, Earl of Northamptc 
and Baron Compton oi' Con>pton, recorder of 
town of Northampton, Ibcceeded his brother Char 
Jn Ocl 1763. His Lordiliip has two ffters, the Co- 
te's of Egmont, and Mrs. Drummond : and f 
aunts, Charlotte, Baronefs Ferrers of Chartley, r 
Viicountcfs Townfliend ; Lady Rulhout; Ladv 
nelope, and Lady Margaret. ' This noble fani)ly 
ddcended from the Comptons, of Compton, in W 
wickfhire, who were lords of that place before 1 
Conquelf.— Creation'-s. Baron Compton, by fu 
mons to parliament, May 8, j^jx, ,4. Elizabeth, a 
Earl of Northampton, Aug. 2, 1618, 36 Jac. I.. 
Arms. Sable, a lion palHint-guardant, or, betwe 
three helmets, argent --Crest. On a wreath 
mount, vert, and thereon a beacon, or, enflamed.< 
the top, proper ; about the fame a label, infcribe 
Nj/i Domtnus.~.-^\jTvoKTL^s. Two dragons, wiifc 
wings expancied, ermine, collared with ducal collar it 
and chains of gold.— Motto. Je ns cherche que imA 
ChiefSeats, AtCaftle-Afhby, m Northamptonlliir'. I 
at Compton-Vinyates, in the county of Warwick ' 
and Grofvencr-itreet, London. 

E A R ] fi 


[ 41 ] 

E A R L of D E N B I G H. 

ASiL Fielding, Earl of Denbigh and 
;MOND, Vifcoimt Yielding and Callan, Baron 
diDg of Newenham-Padoxand St. Liz, and Baron 
ding of Lecaghe, and one of his Majefty's moil 
. privy-council, a lord of the bedchamber, malter 
the harriers and foxhounds, and colonel of the 
rwicklhire militia, was born Jan. 3, 17 19, fue- 
led his father, William, the late Earl, who died 
T. I, 1755 5 ^^^"-^ married, April 12, i7 57> Maria, 
ghter to John Bruce-Cotton, of Connington, in 
itingdonfiiire, Bart, by whom he had a fan and 
•, — — , Vifcoimt Fielding, born June 15, 1760, 
another fon. HisLordlhip has five coufms, three 
:, and two daughters, of his uncle Charles. Th's 
le Earl is defcended from the Earls of Kapsburg, 
Germany. Geoffrey, Earl of Hapsburg, being 
-eiled by Rodolph, Emperor of Germany, came 
- into England, and one of his Tons ferved King 
iry III. in his wars, whofe anceftors hying claim 
he territories of Lauffenburg and Khin-Filding, 
Termany, he took the name of Filding. One of 
braveii of the prdent Earl's anceltors, was Earl 
liain, of whom Lord Clarendon obferves, '' That 
"erved King C harles I. from the beginning of the 
1 war, with unwearied pains, and exait fubiriif- 
to d'.fcipline and order, as a volunteer in Prince 
)ert's troop, and engaged with fingular courage 
all enterprizes ; but v,'as mortally wounded in 
ngageraent with the enemy, Ar ril 3, 1643.'' — 
ATioNs. Baron Fieldin?- of the Lecaghe, Vifcount 
an, and Earl of Defmond, in Ireland, July iz, 
9, 17 jac. L and again, Nov. 22, 1622, 20 Jac. L 
m Fielding, of Newenham-Padox, and Vilcciunt 
ding, Dec. 30, 1620, 18 jac. 1. E:ul of the 
r»ty of Denbigh, Sept. 14., 1622, 20 jac. I. and 
d St. Liz, Feb. 2, 1663, 16 Car, IL Engliih 
ouro.-— A.RiMS. Argent, on a fels, azure, ihrte 




I 42 ] 
lozenges. or,---CRS£T. On a vvrer.tli, an eagle ' 
two heads difj^layeci, f.ible, armed and meinbered 
and charged on the breall with the above pate 
coat.- -Supporters. TvsO bucks, proper, att 
and unguled, oi". ---Motto. Cre/cit fub pondere.-fi 
Chief ^eats. At Neweiiham-Padox, in Wcuw 
fliire ; at MaitinRborp, in the county of Rutla 
and Margarel-ftreet, London. 

EARL of W E S T M O R E L A N 

Thomas Fanh, I^arl of Westmorela 
Baun BurgberOi, upon the death of the late I ^ 
John, without iifae, en Aug. i6, 176a, facceede • 
thole honours, being the )i£xt heir male dtfcen* 
of Sir Francis, Fane, third, but fecond lurviving 
cf Francis, Hi it Earl of Weftaioreland, by Mary, 
daughter ajid heir of Sir A.ntiiony MildnTiy 
Apethoip, in Northamptonfliire, Knt. liis Lore 
niarrritd Anne, dai^ghter of Mr. Swymnier, P 
cl.ant in Briliol, and by her had ilTue two Tons, Ji 
Lord Burgherfli, and the hon. Henry Fane ; alio 
daughters. Lady Anne, deceafed, and Lady M 
1-ord iiurghei'lh is member in parlia ncnt lor L 
Kegis, and mairied, on March 26, 1758, Aug 
daughter of Lord Montague Benie, fecond lo 
Robert, Du'<e of Ancaller, but which Lady decc 
on Jan. 3, 1 766. His Lordihip"s brother, H 
Fane, VJk\:, is the other member for Lyme W 
Vtj e, Earl of Weltmoreland, father of the threi 
F?rl:, married Rachel, on'y dau2l;te)- and he 
John Eence, Efj^ by whom he hft illue, tbjce ] 
and thiee daughters Vere, his tldelt fon. u ho 
ceedtd him, and ditd, Ujnniarried, m 1699; and 
fucceeded by 1 homas, his brother, late E;;rl cf ^^ 
moreland, who married Catherine, daughter snd 
of Chalks ^tlinger, cf CiiarleLon,Ei'(]; but died w 
out ilfue, Ma' ch +, i 736, and wa> fucceedtd by }• 
the laft Earl of that branch. Lady Mary, marrie 
Sir Francis Daihwood, Bart, by whom Ihe had i 

[ 43 ] 

Fr?.ncis Dafhwood, n::w Lord le Defpencei-, on 
dtcith oF his uncle, and a daughter, married to 
Robert Aulkn, of Beekley, in Kent, nhich Lady 
nee dead. Lady Catharine, married to V\)lliam 
I, of Drayvvi. k, in Eerkfnire, Efq; Latly Sulrin, 
) died, unmarried, March 1 1, i 7 34.-5. _7 his noble 
1 is defcendcd iVom the Fanes, an ancient f:^miiy, 
eh rchdcd at Badfall, in Kent ; from which de- 
nied Francis Fane, !on ajid heir of t:;ir Thomas 
e, Knight, by Mary, his wife, ibhs daughter and 
• to Henry Nevil, Lord Abergavenny, after^vards 
ted Raronefs Defptmfer.---CRE.'\TiONS. Baron 
•^herHi, and Earl of Wedmorcland, Dec. 29, 1 624, 
fac. L'-.Arms. Azure, three ri£,ht h^nd gaunt- 
, with their backs forward, or ---Crest. Out of 
ucal coroner, or 5 a bull's head, argent; pyed, 
e ; arnied, or ; and charged on the neck with a 
•, gules, barbed and feeded, proper. — -Suppor- 
;s. On the dexter fide, a gryphon, party per fefs, 
3nt and or ; his beak, fore-legs, and chain of the 
)nd, his collar, fable. On the fmiiter, a bull, ar- 
t; lyed, fable 5 armed, collared, chained, and 
■fed, or ; on the collar a rofe, proper.— -Motto. 
t'iU /<7?;5. ---Chief Seats. At Brimpton, in So- 
:fet(hije ; ?.nd Sackville-llreet, London. 

A R L of P E T E R B O Pv O U G H. 

'H A R L E S Mo R D A U N T , Earl of Pe T E R B O R O U G H 

I MoNMOuiH, V]lcount Avaion, Baron Mer- 
uit of Turvc\', and Baron Mordaunt of Ryegate, 
ceeded his grandfather Charles, the kite tail, in 
55 and niairied Mary, daughter of John Cox, 
;' of London, by which Lady, who died in No- 
iiber 175', he hath iffue two daughters, Lady 
luces, boi-n in Api il 1736 ; and Lady Mary. His 
d'hin Hiarri'.d, idly, kobiniana, daughter of Col. 
)\\ n., by whom he has a Ion and heir, Henry Lord 
Mdaunt, born May 16, 1758. His Lordihip's bro- 
r, the hon. Jotiu Mordaunt is a colonel in the 


[ 4+ ] . . 

army, and the Duke of Gordon is his coufm. 
anceilors of this family received the honour of Ba 
the 24th of Hen. VIII. and Earl the 3d of Charle 
and are defcended from John Mordaunt of Tur^ 
in the county of Bedford, Efq; who was one of 
King's commanders in the battle of i^toke, near N 
ark upon Trent, againft John Earl of Lincoln, 
ad of Henry VII. He was alfo chancellor of 
dutchy of Lancafter 5 and the 24th of Henry V 
Aimmoned to parliament, having married Eiizab( 
daughter and coheir to Henry de Verc, Lord of Dr 
ton and Adington. — Arms. Argent, a chevron 
tween three dloils, fable. — Crcst. In an Earl's 
ronet, or 5 the buii of a Mooi ifh Prince, habitec 
a cloth of gold, all proper; and wreathed about 
terap'es argent.— Supporters. Two eagles, filv 
armed and membered, flible. -—Motto. Nee pla 
contenta qu'ieia ffl. — CnitF Seats. AtParfon's-Gr 
in MidJifrfex ; Dantzy in Wiltfliire ; and Nevv-I 
lington-urect, London. 


Harry Grey, Earl of Stamford, B2I 
Grey of Groby, Bonviile, and Harrington, iuccee 
Harry, the late Earl, his father, in 06I. i739< ^''^^l 
in May 1736, married the Lady Mary Booth, c 
darighter and heir of George, the laft Earl of \S\ 
ring^ron, by whom he hath had ilTue three ions, 
t',vo daughters, viz. George-Hany, Lord (^rey, b| 
G&i. I, iVsT, Member in the prelent parlian.ent, 
StafFordlhire, and lieutenant-colonel uf the Chef) 
militia. O-n May ao, 1763, he married Eady H, 
rictta, feccnd daughter of William, late L'uk.e| 
Portland, by whom he has a daughter, llenr-.e 
born April 9, 1764. Lady Mary Grey, born A 
17, 1730, married, Feb. ia, i 764, to the hen. Geo 
Wed, feccnd fon of the late Earl Delawarr. Bo 
Grey, born Auguilis, i74-^- Lady Araie GrJ 
born Jan. 23, \j^\-%, who died in June 1743- ^' 
' J9 

r 45 J 

1, born May ii, 17+3. His Lordfliip has a b'O- 
, the hon. John Grey, who, in May 174S, mar- 
LucA^, fecond danghtcr of Sir Joleph Dan vers, of 
hland in Leicelterihire, Barr. and is member for 
lanorth, and clerk comptroller of the bi^ard of 
:S cloth. And four fiilers, viz. Lady Dorothy ; 
y Catherine, man led to Mynheer John -Tiip, 
matter-general of Amllerdam, uho died in June 
%. She married, zdly, to Vanden Bemden, b.urgo- 
:er of Amllerdam ; Lady Diana, mariied in Sect. 
■S, to George Middieton, Eiqj Lady Anne, mar- 
in Oft. 1745, to Sir Richard Afton, of Aklen- 
i in the county of Salop, Bart. This noble family 
lefcended fiom Henry de Grey, to whom King 
bard L gave the manor of Truro in Effex. Eenry 
d Grey, Marquis of Dorfet, and afterwards Duke 
lutfolk, was another of the anceftors of this noble 
I, who was conltituted high conftabie of Eng- 
I at the coronation of King Edward VI. and mar- 
the Lady Frances, daughter of Charles Brandon, 
;e of Sufi-olk, by Mary the youngeft filter of King 
iry VIII, hi ft married to Lewis XII. King of 
nee ; by wh. m he had the Lady Jane Grey, who 
proclaimed Queen of England, on the death of 
ig Edward; but the party of Queen Mary pre- 
in?-, ihe loft her head, as did her father the Duke 
Uifolk, and her husband Guildford Dudley, fourth 
of the Duke of Northumberland— Creations. 
imoned to parliament, as Lord Ferrers of Groby, 
A49, 27 Hen. VI. Baron Grey of Groby, by pa. 
tj July -21, 160;, I Jac. I. and Earl of Stamford, 
rch 26, i62S,V Car. I.— Arms. Barry of fix, 
ent and azure, in chief three torteauxes, a label 
hree points, ermine.— Crest. On a wreath, an 
corn ereft, ermine ; armed, crefted, and hoofed, 
having a full fun behind it, proper.— Suppor- 
ts. Two unicorns, ermine ; armed, crefted, and 
ifcd,or.-~MoTTO. j^ mapiii/^ince. — CiUEF Seats, 
/ille-Hall in Staft'ordiliire j Bragdate-Hall in Lei- 


[ 46 ] 

ceftcrfliire ; Dimham-Mally in Chefiiire j Sackv 
fireet, London. 

EARL of VvM N C H E L S I 
and N O T 1^ I N G H A M. 

Daniel Finch, Earl of Winchelsea 
Nottingham, Viicount Maidllone, Baron Fitz-1 
bert of EallweU, Baron Finch of Daventry, Lor 
the Royal Manor of Wye, in Kent, and Baroi 
lord prefident of his iVlajefty's moil honoujable pi 
council, a Knight of the mofl noble order of 
Garter, and one of the elder brethren of the ' 
nity-houfe, fucceedecl his father, Daniel, the 
Earl, Jan. 21, 1729-30. His Lordfliip nianiedji 
1729; the Lady France^ Fielding, daughter of E 
the Lite Farl of Denbigh, by whom he had iffue 
daughter, Lady Chailotte, Governef's to the Fr 
of Vv'ales, and the Bifliop of Ofnabrug. And 
Ladydiip dying, Sept. 1734, he married, to hi; 
cond Lady, in Jan. 1737-8, Mary, daughter and 
heir of bir I homas Palmer, of Wingham, in K 
Bart, by whom he hath illue, four daughters liv: 
viz. Lady Keneage, born in December 1741 j 1 
ElVex, born Jan. i, 1745-6 ; Lady Hatton, 1 
Feb. 23, 1-J4.G-J; and Lady Augulta, boi n iji 
1750-51. Their mother died Aug. 8, 1757. 
Lordfliip has two brothers furviving, viz. Willi 
who married the Lady Anne Douglas, filler 
Charles, the prefent Duke of Dover ; which 1 
Anne dying in the year 1741, without iffue; 
married his fecond wife, the Lady Charlotte, dai 
ter to the Earl of Pomfret, in Auguft 1 746, by wi 
he had a fon, George, born Nov. 4, 1752, and 
daughters,Charlotte, Frances, Sophia, and Henrie 
Edv\ard, married toMifs Palmer. He is membej 
the univerfity of Cambridge, furveyor of the Ki 
private roads, and LL. D. He has a fon, George, 
three daughters, Anne, Henrietta, and Maria j 
two furviving fillers, viz. Lady Elizabeth, who 


C 47 ] 

. 1738, was married to the Hon. William Mnr- 
now Lord Majisfteld j and Lady Ilabelia ; a'.fo" 
fcc, Mrs. Mafon, of Gretiiwich, daughter of his. 
brother John. This family are defcended from 
bert Fitz-Hetbert, Earl of Pembroke, and cham- 
;iin to Kins: Henry I. Thev took the name of 
:li, in the reign of King Edward I. One of the 
illors of the prefent Earl, was the Righc Hon. 
cage Finch, Earl of Nottingham, who was con- 
ted lord high-chancellor of England in 1675 ; 
lord high-fleward on the trials of Philip Earl of 
broke, and William Vilcount Stafford, in j68o. 
s Earl was the ion of Heneage Finch, recorder of 
don, and fpeaker of the houfe of Commons, in 
5. King William would have conftltuted the 
lord high-chancellor of England on his accef- 
; but his Lordfliip declined that oflice, and ac- 
ed the poll of prnicip^I fecretary of Hate, which 
•efigned in March 1693-4, not finding himfelf 
ptable to the court, and was not employed af- 
/ards during that reign. The day after the co- 
ition of Queen Anne, he was appointed (QC\-Q\.-^ry 
;ate again ; and, while he was in this flation, the 
fe of commons twice refolved. That he highly 
ited the truft her Majefty repofed in him. At 
acceflion of Kinsr Georoe I. he was one of the 
s juftices appointed to adminifter the government 
il his Majefty's arrival; and in Sept. 1714., he 
made lord prefident of the council. The title 
^ifcountefs of Maidftone was conferred on Eliza- 
auji, daughter of Sir Heneage, captain of 
,v! guards to Queen Elizabeth, treafurer of her 
mber, vice-chamberlain of her houfliold, and 
icijncellor of the duchy of Lancafter, wife of Sir 
dyle Finch, by King James I. in the aift year of 
viijreign, anno 1623, to her and the heirs male of 
e,jbody} who dying in 1633, left iffue (befides fe- 
i 111 other children by her hulband Sir Moyle Finch) 
loj Thomas Finch, who fucceeded to the earldom of 
y Winchelfeaj 

[ 48 ] 1 

Winclielfe3 ; and who dying in 1634., was fucceilf^ 
by his eidclt Ion, Heneage Karl of vV'inchtHea, lii> 
having been very inftrunientai in the reltorativK' 
KingLharles II. was conilituted governor of D< 
caltle ; and, in iz Car. II. (being defcended front ; 
family of Herbert) was created itiaron Fitz-H-er ; 
of Ealhvell, in Kent, and was foon after lent an;; 
fador to Turkey 5 from which enibaliy he retiti 
in 1669, and died in 1689. He had twenty-i' 
children by four wives, of whom V\ illiam : 
Maidflione was one, who married i:,Hzabeth, d.- 
ter of Thomas Windham, of Norfolk, Efqj anu 
Lord Maidltone btini^f kihtd in the lea-liffht wit 
Dntcii in 1672, left liis lady with ciiild of a i'oi 
which (he -a as delivcrc!, in vScpt. 1673, who was 
tized by the name of Charles, andfucceeded hisgr 
father the faid Heneage Eail cf V.incheliea 
Charles died Aug. 14, 17125 and leaving no 
ifi'ue, the honour defcended to Heneag-e X^inch 
uncle, i'econd fon of the faid Heneage Earl of ' 
chi-llea, and brother of the faid Lord Maidf 
deceafed ; and Earl Hene:ige Finch dying wit 
male ifliie, in 1716, was ("ucceeded by his you 
brother John ; which John dying without 
in 1729, the title of Earl of Wincheliea devolve it 
Daniel, late Earl of Nottingham, Ion and heir < A 
Heneage Finch, fourth fon of Sir Moyle Finch 
Elizabeth his wife, who was created Counte 
\A inchelfea, 21 Jac. I. anno 1623. --- CaEATi 
Baronet, June 29, 1611, 9 Jac. I. Vifcount fv 
flone, July 2.8, 1623, 21 Jac. L Ea)l of Winchc 
July 12, 1628, 4Car. I. Baron Fitz-Herbert, Jun 
1660, 12 Car. H. Baron Finch of Daventry, Jan 
1673, 25 Car. II. and Earl of Nottingham, Ma 
168 r, 33 Car. IL-.-x'^rms. Quarterly, £rlland foi 
argent, a chevron between three gryphons paf 
legreant, liable, for Finch,; fecond and third, g 
three lions rampant, or, for Fitz-Herbert. ---Cr- 
On a v/reath, a gryphon pailant, legreant, f 



[49 I 

'PORTFRS. On the dexter llJe a lion, or, coilar- 
ducally, gules. On the left a giyphon, fable, 
e collared, argent.— -Motto. A'zV con/are fibi.-^ 
iEF Seats. At Burley, in Kntlandihiiei at Round- 
le, in Buckinghamlhire ; at Eallvvel!, in Kent} 
Cavendilh-fquare, London. 


'hilip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Ches--^ 

i FIELD, Baron Stanhope of Shelford, Knight of 

molt: noble order of the Garter, and one of the 

Is of his Majedy's moit honourable privy council, 

n Sept. 22, 1695, fucceeded his father Philip, the 

Earl, Jan. 27, 1725-6. His Lordfhip married, 

\. 5, 1722, the Lady Melofnia, Countefs of Wal- 

ham, by whom he has no iilue. His Lordihip 

one brother living, viz. Sir William Stanhope, 

ight of the Bath, member for Buckinghamshire, 

Tied, firft, to Margaret, daughter of John Rudge, 

; by whom he hath iffue one daughter Elizabeth, 

ried to Welbore Ellis, Efq; He married, fecondly, 

s Crawley, daughter of John Crawley, Elq; late 

trman of London; and, thirdly, Mifs Delaval, 

r to Francis Blake Delaval, Efq; 061. 6, 1759. Alfo 

filler. Lady of Sir Charles Hotham, ]3art. This 

ilyreceived their furname from the town of Stan- 

e, in the bi(hoprick of Durham, where they re- 

d before they removed into Nottinghamiliire. Sir 

hard Stanhope had a large eftate in the North ia 

reign of Henry III. Sir Richard de Stanhope, 

fon, was Lord of Eftwyche in Northumberland, 

Mayor of Newcaftle ; and King Edward HI, in 

fideration of his fervices againft the Scots, grant- 

nra a third part of the village and £fhery of Pax - 

, in Scotland.— Creations. Baron Stanhope, of 

ford, Nov. 7, 1716, 14 Jac. I. Earl of Chefter- 

i, Aug. 4, 1628, 4 Car. I. — Arms. Quarterly, 

ine and gules.— Crest. On a wreath a tower, 

:ntj with a derni-lion rampant; iffuing from the 

D battle- 






battlements, or, crowned ducallj'-, gnles, and ho! 
ing between his paws a grenade firing, proper. 
Supporters. On the dexter fide a woU\ or, crov^ 
ed uith a ducal coronet. On the finiller a talb- 
ermine. — Motto. A Deo et Rege. — Chief Sea-; 
At Bretby in Derhyfliire ; at Sheltbrd in Nottiri 
hamfliire ; at Black-heath in Kent j and May-Fa 


Sackville Tufton, Earl of Thanet, Bar 
Tufton, Lord VVeilmoreland and Vezey, Lord oft 
Honour of Skipton in Craven, and Baronet, a 
Hereditary-Sheriff of the counties of Weftmorela 
and Cumberland ; was born in Aug. 1733, and A 
ceeded his father, who died Dec. 4, ^754, and is ; 
unmarried. His Lordfhip has two fillers, viz. La 
Mary, the wife of Sir William Duncan, Bart, a 
Lady Charlotte. This noble family is defcend 
from Elfege de Toketon, alias Tufton, lord of 1 
manors of Sileham in the county of Kent, and 
Tufton in the county of Sufiex, who flouriflied 
the reign of King John, and from whom defcend 
John 1 ufton, Elq.j whofe refidence was at Hothfii 
in Kent. He was fheriff of that county in the rei 
of Queen Elizabeth. His fon John was createc 
Baronet, June 21, 1611, 9 Jac. I. and married Chi 
tian, daughter of Sir Humphry Brown, Knt. c 
of the judges of the court of Common-Pleas, 
whom he had ifTue Nicholas, created Baron Tuft( 
of Tufton in SufTex, Nov. 26, 1626, % Car. I. a 
Earl of Thanet, in Kent, Aug. 5, 1628, 4 Car. I. 
Arms. Sable, an eagle difplayed, ermine, withii 
bordure, argen.t. — Crest. On a wreath, a fea-lic 
fejant.— Supporters. Two eagles, their wings c 
panded, ermine. —Motto. Fiel pero defdichado. 
Chief Seats. At Hothfield in Kent ; at Newbot 
in Northamptonfhire $ andGrofvenor-fquare,Londc 




[ 51 ] 
EARL of S A N D W I C IT. 

John Montagu, Earl of Sakdvvick, Vircoiint 
nchingbroke, Baicn Montagu of St. Neots in 
mtingdonlhire, mafter of the Trinity- houle, go- 
'nor of the Charter- houfe,, recorder of the corpo- 
;ions of Huntingdon and Gcdmanchefter, Iseu- 
lant-general in the army, one of his Majefty's pri- 
-council, and F. R.S. fucceeded Edward, the lale 
rl, his grandfather, Ocf. 20, 1729. His Lordihip 
rried the Hon. Judith, daughter of Charles Lord 
count Fane, of the kingdom of Ireland, Mar. 7, 
1-1-2 ; by whom he has ifUie living, John Vifcount 
ichingbroke, born Jan. 26, jj/^-T,-^y member for 
jckley, and an alderman of Huntingdon, who on 
irch I, 1766, married Lady Elizabeth Montagu, 
y farviving daughter of George Dunk, Earl of 
hfax j and William - Auguftus, born in 1752. 
is noble family being a branch of the late Duke 
Montagu's, derive their pedigree from Drogo de 
'nteacuto, who came into England with William 
Conqueror. Sir Sidney Montagu, great grand- 
ler of the late Earl, was conftituted mafter of the 
rt of Requefts in the reign of King Charles I. 
i was elefted knight of the fliire for the county of 
ntingdon, in 1640 ; but was expelled the houfe 
refufmg to take an oath the houfe had framed for 
ir members, ** That they would live and die with 
leir general, the Earl of EfTex." Sir Edw. Mon- 
a, his fon, was born July 27, 1625, and had a 
jmiflion from the parliament, in 1643, to raife a 
iment of a thoufand men, in the county of Cam- 
ige, which he raifed. accordingly, and was ixx 
I of the confiderable aftions in that war, parti- 
irly at Nafeby, in 1645, behaving with uich gal- 
ry, that he was advanced to the command of 
;adier-general the fome year, when he was but 
iity years of age. He was aftenvards appointed 
I Delborough to execute the office of high-admi- 

D a ral 

T 52 ] 

-ml, and was joined with Blake in the command 
the fieet, after whole death he had the lole commai 
and the addrefs, as wtH the honour, of bringing 1 
whole fleet to fubmit to King Charles II. and the 
upon fet fail with them, to the coait of Hohand, 
order to convoy his Majelty King Charles II. to Ei 
land, whereby he contributed no lefs than gene 
Movik to the reftoration of that Prince : and his N 
•jefty, at- his arrival in England, conltituted him ( 
of the Knights of the moil noble order of the Gart- 
and, on July 12, (the fame year) 1660, the 12th 
his reign, in the 13 5th year of his age, created h 
Baron Montagu of St. Neots in hvmtingdonflii 
Vifcount Montagu, and Earl of Sandwich : he \ 
alfo made mailer of the King's wardrobe, admi 
of the narrow feas, and lieutenant- admiral ^to 
Toyal highnefsthe Duke of York, lord high-adrai 
of^England. He was afterwards appointed his Iv 
jefty's proxy at the efpoufals of the Princefs Dor 
Catherina, the daughter of Don Pedro, King 
Portugal, and had the honour of convoying t 
Princefs to England in 1662. He had a gr 
jliare in the victory obtained over the Dutch at i 
June 3, T665, where eighteen of the enemy's 
pital iliips were tak^n, fourteen more deilr 
ed, and admiral Opdam blown up. He afterwa 
took eight Dutch men of war, two Eail-Indiam 
and twenty fail of other merchantmen. He was ; 
pointed ambaiTador extraordinary to the court 
Spain, in 1666, to mediate a peace between the cou 
of Spain and Portugal, which heeffeiled. He \ 
vice-admiral under the Duke of York in the f- 
ii^ht off Southw^old-Bay, May 28, 1672, wdiere 
contributed greatly to the viftory obtainedthat d? 
but died fighting bravely in the fervice of his coi 
try. Biiliop Parker, in the Hiilory of his own Tim 
relating this engagement, fays, '* The Earl of Sar 
" wich having Ihattered feven of the enemy's ihi 
-*f and beat off three fireihips, at length overpow 


[ 53 J 

J, fell a ftcrUTce to hh country. A gentlemaa- 
domed with all the virtues of Alclbiades, and un- 
ainttd by any of his vices 5 capable ot anybuii- 
lefs; fall of wifdo.ii 5 a gi:f:at commander at ka 
nd land ; learned, eloquent, affable, liberal, and' 
nai^niifictnt."— AmvIs. Ar-ent, three lozenges- 
,iomed in fefs, t^u^es ; a border,. f;ibk.— CR est. 
a wreath a grvphon's head couped, or,; its beak 
I wings fable!— Suppop.THR s. On the dexter iiie 
i-itonThol^li^g over his right ihoulder a tndcnt, 
proper, his dacal crown, or. On the Imiller, a 
arrot, vvidi wings difclofed. vert— Morro. f'n.^- 
naujragia porti-m.—CwiMY Seats. At 
)ke in the county of Huntingdon : and Berkeley- 
lare, London. 

E A R L of E S S E X, 

[ohn-V/illiam-Anne-IIolles Capel, Earl 
Essex, Viiccunt Maiden, and Baron Capel ox- 
idham, lord lieutenant and cuP^os rotuloram of. 
irifordrnire, and recorder of iiridgewater j boni 
•;t. 7, 1732, fucceeded his father Wiiiiam, the late 
rl, Jan. 8, ij^-i-'^j and nviined, Aag. i, i75^» 
ifs Charlotte, daugl'ter of Sir Charles Hanbnry 
ililams. Knight of the Bath j by whom he has a 
lighter named Elizabeth, born Aug. 10, 1755 ; a 
:i, C/eorge Vifcomit Maiden, born Nov. 13, 1757 5 
d he Countds, their mother, died, July 19 1759. 
,s J,ordfhip^s fifters are Lady Hyde of Hindon ; 
idy Diana, born Feb %z, 1728 5 i-^dy Aune, < 01 n- 
ay 13, 1-30; Lady Amelia, born Sept. 9, 1731. 
his noble family is defcended f om >'AV Kichard- 
ipel, lord juftice of Ireland in the reign of Kng 
eiuy Vli. in 1503, whole anceltors were lords of- 
,emmorof Capel, in the county cf Suftbik, for 
any ages. But the griateft hero of th;s f milly was 
rt!uir 'Earl of Eifex, who was beheaded for his- 
valty 10 King Charles !. of whon Lord Clarendon- 
=cures, «' He was a man that,, whoeven after him 

D 3. ** (hould 

[ 54 ] 

" fhould deferve heft of the Englifh nation, con 
*' never think inniftU" undervalued, when he Ihou 
*■* hear that his courage, virtue, and fidelity were h 
"■ 'vA the balance with, and compared lo, that ot t 
** Lord Capel."" — Creations. Baion Capei of Ha 
iiam, Aug. 6, 1641, 17 Car. I. Vifcount JVIatdea ai 
Eail of Eifex, April zo, i66j, 13 Car. il. — AR^! 
r^ules, a lion raaipant, between three crofs erode 
f.tchy, or. — Crest. On a v/ieath, a demi lion rai 
pint, cooped, or, holding in hi:; paws a crois trolli 
iirchy, guks. — Sufpokthrs. Two lions, or, duca: 
crowned, gules. — Motto. Fide el Jhr'iiUi'hu-. — Liii 
Efats At Calhioherry> in Hertfcrtlihire > and iita 
liopc'-ilrect, London. 

E A R L of C A R D I G A N. 

George Montagu, Earl of C.\r.diga 
Eiiron Krudenei of Stanton- VVivil, conitable ai 
lieii'.eiiant of Vvindfcr-caftle, Knight of the m( 
noble order of the Garter, and Bai'onet, prehdent 
St. Luke's-hofpltal, and F.R. S born in 1712, ma 
ried the L?Ay Mary Montagn, youngeft daugbte 
and now one ofthecoheirsof [ohn jvuke of ^Jontag 
July 7, 1730 ; and fiuce th.e deceafe of his Grace, h 
tai<en the name and arms of Mcnt-gii. his Lor 
ihip had ilfue a fou named John Lord Brudeneh bo 
March 18, 1734-5 } now Lord Montagu of Bougl 
ton ; and three daughter.s, viz. The Ladies t.iizabet 
Mary, and Henrietta, deceafed. His Lordihip's br 
thers and filters are, the hon. Jarres Brudenell, mer 
bcr of parlia-nent for Hallings, and malter of tl 
robes to the King, whofe daughter was marrie 
Sept. 2, 1758, to Sir Samuel Fludyer, Knight, z 
derman of London, and member of parliament f< 
Chippenham; Robei t, Member for Mariboroug 
colonel of the fourth regiment of foot, and vie 
chamberlain to the Queen, married to Mifs B 
ihop, daughter t) Sir Cecil Biliiop, Bait, in Fei 
J75P J Ihomas, now Lord Bruge, a lord of the bee 


[ 55 ] 

.n,ber to the King, and colonel of the wmmir. 
litW • Ladv Fiances, married to Olivei 1 iiion, 
ifand lIV Mary/ married to Richard Pc.s, 
n after whofe death Ihe married Jime zo, 1754, 
%omas Bouldby, Elq-, His Lordihip's nephew, 
.or've Bridges Brudenell, Eiq; is member 01 btam- 
rd, and cle?k comptroller of his Ma,e ly s houfliok. 
his noole Earl is defcended from Wi ham de Bru- 
nhill, who flouriflied in the reigns of King Heniy 
I and Kin, Edward I. the (eat of the family being 
en at Dodcfnvgton in Oxfordfliire, part of his etlate 
ino- at Ad.lerbury and Bloxham in that county, and 
.otiier part of it in Northaraptonlhire. ^ t^ir \l^om^s 
•udenelU another of the anceftors of this n bie L^.a. 1, 
conhderation of his loyalty and emment fervices 
King Charles T. was, by King Char,es II. m the 
irteeSth year of his reign, created Earl of Lar Jigan, 
ree days before his Naajelly's coronation. -Crea- 
I0N3. Baronet, ]ane 19, i6ti, 9 J-c I. baioii 
rudenel of Stanton-Wivel, April ^6, 1627, 3 Car. 1. 
id Earl O' Cardigan, Aprd lo, 1 661, 13 Car. 11.— 
RM3. Of Montagu and Monthermer quarterly two 
>ats, the firft and fourth argent, three lozenges con- 
•incd in frfs guies, within a border fable j lecond. 
ad thir.l fable, a lion rampant argent, and ni a ran- 
jn argent, the crofs of England, tor Churdull.— 
REST. On a wreath a gryphons head coupetx, or,. 
'ith wings indorfed and beaked, fable.— Support- 
Rs. On^the dexter fide, a gryphon, or, beaked^. 
dn<^eJ, and four legs fable. On the fmiller a wyvern, 
ale's, collared, or, wings expanded, gules, charged 
,n the brealt in a canton azure, St. Andrew^s crols, 
ro-ent. ---Motto. Speii2emur agendo,— Chikf. Seats,. 
vf Dean in Northamptonfhire j at Blackheath in 
Cent; at Windfor-Caftle, as.conftable; and Pnvy- 
3arden, London. 

D 4 E-ARL, 

r 56 ] 

K A R L of A N G L E S E A. 

Arthur /inneslet. Earl of Akglese 

Viiccmnt Valencia, Baron Anr.efley of Newport-P^ 

IV.., liaron Mcuiit-Norric, paron cf Althnm, a 

iWFOiset, iucceedeci hJs hthci; Richard, the 1-ite E: 

on i^eh 14,^ .7^,,. On Nov. 5, 176,, he took hWX 

in the Hcu-ie of Peers in Irehihd, as Vifcbunt Vale 

cia^ &c; and is yet unmarried. Kis Lordlhip's IjH 

^re. Lady Ricarda, the wife of colontl Phalre ; Lq 

Juliana, the w>fe of counfHIcr Flood ; and Lady C 

tharine, unmarried. This noble Earl k defcend 

from Rjcliard Anne/l£y,-of Anrxellev, in the county 

Nottingham, who flourifned in the reign of vVirij: 

-theConqueror, in 1079. ~--CR ea'i ion s, iiaronet, An 

7vi6io, iSJac.T. f^ar-on Anntlley, Wnd E^.rl 

Angleiea, April 30, 1661,-13 Car. li. v:fcount V 

leneia,in ireiand, March 11, 1621-2 19 jac J. E 

ron Mount-xNforris, Feb. ig, 1628, 4 Car. I.— Arm 

Qn.irterly, firft pally of fix, argent and fable ; bv 

ciiiabend, gulcb. — Crfst. On a wreath, a xVIop' 

head and buft, {ide-faced and couped, prope 

wreathed about the temples, nrorent'and fable. 

i^uppoRTE-RS. On the dtrxfer fide, a Roman Kni'"-a 

on the nniiter, a Mooriih Prince, both habited \i 

furnillied, proper. -Mot ro. Vrr/tais Amove. — Qv\\ 

.Shats. At Bekhington, in Oxfordflvre 5 Farnb 

rough-place, in the county of Southampton j and CI 

mohng park, in the county of Wexford, in Ireland 


Frederick Howard, Earl oF Carlisle, Y\ 
cotnit Howard of Morpeth, and Baron Dacres < 
GilJefiand, born May 28, 1748, fucceeded his fath( 
Henry; Sept. 4, 1758. His Lordfnip has five fifte' 
living, vi?.. Lady Diana, whomarried/Feb. 9, 1748-. 
to Thomas Duncombe, Elq; n^:emb r for Mrrpeti 
and colonel in the York {hire mihiia. Lady An«( 
born in 17445 Lady p^anny, born in i74jjT,ai.i 




[ 57 ] ... 

Jetty, born in 1746 j and Lady Juli^ina. His mother, 
n 1759, married, lecondly, ^ir Vv'iUiam Mulgrave, 
lart. His Lordftiip's aunts are, Lady Anne, mar- 
ied to Richard Ingram, Lord Vifcount Irwin, of 
cothuid ; and Lady Mary. Charlts, grandfather of 
he prefent Earl, was lord lieiatemant and cullos ro- 
alorum of the counties of Weftmoreland and Cum- 
edand, deputy Earl-marlhal of England, hrft com- 
iKTioner of the treaCury, governor of tht- town and 
altie of Carlille, vice-admiral of the adjacent ccaft, 
nd one of the privy-council to King William IIL 
le was alfo of the privy-council in the reign of Queen 
kUne, and one of the commi<rioners to treat of an 
nion with Scotland, iri the year 1706; and, on the 
emife of Queen Anne, was appointed, by the late- 
!ing Geoige I. one of the regents, fworn of. the, 
rivy-council, conftituted firft'the- 
eafury, and conllable of the Tower ; and ift< the 
?ar 1723, he was made governor of ^Windfbr caiUe^ 
id lord warden of the foreft- ofVVindfor This 
able Earl derives his pedigree from William Lord 
oward,. fecond fon of Thomas the fecond Duke o£ 
opfolk, by Margaret, his lecond wife, daughter of. 
•homasLord Audley. — C.8.EATiGNS. Baron Dacres 
^Gilleflandj Vifcount Howard vf Morpeth, and Earl 
\ Carlide, April 20, 1661, 13 Car. II. — Arms, 
ules, on a bend, between fix crofs croflets fitche, 
•gent, an efcutcheon, or, charged with a demi-lion 
impant, pierced through the mouth with an ark'ow 
itk'm a double trelfiH-e counterflory, gules. ^ — Oft est, . 
n a chapeau, gules, tui'ned up, ermine, a lion gnar- 
tmt, his tail extended, or, gorged with a ducal coro* 
;t, argent, a mullet for ditference.- -Supporters. 
n the dexter fide, a lion, argent, differenced by a 
ullet. On the firiifter, a bull, gules, armedy nu- 
lled, ducallv gorged, and chained, or. — Motto;, 
'lo, Tjon iialeo.- -Chief Seats. At Caftle-Howard, 
Yorkfliire j Naworth-caftle, in Cumberland j Mor- 
:th-caft}e, in Northumberland ; and St. James's- 
flare, London. EARL. 


[ 58 ] 
E A R L of D O N C A S T E R. 

Henry Scot, Duke of Buccleuch, Earl c 
Dalkhith, Baron Scot of Buccleuch and Elkdale, i. 
Sc:)dand, and a Peer of England, by the title oi B.iroj 
Scot, of Tindale, in Northumberland, and Earl oK Don 

CASTfcR in Yorkfhire, was born Sept. i, «746' ^"' 
fucceeded his grandfather, on April 22, 1751, bein 
great gran 'ion of James Duke of Monmouth an^ 
Buccleuch, and Earl of Doncailer, who was the eldel 
Ion of King Charles II. by Mrs. Lucy Walters 
daughter of Kichard Walters, Efqj whole cruel for 
tune is well known The faid Duke of iMonmouti 
was born at Rotterdam, in Holland, April 9, 1649 
and went by the name of James Crofts until his Ma 
jefty^s relloration. In the year 1662, the King fen 
for him over into England, and an apartment wa 
affigned him in Whitehall. The next year the Kin 
created him Baron of Tindale, Earl of Doncafter, an- 
Duke of Monmouth, and made him Knight of th 
moft noble order cf the Garter. The fame year 
1663, he married the Lady Anne, fole daughter an- 
heir of Francis Earl of Buccleuch, one of the great e) 
Ibrtunes in Great Britain. Upon this marriage h 
took the narne of Scot, arid they were created Duk 
and Duchefs of Buccleuch, in Scotland. He was ap 
poi.ited mafter of the horfe to his Majvifty in .1665 
and captain of the life-guards in 1668 ; and, on th 
death of his Grace the Duke of Albemarle, in 1669 
he was conftituted general of his Majelly.s forces 
lord lieutenant of the eaft-riding of Yorkfliire, go 
vernor of the town and citadel of Hull, and chie 
jultice in eyre of all his Majefly's forefts and chace 
Ibuth of Trent j and in 1672 he was conftituted Ion 
high chamberlain of Scotland. The fame year, 1672 
he commanded the fix thoufand Englifh and Scot 
which joined the French army on the frontiers o 
Holland, and was conftituted lieutenant general c 
the forces of Lewis XIV, being prefent at the taking 


r 59 1 

Df Rhineburo;!!, Doefbuigh, auA Zutphen, and at the 
•cduition oMJtrecht, wueie the French king kept 
iisco.:rt for loine time. In the year 1673, liewaS. 
!t the liege of Maeltrjcht, and commaiui^d .at the. 
ittack oUhecounterlcarp. The town being taken, 
he Duke with the. l>ritiih forces withdrew, it not 
)eing thought for the interelt of England to ailift the 
•ren^h in making an entire conqucit of the United 
Provinces. The Duke was ekded chancellor oi the 
miveifity of Cambridge in 1674; and as he had ior-, 
nerly commanded the forces lent to the alhrtance ot, 
]->e French agamft the Dutch, he made a campaign 
inder the Prince of Orange, in the year 167S, agamft 
he Fiench, and was at the attack of the abbey of St. 
3ennis. The Field Conventiclers in Scotland breaki- 
ng out into rebellion in the year 1679, and having 
Oembled a very formidable force, the Duke of Mon- 
nouth was fent down to iuppre s them ; and giving 
he rebels battle at BothwcU-bridge, on the ^^^\ of 
une, totally defeated them, taking a great number 
if prifoners, among whom were feveral of the mur- 
lerers of the archbhliop of St. Andrew's j and. rp- 
urning to court in triumph, appeared at that time 
■ery high in the King's favour. Nor was he lefs in 
\m favour of the people, on his at the head; 
.f what was called the Protellant Party, and Ihewing^ 
n uncommon zeal againit thofe who were accufed of-. 
he Popi(h Plot ; but the King falling fick, and the 
)uke of York be'.ng fent for over from the Nether- 
anUs, and finding the Duke of Monmouthdiad ren- 
lered himielf exceeding popular, was apprehenfive. 
f; his having an eye upon the crown : he procured; 
lim, therefore, to be diimilTed from all his places, 
nd lent abroad ; but the King recovering from his 
llhefs, thought it convenient al To that the Duke of 
il'crk (hould return to Flanders befor.e the meeting 
^fthe parliament. The Duke of York thereupon 
efided at Bruifels, and the Duke of Monmouth 
it;Utr<icht j bui the Duke of Monmouth on a fudden 

D 6 returnedi 

[ 6o ] 

returned from Holland, without the King's leave 
andanived at London on the 27ih of November 
about midnight, the watch gave notice of it in the 
fever?.! wards. The people thereupon immediate^) 
illu:ninated their houfes, rung the bells, and nvadc 
bonfires, as if it had been for fome notable viftory 
but tne Duke of Monmouth coming over without tht 
Kind's leave, did not think fit to attend the court ; 
and foon after his fr.ends the LordsShaftelhury. 
Kuflel, and feveral other perfons of diftindion, pre- 
fen ted the Duke of York as a Recufant at the bar oi 
the court of King's-bench, which made the Duke oj 
York thti^r proftiTed enemy The King calling the 
next parliament to meet at Oxford, the Duke ol 
Monmouth, the Earl of Eflex, and feveral other Lords, 
petitioned his Majefty that the parliament might noi 
ht at Oxf.nd, where they fuggefted the houfes could 
not aft with freedom 5 but that he would be plea fed 
to order them to fit at Weftminfler, the ufual place 
•where they migut confult and aft with fafety. Thij 
petition was figned, 

Monmouth, Stamford, Paget, 

Kent, EfTex, Gray, 

Huntingdon, Shaftefbury, Herbert, 

Bedford, Mordaunt, Howard, 

Salisbury, Evers, Delamere, 


The King frowned on the petitioners, and gave 

them no anlwerj and on the 21II of March, 1680-81, 

the parliament met at Oxford, and a bill was brought 

into the houiie for excluding the Duke of York from 

t^\e crown, and fecuring the nation againft a popiih 

fucceilbr, read the firlt time on the 28th of March, 

3681, and ordered a fecond reading. Whereupon 

the King came to the houfe, and made a fpeech, 

wherein he obferved. That their beginnings were 

fuch, that he could expeft no good fuccefs from their 

debates, and therefore difTolvedthem j and a plo"^ 

denominated the Rye houfe ^plot, being difcovcred at 





[ 6i ]• , 

time, the Earls of Shaftesbury and Eficx, Lord 
iel, colonel Sydney, and feveral more, were taken 
cnliody as confpirators, and Iboii after the Duke 
don mo v. til.;, but the Duke was admitted to bail, 
the King, being fntlsfied he was not concerned in 
part of the plot relating to the Kyehoiife, grant- 
»is. Grace a pardon, who thereupon went over to 
l^nd, where he remained till ihe death of King 
rksll. Avhich happened on Feb. 6, 1684-5. The 
e of Monmouth ;being ilrongly pofieifed with an 
lion that his mother was married to King Charles 
nd that cdn(equent.!y he had an undoubted right 
he Britilh crown, advifcd with theEail ofi^r- 
, and the reft of his friends in Holland, on the 
;ablenefs of making a del'cent in England, and 
ling his right to that throne They were pretty 
limoiis as to the probability of fuccefs, the Duke 
gih exceeding popular, and the nation generally 
)us of the Kuig s defign to introduce popery ; 
one party were of opinion, that things were not 
cipe J that it were better to wait till the King 
made fbme, advances towards the alteration of 
^ion, and the people's fears of popery heightened, 
eis infilled, that they were more likely to fuc- 
if they made the attempt before the King was 
fettled on his throne, and while the Duke's in- 
(t was fo confiderable in England ; but the Earl 
kfgyle being for an immediate defcent, and em- 
cing in order to ma^ce a diveriion in the Duke's 
•ur in Scotland, it was carried for an immediate 
ent upon England : whereupon the Duke hired a 
ate of thirty-two guns, and three fmall tenders, 
of which was detained by the Dutch, on the 
lilh minifter (Skelton) applying to the States to 
.^ent thefe fhips failing. However, the Duke pro- 
led on. his voyage with the frigate and two ten- 
i, and after a tedious ftormy pafiage, arrived at 
^, in Dorfetfliire, the nth of June, 1685, his 
^t force not amounting, to two hundred men, in- 


1 62 :i 

clndlno" ofncers ; but liaving bronght over anTiS' 
five tho'jIaiKi more, and o;reat nuoibtrs of the co 
ti V people joiiiiiii^ hi!n, his forces ioon became v 
fc/rmida.)le, tl;e militia conliantly tlyhig before h 
Fro:-!^. Lime tlie Duke marched crois the countrj 
Taunton Dean, in Somerletlliire, where he cat 
hiaifelf 10 be proclaimed King, and let a pi'ice u] 
the King's bead, as the King had upon the Duk 
and caufed him to be attainted of high trealon in 
parliament, v/hich was then fitting. Whereupon Jj 
lAike, in his declaration, called the parliament a 
diriousailembly j and advancing afterwards to Bri 
water, he continued his march towards Bath ; 
fcriitol : but receiving advice, that a body of regi 
troops was in full march for the Weft, he thou 
proper to retire to Bridgwater again, where he 
lain but a little while before the King's forces 
rived within three or four miles of that town, cc 
manded by the Earl of Feverfliam and Lord Chur 
ill, afterwards Marlborough, who encamped on Se 
moore j of which the Duke receiving advice, and 
ing, at the fame tim^e, informed, that the officers 
to drinking every evening, and continued at it 
morning, and that their outguards were very ne 
gent in their duty, be formed a delign to furprize 
camp of the Royalilts in the night-time ; but 
guides, either through ignorance or treachery, 1 
the Duke's forcesa great way round about, infom 
that it v^-as broad daylight when they arrived at 
camp of the Royalilts, whom they found ready to l*^ 
ceive them. However, the Duke's foot fqught v m 
bravely, and bid fair for viftory, till the Lord Gr (j' 
who commanded the horfe, abandoned the infant 
and left the field ; or rather, he found his caval 
which confifted only of country-fellows, whole hoi 
would not ftand fir€, were foon put into confufi 
when they were charged by regular troops ; whe 
upon a total rout fucceeding, the Duke endeavon 
to make his eicape j but was taken the n«xt>day, <■ 


[ 63 ] 

icrbroiicrht lip to town, was fuffcred to fee the 
?, -^nd beg his life ; but whs, however, executed 
fiwcirhill, en VVcduerday, July 15. ^^^5- ^^^ 
\y never was the death of any Prince niore la- 
ited by the people, who would not be perluad- 
hevvas dead, but remained in expeaation of 
iw him appear in arms again, for iome years --- 
Grace has feveral brothers and hlters, and his 
her is feccndly married to the right hon. Charles 
vnlhend. --Creations. Earl of Doncaller and 
Dn Scot of Tindale, Feb. 15, 1662, 14. Car. II-- 
VIS. Quarterly, firlt and fourth, the arms of Kmg 
rles II with a battooned gobonated, pearl and 
jhirej fecond and third, the arms of Scot, viz. 
iz, a bend, fapphire, charged with an eftoil be- 
en two creftents, topaz - Crest. A Hag paf^ 
,proper.---SuPPORTERS.On each fide, a woman 
ly attired in an antique habit,. their under robe 
Tald,themiddle one fapphire, theuppennoft ruby, 
on their heads a plume of three feathers, pearl. 
40TT0. //wo.— Chief Seats. At Hall-place, m 

Bklhirej and at Dalkeith, near Edinburgh, m 

» tland. 


iNTHONY Ashley CooPER,Earl of Shaftes- 
gRY, Baron Aihley of Winborne St. Giles, Baron 
C ^per of Pawlet, Baronet, one of the lords of his 
^ jelly's mod hon. privy council, lord lieutenant 
a i cuilos rotulorum of the county of Dorfet, and of 
K town of Poole, recorder of Shaftesbury, vice-pre- 
li lU of St. George's hofpital, and F. R. S. fucceeded 
/ thony, the late Earl, his father, in Feb. 1711-13. 
I Lordlhip married, on the 12th of March, i724-5» 
t Lady Sufan Noel, fifter to Baptill Earl of Gainf- 
bough 5 by which Lady, who died in June 1758, 
} had no ilVue. His Lordfhip married, fecondly, 
Iiry, fecond daughter to Jacob the late Vifcount 
i Ut;one, bv who^n he has iliuq —--.Lard AlhJey, 
. , ' bis 

t 64 ] 

his fon and heir, born Sept. i6, 1761. Anth 
late Earl of Shaftesbury, father of the prefent E 
was born, Feb. 26, 1670. He mairied, in 1709, J; 
daughter of Thomas Ewer, of Biiihy-hall, in lil 
fordihire, Efq; by whom he had ilTiic, Anthony, 
prefent f';arl, his only ion. This Lady died in 
vember 1751. This noble Earl is defcended f; 
Richard Cooper, who flourished in the reign of K 
Henry VIII. and purihafed the manor of Paulet 
the county of Somerfet. of which the family are 
proprietors. But his anceftor, who makes the gre; 
figure in luftory, is, Sir Anthony Afliiey Cooper, ' 
was afterwards created Earl of .^haftrsbury, and c 
ftituted lord high chancellor of England. He is 
nerally admirtd for his great parts and learning, 
was ?« ftud nt of Exeter- college in Oxford, fi 
whence he remove;) toGray's-inn, one of the tnn 
court, where he made a confiderable pr'-ficienc] 
the ftudy of the law. He was elefted member of \ 
liamentforTewkelbury in Gloiicefterlhire, in the j 
liament that met at VV'eitminfter the 1 5th of Aj 
164.0, being then about twenty-five years of age. 
the beginning of the civil war, it is f^id, he raift 
regir.ent for the- fervice of King Charles I. be 
then fheriff of the county of Dorfet, and made 
vernor of Weymouth in that county j but cok 
William Arnburnham being made governor of 
county of Dorlet, whereby Weymouth became 
pendant on him, Sir Anthony, imagining that 
loyally was fufpedted, came up to London, and ofl 
ed his fervice to that part of the parliament wh 
fat there, who gave him a regiment of horle, and 
command of all their forces in Dorfetlhire. J 
notwithftanding he appeared a hearty champion 
the caufe of the parliament, he Teems to have oppo 
Cromwell's ufurpation with great fpirit j whereuf 
Sir Anthony, and above a hundred more of the fa 
flamp, being kept out of the houfe of commons 
force, publiilied a remonftrance, fetting. forth, tl 

r 65 ] 

Protc^S^or bad all'umed abfoliife and arbitJ'nry 
:ej-, and that every man ought to niliil in oppo- 
; it. That the Ihiall number oF members he kii- 
:d to remain in the houfe couFd not prttend 10 be 
repreitntatives of the people", they \ver6 not en- 
led to confeiit to any thing ^n belialf of the n'a- 
i, if the reft v^ere exclr.dcd from litting; and de- 
ng matleis in the hDu'is -y which l-ad (uch an in"^ 
nee on the next convention the Proteflof called, 
: th.ey began to qtiellion' his "authority jVv'herenpon 
hlVolve^d.thcrn, and ever after 'difcouriienanced 
oppitlied the Prefbyterian and Republican pariiy. 
ereupoft Sir Antliony and h's friends begarii to 
1 their "eyes upon the King-, believing his reftora- 

would prOye a lefs evil than "the tyrannical ^6- 
iment they^were underj and as the King's cir- 
iltances .were very low ct this time, and he up- 
cd forfaken by all the PrinceS' of Europe, they 
not doubt but; they fliould g'st the Presbyterian, 
cil^bliilied, and the prerogatives of the crown 
ll,dcjably reduced, if they engaged to airilt him in 
rciforfttion. After the death "of Cromwell, t)fe 
np farhament appointed him one of their council - 
;ate, and a comnniTioner for managing the affairs 
heir army, which did not divert him from his 
g,n of rcftcring the King, it is laid-; and, in the 
r 1659, h^ was accufed before the Rumpof keep- 
a correfpondence with his Majefty, and raiftrrg join Sir George Booth for that end; for 
ch |ie was irnprilbned, with a great many other 
i:pf figure.! , i^e was,- however, acquitted of the 
rge, and afterwards. intruded by the Rump witlr 
command of a regiment of horfe, being one of 
firlt which declared for general Monk and a free 
iifiment j and, when the convention had declared 
the King, he was one of the twelve members fent 
that hcufe to the King, with fix peers, to invite 
Majeily to return and take the government of 

kiugdcnvup^n iiini.^...vviiereupoH the King, witiv 


[ 66 ] 

this committee of parliament, embarked for E 
land and arrived at Dover, May 25, 1660, and c 
'; to CanLCibury the next day, general Monk 
Sir Anthuny Aihiey Cooper were ivvorn or the p 
coijncii, and Sir An.hony was afterwards appou 
one of the com-niffioners for the trial ot the r 
cdtsj arid, three days before the coronation, he 
created Baron Aihiey of \A inbourne ?t. Giles ; 
after he was conltituted chancellor and iinder-t 
furer of the Exch.-quer ; and, in May 1667, he 
conftituted one of ttie commiirionei s oi the trea( 
In 1672 he was created Lord Cooper of Pawlet 
the county of Somerfet, and conllituted lord 
chancellor of England. One of ihe molt remark 
Ipeeches he nvide in the houfe of peers, when he 
lord chancellor, was that in rclaiion 10 the D 
war, in w4.ich he fuggeft^, that the Hollanders 
our greateft tneniies in point of trade, and thei< 
ought to be extirpated 5 Bele^t^a fjl Caribogo wer 
wokIs. He advifcd his Majeity alio to lilae hi 
claration for the indulgence of the DiiLnters, w 
the Darliament refolvcd was a difpenfmg with 
penal laws j and >et, when the matter came 
debated in the houfe of lords, none censured it 
leverely. On the other hand, it is iaid, he pro n 
the ttft for rendering Papifts incapable of enjc 
any office or place of trult, which obliged the j 
of York to lay down his polf of high-admiral, 
all the other places he held ; which the court re 
ing, the f«als were taken from Loid Shaftesbury 
he became as ftrenuous an oppofer ot the coui 
ever he had been an advocate for its meafures. 
was, "however, conllituted prefidtnt of the coun 
April 16795 but continuing his oppofitron t( 
Duke of York, and endeavouring to get him excl 
from the crown, he was laid afide a^ain m IV 
foilow'Ug, and became exceeding popular amon 
Presbvterlan and RepLiblican party; and no 
profccuted thofe who were charged witnthel^ 


_ [ 67 ] _ 

: with greater violence : But bis enemies render- 
h\n\ fui^eded oi' being in a plot of another ua- 
.', he thought ftt to retire to Holland, wheie he 
1 Jan. 22, 1681-3. He had married three wives ; 
fhugaret, daughter of Thomas Lord Coventry, 
vvhoni he had no children, a. The Lady Frances, 
ghter of David £arl of Exeter, by whom he had 
Ton Anthony, attcr'Aaivis Karl of Shaftesbury. 3. 
married Margaret, daughter of William Lord 
ncer, by whom he had no ifTue.— Crh atjons. 
onet, July 4, 1622, 20 Jac. L Baron AllilLy of 
^bourne, April 20, 166 1, 13 Car, IL Baron 
per of Pawlet, and Earl of Shaftesbury, April 3, 
i, 24. Car. IL — Arms, x'^'i.rgent, three bulls pa£- 
, fable, arnied and ungultd, or. — Crest. On a 
5eau, gules, turned up, ermine, a hull pailant, 
e, gorsed \<ith a mural coronet, and armed, or. 
the fniiiler, a talbot, azure, gorged as tiie dexter. 
lOTTo. Lovf, fer-ve.~CiHtF oeats. At Vv'in- 
ie St. Giles in Dorletfhire ; at Rockburn-houfe, 
le county of Southampton ; and GrolVenor-fquare, 

. A P. L of L I C H F I E L D. 

rEORGE-HENRY Lee, Earl of Lichfield, 
ount Quarendon, Baron of Spelfbury, and Baro- 
chanc^llor of the univerfity of Oxford, deputy 
jer of Hampton- park, captain of the band of 
:lemen penfioners, LL. D. and cultos brevium in 
court of Coinmon-pleas, fucceeded George-Hen- 
II the late Ear], his father, Feb. 15, 1742-3, and 
ritd Diana, only daughter of bir Thomas Frank- 
., Bart, by whom he has no childi en. His Lord- 
's furviving brother and fillers are, Edward - 
ry, who married, Sept. 29, 1743, to Mifs Deran- 
who is lince deceafed ; Lady Charlotte, married, 
\n. 1744-5, ^^ t^'S Lord Vifcount Dillon ; and 
/ Anne, married to Hugh Lord Clifford, Dec. 
1749. He has alio an uncle, the hon. RobertLee, 


[ 68 ] 

xrlio married Mlfs Kitty Stonehoufe, daiiohter of 

lf«hn Stoaehoufe, of Eerkfliire, Bart, and is ineiir 

in parliaa.ent for the city of Oxford. This no 

Earl is defcended from Sir Walter Lee, of Wybti 

bury, in the county of Chefter, the fa^^aily tak 

their name from the lordlhip or Lee, in the faid 

rifn, where they refided in the reign of King Edvv 

IS [. Sir Henry,'another of the anceilors of this nc 

Earh was of the privy-coimcil to King Henry \ 

and king Henry VIIL Kealib ferved KingEdw. 

Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, being very e: 

nent for his abilities, both as a Itatelman, and a 

^\er. — Ck-Eatjons. Baron, Vilcount, and Earl 

1674, 26 Car. II.— Arms. Argent, a fefs betw 

three creicents, fable. — Crest. In a Marquis's 

ronet, or. a demi-ftcne column, argent ; and or 

capital a bird's leg, erazed at the thigh, percl 

preyed on by a faulcon, all proper. — Supporte 

Two lions ermine, each gorged with a plain co! 

argent, having thereon thrc^e crefcents, (abh 

Motto. FUett Gonjlarjta —Cw^^v Seats. At Di 

ley, in Oxfordfhirej and in Hill ftreet, London. 

E A R L of B E R K E L E Y 


Berkeley, Vifccunt Durfley, Buron Berkeie 
•Eerkeley-caftle, Mowbray, Segrave, and Hreaii 
Gower, born May 24, 1745, fucceeded jiis fa 
Auguftus, th^ late Earl, Jan. 9 , 1 7 5 5- ^^-^ ^-^^^ 
has^three filters, viz Lady Georgina-Augufta, 1 
Sept. zz; 1749 j Lady Elizabeth, borii in Deceir 
1750 ; and George-Cranh3ld, born Auguft ic, 1 
Their m:.ther is married, fecondlv, to the right I 
Robert Nu'^ent, Eiq; This noble family is deicer 
from Robert Fitz-Harding, who obtained a grai 
Bcrkeley-caitle, in Gloucellcrihire, (which theta 
ftill inherit, and from whence they obtiiiued the 
name of Berkeley,) uom Henry Duke of Norm.a 
after A-ards King of Eiio-lap,d, the faid Robert i 



[ 69 ] 

■liing being defccnded from the royal line of the 
u^sof Denmark. — Creations. Karon in 129^} 
.uunt and Earl, in 1679, 31 Car. II. — Asms. 
Its, a chevron between ten crolles pattee, fix a- 
e, and four below, argent. — Crest. On a wreath 
litre, gules, garniihed, or, charged with the pa- 
lal coat. — SuppoaxERS. Two lions^ argent, the 
Her having a ducal crown, and plain cellar ar.d 
in, or. — Motto. Dieu avec nous. — Chief Seats. 
Berkeley-callle, in Gloucefterfhire ; at Cranetord, 
vliddlelex ; and Spring-gardens, London. 


ViLLOUGHBY Bertie, Earl of Aeingdok, 
Baron Norris of Kycote, fucceeded his father 
loughby, the late Earl, June 10, 1760. His Lord-r 
has living a brother and feven filters, viz. Pp.- 
•ine, born March 15, 1741 ; Lady Elizabeth, 
y Jane, Lady Bridget, Lady Anne, Lady Elea- 
1, and Lady Mary, born Nov. 12, 174.6. The 
of the family of Bertie that bore the tiile of Earl 
\.bingdon, was James Bertie. Lord Norris «f ily- 
■, being created Earl of Abingdon in 1682, 34. 
. IL— Creations. Baron, in 1572, and Earl, in 
z, 34 Car. IL — Arms. Argent, three battering- 
sbarways, proper, ar^ned and garnifned, azure j 
tnnulet for diftjerence. — Crest. On a wreath, the 
i and buft of a King couped, proper, crowned 
ally, and charged on the cheil with a fret, or.— 
PORTERS. On the dexter fide a pilgrim, or friar, 
jd in ruffet, with a ftafF and pater-nofter in his 
i, or. On the finiller," a lavage wreathed about 
temples and middle with ivy, proper ; on each of 
r chefts a fret, or. — Motto. Firtus arietefortior, 
HiEF Seats. At Witham, in Berkfhire ; Rycote, 
xfordfliire; and Upper Grofvenor-flreet, London. 


HOMAs Noel, Earl of Gainsborough, 
aunt Campden of Campden, Baron Noel of Rid- 


[ 70 ] ' 

lington, Baron Hicks of Ilmington, Baron Noel 
Titcbiield, and Baronet, fucceeded his brother Ba 
tift,the late Eail, in May 1759. His Lordfhip's filii 
living, are, Lady Elizabeth, born iniysi 5 La 
Jane, born in 1733, married to CTcrard-Anne E 
wards, Efq; Lady Anne, born in 1737 ; Lady Lui 
Lady Mary, Lady Sufannah, and Lady Sophia 5 a 
their molhcr married, fecondly, in Nov. 1756, Tl 
masNotl, E!q; 7 his noble Earl is dtfcended fn 

Notl, who came into England with William 1 

Conqueror ; and in confideration of his fervices, i 
tained a grant of feveral manors and lands of v< 
great value. — Creations. Baron, in i6j6, Vifcou 
in 1628, and Earl, in 1682, 34 Car. IL — Arms.< 
fretty of ten pieces, gviles, a canton, ermine. 
Crest. On a wreath, a buck at gaze, argent ; j 
tired, or. --Supporters. Two bulls, argent ; am \ 
and unguled, proper. —Motto. Tmit Hen ou rien. 
Chief Seats. At Extonbrook, in the county of R 
land} and Prince's-ftreet, Cavendilh-iqnare,Lond« 


Robert D'Arcy, Earl of HoLDERNESS,Bai 
D'Arcy, Menil, and Conyers, a lord of the pri^ 
council, lord warden of the cinque ports, and 1< 
lieutenant of the north-riding of the county of Yo 
keeper of the liberty and foreft of Richmond, cc 
liable of Middleham-caille, in Yorkftiire, and j 
vernor of the Charter-houfe, fucceeded his fath 
Robert, on Jan. 20, 1721-2; and in Nov. 1743, m 
ried Mary, daughter of the Sieur Doublet, one ofi 
Nobles of Holland, by whom he has iffue nowlivii 
Lady Amelia, born Oa. 12, 1754. This noble E 
is defcended from Norman D^Arcy, who came o- 
with the Conqueror ; and it appears in Doomfd; 
book, where the general furvey of England made 
the Conqueror is recorded, that Norman D'Arcy h 
of him thirty-three lord(hips in Lincolnfhire, by 
immediate grant of the Conqueror. — Creatioi 


[ 71 ] 

311 D'Arcy andConyers, Aug. to, T64T, ?-7>Car. T. 
lummoncd to parliament, b)^ writ, in 1294., 12 
'. I, and in 1506, 2z Hen. Vll. Earl oi'Holder- 
, Dec. 3, 1682, 34. Car. II. --Arms. Quarterly, 
azure, ieiiiee of crofs croflets, and three - inque- 
, argent, for D'Arcy. Second, azure, three bais 
el, and a chief, or. Third, azuie, a maunch, or, 
Conyers. Fourth, gules, a laltire, argent, thereon 
Lillet, for Nevile.-— Crest. On a wreath, a (ipear 
:en in three pieces, or, headed, argent, and band- 
ogether at their middle by a ribl)on, gules.- - 
'PORTERS. On the dexter llde, a tiger, argent ; 
hefiniller, a bull, fable, armed, or. ---Motto. 
5if«, un Roy. ---Chief Seats. At Hcrnby-caftle, 
iTorkfhire ; at Alton, Hurdwick, and Patiick- 
nptori; in the fame county j and Dover-ftreet, 


ther-Lewis Windsor Hickman, Earl of 

MOUTH, and Baron Windfor of Bradtnham, in 

cinghamfhire, loid lieutenant and cuftos rotulo- 

of the county of Glamorgan, cullos rotulorum 

lintOiire, comptroller of Chefhire and Flintfliire, 

Stable of Flint-caftle, and LL. D. was born May 

•»'f73i, fucceeded his father Other, the late Earl, 

honours and eftate, Nov. 23, 1732, and mar- 

Aug. 11,1750, Catharine, eldell daughter of 

mas Lord Archer, by whom he has ilfue living, 

;r, Lord Windfor, born May 30, 1751 ; Tho- 

born May 19, 1752 ; Lady — — , born Dec. 3, 

J Lady , born May 3, 1757} a fon, born 

• "^Sj *75^i another fon, born Jan. 4, 1760; a 
(bOrnMay 12, 1764; and a fixth, in Dec. 1765, 
1 noble Earl is defcended from Robert Fitz-Hick- 
, lord of the manor of Bloxholm, in Oxfordftiire, 
en. III. in 1272; and he is maternally defcend- 
-omthe noble family of the Windfors, who were 
•ns of the realm at the time of the Conqueft. 



[ 7^ ] 

Thotpas Windfor, great-grandfather of the pre 

Eail, having raifed a troop at his own charges, 

lerved King" Charles I. witli great courage and f 

lity during the continuance of the civil wars, 

♦luit'ered very much during CronjwelTs ufurpat 

vas immediately after the Keftoration, viz. on j 

]6, 1660, 12 Car. II. rei'tored to the ftile and tit' 

Lord Windfor, which was his by dekent, and 

of funimons to parliament, Nov. 3, 1529, 21 I 

VIII. and on Dec, 6, 1682, 34 Car- II. he was ere 

Earl of Plymouth. —Arms Gules, a faltire, arg 

between twelve crofs croP.ets, or. — Crest. O 

wreath, a buck's head crazed, proper, attired, 01 

Supporters. Two unicorns, argent, armed, ere; 

tufted, and hoofed, or. --Motto. Je^ me fie en I 

-.-Chiff Seats. At Hewel-Grange, in thecouijt 

of Worceller and Warwick \ at Peel-hall, in Chellll 

and Bruton ftreet, London. 


Richard Lumley Saunderson, Ear 
ScARCOROUGH, Vifcouut and Baron Lumle) 
Lumley-calUe; and Vifcount Lumley of Wateri 
in the kingdom of Ireland 5 a lord oftheprivy-ci 
cil, cofferer of the houfiiold, deputy Earl marlh 
England, and colonel of the north battalion of 
Lincoinflnre militia, fucceeded his father The 
the late Earl, March 15, 1752, and married, '. 
12, 1752, Barbara, fifcerto Sir George Saville, of_ 
ford, in Nottingham(hire,Bart. by whom he has i 
George Augullus, Vifcount Lumley, born 06f- 
1753 5 Lady Frances Barbara Ludlow Lumley, \ 
Feb. 25, 1756; a fon, born April 3, 1757 ; ano 
fon, born June 22, 1760, and another daugnter. K 
Lordfhip has two fillers living, viz. LadyFrarlr 
married, in June 1753, to Peter Ludlow, of An 
lah, in the county of Meath, in Ireland, Efq; 
Earl of Ludlow ; and Lady Anne. This noble 
is defcended from Liulph^ a nobleman of great f? 





L 73 J 

i^be reign of Edvvsid the ConfcfTor, ami took the 
neof" Lr.mley, from I uni'cy-calilc, in the bifnopric 
Dr.rham, where th,e fairiily refided many yenrs.--- 
EATiONS. Baron Luiriley, May 31, 16S1, rj-^ C?r 

Vifcount Lumley, April to, i6?><^>, i William and 
iry, and Eajl of Scarborough, April 15, 1690, 3 

and M.---ARhis. A.rgent, a fefs, gules, between 
ee parrots, proper, collared as the fecond, being 

arms of the ant ient Barons Thweng, from one of 

heirs whereof h'S Lordfliip is lineally defcended ; 
• the ancient arms of lumle)-- an", gules, fix mart- 
;, argcnt.---CR£ST. On a wreath, in her neft, pro- 
•, a pelican feeding her young, argent, vulned, 
■per.-— Supporters. Two parrots, with v\ings 
>anded, proper, /. e. vert, beaked, and membercd, 

311 es. Motto. Mums aveus ccnfcientia fana. 

i£F_ Seats. At Sandbeck, in Yorkiliire \ st Stan- 
id, in Suflex ; at Glentworth, in Lincolnfldrei and 
Downing flrcet, London. 

E A R L of R O C H F O R D. 

iVilliam-Henry Zuleistein de Nassau, 
-1 of RocHFORD, Vifcount Tunbridge, and Baron 
Enfield, ambaffador extraordinary to the court of 
lin, one of his Maiefly's privy-co'uncil, lord lieu- 
ant and cuftos rotulorum of the county of Efiex, 
1 vice-admiral of the coafts of the fame county, 
5 born Sept. 16, 1717, fucceeded his father Fre- 
•ick,the late Earl, on June 14, 1738 ; and married 
cy, daughter of Edward Young, ofDurnford. near 
urn, in Wiltfliire, Efq; by whom he has noifaie. 
; Lordfliip has a brother, Richard Savage Nafiku, 
n June i, j 723, who was married, Dec. 24, 1751, 
the Duchefs dowager of Hamilton, by whom he 
! a fon, William-Henry, born July 28, 1754; an- 

h ler fon, born Sept. 5, 1756 5 and a daughter", born 
V. 3, 1752. This noble Earl is defcended from 
^denck Zuleiflein de Naflau, natural fon of Fre- 

ilt -ickNafiau, Princeof Orange, grandfather of Kino- 

E William 








[ 74 ] 

1_ / " — 

Wililani III. nhich Frederick tie Zuleldem was '< 

neral of toot in the Dutch iervice, and uas killed 

the battle of Wotrdeii, in defence of ins country, 

i^Tyx. Jiisfon VViHiam-Hcjiry was ient by the Pin 

of Orange to King jan^es II. to coiigratulate him 

the birth of the Prince of Wales i but chiefly to \ei 

buw the Enghfa flood alTeaed towards him; anu 

carried back with him to Hcllanaf fuch nivitano 

from many of the nobility and gentry, as encoura^ 

the Prince and the States to make a defcent in hi 

land fbon after, v/be.eby the Revolution was etre_« 

Heferved under King V^illiamin the wars oflreia 

• and'the Netherlands; and, in confederation or 

merit, and near alliance to his Majeay, was crea 

>ail of Rochford, &c.— Creations. Baron of I 

field, Viil-ount Tunbrldge, and Earl of Koch.c 

May ,o, i69«:, 7 ^^ '^^- HI— Asms. Quarterly, i- 

arure, femee^of billets, and a lion rampant, gu 

crowned with a ducal coronet, azure ; argent, a t 

gules ; four gules, two lions paifant.guardant m p 

Sr ; over all in an efcutcheon, gules ; three gu 

nro-ent, and fometimes a lion rampant, lab.e- 

Crest. In a ducal coronet, or, a pair of bu* 

Iv-.rns. gules.--SuPPOt<T£RS. Two lions ermm 

ducally crowned, azure.— Motto. Spes c^urat . 

rum.- CniEY Seats. At Eafton,in Suilex ; at Lou 

ton-ball, and Ofyth, in the county ot Ellex ; an* 

ZuUillein, in Holland. 

' E A R L cf A L B E M A R L ] 

George Keppel, ^^J f 4^\^'^''/h v] 
count Bury, and Baron Aihford or Aihford, m Kt 
a lord of the privy-council, a lieutenant-genei a!, 
lonel of the third, or bLings own regimen, of c 
goons, governor of Jerfey, and a ^^^^):^^P^ 
Ter, waV born Aprils, 17^^; -^'} ]''' ^f^'^'J:}, 
he x^d of Dec. i754> ^' ^'^-cceeded^ to his hone 
rr-d e:k.^e., and is unmarried. Hi. Lonh^ip has 
foilowin- brothers and llHers, now living, viz. 

[ 75 J . 

m. Auguflus Keppel, rear-admiral of tbe bhve» a 
I J of the admirsity, a gjoom of the bedch.dniber, 
id men^ber for Windfor ; vho was with Lord An- 
il, then commodore, in the Soitth-Seas, and in great' 
mger at the taUng the town of Paita, one fide of 
s jockey- cap, which he then woi'e, being takeri ,of< 
i a cannon-bill. During the reft of that war, which 
as terminated by the Peace of Aix la Chapelle, be  
.g captain of a Ihip of war, he took many of the 
lemies privateers. In 1751 he commanded a Iqiia- 
-on in the Mediterranean j and, in that year, fa.iled 
cm Minorca, to fettle the difverenccs between the 
aglilh merchants and the Dey of Algiers, which he 
:rformed, and afttrwaixls ccnclmled tj-eaties with 
estates of Tripoli and Tunis. After the rupture 
itb France, in 1755, ^^^ conduced the fecond ex- 
'ditioo againll the illand of Goree, in Africa, and 
unmanded the land forces alfo, deflincd for that 
rvixje ; he took the faid ifland on Dec. 29, 1758. 
fter the conclufion of that fervice, he was employed 
the Bay of Bifcay, under vSij- Dd\vard Hawke, and 
as at the defeat of M. Conflans's fleet, on Nov. 2c, 
'59, cff Belleide, when, in the Torbay, of.feventy- 
j ur guns, he engaged and funk the Thefeus, 01 the 
me number of guns, but cf a greater caliber. He 
xt commanded the fleet in the redu6t]cn of Belle- 
, in which his prudence and con duel: were \-eiy 
. ;fpicuous. At the fiege of the Kavannah, in the 
nd of Cuba, he afted as commodore, iinder Sir 
orge Pococke, in 1762. He protected and con 
•dtd the deb:-rkationof the i^orc^s with an aclivitv, 
gmeut, and diligence, no man could furpafs; arid 
zr the furrender of that ^ place, took many valu- 
c. prizes, French and Spaniel. William, a major- 
icral, and colonel of the fourteenth regiment of 
ot] Frederick, bifliop of Exeter, and dean o A^■ indfor ; 
,s Lordfhip married Mifs Walpole, natural daughter 
• the right hon. Sir Edward Walj-.ole, Knight of ti.e 
?.Ui, Sept.; J.3, 1758, Itj' whom he had a daughter, 

E z born 

[ 76 ] 

bcrn June i S, t 759, and a foil, born, Nov. 14, 1 76 

He44ry^,^an.ofH<:er in the army ; Lady Caroline, ' 

\p?}* ai^.Mir;:Adair; and Lady Elizabeth, March 

j?^^i|f€iK^.il^avUtock- His Lcrdihip got great hand 

•a4>d<sti opuUnt fortune, by the conquellot the I 

^^akiixh, as. did his brothers the admiral and the j 

'ji.trui T-l-!e4attei of whom, the day after the fuin 

^cv of that conqueft, took poneliion of the Fori 

Funta, and beiirg left commander, after his Lordfl 

rtturned' to Europe, re-delivered the poiTefTjon of 1 

city of the Havannah to the Spanifli troops, on J 

7, 176?, accoi-dinsf to the articles of the peace 

I'aris, Arnold Jcoil Van Keppel, Earl of Albemai 

rrandfather of the prefent Eurl, delcended from 

ancient noble family of the province of Guelderlai 

beiiip- a younger fon of Bernard Van Pallant, Lord 

Keppel, by Agnes-Cliailotte-Elizabsth, the daugh 

of Jacob Van VVaifenaer, LordOpdam. The faid i 

noid came into England with the Prince of Oran 

in 1688, to whom be was very dear. He was a rne 

ber of the Nobles of Holland, deputy forefter oft. 

province, and general of the Dutch horfe in the 1 

vice of the States General.— Creations. Bai 

Albford, Vifcount Bury, and Earl of Albemai 

Feb. 10, J 696, S \M1L nL--x^RMS. Gules, th 

ercailop-diells, argent.— Crest. In a ducal coror 

or, -a demi-fwan, clofe, proper.— Supporters. T 

lions, ducally-crowned, or —Motto. Ne cede^ mc 

— CHiEf Se.^ts. At Durhams, near Barnet, in,; 

connty ofPvliddlefex ; at Voorll and Loo, in Hollar 

and Arlington-ftreet, London. 

E A R L of C O V E N T R Y.| 

George-William Coventry, Earl of C 
ventrv, Vifcount Deerhurit, lord lieutenant ?|a 
cul^os rotuiorumof the county and city of Worcefll  
and a lord of the bedchamber to his Majefty, !'» 
ceeded his father, the late Earl William, who^d 


■AV-h iS- 17U. I^i^ I.orcllhip maiTied, Mprcu 5. 
tV Ml ra;Vldell aaughttr;of \6\yn Gumnng, I .q; 

■e! ;i%n<t by be. , who died on Oft^ . , .760 ^4' 
ai nOA- livinr, Lady Ma.ia-Ahcia, hern in Dec. 
rV : Lady An^ie-Marg.ret, and Lady -^-~- , bom 

^^AHlI^'^ys^- Hi.lord,hiptook^tol.s./.^ 
nd vMTe, Barbara, lifter to John, Lord .St. Jcha o. 
et'b- bv whom he has a Ton, born July ito^ 1765- 
his noble Earl is def.ended from John Coventry, a 
itlve of the city of Coventry, and afterwards .'nercer 
id lord .navcr of London, m the of ^^^^^^ >• 
cm whom defcend.d Thotnas Coventry, one o-t the 
ftices of the court of Common-Fleas m the reign et 
aeen Lliz^beth, whofe Ibn Thomas was recoi der^ot 
Dndon, an.i afterwards lord -keeper of the great^ieal 
thereign of KingCharles L of wnomtbe^b ar, o, Ua- 
■ndon '^ves the fbUo^ing charaaer, - ThatT.^ uu- 
char-ed aU the offices he went through with gre..t 
abilities, and fmgular repataiioii ot int-grjtv: 
That he enjoyed his ph^ce of lord keeper w. tu uni- 
verfal reputation ; jultice was never better acm;- 
niftered forthe fpace of lixteen years even to his 
death, bein2:then near fiKty years of age. His 
bun-ell dau«-hter Dorothy, who married Sir John 
atiungton, u faid to have written ^hf ^.vhcle Dviyot^ 
/f^,, -Creations. Vifcount Deerhurft, and Ean 
rCovehtry, April z6, 1697, 9 VmIL 1H.~Arms. 
able, afefs, ermine, between three cre;cents, or.— 
^RE^T On a wreath, a garb, or, and thereon a dung- 
ill cock perched, guks, comb, wattUs, and leg, or. 
-Supporters. Two eagles, wings expanded, ar- 
-ent; memberedandbeake.i, ov.--NloTTO^.and,a, 
\Cor.pjiier.-Zm^^ SF.AT5. AtCromed^Abitot, lu 
.VcrceiltrfhireVand FiccadiTy, London. 

E 3 EARL-. 


[ 78 ] 

Fr A k' L of J E R S E Y. 

William Villiers, Earl of Jersey, Vil 
counr Villiers of DiMttord, and Baron of Hoo, one <; 
tije lords of his Majefty's privy-coimcil, f'accfcede( 
his father William, tlie late Earl, July 13, 1721 ; an 
inarried, Jane 23, 173;?, the Lady Anne Egert'dti 
<;mghter to ircroop Duke of Eritlgwater, and relii 
of vVrictheileyRuffel, Ivuke of Bccifoid, byvvhom K 
lu'\ illue tivo (bns, viz. Fiedeiick-Wilham^ i,oi 
'v jllieri, who died in Oft. 174.1 j and George BuiTy 
the prefent Lord VilcountViliiers, born June 9, 1735 
member for Aldborough, and chamberlain of tfi 
liOiifhoKi. His LordAiip has on- brother, Thoni^ 
Villiers, now Lord Hyde. (See Lord Hyde.) And 
fihr. Lady Barbara, marrlrd, in l7^Sy ^^ ^^^ ^'^^ 
liarn Blacker, of the county of Northumberland, Bart he dying on the 27th of Aug. 1718, ihe wa 
married, on the 13th of March, 1728-9, to the hon 
Bafiy Manfcl, late Lord Manfel, and has ifilie oq 
only daughter, viz. Lady Bra-bara ; on his deceaf^ 
file was niarrifd, thirdlv, toGcor^ie Vej'iablesVernon 
Kfq; {m\ and heir cf Lord Vernon, of Sudbury. Thi 
nobie Earl is deli:ended from thi family of Viilier 
in Normandv, Tome of whom came over to Englunc 
with the Conqiieror j feveral manors and lands \\ 
Enirhnd bein^ foon after s; ran ted to Paaan de Vi! 
liers, one of this EarTs anceitors. But the prnicip:i 
pevfon of this family, recorded in liiiiory, wasGeorg 
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, the favourite of Janic 
I. and Chrrles I. b^.-rn on Aug. 28, i 592, who, ai-'ter ; 
polite, though not a learned education, travelled \ix\' 
France, wdiere he rcf.ded three years. Upon his arriva 
in hi -i nati ve country, Robert Ker, Earl of Somcrfet, th( 
former favourite of James [ declining in his maiter'; 
favour, vv'ho was always much delighted with liand 
fome perlons and fine cioatns ; Mr, Villiers no foqnei ' 
appeared at couit, than tbegracefulnels of his perfor ' 
lecomaicnded him to the King's efteem. He lervec ^ 


,16.5, 1^^-^^ ^^*j'.V . U? Ai-ter the diig^e 
..tlemen or '^j^ l'^t:^-S; ^ortUc .m^raer ^t'^n- 
homasOvu-bai7,J'-J^:^,^; ,^ to'lVi-hLr honour.,' 
itbout a rival; ^v^V^f;:^tt€ kv.U^it^. both, t^ 

.pfnenced ^^V'h ^ "iter, and created Bavon ot 
Vhaddon, •'^f^^'^^-^^:'^,lll^^^^^^^^ on the next rt.v^^ 

'^ J^^^^-.^?'. ^^';;;\^vf^o^^b of TV-em, mafter.of 
dter chief )ulbcs m ejie -^^.^ o ^ ef \A eftmm- 
heKingVbencbot.ce, .gbK^,^.^^ j,, became 

^V hi. own nu..e:-ous f^-^^^j of Covenuy, and 
Duke of i^uckin-ham ^^as m^e ^.^^^^ ,^, 

cbnue ports, ^^^^ '^f^,^ b^an to be It^s af- 
C9urt.: However, P^JJ^ ^'^ea^A. on m^ny ;ac-_ 
f,au,n.t. ^^^^^.%^^\ o4^ no diminution ct 
'counts; but ^V-'f" r. I^riwitinued intke ianie 
, yower to tbe tHtJoe, f«i ^f^^""V^l^^,, ^s be b;vd 
^- Lgree of i^^vour ^vab Cb^^i^ ;:,, irking, ^ i be 
^Itb bis f.tber ; l-ord ^^^^^ "f ^^^^ old, evin to rhe 
i King, ^^^\^^^^ ^^j}". ^V^ m^ tb^ molt 

•^r...nents in' ^^f ^^J.^^f i^^ d 1q i^e.degve. 
'' bis ku.drcd ^..^^ "^ P;^^^ ,^^,, I, tbcgbt 
" in boncur, or iicnes, or ^.^ers tV:ica.unie- 

'df tbist-ri^t and unfortunate favou.-t.,avv» ^^^^ 



I ■'■ 

r So ] 

at t'.e.age of thirty-fix years r.nd three dat^. • h 't^ 

^ded^^bH- ' t' -if ^i ^'^'^ ^--- ^ -- ^ 

c.^decl byjus elden Ion (hx;^ two other fins aul ft' 
daughter, both died without ilfue) Geor ".; Duke^c 

c tt r'e n ' ."^ VA^^^^^av-'gance, who died in a pod 
coit...£^ ,11 .orKfaire, vvithout iflue, April ,6 r6« 
after having wafted his eltate all r^anner cf wJ 
i ne father was the fecond fon of Sir Cieo "^e V? J 
cl Broke by, m Leiceiter&ire, Knight, bylds fi- on 

by his ii, 11 niarnnge, was anc-ftor to th-^ Vi^ o-inf- 
and tarJs^cf Graudilon, of the furuame of Vd^^i 
and alio the prcient Earl of ier/ty.--CRF vr i^| 

I,, .6„ 3 w,ll.ap. III.-A«Ms. Argent, o? a a'* 
or ot George, gules, hve elhiUop-niefis, or : a cref 
csat ior dii.erence.-CREsr. o„ a w eati , a io,i 
rampant, argent and ducally crowned, or.-Su™ 

coronets, ot , each having a plain collar, <ruVK 
"llTrt "■;"; "r' f^^'l^l^-ft^"^ ot- ,he feeo:tl.:u 

A1 .Tt[/ ;," '-""■"'/'»'-""•— CillEF SEATS. At 

&,n;i ?" r^' '" 0^'""l*i'-^ i .-""I Grofvenor- 
iquare, London. 


^..ron Poulet of Hmton a. George, recorder of 
Snogwaier, lucceeded his brother, the late {::arl iohn. 
Nov 3 I76+. His Lordfliip married Mary, daucdi- 
ter of .3,cn.rd Butt, ofArlingham, in GlouceltU. 

Sin/nf '^' and by her has iffue, , Lord ViCcounf'' 

Hinton, oornApr, 7, 1756, and another Ton, born 
m May^,i76i. His Lordihip's fnlcrs, now Hvin. 
a.-e. Lady Anne J Lady Bridget, m.rriecl, May ,T 
17.4-, toPolexfenBaftard, ofKettley, h.Devorihire 
Efqj andhasilfue, William, Edmund, and iUldwliu 


[ 8i } 

i'ttlexfen j I^.dy Su'ainiali ; and Lady R<^befca, botli 
an^niTic^l. This noble Earl is delcended f'vom a 
;> branch of the Duke of Bolton's iamViy.-- • 
:R.tArioNS. Buron, June 25, 1617, 3 Cnnl/ 'Vif- 
ount and Earl, Dec. 24; 170^* 5 Aniie.--ARM^. 
able, three fwords in pile, their points inbafe^a/- 
§nt. ; poniels and hilts, or.---CR£ST. On a wreath, 
n-arin erabovved, and branddhing a broad (word, all 
roper,— Supporters. Onthe dexter iide, a fav.age 
lan; on the linilter, a woman, both proper, wreath- 
diabout their templts and loins with ivy, vert.--- 
doTTO, GarJez la Fov.— Chief Seats. At Hmton 
L George, in Somerfetniire ; at BuckLind, 111 Dor- 
;^hire j and Albercarle-ih-eet, London. 


G £ O R G E C H L M O N D E L E Y , Ea r 1 O f Ci^ L M .0 N - 

»,ELEY, Viitount Malpas, and Vifcount Cholmon- 
eley, of Keiis, and Vifcount Colmondeley, ofNant- 
ich, Baron of Nev/burgh, a Knight of the Bath, 
.euten ant- general of his Majelly's forces, one of hi^ 
/lajefty's molt honourable privy-council, lord lieu- 
Miant, cullos rotulorum, and vice-admiral of Chs- 
lajre; governor of the caftle of Cheiler, andfteward. 
]f the royal manor of Shene, in Surry, fucceeded his 
ather, George, the late Earl, on May 7, i733> and 
lu the 14th of Sept. 1713, he married Mary, only 
Uughter of Sir Robert Walpole, Jate Earl of Orford, 
Igfiby.her, who died in 1732, he had ilTue three fons, 
h;5. George, Vifcount xMal pas,, born Ocl. 17, 17^4? 
IvUo married, Jan. 19, 1746-7, Heller, daughter and 
tieT of Sir Francis Edw".ids, Bart, by whom he had 
i(iue, George- Jaines, born in 1742, now (fmce the 
lleee^fe of his father, who died March 15, 1764,) 
^k4 Vifcount xMalpas J alfo a daughter, born in 1755. 
A^:^ert, born Nov. 2, 1727, now in holy orders, and 
[uiiuor-general of his Majeity"s revenues in Ange- 
lica, married to Mifs Mary VVoi'Rngton, by whom he 
jiv^i.iiVue, Frederick, who died an infant 5 and his 

E 5 Lady 

Lady dying as above, his Lordfhip fiill remaipjs 
. -^ widower. His Lordlhips brother and iiiters are, 
lamt's, gf?rieral of foot, and colonel of the Jnnif- 
■feilling dragoons, v.'ho married the Lady Penelope, 
daughter and heir of James Earl ofBa.rymoie, by 
v.'hom he has no iffue ; Lady Henrietta, unmarried ; 
tady Elizabeth, married, Jan. 23, 1750-1, to Ed- 
\it'ard Warren, of Poynton, in Chefiiire, Efqj mother, 
by him, to the prefent Sir George Warren, Knight 
of the Bath; and Lady Mary, unmarried. Inis 
no!)le Earl is defcended from the ancient family of 
Egeiton, Barons of Malpas, in Chefnire, in the time 
of theConqueft ; from whom alfo the Duke of Bridg- 
water is defcended.— -Ckeations. Baron Cholmon- 
de\ey, of Namptwich, April 10, 16S9, i W. and M. 
Vif.omit Malpas, and Earl of Cholmondeley, Dec. 
zj, 1706, 5 Anne, and Baron of Newbnrgh, July 2, 
1716, 5 Geo. I. Alio Baron of Newburgh, in the 
county of Wexford, March 15, i7T4» 1 Geo. L a^ 
Vi/count Cholmondeley, of Kells, March 29, 166!, 
^13 Car. IL [rifn honou"s.— -Arms. Gules, two hel- 
mets in chief, proper, garnilhed, or ; in bale, a garb 
of the third. —Crest. On a wreath, a demi-gryphon 
rampant, fable ; beaked, v»'inged, and memhered, or, 
lidding a helmet, proper.— Supporters. On the 
dexter fide, a gryphon, iable ; its beak, wings, and 
fore-legs, or. On the fmilter, a wolf of the itcond, 
gorged with a collar perfiew, vaire.— -Motto. C^iJIj 
tutiftma virtus.— Cm\^v Seats. At Cholmondeley, 
in the county of Chelltr ; and Piccadilly, London. 

EARL of O X F O R D. 

Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford and MoR- 

• tiMtR, and Baron Harley of vVigmore, a lord ot the 

'- bedchamber to the King, LL.D.wasbornSept 2,1726, 

' facceeded his father Edward, the late Earl^ the 1 j th 

of April, 1755 r and married July 1 1, 17 S-» ' ^iifann^ih, 

'augli-teT-of W.dliam Ar^hej,' of. Wexford, ini^e;k- 

t'v Lie: b'Jt as vetdias no iiTue. Hi? i.ordfhip has 

' ' " ^ the 

[ §3 ] 

tUe .following brothers and illtcrs living* viz. John, 
bx)rn J;cpt. .^, 17^-S, arcUacacoaot i^alop j Uom. ^ 
born Atag.-.^, ^710,'rn.rr.^d^M.^f}^^^^^ 

{Cyty of London, and preiM.a^t ot d^cUy^pt^ - 
<fch lyino-in hdoit il •, \Viiiiam,.born May ^o, 1^3.3» 
lJ^?^^'uffin,ton, ncrks. &G. Mardia, bom^mv. 
i^V, 't^36, and manied to ChaHts Milbornt, of t i- 
6^ , ' a Monn.cutblh-re, Eiq; HisLoni&ip . un. ^, 
tlie hon. Robert Halhy, isrrGCorder of 1 f^^^^^f {^ 
and uiea.ber for Dro.twich.. This noble La. li. 
r^id to be defcciided. from the Harieys i^/^^'a^V^' 
Others are of opinion, thst the Harieys of hrance 
aVe defcended from a fami'y of name m ..hrop- 
mire,which reiided m Fnglar^d long beware the U^- 
dlitft, and th^t the prelent K.rl alfo is deicnioed 
i'om the Shropibire f.mily  Sir Rober: Harley.wMOie 
fervices to Charles II. were vt-ry extraordinary, cna 

i:reat honour to this family, and by bis fecond w-ie, 
^Abipail, dau-hter of Nathanael J-^tephens, ot tA\n^g- 
ion, inOIouc^elleraiire, Eiq; had i line four ions and 

t$ije dai^.ghter, j. Robert, the fu-lt Earl ot Ox.oid, 
^6f this family, who was born on Oec. 5, 1661, ecui- 
'^atedat a fchool at Shilton, near Eurford, Oxford hue, 
'^hkh, though a private fchoOl, was remarkable ior 
'M-oducing, at the fame time, a lord high treaiurer, 
•fFarl of Oxford.) a lord high chancel or, (Lord yar- 
Wurt,) a lord chief jullice of the Common-pleas, 
C=(Lord Trevor,) and ten members of the Houie ot 

Cbjumons, who were all contemporaries, as well at 

fchool, as in ptnlkiment. At the Kevolunon, in 

Conjunaion with h-s rather ke raifsd a troop^ ot 
''Kcrfe, at their own exT^ence, and oRered their icr- 

Vices to rellore the pub'ic liberty. After the accel- 
Tion of King v^'iHiam and Queen Mary, he ferxed m 

parliament^for 1 regony, in ^ orn rdl. and then tor 
\F:utnor, from 1690, till he was created a 1 eer, and 

v^as a very a^ive member on ail occafipr>s, and 

1? 6 ipeaker 

[ 84 ] 

jfpeaker of, the Houfe of Commons in the two laft-il'J-' 
parliaments of King William, and the firii- of Qu^een^J^' 
Anne. In 170A, he was fworn of her privy-council,, 
and M;iy 18 following one of her principal lecre- 

. taries yf ftate, _In 1706, he was one of the commif^^ 
f.-ners for treating of an Union with Scotland j irl 
J710 he was conftituted a commiiiioner of thetrea-' 
fur}^, and chancellor and under trealurer of the Ex-- 
cliequer.' ;In order to fatisfy all public debts and de-^^^ 
iiciericies, he formed thefcherae to eflablifli the South 
Sea company, upon which he was created Baron'; 
liarley, ofWigmore, in Herelbrdfldre, Earl of Ox- 
ford, and Earl Mortimer, with remainder, in cafe 
of wanting iliue male, to the heirs male of Sir Ro- 
bert Barley, his grandfather. On May 29, 1711,- 
Jie wii:. appointed lord high trealurer of Great-Bii-"', and Aug. 15, the fame year, was cliofen go- 
\e:}ior of tlie South-Sea company. The next year 
he was elected a Knight of the Garter. On July 27, 
1714, he refigned the ftaff cf lord high treafurer into 
n-r JMajefly's hands, who died on Aug i, the fame < 
vr:ir. July 16, the fame year, he was impeached by 
the Commons, and fuffered a long confinement iii 

;, the Tower, till July i, 1717, when, after a public 
tiial, he was unanimoufty acquitted by his Peers. 
lie was an encourager of literature, and the greatelt 
cjlieclor, of his time, of all curious books in print 
^.nd manufcript, efpecially thofe on the hiftory, &c;- 
of his own country, which were pieferved and great-  
]}' augmerited by his Ion : But the Har'.eian Library,' 
(/now part of the Britifh Mufeum,) is too well known 
iorfuither mention. He married, firft, Elizabeth, 
•'ter of the firll Lord Foley, by whom he had Ed- 
, ?.rd, his (on and heir, fecond Earl of Oxford, Lady 
j.xizabeth, wife of the late, and mother cf the pre- 
Icnt Duke of Letds, and Lady Abigail, wife of 
George, Earl of Kinnoul : and fecondly, Sarah, 

, <|^.ughtcr of Tliomas Middleton, Efqj by whom he. 

' bad^nj ilTue'. Edward his fon, fecond Earl cf Ox- 


[ 85 ]  ; „ , 

, %,i TaclvKcmietiaCavemVifii Holies, only 

bv vv 0, he left iflue an only daughter ami 
'i L rv'Tsaret OavencUlh Hurley, married to 
^; Duke ol Portland, z. tdwar.l Harley, of 
•ocd iu H refordlhire, Elbj father oj Edward, 
ibu i arl of Oxford, ami .gi-andf«ner o the 
fil-l , N.,thanael,+. Brian, and 5. Abigail, 

all d cd unmarried.— i-R.EAiior.3. - 

*'' ^" ,„ Anpe A.KMS. Cr, a bena 

vS^^^ftl'c EST. out wr^aath a ca.,.le. ar- 

7,,"- towered, with a demi-l.on rampaiit,, 
liffumc'ou ofthemiddlctower.-SuPPoaTtRs. ^ 

'"s is! pWer, the habit and wmgs dii, ayed 


Vrsn.NGTON Shirley, Earl F<^^f^^'.'\'l: 
m; Taraworth, and Baronet, a captain m the 
^ nivv and F. R. S. fucceeded his brother taw- 
ice May r-76°. ="><! '= yet unmarried Law- 
ice iviay 5. / ' ^ f La^.j-ence Shirley, 

^Jll h^foni E^r/aenry, and fucceeded ,. 

^ ""^'^ -fs;: ^:^;;4^L!ughtr of tifwit 

fcoXs M.-. johnfon, his own A-ward thro^igh 
e body with apiftol, '" J■^"""y/''^°^'^' ,±n • 

; folio\.ing he -.^.'^y-I.VP;' r?: Wefnn ntrr'. 

''1, 'Ld'f^ ..^1 S y oYwlu'l n' ulder ; for which 

rtm- ■^ had fenfence^paff^d upon him by Lord iUn- 
I„'rl hlrh lleward on that trial, to be hanged, 

:S l".tod|anaWm..ed, as the law dircfts m 


[ 86 ] 

of murder : which fen' ence, afrer a fortrtight's 

Tjite, was put in execution, and he was han-r 

'J ybiirn, May 5, 1760. Sir Robert Shiriey,"^^ 

cre:ittd Vifbount Taniworth, and ta 1 Ferrers,'r 

na! Elizabeth, daughter and Jieir of Lawxt 

\V;-)ihir.g-on, ECcy, by^whosn he had ten fons ao^ 

ven dauglrfcrs ; but three of the Ions only iurvj 

hi n, viz. Wadiii.gton and Henry, who were fuj;' 

f-ivdy Earls Ferrers, and Lavirence, father of; 

prer-nt Eai-1. Wafhingtjn, 1 ue Earl Ferrers, '« 

ned Mary, daughter of Sir K'chard Levin^rs, ^ 

and by her liad iflue three daughters, his^cohe 

\iz. Lady Elizabeth, married to Jofeph Gafco!^ 

Nightingale, of Enadd, Eioj by whom flie hal 

fon, Wafhington, who died unmarried Jan. 23, i-r 

and a daughter, Elizabeth, fois heir to her brotj- 

married the fame year to Wihnot Vaughan, Efq-, 

wiom ^he had a fon, born Ma}' 9, 17555 but 

died two days after 5 the Lady'Sehna, marriecf 

Theophilus, Earl of Huntirt^don ;.'p.ud Lady Ma 

married to I'homas Needham, Lord, Vi/count K 

muny, of Ireland, who lately deceafed. His LcrdL 

has, living now, three brothers, Robert, Walrtr,.£ 

lliomas 5 and two {iP.ers, Elizabeih and. Anne. T 

family is mate rnally deft ended, by the Ferrers s, fn 

a coniidtrable Norman Raron, who was pofrcfTedo 

great ellate in Warwick riiire,Lincolnfhire,Nort!:arr^ 
tonlh'rr', ar.d Dei byfliire, by the favour of theNorni}i 
Conqueror, as appears by Domefday book. — Cre, 
TioNs. Baronet, May 22, 161 1, 9 Jac. I, VifcQijf- 
Tamworth and Farl Ferrcis, J-ept. 3, 1711, lo Aiit\i\, 
— Arms. Paly of fix, or and azurcj afr.nton, t 
jnme. — Crest. On a wreath, the lull, of a ^iarac. 
iide-faced and couptd, prop<;r ^ wreathed about, t 
ttm.p'es, or and a/.ure.— Support£r.s. On tiie de: 
ter (ide^ a talbot, ermine, his ears, or, and his due | 
collar, gules; on the fmiiier, a rein deer of the hi ' 
attired, argent, gorged with a ducal coronet of ti f 
t liirii bi lie t, or . — J>/ffO t T o . . Htncr 'I'irtutis framium 

[ 87 ] 

r> r^ ^c NT-^ At r>!Anton-HarolJ, 
■'■'l^;:^lr.ct, Wcfcranlt.r. 

' " ^ Q ^ R A F F O R D. 
A E. L or S i K i^ A 
. Wp^-TV'OPTH,Earl of Strafford, 

of Stamborougb, Baron K^i ^l^,^cceeded ius ta- 
raev, Baronet, ^f^/^^ '^ •,, Mcv. i7^^9 5 and 
., 'fhoinas, the late Ea , m ^^ Anne Camp- 

.[■ied, April zS 7;^;^, ^-^i^T L ^^^''-^ ^'^ ^^- 
, iecond daugbterot J^^^^ ,'Jf ^^i, Lordibip h.s 

iollowvng Uters , i^auy ^^jy Lucy, married 
r^ Conolbs of V"'^:r^^eo%'e Howard • and Lady 

1747-8. ^^ ^.^\^^''l r. to la.nes Vernon, Elqj 
nrietts, marned, u 1744, to Ja ^^^^^^^^^^ 

e late EarUvas ^7^;^^^ ^,^j;^^^^^ He ferved 

.dually to tnepoltcn^--^^^ during the war 

tne army ^^-^;,,.^\V . i^^ the battles of 
.inft France^ ^f^nltred alfo in the army 
nnkirk and Landen : "^ f \; Anne ^ but was 

,he Allies .n f^^^^,^f \f,i%'urt of Ruffia, and 

terwards to the ^^^':^^, figned 
,nipotent.anes at t.e ^-^^^^.^^^^^ ,he firft lord 
fn\ 11, ^7^- ,«^;^f V,. andconfequentiyoneof 

18 lords )'-uticcS ^-r -' ^ until the arrival 

m on the death of Q^een ^^^^ ^^^^ their 

f'bis Majeily King ^^^-^^|-^,t.tworth ia Yorklbire, 

,^e from the "^^^''^vldi^ he reign of William 
r which tl-y--je PoMed m the . ^y^^-^^,-,^,^ 

tie Conqueror : ^"\^' ^^ ^f ^Ue fira Earl of Straf- 
xy Sir Thomas v^ entvvorth the ni ^.^,^^ons, 

^^rd, an aa^ve "^^"^^^'i^^'^'^e parliaments of the 
«jd a great f^^i court er ^^^^^^^^^^^^ U.^rles I, 
rlthand ^^vh ot James I and o^ , 3^^ ^^ ^^^ 

M afterwards turned to the tou.i, perated 

r 88 ] 

perated his old f: lends, that they never left tonni 

hT.ntj theybrou^^himtothe^ta^bld'onjS^ 
j6 I She was created Baron Wentw^rth , of U entwc ,n 1629, hewasnnadeapnvy-co-nf-'lor 1 
he^jtennnr of Vcr^rhi.e, and pre^de^t ^'S 
loiteh. 163Z.3, hevvas nominated lord depatv 
Ire.and:; but for nis tranfaftions there, &c. he Ji 
^. rds fell under tne lafn of parlia,«ent: He was 
called ron) thence, and commanded, as lieutena 
genera! the Scots J and on Jau. .^'7^^, 
^^as farther a^kanced to the honours of Baron Kal 
of Raby-caltle and Earl of Strafibrd. Soon after 
vvv-^s apponued lord lieutenant of Ireland, and 
1640,^ced a Knight of the Garter : bit byi 
parhamenf, which met Nov. 3, ,640 h^vas J. 
p.3ched:of high treaibn, and .utJnSi, he cnxj 
Ibnces of vvhich are recorded in hiffory. On May 1 
i64r lus Lord/h.p fuffered decapitation on Towt 
hni, and met his fate uith great mairnanimi^v ai 

f:uhe s honours, &c. by patent, on Dec. i, ,64;,,: 
Cai . and after the Reftoration an aft pa&d to r 

verfe his attamder.-C.EATiONs. Baronet, June.' 
161 r, 9-Jac. I. Baron, Jan. i., 16,9-40, ic Car! 
y.fcount and Earl cf b'traftbrd, S^ot I V711 ', 
Anne.-^ARMs. Sable, a chevron 'beU^eenhw 
Je^opards heads, or. -Crest. On a wreath a ly!Z 
pa.lant, argent.-buPFORTE.s. On the dexter fule 
gryphon argenti on the fmiiier, a lion, or.-VIoxTC 

tn YZvi-''"'-^FT^ f '^''^- ^' Wentworth-caftl 
^ 4^ a 1' ^^''''^^^ in NorthamptonHnre 
%:^:t::^ '"^ "^''^'^^-^ ..astrjames. 

EARL of' DA R T M O U T ^.» 

William Lecg, Earl and Earon of Da-'t'I 
M0UTH,^^„count Lewifiiam, a lox^^ ?he 0^;;^"* 
council, firitlord of trade ar^ ^..,.^J;l^;^ : 


[ 89 ] . 

ltcIift"W,LL. D. and F. R. S. fucceeded VVjUiam, 
late Earl, bis ciaiul father, Dec. 15, i750> ^'^^ 
ried Jan. 1 1,: 175s, Frances- Catharine, (o:e daugh- 
ahd heir of the late Sir Charles GuviterNicholl, 
?Tht of the Iiath, by whom he has ilVue, George, 
JviTcount Levvilliain, born 061. 4, 1755 5 ^^^^' 
• fon, born Feb. 4, 1757 5 '^ third ion, born May 
761, a fourth, born Jan. 24, 1765 ; and adaugh- 
boni May 18, 1759. George, Lord Vilcourxt 
nflnm, eldell fon cf Williain the late Earl, 
father of the prefent Earl, married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heir of Sir Arthur Ivaye, Bart, and 
ig'iu his father's life time, Aug. 29, i73^» ^^^^ 
ij^beii-ies the prefent Earl, two daughters, viz. 
AC, mirried to the hon. James Bradenel , and 
'.abeih: And his Lady furviving him, married 
ncis, Lord North and Guildford. His Lordlhi'/s 
 aunts are, L:\dy Barbara, married to Sir Walter 
vot, of Kiith field in btaffordibire, Ba.*\:. and, 
iy Anne, married to S'r Liiler Holti Bart. The 
.It hon. Georse Legg,, Baron Dattmouth,, father 
;h« late Earl Wiiliani, was r.dmiral of the tieet ieut: 
ft moliih Tangier, iii the reign of King Charles U, 
1^83; and in the reign of King Janus 11. was 
iffi'uted mailer of the horle, genc;ral cf the o.d- 
ke, and conftable of the Towtr of L' ndon j and 
de adm.iral of t!>e fieer, deligned to intercept the 
.Ich, who were bringing over the Prince (if Orange 
it88 ; but he was not abl- to perform that fervice, 
iXg'deta'ihed in; the Thunes mouth l)y contraiy 
iSs } or, as fonie Inlinuate, he did not attempt it, 
riiiie ha knew his oriiceis wej-e not hearty in the 
i?ice, and the Prince landed at Torbay in Devon- 
re, v/ithout interruption, on Nov. 5. But however 
It-was, he was deprived of ail his employments at 
^'Revolution j and being committed to the Power 
the year 1691, died theie the 25th of oa. the fame 
\r: -This noble Earl is delcended froai Siguior de 
^-,' an Italian nobleman, who flourilhed in Italy 

'; ill 


[• 90 ] 

in tlie year 1297. What time the family came j 
l-ngland is uncertain ; but it appeai-s th^iy wcre- 
t'.tOi at Le>-j,t's-piace, near Tunbiidge in Kent,. 
inar._V oenerntions j and I honi^S; one oF their 1.^1 
tors, was twice lord mayor of London, viz in 1,3 
and 1353. — Cr EATiONS. Baron, by letters pati 
Dec. 2, i68z, 34 Car. 11. Vifcount and farl, iS. 
5, lyif, loAime. — Arms. Azure a back's II 
caboched, argent.— -Cat %T. In a ducal coronet, 
a plume of three oRrich feathers, party-par-p 
argent and gules. ---Supporters. On the dcxtcr 
a lion, argent, fenief of fleur.-i-de-lis, iable^ , 
crowned as tb.ecrell. On thefinifler a buck, arg^ 
femee of muUe'.s, rules. ---Motto. Caudet te-ii(u 
t7'/v«<-.f.---C)irEF Seats. At Sandwell-had m Stafto 
fliire ; at Black-heath in Kent j and St. Jami 
fquare, London 

E A Pv L of U X B R I D G E. 

Hekry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge^ Ba 
Paget of Beaiulelert, and ci ]>uitcn, v\as b'.)rn 
.J 7 19, and fucceeded the late Henry, his gran ifatl 
in Au^. 1745. His 'Lo'd(:i\\\^ is iiimiarritd. Tho 

Latency, Lord V?.g t, father of the prefent Earl, n 
lied, May 3, 1718, the Lady Elizabeth, iiltei 


and hi; 


.who was feci ttary of ftate 10 the reign of King iie ^ 
VIII. and fent ar.tbaffador both to the Emperci- :,l 
the French King, and concerned in many irnpor : 
r.tgocistions, bebig one of the abltfl miniflers of i ' 
jeign That King ma'e Idm one of his execute 
ariiX appointed him to be cf tie couiicil to li^ : 
and face; lT)r King Edward VL in which reigJV;| 
was alfo lecretaiy of ftate, ^-nd was fcnt ajnbiitati 
to tl^e EjnpcTor Chaiies V. to negotiate an aili^iS 
againit France, in the reign of Queen Mary •:: 

[ 91 ] 

Htutcd lord prlvv-ieal. Henry,Earl of Uxbridge,. 
r cratidfathcr ot' the prelent Eh)1, being leiil" aui- 
idSr to Turkey, h.Ki the honour of n'cgotiatmg 
concladin- the peace of Cariowitz,_ between th^ 
,eror of Germany and the Grand .^ignor, m the 
1608 —Creations. Baron Paget ot Beauue.ert, 
,q icc-o. ^Edvv.VI. Baron of Burton, bee. ^i, 
t, i'o Aline, and Earl oF Uxbridge, Oa. i9> '7i4-> 
4 !. -Arms. Sable, on a crofs ingrailed, be- 
^n four eagles dilplayed, argent ; five hons pal- 
'of thti fir^.— Crest. On a wreath a demi-tiger 
pant, fable, gorged with a dacal coronet, and 
ed and mamed, aroent.— Supporter s. i wo 
rs, as in ths creft.-^MoTTo. Her tl fuo contrarjo. 
:h,ef Seats. At Drayton and Dawley jn Mul- 
eK ; at Beaudefert in Statfordfaire j and WeloecK. 
?t, London. 

lk?.h of Tx\NKERVILLE. 

:harles Bennet, Earl of •Takkerville. 
on Oilbllton, fucceeded his father Cnarles, tne 
Earl. March 14, 1753 5 ?'»^ married Ahcia, 
i daughter of Sir John Aftley, ot Piitelliul m 
^ordihire, Bart, on Sept, 23, i7+*» ^'^^' ^"^^ ^'^^^* 
irl^sBennet, Loid OlluKlon, bora No\% 15, 174-3 i 
, n-G.ev, who died in the f^cond year ol his age i 
iy Camilla-Ehzabeth, now widow ot Count Don- 
If, a Pohih nobleman 5 Lady Frances-Ahcia, and 
!):v,-born April 15, 1757- ^i^ Lordlhips brother 
!i iiiler are, George, born in 1727 5 Lacy Caraiila, 
-ncd Jan. 11, 175+, to Gilbert-Fane Heming,Llq; 
is noble Eaii is def.ended from the fa-iaiy ot the 
iaueis in Berkfnire, who ftourifhed in the reig^n ot 
n<r Edward IiL — Creations. Baron Oiiuiuoru 
v^4, 16S., 34Car. IL and Earl rfTanKerville 
t. 19, 17,4., I Geo. L — A^MS. Guies, a bezant 
•ween three demi lions rampant, argent, with .a 
,illet for dilfcrence.--CREST. On a wreath, a demi 
«n rampant, ardent, holding in his paws a bezant^ 



and foanei )m?s ;0'tit yof va? Ri^ural caropc t, or,, a ]h 
iiea.d,-,ar^ntf ch&r^eA- with r be2,ant c n liis. nec^! 
JiuPPO»RT£a$:. rfwoilioas, argent, each charg^ea 
its ihou^c:ler-■■.^iLh a.btzant, and crowned due ally, 
— -Motto. De b^n.'Vouiojr/er^'tr Ic riy.'--CiiizF 6ea 
At C'hiliingliara -caflle in . Northumberland j :j 
Grofvciior-lquare,; Loudon. 

E yV R L of A I L £ S F O R D 

Heneage Finch, Eail of Ailesford., z 

Baron ot"Guern/ey, LL.D, fv.cceeded his tathpri 

ne.^ge, the- late E-ri, June 19, 1757. He majri 

Ot\, 6, 17,^0, Lady Cliarhotte Seyir.our, yoiin| 

daugbter of Ch:irler., Duke of Somerfet, by 

has iiiue fix Tons and one daughter, viz. Henea 

Lord Guern'ey, born July 15, 1751 ; Charles, b( 

June 4, 1752, N. S. Wihiam, born May 27, 17^ 

Charlotte, born May 28, 1754; John, born May^ 

'755 ) a fifth foii^ born ripnl :;6, ijs^^i and a ll: 

fon, born March 11, 1760.' His Lofdihip's iiilers a 

Lady Anne j Lr.dy Mary, rnvrried to U'iliiam 1 

Lord Vifcount Andover; Lady El.zabc-th ; and L: 

trances, mairied on April 2. 1741, to Sir \V':Jit 

C'ourtenay, firll ViicountCourtenay, of Pqwderha 

caltle. 'Ih'is noble Lord is defcended iioni the ia 

ancejlcrs w'th the Earl ofWinchellea. — Crj:atioi 

Baron of Gucrn fey, by patent, March 15^ 1702-3, 'ai 

Earl of Ailegford, in Kent> Oct. iq, T711, : Geo, 

— Arms. Argent, a chevron between three gryph(5 

paffant. fai)le j a crefcent for diiference. — C'res r.^ 

a wreath, a gryphon paiiant, fable. — Sufforteh 

Oil the <l5rxter lide a gryphon, fable, gorged- v/iii 

ducai collar, or. Ou the • fiiiifter, a lion cf the"J 

cond, ducaily gorged, azure. — Motto. Apeno^ n 

*ve>-e 'voio. — i^HihV ^eats. At Ailesford in Kent''; 

Albury in Surry j at Packington in War'Aickfhii 

and GrofVenoriquare;, London. 




[ 93 J 





dneivcy of ickw'orth, born .-\ug. 31, if^/»;f"^ 
U hi/grandfather John, late Earl otJ^nitol 

idinso-T. John LoaiHervey, e dell Ion ot 
h ^l\te- Earl of Brifrol, by ElizAbetlr lus wife, 
phrer of i^ir Thomas Felton, i^r.rt. and tatherot 
Vefent Earl, bom 06t. 15, 1696, ^"^^ J'-^f ,f 
•d Hervev, of Ickworth, in the county of Suljolk, 
.e iz 17^3, and married G61. .4-, V^°' ,^--^^^1 

"hte/ of bJigadler-general Nicholas Le Pell, ^n^ 
l^ilfue by her fuiir ions and four daughters yi^ 

r'e- William, the prefent Earl j Augnlhis-John, 

n'May 19, 17H, ^ g^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^"P ^''^■ 
niber, colonel of marines, a captain in the navy, 

I me.nber of parliament for Saltalh ; FredencK 
■n in AuguR, 1730, chaplain m ordinary to the 
^l, and a principal clerk of the pnvy-feal ; \A lU 
nt born May 13/173-, njember tor St. ^<^-^^^^<^ll' 
ry, and Major of biigade to the forces m Ame- 
-i-- Ladv Le Pell, married, Feb. 26, 174-^-3 > to 
kllantine Phipps, Efq; Lady Mary married to 
oro-e Fitzgerald, Efq; who died on May i, 176^, 
dy^Amelia-Carclina Nailau ; and Lady Caroline 
s jMVicfty was pleafed to grant, by his warrant 

ed june'6, X753, to the ^--^^^^t^J^ 
•rvey, the fame place and precedency in all aneai- 
ies, as daughters of Earls of Great Britain His 
.rdfliip^s furviving uncles and aunt are, Thomas, 
StSzo, ,698, married toMifs Anne C^lene, 

Mand'by whim he has ifTue, William 1 homas 
,rvey; William, born Dec. ^5, '699, and iii^r- 
:ain 719, Elizabeth, daughter of 1 homas Rid^e 

Wfinonth, Efqj who died m chiJd-bed of a 
ughter, Elizabeth i Charles, born April 5, 170 . 

D. and prebend of Ely 5 he married Mifs Mai - 
a Howard, daughter of colonel Howard j Fel on, 
rrnFeb. i , ^7^^-^^^ married Dorothy, daughter 

[ 94 ] 

of Solomon Afliley, Efqj by whom lie has- a, 
Felton Lionel Hervty, joint reir.embjancer, wit! 
father, of the court of Exchequer, and a daugh 
Lady Louifa-Carolinn,mariiefl Sept. 23, 1731,^ tc 
Robert Smith, of Weilminfter, Bart. His Loid 
has alfo another couiiii, [)enry Hervey Afccn, 
fon of Ills decenfed linde Heniy. 7 hit; noble fai 
derive thtir pedigree from Robert Piiz-Herve- 
younger (on of Hervey, Duke of Orleans, who c' 
over from France with Wiliiam the Conqueror 
Creations, linvon Hervey of Ickworth, March 
1703, z Anne; and Earl of Biiilol, Oft. 19, »; 
1 Geo. L — Arms. Gules, on a bend, argent, tl 
trefoils fliped, proper.— C?iest. On a wreath, a. 
pard, pnlfant, (hoJdmg in his dexter paw a tre 
fliped, proper) bczantee and gorged with a ducal 
ronet, and chained, or. — Stipforteks. 7'wail 
I^irds, proper, bezantee, and with collars and cha 
or. — Motto. Je noublkray jairKnts. — Chief Sea 
At Davvley, in Middleftx -, and Wellbeck-ftreet. 


Robert Carteret, Earl Granville, \ 
count Carteret, Earon Carteret of Hawnes, and , 
ronet, born Sept. 21, 1721, and fucceeded his fatl 
John the late Earl, on Jan. 2, 1763. His I^ordfh 
fiifers now living are, Lady Georgina-Carolina, m 
ried to the late Hon. John Spencer, biother to 
Dukeof iVfarlborough ; and ilnce, to the Right hi . 
William Earl Cowper j Lady Frances, married, 
1743, to John Marquis of T vveeddale ; ar,d v^opi 
born in Aug. 1745, (of whom her mother dictl 
child-bed) married Feb. i, 1765, to the Eai 1 of Sh 
burne. The late Earl was appointed ambaflador-e 
traordinary and plenipotentiary to theQaeen of Sv 
den, Jan. 25, 1718-19, and arrived at Stcckhol 
June 30, 1 71 9, where he offered tlie King of Grc 
Britain's mediation to the Queen, in order to :n:. 
peace between Sweden and Demnr.rJc, and betwc 




[ 95 ] 

.len and the Ccar ofMufcovy, ^vblch flie accept- 

and a treaty between Sweden, Prt.fna, and Ha- 
er was proclaimed at Stockholm. March 9, 1719- 

He hnl the honour of toacludms the peace alio 
veeu Denmark and Sweden, in x^^o. )^]^ ^'% 

returning to England, was, on tbe c.eath ot 
.esCrao-o-s E!q5 fecretary of Hate, on the 5th ot 
;^Wz'o-t. advanced to that poll. . The Duke 
slewcaftle iUcceeding Lord Carteret in Im o.Fice 
leeretary of itate, April 3, ^7M, ^js LordLv.p 
; conftituted lord lieutenant of Ire and. His 
•clftiip continuing lord lieutenant of Ireland un- 
the death of Kmg George I, m 1727, Ije was 
tinned m that poll by King George 11. and 
,ainerl lord lieutenant until June 19, 1730, wheu 
was fucceeded by his Grace the Duke of Dorlet. 
•d Carteret had no public employment from the 
r 1770 to T74T, when he was again declared pnn- 
•a focretary of ftate. His Lordftiip being one of 
'eicrht noble Lords who were proprietors ot Caro- 
,, and liis Majelly having purchafed the (liares of 
ervof them, Lord Carteref s eighth p.rt was (et 
• by Commiiiioners, who allotted him that part ot 
"rth Carolina which lies contiguous to Virginia, 
,ich was confirmed to him by his m^^Y- ^^^'^ 
rteret reilcrning the feals on the ^^X\^ ot Nov 1744, 
iHiam,Earlof Harrington, was conftituted pnn- 
a lecVetary of ftate in his ftead 5 and when his 
rdftiip deceafed he was prefident ot the council, 
le family of Carteret is of Norman extradion, and 
d their furname from their figniory or lordln.p of 
rteret in Nor-aiandy. In the Annals ot Normandy, 
d the Riftorv of the Holy Wars, there is honour- 
k mention mads of the Lords ot the houfe of Car- 
'tl The Lady Grace, his Lordili.p^s grandmotuer, 

confideration of the great fervices ot her father 

bn Granville, Earl of Bath, who was entrufted by 

inc Charles 11. to bring about the reftoration, was, 

'Kino- Geor-e I, in the firftyear oi his reign, ^7H» 
r^i.-i^ vrcoi^ , created 

[ c/' ] 

created Vifcountefs Caiteret:, and Countefs Gr:A\ 
with limitatiort of tliofe iionciirs to Jolin her fon 
iate Eari, with remainder of the title cf Vifc 
Carteret, to Edward Carteret, his uncle, and the 
of his body. This family derive their pedigree 
the Granvijies of Normandy. Three brothei\s o1 
name aitendied Vv'iiliam the Conqueror in his di 
iij)on England, and contributed to the victory h< 
tained over King Harold, at Kaftings in SuiYe:< 
the year jo66, and had feveral manors and Ian' 
Enghind conferred on them by that Prince, in 
f:deration of their eminent fervices. — Creati 
Baron, 1681; Vifcount and Earl, ut fufra. — Af 
Q£?rterly, firft and fourth, gules, four fnfils in 
argent, lor Carteiet \ feccnd and third, gules, t 
clarions or claricords, or, for Granville. — Cr: 
Above a wreath, upon a mount, a fquirrel fejan 
proper. — Supporters, Two w^inged deer, gi 
attired, oi". — Motto, hoyall deijoir. — Chief Se 
At Kav>-nes in Bedfordfliire ; and New Burling 
llrcet, London, 


George Mo n t a g u Dunk, Earl of Ha l i i 
Vifcount Sunbury, and Baron Halifax, lieuten 
general of his Majefly's forces, lord lieutenant 
cuftos rotuloriim of the county of Northampton, 
one of his MajcO-y's moft honourable privy-cou 
Knight of the Garter, ranger and warden of Sal 
foreit and Biifliy-park, and a governor of the C 
ter-houfe, was born 061. 5, 171 6, fucceeded Gee 
his father, the late Earl, May 9, 1739 ; and man 
July 2, 1741, Mifs Anne Dunk, daughter and he 
— - Dunk, of Hawkhurft, in the county of K 
Efq; wdiich Lady dying in 173-3, left three daugh' 
viz. Lady Anne, born in April 1742, and died j 
6, 1761 5 Lady Frances, born in May 1743, and' 
Sept. 2, 1764; and Lady Elizabeth, born in I 
ij^S) niarried, on March j, J766, to the Vi fee 



V/ J 

hin*^.roke, Ton aivl heir of tbeEarJ of rnrd-.vich.' 
oiv : ip's lurviving fiRtrs are, ' 
led, in" Jan. 1 7 58-9, to oir Rogjer iHirgcyur, jt 
n, in Xed'crdHiirc', Bart, and basii;ae. y 

■, mairi d, in Dec. 17*; 3, to Henry /^rciK., 4^ 
ler to rbf •re'ent '.ord Archtr ; and Lady iiar-. 
unm::;riied. He has alio nephcvts andjiiey-es, 
liildren of his fii^e'r Lady Cbnrlotte,. dec-^aied, 
■ife of Jof'plj Trkyll, Elqj Li^=rie?. Moniagu, 
iaid oi' i.alilax, c ;-' lbi$ finiily^ n.nd grand un !e 

picftnt Eari, was cojiiiituted one <;i ..he b)rds 
niifioners of the treaiury in 169 ij and in ; 694. 
ippolnted chancellor and under- tieaiurer </f th$ 
cquer ; and the coin being e:;ctedingly debafed 
ciihinilhed, be formed the debgn of calling in 
noney, and recoining it in the year 1695, and 
cd it within the fpace of two years. To faci- 

whrch, and fupply the want of money, whea 
Id money was called in^ he. projected the iil'uing 
[chequer bills : whereupon the Cojnmons came 
-ei'blution, in the year 1697, "That the hon. 
arlfs xVfontagu, Efq; chancellor of the exche- 
er, for his good fervices to the government, did 
^erve his Majelly's favour." He was conilituted 
ord commiffioner of the treafury, in the year, 
5 and refigning tha.t pod in the year 1700, oh- 
d a grant of the office of auditor of the receipt 
e excheo^uer, and the year was created Ea- 
-lalifax, with remainder to George Montagu, 
late Earl of H?.iif?x, eldeil iow of Edward ivion- 
, Efq; his eldeft brother, and the heirs of his 

; and dying Vvithout i flue by his Lady, the 
hfer of Sir Chrif^opher Yelverton, was fucceeded 
5 honour by George, late Lord Halifax. The 
:nt cf this noble family is from the Eails of 
chefcer, anceflors to tiie Duke of that name.— 
AT IONS. Baron Halifax, Dec. 4, 1700, 12 Will. 
Vifcount Sunbury, and Earl of Halifax, June 14, 
, I Geo, I, —Arms, Argent, three fufils con- 







L 98 ] I 

joined in fefs, gules, a border, fable. — Crest. Orl 
wj-eath, a gryphon's head couped, or, with a \x% i^- 
and wings, fable, and a portcullis on its neck of 1 
iecond. — Supportf rs.Two gryphons, argent, gu 
de fang, their wings expanded, gules, and each chai 
ed on the neck with a portcuilis, fable.— -M0TI 
Oiium cum dignitate. ---Chie¥ Seats. At Horton, 
Korthamptonfhire ; at Buihy-park, in Middlele 
and Great George- ftreet, Weftminlter. 

E A R L of S U S S E X. ' 

Henry Yelverton, EarlofSussEX, Vifcou 
Longueviile, Baron Grey of Ruthyn, and Baroq 
iucceeded his brother George- A ugullus, the 1^ 
Earl, who died unmarried, Jan. 8, 1758 ; and Jj 
37, 1757, married Mifs Hall, by whom he has 
daughter, born June 19, 1759, and other childn 
This noble tail is defcended from the Yelvertons 
Korfolk, who flouriflied in the reign of Edward 
whofe feat was at Rackheath, near Norwich. 
Chriilopher Yelverton, another of the anceftors 
this noble Eai 1, w^as chofen fpeaker of the Hoafe 
Commons in the 39th year of Queen Elizabeth, a 
in the year of her reign was made one of t 
judges of the King's-bench, as he vv^as alio in t 
reign of King James I. and his fon Sir Henry Y 
verton was a judge of the Common-pleas in the rei 
oF King Charles I. whofe reports are in great elle< 
at this^day. ---Creations. Baronet, Jan. 30, iSt 
17 Car. I. Baron Grey of Ruthyn, by defcent, a 
fumnions to parliament, 0<5l. 17, 1679, 31 Car., 
Formerly allowed in parliament, Nov. 3, 1646, 
Car. I. Originally in 1312,, 16 Edw. U. Vifcou 
.Longueviile, April 21, 1690, 2 W. and M. and Ei 
of Sulfex, Sept. 26, 1717, 4 Geo. I.---Arms. Argej 
three lions rampant, and a chief, gules.-- -Cre? 
On a wreath, a lion palTant reguardant, gules.- 
.Supporters. On the dexter fide, a wyvern, < 
on the finiller, a lion reguardant, gules.— Mott; 


[ 99 ] 

y en tout.— CmZT Seats. At Eafton-Mauduit, itt 


George-Claverimg CowPERjEarl Cowper, 
Icount Fordwich, Baron Cowper or Wuigham, and 
irouet, born on Aug. 26, 1738, iucceeded William, 
s father, the late Earl, on Sept. 18, 1764, who 
arried, June 27, 1737, Lady Henrietta, youngeft 
lughter and coheir of Henry, Earl of Grantham, 
idhad iffus one fon, George, above-mentioned, and 
daughter, named Caroline, born June 20, 17 n» 
)d manied, in July i753» to Henry Seymour, Efq; 
•other to Edward, the eighth Duke of Someriet. He 
arried to his fecond wife, Lady Georgina-Carohne, 
lu^^hter of the right hon John, Earl of Granville, 
id'^widowof the hon. John opencer, brother to the 
te Duke of Marlboroush, and mother to the pre- 
nt Earl Spencer. WiUiam, Earl Cowper, grand- 
Lther of theprtfent Earl, was bred to the ftudy of 
le law ; and loon after he was called to the Bar, 
as appointed one of the King's council in the reign 
f King William, and of Queen i^nne's council in 
le next reign ; and that Queen conftituted hnii lord 
eeper of the great feal of England, in the year 1 705 j 
nd in 1707, after the treaty of Union, lord Chan- 
ellor of Great Britain, which poll he held until the 
ear 1710 : and on the acceflion of King George I. 
ras conftituted lord high chanctllor again. It is 
bferved ro his honour, that he r fufed to accept 
lew yea! s gifts from the counfellors at law, which 
lad been fong given to his predecelibrs ; and, what is 
nil mere to his honour^ he forefaw and o^pofed the 
leftruaive meafures punu-d in the yean-' 2 c, by 
he South Sea direaois, and fome of the miniltry. 
le was created a Peer, by the Itile and title of Lord 
Towper, Baron Cowper of VVingham. in the county 
)f Kent, Nov. 9, 1706, 5 Anne, Vi count Fcrdwich, 
and EarlCowper, March 18, 1717, 4. George L This 

F a noble 

[ 100 J 

I .noble Earl Is defcendtd from Simon Cowper, flieriff oi 

 london, in the fourth year of King Edward II, 1 3 lo^ 

Sir VViiliarn Cov.'per, another of his ancdlors, who 

i rellded at the cattle of Hej-tford, was eminent for hig 

bpipitality and cliarity, making it his builne's, in tlie 

dedineof life, to vifit and relieve his poor neighbours 

; at their houfes, ariddied much lamented, anno 1664, 

r in the 33d year of" his age. The tltlt of Baronet was 

conferred upon him, March 4, i64.i-z. 17 Car. [.- — 

Arms. Argent, three martlets and a chief engrailed,! 

1 gules ; on tive hitter, as many annulet:^, or.---CREST. 
On a %vreath, a lion's gam b exeiled and erazcd, or, 
, holding a tranch, vtrt ; frucfed, guJes. --- Sup- 
porters. Two bay horfes, with tails docked, pro- 
per. , --Motto. 7'uuM ej}. ---Chief Seats. At Colne- 
green, in Kertfordihire 3 and at Ratlir.g-ccurtjin the 
county of Ker;t. 


Philip Stanhope, Earl Stanch ope, Vifcounti 
St'mhope of Mahon, Baron of Eivalcon, and F. R. .S. 
born on Aug. 15, 17145 fucceeded. his father 
the late Earl, Feb. 5, 1720-1. He married, in 1 745> 
Lady Grizel, filler of Thomas, Earl cA' Haddington^ 
by v.hcm he hr*(l ilTue, Philip, Lord Vifcount Mahon, 
who died 6y 1763., at Geneva, and the hon. 
Charles Stanhope, now iVifcount Mahon.. James 
Stanhope, father of the prelent Earl, was created 
Vifcount Stanhope of Mahon, and Baron Stanhope 
of Elvauon, July 21, 171 7, 3 Cjco. I. and on April 
?4, 1718,4 Geo. 1. created Earl Stanhope. His Lord^ 
ihiiJ had two daughters. Lady Lucy, twin with her 
brother theEarl, born Aug. 15, 1714; and Lady Jane. 
Ke was appointed comn^ander in chief of the Bi-itifli 
forces in Spain in the reign of Queen Anne, in 1708 j 
and the. fame year fabdued the ifland of Minorca. 
He comnnanded the Englifn forces alio at the battles 
of Aim an ar a and Saragofia, in the year 17 10, to 
.xvhich victories he greatly contributed, 2i.m\ facilitated 


[ lOI ] 
be mmh of King Charles III. ^<l^'^!^^;^^ 
W'took voifefii:.>n fbou alter. "^ Y\ l^ToK 

Wl con.,niBioner ot the treaiury, and chanceiloi ot 
he Exchequer, in 1717 ; and in the year 1718, frm- 
-itn craary ot-itate. Alexander Stanhope, E^q; 
:htl,te R..Y-VS father, was the only Ion ot Phnip tae 
iti^FarlofCheil-eiTidld, by his recona wife, Anne 
Sn-^ of Sir John Packingtcn, Brat -<Arms and 
-REST The fame as the Earl ct Chefterfie.d ; a 

rule, a talbot, ermine. On the finuler, ^ wo^t, or, 
uc^dy crowned, r.zure , each charged ^^^ tne frjC.u.- 

^CiirEF Seats. At Chevening niKent 5 and Dover. 
(iVeet, LonJon. 


BONNET Sherard, Earl of Harborough, 
B^n'Sherard of harborough ^^£ngland ana baron 
of L-i-rim In Ireland, fucceeded i-'hmp, tne Li.e had. 
hLfa^Ver Taly ^0,1750. His Lordilnp married m 
t^:~^.i U^j Fllza^eth, daughter of Kaioh, Earl 
vin-.v of Ireland, by ^vhom he has 1 lue four fons, 
Ch;.Hes,b3rnia jan. T73S-95 "^^^^'^ ^^;? J^^l!' 
1 741} lanu-s, born Feb. z^, ^7\^-}'-> f ^^^ ^^ ifj^' 
birnFeb.'.o, 1743-4-5 and three daugbters, Eliza- 
beth, Cht3.rlbUe, and Mary, who all died in their 
rnfa-.c". Tb.s Lady dying on June 7, 17S6, nis 
tordib.p, Tuly 3, ^757, carried Frances, <^-^^ter ot 
thellon. fu'.llce Noel, by whom he has a dangh er, 
?^n Ap.^1 .3, ^759. His Lordlhip ^as a bn^ner : 
aiH three hilers, VIZ. the hon. and rev. Phdip one- 
r^rd,'i^Arron of Fighe in Rutlandmire ; L.dy Doro- 
thy, who married the rev. James lorxington, and 
hsK^ ll^be feveral Tons and daughters 5 Lady L-aty; 
^Hd Ladr Suiannah. This noble Earl is hneally 
rt-^fc-pdod from Schirard, who vvaspofielTedc. manors 
ftndinvis to a crreat value in the counties ot Che.mre 
•and Lancathlre^ in the reign pf William the Con- 

f 2 queror. 

[ 102 ] 

quercr. Geoffrey, nnothtr of this Earl's anccfVcJif 
was three times Iheriff of Ratlcindihire, hi the reigj 
of PLing Edward IV. and King Richard III.— CrW 
TioNS. Baron of Leitrim in Ireland, July 17, i6ii 
3 C>ar. 1. }laron of Harborough, Oct. 19, 1714^ 
Oto. I. and Earl of Harborough, May 8, lyi^t' 
Cko. I. — Arms. Argent, a chevron, gules, beUvoe 
three torteauxes. — L'rest. In a diical coronet, off 
peacock's tail ere(5i, proper. — Supporters, Tiv 
rams, argent, armed and ungulcd, or. — Mottc 
Hofits honori in^vUuf. --Chi^v Seats. At Staplefdi- 
in Leiceileifhire ; WhiHendine in Rutland fliire j ail 
Qaeen-i'quare, Wellminfter. i 


Thomas Parkkr., Earl of Macclesfie 
Vlicount Parker, and Baron of Macclesfield, F. !< 
EL. D. Ibcceedid George, the late Earl, his fatlVef' 
on March 17, 1764, having married, on Dec. i, f7^^\ 
Ids coyfin Mary, eldeft daughter of Sir Willi 
Ileathcote, of Hurfley in Hamplhire, B^rt. by wh 
he has iJfae a fon and two daughters, viz. Gecrgi 
Lord Viicount Pa: ker, and the Ladies hlizabeth 
Mury. His Lordfiiipwas born on Oil. 12, i72 3r 
has one brother, the hon. George Lane Parker, borr. 
Sept. 6, 1724, -captain of a company in the foot- 
guards, vvitn the rank of colonel. 1 his noble Rari 
is dficendtd from Ehomas Parker, uho flouriihed 
in the reign of King Edward IlL and then pclfdied 
the manor of Lees, near Norton, in the county ei 
Derby, which ftill retains the name of Norton-Lees. 
Thomas, Ea; 1 of Macclesfield, grandfather of the 
preient Earl, wa? eminent in' the profelhon of the 
hw, and appointed one of Queen Anne's council 5 on 
June 8, 1705, he was called to the degree of itrjrant 
at lav^, and gave as the motto to the rings he deli- 
vered to-Qaeen Anne and the Prince of Denmark, on 
liiut cccafion, Moribus, Arjnisj Leyjbus, He was ap- 
pomted Queen's ferjeant the fame day, and had the 





[ 103 ] • , . 

hour of Knighthood conferred on him. He fef-y^d 
narliament tor Derby, from the year 1705 tot.h(^^ 
ir .7o«. In 1709-10, he was conilituted lord chiet 
■iirc of the Qneen's-bench 5 and, on the deceafe ot 
li'e^n Anne, was oae of the lords inftices till the 
l-ival oF George I. from Hanover, who, on Marc^lv 
-■,7,c.i6, created hhn Baron of Macclesfield, in 
Reouaty of Lhciler. His Majefty whs plealed tc) 
li^er the great ieal to h'u Lordihip, and to declare 
hi high chancellor of Great Britain, May 12, 1718, 
It hetnioyed that high olficeonly till Jan. 4, ijiA-S' 
I was one of the lords jurnces whilit George f . was 
Hanover in 1719, and that year was appointecl 
Lllos rotulorumof WarwickOiire, and cuiics rotu- 
ram of Wc^rceiterlVire. In 1721 he was created a 
ifcount and F.arl, in tail mile, remainder to hold 
le dignities of Lady Parker, Baronefs oi Maccies- 
2ld, Viicoantefs Parker of Ev/elme, and C ountefs of 
lacclesfield, to Elizabeth his daughter, w-feo^ Wil- 
ani Heatncoate, Efq} and to the heirs male of her 
ady. Kis only fon, George, late Earl oi Maccles- 
:dd, was a learned and rnoft accompliflied Noble- 
^"van, and had the gieateil iliarein framing and con-_ 
J-iKtlng the a6t of parliament for the alteration ot 
he (lyfe, and his fpeech in the Houfe of Peers, at the 
send reading of the bill, was printed, and greatly 
Umired. He was a member of leveral foreign aca- 
j.'iiies, and fucce-rdcd the learned Martin Folkes, 
fq; as piefident of the royal ibciety. His Counters,^ 
^lary, eldeft of the two daughters and coheirs of 
alph Lane, Efq; an eminent Turkey merchant, was 
le of the wortiiieft women of this age. By her will 
^ ordered her body fhould not be drefled in linen 
jd b.ces, but in woollen ; and her coffin to be co- 
hiied witn cloth, inftead of velvet j and that the 
[expence faved thereby, fiiould go to the cloathing of 
Ifome of the poor in her neighbouriiood, ali which 
Uas pur.aualiy performed. —Ckeat;on5. Barou Par- 
ker of Macclesfield, March 10, 1715-16, z Geo. I. 

F 4 Vifcouat 

L ^04 J 

Vi'ccimr Parker, and Earl of Macclesnckl, rsou 
372'; S G ec). I , --,%;•; r4S . Q ule^, a chevioui bv 'cA 
thf.'ic lep!)ards facis, or. — Crest. A leopard'sjlB 
eiaz'd and gu-'a Innt, cr ; due Jly gorged, guip^U 
Supp6^TtR!>. Two leopards reguardant, prgf 

each o;or?ed with a ducal coronet, g-ules. — Motl 
^■ii/^i -e ■!Uife.~--Ciii\;v ^eats. At Sherbuni-caftle.] 
Oxfoidfhire j and Harley ftreet, I ondon. 

^ A R L ol* P O M F R E T. 

George Fe r mcr. Ear! of PoviFr«.£T, c.u.d L(| 
Leiapilor, a lord of the bedchamber to the Ki 
and keeper of the lower parks and bonfe at Ri.! 
jTiond, I'ucceeded his father, Thomas, the late E;| 
July S, 17 5-:}, and on Aprils, 1764., uiarried iy,| 
Diaycolt, of Sunbury, in Middlefex, to whom La] 
Jane Coke left a very great fortune. His Loidfliil 
i'urviving lifters are. Lady Charlotte, n^.arried to t| 
right hoii. William Finch, brother to the Earl 
"'vv'incb.elfea ; Lady Henrietta, mDrried to John Ccl.'. 
yers, of Copthall, in t&x,Ei'q; Lady Juliana, mar" 
ried in Aug. 1751, to Thomas Penn, Efq; one oft,] 
proprietors of Pennfilvania ; Lady Louiia, a lady 
the bedchamber to the f'rincefs amelia ; and Lai' 
Atme, marricii, July 15, 1754, to Thomas Daw fo 
Efq; This noble fami'y, who were formerly c?.Ilt I 
Kicanls, v^ ere anciently feated at Soirsert'on, upcl 
the rivcr Cherwell, in the county of Oxford, whr. 
they had large pofielBons, as far back as the ti-nc/l 
Mir.g Henry Vlf. — Creations. Baron, A\:-t'\\ i: 
1692, 4 \V. and M. Earl, Dec. 27, 172.1, Z Geo.-,. 
— ARi'JS. Qu?.rier'.y, firll and fourth, argent, a fef;l 
three lions heads erazed, guies Th 


ucond and t!:ird, azure, a faltire, argent, betwi'ei| 
four eagles di-played, or.— Crest. Oat of a due;.:. 
coronet, or, a cock's head ifTuing, gules 5 crefted a^^j 
>vatt'ed. or — Suptoxters. Two lions, prcper,Tri 
Motto, fhra ^yi//'/7v.— Chief Seats. At EaMrn* 

Neitcn, in the county of Northampton ; and Sr. 


low, Lond-C'n. 



IWiLLiAM Graham, Earl and Baron Gp.aham, 
Ifcliord, in Scoclind, and i:ari of'l>FLFyRJ)-,in the 
anty of NorthumberianJ, in England, Duke of 
g>;tro?£, in Scotland, chancellor of the imiveriity 
Cj'hfgow, and governor of the bankof bcotland, 
:;ceeded his brofher David, late Earl Grahaiib 'Sl'C. 
1731, and his father in his othertitles, Jan. 7, 
\^i-z. Hi= Lordlhip married, in Ocl, J74.i, the 
tdy Lucy Manners, danghLerof John, late Duke of 
atland, by v;hoiTi he has iiToe, juaies/Marquis 
rahani, and Lady Lucy. Th;s noble £cirl is de- 
ended from the valian': Greme,_ or 'v-Jrahamj who 
rctd his way through that barrier formed by. the 
:itons to defend their country, ert'ded. betvv'een 
unbritton and Edinburgh Frith.s, and from hiin 
.lied Graham's Dyke. — Creations, ikuon Graham 
 Be! ford, and Earl Graharn, by patent. May 23, 
7:z2, 8 Cieo. L — Arms. Qnarterly, firfc and fourth, 
.", on a chief, fable, three efcaiiop-lhells, or. Second 
id third, argent, three rofes, gales, barbed and 
eded, proper. —Crest. On a wreath, an e'ngle, 
ings hovering, or, preying on il iiork on its baci' 


buppoarHRs. Two lloi4;3 clofb, argejit 5 

e^ked and membered, gules. — Motto. .Ne.onbiie.^'^ 
.'hiEF Seats. At Glafgow in Lanerkfhire 5 at Kin- 
aim in Perthfhlre ; at Iviyndock-cr.ille in the county 
f Lennox; and in Upper Grofvenor-Ilreet, London* 

EARL of W A K E F 1 E L D. 

John Ker, (Duke of RoxBUR.c-M,in Scotland,} 
larl and Baron Kes. of WaklField, in Yorkfnir^, 
ucceeded his father Robert, late Duke of Ro:<- 
)Urgh, who died on July 20, 17 55, and is -yet un- 
liarried. His Grace has a brother, Lord Kohert 
ver, and two fillers. Lady Effex, and Lady Mary. 
His Grace is de(cended from the noble faniily 
jf Druiiiraond, formerly c:died Dry men, vv'hicli 

F 5 ' iiouriihcd 

[ ic6 ] 

flonnfhe^ in the reign of Alexander II. Kincr of Sec 
land, and were anceftors of all the Britifh Kings 
the Stuart race — Creations. Baron Ker of Vv ak 
fidd and Karl Ker, by patent, May 24., ,7^2, 
Oeo. I.-AxMs Quarterly, firft and fourth, Yut, < 
a chevron, between three unicorns heads eraze 
argent ; as many mullets, fable. Second and thii 
gules, three mufcles, or.~-CREST. On a wreath, . 
unicorn's head erazed, argent ; armed, or.— Su 
PORTERF. Two ravages, each holding a club ov 
his flioulder, and wre:uhed about his temples ar 
Joms with ivy, all proper. — MoTTO. Fro Lhrifxo 
Patria duke Fe'icuhiffi.^C.HiEF Seats. At Bray ; 
liuckin^hamfhircj and Hanover-fquare, London.' 


John Waldegrave, Earl Waldegrave, Vj 
count Chewton, Baron Waldegrave of Ciiewton, ar 
Barontt, colonel of the fecond regiment of dragooi 
guards, governor of Plymouth, and a lieuteuant-gi 
neral, fucceedtd James his brother, the late Ear 
on April 8, 1763. His Lordfliip was born on Apr 
5:8, 1718, and in 1751 married Lady Elizabeth, fift 
daughter of John, late Earl Gower, and by her hi 
three ions, George, Vifcount Chewton, William, an 

, born 061 7,1761, and two daughters. Th; 

noble £arl is defcended from John de Waidegrav( 
vyho was (lieriff of London in the year 1205, in th 
leventh year of King John. But this family "is parti 
cularly eminent for thefervices of bir Edward VValde 
grave, whoferved in parliament for Sudbury, 27 Eli? 
and was knighted at Greenwich, on July 19, 1607 
And, though upwards of ieventy years of age^ at th 
breaking out of the civil war between Charles I. an; 
his parliament, he took up arms on the King's fde 
and, having the command of a regiment of ho'rfe, be 
haved fo bravely, th.atthe King couferredon him t|^'< 
dignity of aBai-onet, on Aug. T, 164.3. When th.- Ear 
of EITtx^s ar.Tiy was funouuded in Cornv»-aIl, in 164-^ 

' • hi 




■iired to breakthrough, hv. three li.u 
■'^''^ratB;^^CDo,fcHhiS the King i.v. 

,d dming his Itay there, a Pf ''^°' ''!"b™ti,/„a,y 
Jehgn t. ru,-pr,xe h.m in h'^n ^e^ , b m y 

d colonel, ivltead ot taU , g^^t ha ^^^^_ 

■ifoiiers. He continued a iteaay ioy^^^jj ^;, , ^ 

r g he .oatwo of h-b„s, an^ -- V:,:/;! 
due of 50,oool. 11 ^'^^^^^;^,^' Ant Earls, after htj 

here. His eWeit ion, James, '^''"^, * .,,„ ,in,e of 
njoyed alio feveral high othces and ^' t^^,^";"/,"' 

.tanneries, LL D and >• J^-^. Edward 

^Alirol "Knlht of "he' Balh. le'cond Ion of Konert 
tt^{ oVcfrford. h-u,g i*>e at '^e "me o, -;. 

b.^ot1ier, as ^b^^^- -/'^^^^'^'^ Cliewton ji 
ft^ron-f Baron Wal e-2,rave ot Chewton, }^y>' 

40, 11685-6, 1 jac. ^^- ^ ^ VValdegvave^ 

[ io8 ] 

WaldagiMve, Sept. 13, 1723, 3 Geo. II.-Armj 
l^arry per pale, argent and gules.—CRtsT. Iij 
oucal coronet, or, a plume o^ five oftricb fcath^i 
jwty per pale, argent and gules—SuppoRTt^J 
1 wo talbots, fable, eared, or, and each eor-red wjfc 
arcural coronet, argent, niafoned, fable.— "Mott< 
Crswmmnam<m^.m.^CHiEF Seats. Naveltoke in Ei 
iex i Hewet-phce, Kent ; and Saville-row, London 


John Ashburkham, Earl Ashburnham 
ViicoLint St. Alaph, and Baron Afliburnham, a ion 
of the privy council, keeper of his Majtfly-s ward 
robe, and LL. D. born Ott. 30, ,724, fucceeded hi, 
father John, the latci Earl, March 10, 1736-75 anc 
June 28, 1756, was married to Mifs Crawley, dauc^h 
ter and coheir of Ambrofe Crawley, Efqj late aldlr 
man ot London, by whom he has a ion livincr 
George, Vifconnt St. Afaph, born Dec. 21, 176? 
alfo leveral daughters, the laft born May 18, 176c. 
This noble Earl is dcfcended from Piers, Lord D(h- 
burnham, high iheriff of the counties of Surry, Suf 
fex, and Kent, and conllable of Dover-caftle, in the 
reign ot King Harold : he defended that caitle againft 
William the Conqueror to the laft extremity. — 
Creations. Baron Aihburnham, May 30, 1689', x 
W. and M. Vi (count St. Afaph, and Earl oi' Afh. 
burnham. May 14, 1730, 3 Geo. U.-Arms. Gules, 
a fe(s between fix mullets, argent. -Crest. Out of a 
ducal coronet, or, an aih-tree, proper. — Sup. por^ 
TERS. Two greyhounds, fable, collared and chained, 
or.— Motto. Li- Key Ce^ rf-JIat.— Chief Seats. At 
Afliburnham in Suffex j Teddington in Middlcfex ; 
and Dov'er-ftreet, London. 


Thomas Howard, Earl of Effingham. Lord 
KoA-ard, born Jan. 13, 1746-7, fucceeded his'father 
Thonaas, the iate Earl, ouNov, jc), 1763. HisLordt 


[ 109 ] 

|has a brother, the hon. Ridiai\MIoward, born 

21, 1748, and three liilerSj the Ladies Ehzabeth, 

lie, and Maria. This nobhe Earl is defcended 

li the Lord William Howard, ion of Thon"!a3, the 

lid Duke of Norfolk, vvliole fon Charles, Lord 

lard of Efiinghani, commanded tbe royal navy 

|:ti defeated the Spanifh Armada in 1588. For, 

ahiden writes, the Queen havirig a great opinion 

lis fortunate conduiir, and well knowing him to 

cillful in maritime affairs, wary and provident, 

int and courageous, induftrious and a6live j and 

by the Iweetnefs of h'S behaviour, and by his 

ery and conducf, he was of great authority and 

ra among the feamen, (he committed to him the 

mand oi' the v>'hole fleet : with u'hich, as before 

tioned, he had the honour of faving his country, 

ifperfmg, and totally ruining, that fiett, which 

"jpaniards had fondly boafired to be invincible, 

had been three whole years nttirjg out at a vaft 

nee; and thereby gained immortal honour to 

felf and family. For which great ftrvice the 

en not only fettled a penfion upon him, but ever 

r conlidrred him as a perfon born for tlie pre- 

ation of his country. And when in 1.596, the 

lyear of her reign, on .1 repoit of tlie Spaniards 

n attempting to invade England, a fleet was 

ipped of 150 ih p;?, with lan.j forces on board, he 

made commander in chief at lea, and the Earl 

Elfex at land ; in t' as expedition they took 

iz j and his fervice therein was fo greatly efteem- 

by the Qu:en, that, on C?ct. 22, the fame year, 

advanced him to the dignity of Earl of No.ting- 

1, (being defcended from the Mo.vbrays, whereof 

e had been Earls of that county ) becaufe, as his 

snt fets forth, '* That by the vi61:ory obtained 

nno 1588, he had fecured the kingdom of Eng- 

ind from the invafion of Spain, and other im- 

endent dangers ; and did alio, in con)un6f;ca 

I'ith Qurdeai' ccuiin Robert) Earl of Efiex, feize 

.w. t.'by 


" by force the ine,and Ihongly forMfied city ofC: 
«' in the fartbell pa.t of Spain 5 and d\.\ likewife 
'' tircly rout :uul defeat another Heet of the Kirt 
*' juaui prcpiied in that port a-ainft this kingdo 
In the lame year he was apponited juitice itinei| 
of all the forcUs South of Trent. In 41 thz. he | 
nnde commander of the fix thoufand forces ra 
on the apprehenfion of the Earl of Eflex arri; 
fron\ Ireland with rebellions deigns 5 and in 44. I 
on the Earl of Elfex's infurreaion, he was len; 
reduce Drury-houfe, whither that Earl bad ret: 
which was loon llirrendered to him. .That f 
year he uas conftituted one of the commillloners 
executincr the otiice of earl marOial ot Engh 
\\ ben thi: CWeen, declining in her llrength, remc 
to Richmond, (where Ihe died March 24, 1602 
Ihe faid to the lord admiral, " My throne has I 
«' held by Princes in the way of fucceflion, and 01 
*« not to jro to any but my next and immed 
*' heir '^ And before her death, being deputed 1' 
the lord keeper and fecretary to wait upon theQi| 
for an expU^nation, ihe declared the King ot b 
to be her nearelt klnfman and Iaccelior._ On the 
celfion of that Prince he was continued in h;s po 
lord \v<j;h admi; al, and ws^s lord high fteward ot E 
laud at^ his coronation, July 15, 1603. He was 
fcnt amballador into Spain, and was appomted 
of the comniiffioners to tieatot an union betw 

England and Scotlmd. O" ^^^^ ''!^'"!"^^SVk 
Prince^b Elizabeth to the Ekaor Palatine, Feb. 
16.2-13, llie wasconduded between him and 
Duke of Lenox from the chapel, and he had 
honour to condna her with a royal navy to Flulh . 
In the i6th of lames I. he voluntarily, on accoun t 
his p-reat a?e "and infirmities, refigatd Ir.s poi_? 
lord high ad.rnral, which he had enjoyed thirty- ? 
years with the greateil glory imaginable j onwl| 
the King remitted him a debt due to the crovvi t 
jgool. fettled on him loool. a year for life, 1 

[ III ] 

ited him the place and precedence of John lyiow- 
', created Earl of Notringhani by Richard H. to 
y, for term of his life ( nly, as well in parlia- 
tfS ia the Star-chamber, and all other aircrr.hllcs 
councils, above all other Earls of later creation, 
deceafed at Hahng-houfe, aged 87, on Dec. 14, 
^'j'and was buried in the family vault, under the 
icel of Kygate church, in Svirry, on the 23d of 
fame; month. Notwithilanding his long enjoy- 
.t of fo profitable a poU, he left no great pftate, 
ing lived in a raofl fplendid and magnificent 
mer, keeping feven Handing houfes at the fame 
;j and expended in feveral public iervices great 
j.out of his private fortune, for the good of his 
ftfry. By his firft wife Catherine, daughter of 
sy Cary, Lord Hunfdon, he had ifxlie two fons, 
: fecond of which, Ch'^rles, f'ucceeded him in his 
ours,) and three daughters. By his fecond, Mar- 
;t, daughter cf James Stuart, EarJ of Murray, in 
dand, he had ilTue two fons, James, who died 
ng, and Sir Charles Howard, ivnt. fucceffor to 
liialf brother Charles, in the title of Earlof Not- 
;iiam. This Lady f urviving him, remarried with 
vV'iliiam Monfon, Knt. Vilbount Caftlemaine in 
and.— Creations. Baron, by patent, Mai'ch 11, 
5-4, 1 Mary I. and Earl, Dec. 8, 1731, 5 Geo. II. 
Ums and Crest. The fame as the Duke of 
■folk's, a mullet for difference. — Supporters. 
o.lions, argent ; on the fhoulder of each a mullet 
difference.-— Motto. Firtus mille fcuta.—Chiiv 
i'TS. At Great Bookham in Surry j and St. Al- 
I'Srftreet, London, 

EARL of O R F O R D. 

EORGE Walpole, Earl of Orford, Vlf- 
mt Walpole, Baron Walpole, and Baron of Hough- 
, ranger of St. James's and Hyde-Parks, one of 

lords of his Majelty's bedchamber, lord lieute- 
it and cultos rctulorum of Norfolk, and of the 

• city 

[ 112 ] 
clfy and county of Norwich, and Reward of the 6 
potation of Yarinouth, was born t)n April i, i-^ 
and fucceeded his favhcr Robert, the late liarl, Af 
I, 1755, and is unmarried. Sir Robert VVal^ 
grandfather of the Esrl of Orford, was born M 
a-S, 1674, 0A\d chofcn to reprefent the Bcrou^ 
King's-Lynn in parliament, in 170c, and rerved' 
thafcorporation in every parliament, excepting'! 
interval of one feihon of the third parliamei^ 
Great il^ritain, when he was ex;3elled the houfe? 
font to the fovser, uv-til he was created an Ei 
In Jyne, 1705, he was commiilioned to be one of* 
council for the affairs of the admiralty to Pi-fl 
George of Denmark, lord high admiral of Englat 
and in 1707 conllituted fecretary at war ; and tr 
furer of the navy in 1709-10. When Dr. Sachev* 
was impecTched, he was chofen one of the manao 
of the houfe of commons, to make good the artu 
cf imptachment againft him. He was removed fr 
his employments in A-nguft 17 jo, and was not 
ar./ office daring the reit of the Queen's reign. ';' 
the accelTion of George I. he was made paymafl^' 
the guarda and garrifons at home, and of the for 
abroad, on Sept. 23, 17 '4- J ^'^^d Oct. i , thefame yt 
>va3rvvorn of the privy-council. On 0<51. 10, 1715J 
was conft.-tuled firftiord commi-Tionerof thetreafi 
and chancellor of the exchequer ; and _ in the fa 
year was elected chairman of the committee of fee 
cv, .'.ppointed by the houfe of commons to enqu 
into tile conduft of thofe evil minifcers, *• that broflj 
"a repioaeh on the nation, by the unfui tabled-; 
<' clufion of a war, whichvvas carried on at fo vaft P- 
*' expeace, and was attended with fiich uriparallel'^ 
\'_ fuccefles." On April 10, 17 17, he refigned his hj 
ofnces J but on June 4, 7 720, he v/as conitituted'pi 
Tnaftcr-general of all his Majelly's forces, and 
April 4., 1721, firfc lord commiiTioner of the Treitfii 
and chancellor and nnder-treafurer of the excheqii 
In 172 1 he wa3 conftitated one of the lords juft 




ir the admiuiilrritioii of t;,e. government, lamlfole 
crctaiy of iiate, during the ahienee.of Loxds Town- 
end andCarteiet, vs ho wt'iit vvitii tbeir Sovfreieiaito 
lanover. In 1725 he was ..elcfted a ;Knight cf the 
Irch, with Prince William, (the late Duke .cfXum- 
Irlaiul,) and /Ijvera! other Loids, and other great 
jribi»3gcs, and was ahb one of tiie lords juiiice'^^s the 
lai^ year. ]n 1726, he was elei^ed a Knight of.the 
|aj-ter, and inftallf-d at Windfor, June 16.'^ In 1727 
was again one of the lords julHces in his Majclty's 
j fence the kill time he went to Hanover. On the 
ceflion of the late King, he was continued in all 
Is high pcib, and was chofen a governor cf the 
jf.rtrr-houfe, and at the coronation attended as a 
|ivy cocinfeilor and. Knight of the Garter, in ihe 
.1 hribit and Goaar of njoit noble order, &c. 
:. In the lirft lefTion of that parliament which 
ht Dec 4., 1741, finding a ilrong party againfc him 
the narion, as vveli as in the parliament, he re- 
\ntd ail his places, and was created Baron Houf^b- 
k Viibount Walpole, and Earl of Orfcrd, to him 
Id his heirs male. He afterwards, the enquiry into 
|; condua being dropped, or rather fsjfpended, 
eda^very retired life, enjoying rell from his la- 
urs, the fwests of private friendihio, and the eileem 
lliove of his Sovereign ; bjt being much afi^iaed 
l:h that excruciating diPorder the ftone, it at lengtii 
It a period to his life, in the 70th year of his age, 
I h:s houjb in Ariington-ilreet, 'St. James's, "on 
liiday, iV']ai-ch i8, 1745-6. It niuft beVaid of him, 
luhewas as great a miniiler as evcr this nation 
|;duc-d, a friend to libej ty and the native rights 
Iraankind, though the neceiFitics of the times mfght 
h hi:ri upon mt-aiurts cf government, which we°e, 
Ifomerefpedts, detrimental to our conftitution. He 
Irried to his firil wife Catharine, daughter of fohn 
liner, of Bybrooke in Kent, Efq; by whom he had 
le three fons and one daughter, viz. Robert, the 
I' Mi\ creuted, la. .hisfather'.s .lifetime L<ird Wal- 


[ 114 ] 

pole, and fiithcr of the prclent Earl. Sir Edw 

Knijjht of the Buth, member for Great Yarmo 

ckik of the ptlls in the exchequer, a privy coi|t 

lor, and cominifiioner of wine licences in Irelandv 

is unmariied, but has three nitural dr.aghiei-s, 

wife of the iiilhop of Litchfield and Coventry, tVi; 

Dowager-C ountefs V\aldegrave, and Lady Hunt 

towrj i-Ioratio, uilier, coiDptroller of the pjpe,* 

clerk of the eftreats, in the tixchequer, me:nbei 

Lynn- Regis, and F. R. S. Lad/ Mary, inarrievl 

J 723, to Oeo;ije, Earl of Cholmonde'.ey, uho die 

1732. ThJr^nother, Sir Robert's wife, dyini 

1737, he married, the fame year, Maria, daug 

and fole htir of rhomas Skerret, Efq; who die 

June 1738, by whom he had no ihue alter j 

riage, but before, a daughttr, Maria, his Maje 

hovile-keeper at VVindfor, and wife of Charles C 

chill, Efq; This family took their name from-^ 

pole in Norfolk, vherr they refided before that 

quefc. CREATIONS Baron VValpole, June ic,t 

9 (5eo. I. Baron of Houghton, Vifcount Waipo.e 

Earl of Orford, Feb. 9, 1741-2. Arms. Or, • 

, fefs between two chevrons, lable, three crofs cr.( t 

of the firft.— Crest. On a wr.ath, the bult 

man, fide fact d, couped, [)roper, ducally cro->* : 

with a long cap on, guhs, thereon a cath. i- 

wheel, or; which creft belonged to the /amil 

Pobfart, and was in memory of the fervices 

John Kobfart, Knight of the Gaiter, againfl 

Saracens.— Supporters. On the dexter lid in 

antepolc, an 1 on t: e imifter fide a buck, both ar 

attired, proper, gorged with collars, cheeky, o-r. 

nziirc, each having a chain thereto ailixed, and i* 

hoofs or. Motto. Fan qn^ ftnitai. ---C j^ 

Seats. At Houghton-Kall in Norfolk; at Pic K 

ton in Dorft tfiiire ; at Hrrynton in Devonlhne??li 

Green-ftreet, Grofvenor fquare, London. [See.i^ 

Walpole of Vvcolttrton.] ^' u 

E A. Mr; 






'"iLLiAM Stanhope, Earl of Harrington, 
aunt Peterfh.mi, Jjaron of Hnnington, lieute- 
:-gpneral, colonel of the iecond troop of borfe- 
adier guards^ and comptroller of the caitoins in 
3ort otDublin, fucceeded his fs.ther, WJiliain. the 
Karl, Dec. 8, 1756, and having, on Aug. 11, 
•/married L?,dy CarolineFitzroy, eldeft daughter 
harks Duke of Grafton, hath .{taej Lady Caro- 
born March i x, 1746-75 married>on061: 7,1765, 
le hon. Mr. M'Kenzie, oF Seaforth 5 Lady La- 
I, born April 4, 1748 ; Lady Emilia, born May 
1749 J Lady Henrietta, born 061. 2.6, 1750; 
*les, Vifccunt Peterraam, born March 20, J753 ; 
iam-Fitzrov, baptized June 26, ^754; Henry, 

.in 1755; ^^^ Lady , born on March 

[760. William, the late Earl, vras appo'nted 
afiador to Spain in 1729, and concluded the 
tty of Seville there, Nov. 9, the fatne year. He 
June 12, 1730, made one of his Majeilj^'s prin- 
1 lecretaries of fiate, an<l refigning the i'eals in 
V was declared prefident of the conncil. He 
oonftituted fecretary of ftate again in 1744, 
¥ the refignatinn of Earl Granville ; and was, 
.4, 1746, conliituted lord lieutenant of Ireland ; 
hich poll he was fucceeded by his Grace the late 
e of Dorfet. As to the antiquity of this family, 
jare deicended from Sir John Stanhope, of £1- 
m, JPi the county of Derby, who was great-great- 
iidfarher of Wiiliani, late Earl of Harrington, 
of the fame ftock as the anceftors of the Earls of 

fteifidd. Crhatioks. Baron of Harrngtcn, 

.20, 17x9, 2 Geo. n. Vifcount Peterfoam, and 

of Harrington, Feb. 9, 174T-2, ijGeo.H. 

-IS. Quarterly, ermine and gules, a crefcent on a 
:ent for difference. Crest. On a wreath, a tower, 
nt, wi::h a demi-lion rampant, ifiuing from the 
lement, or, holding between his paws a grenade 


fruij^, proper. '--SijppoRTERS. On tbe d^xte 
a taibot, ar;:ent, gutte de poix ; oa the iiili: 
woli", erm'mois j eichTuniiorrer gorged wilhH 
Jan(i^orch:io}et,oto3k, vert, frufled, or.---M( 
A'Ben et 7?'. tf. ---Chief .S5ats. At^ i^erciilia 
Si:!Ty; at I-lnhy, in the ccunly of Netting 
ami t^t.'J amcs's •3tabie-yatd, London. 


JOHN Wallop, Earl of Portsmouth 
ccjuiu Lvmir.gton, aiid i^arcn Wallop oi- F 
Widiop, hiccecded his grr'^ndfith-.r, Nov. 23, 

and married, on Aug. 27. i7^3> ' ^^^^ 

of Cc\iir,)i-i Feilowes, Efn; His LorJihip's 1 
John, \ ifco'jnt Lytnington, born Auguft 3, 
married, July i > , i 74.-, Caihiirinc, daug ,ter an 
of John Conduit, of Cranbery, in Hamv:<hi 
Catharine his wife, coheir of the celebratedSii 
Newton, and dying in 1749, in the life of his i 
left iffue by his Lady, who died April 15, 
fonr Tons, John, now Latl, Henry, Barton 
Bennct, alfo a daughter, Catharine. His Lc 
has an uncle, Charles, born Dec. 12, 17:12, ■v^ 
J 747, was member in parli mient for v*^ bite 
in ^hropfnire. This noble Eai I is defcended 
the Waiiops of Rampihiie, a Snxon fa;wly,'^ 
were poifeiFcd of lands of a confiderable vnluei 
county, at the time of the ConquelL --Creat 
B-jron Wallop, and Virconnt LymingtCMi, Jo 
)-2o, 6 C-eo. i. E'arl of PortCmouth, April 1 1, 
16 (ico. IL — Arms. Argent, a b.end wavy, i-i' 
Crist. On a wreath, a mermaid, holdin.; 
dexter hand a minor, in the otbera comb, all p 
-.-SuppoKTERs. Two chamois, or wikl goats, 
— Motto. En fin-virnt la nje.yhs.- — 'Cvi\)iV S 
At Hur.'l-.ournc, in Hants; and Eillingbear, 
connty of berks. 

[ 1^7 ] 

R L BROOK E, and EARL of ' 

W A R V/ I C K. 

ivNCis Grevile, Earl Brooke andofWAR- 
,,,and Lord Brooke, Earon Krooke or" Besu- 
)-court, in VVarwickfliire. Knight of tiie moll 
it and jioble order of 5rt. y\ndrew, or the 
e, born in 1719. Succeeded his father, William, 
•d Brooke, in July 17^7 > ^nd July 7, 174.6, 20 
ir». was created Earl Brooke of Wjii-wick-calile, 
couniy of Warwick ; and, on the death of the 
arl of Warwick, was created Earl of VVarwick, 
'7> ^759» 33 ^co. If, His Lordfhip married/ 
(kj 1742,. the hon. Elizabeth Hamilroji, eldeit 
ter to the Lord Archibald Harnilton, by whom 
. illue, now furviving, George, Lod Grevile, 
, 16, 1746 j Chailes-Francis, born May 12, 

Lcuifa-Auguila, born April 14, 1743, the wife 
Harry Harpar, Bart, knight of the ihire for the 
/,of Derby 5 Frances-Elizabeth, born May 1 1, 

Charloite-Maria, born July 6, 1745 ; Robert- 
, born Feb. 3, 1750-1 j aad Aug. 26, 1760, 
3r daughter. The anceltors of this noble fat\iily 
Norman extradlion, and came ever to England 
/i'illliam the Conqueror, who conferred manors 
.mis on them in England, of a condderabie va- 
ind at lengih they obtained the government of 
G^e of Warwick, the prefent feat of the family. 
Ik Greville, the fiiPc Lord Brooke, was a noble- 
;allant and brave in his youth, learned and ufe- 
retired life. He, was the. friend and companion 
i famous Sir Philip Sydney, and, like him, the 
»; of ieaniing and learned men ; he procured 
lebrated C?..aiden to be made clai^enceux, king- 
is, who, as a grateful teltimony of his fenfe of 
ligation, , left him, by his lall vviil, a piece of 

In his Britannia^ mentioning the father of S'm\. 
he adds, " Whofe only fon, of the fame name, 
fo entirely devote hitiifeif to the ftudy of real 


[ ii8 ] 

virtue and honour, that thenoblenefs of his mind 

exceeds that of his birth ; for whofe exlraordi: 

favours, though I muft defj^air of making (uit 

returns, yet, whether fpeaking crfilent, I muft 

preferve a grateful remembrance of him." Sf 

fpeaking ot Warvvick-caille, fays, " The right wd 

Knight, Sir Fulk Greville, in whofe perfon (h)net 

true virtue and high nobility ; whofe goodnefs to 

ward I do acknowledge, in fetting this hand 

from the daily employments of a manual trade, 

giving it full liberty thus to exprefsthe inclinati 

ray mmd ; himfelf beiUg the procurer of my pr 

eftate." He continued in the fervice of Queen H 

beih, in fome honourable Ration or other, durin 

whole of her reign, and was nobly rewarded b^y 

He was made Knight cf the Bath at the ^ 

nation of James I. and was foon called from 1 

treafurer of the navy, to be chancellor of the E: 

quer, and was fworn of the privy-council. 1 

2d of James I. he obtained a grant of VVarwick-( 

with the gardens and t:ther dependencies abc 

---Creations. Lord Brooke, by patent, Ja 

1620-1, iS Jac. I. Earl Brooke, and Earl of 

wick, utJupra.—A?^us. Sable, on a crofs, wit 

border ingrailed, or, five pellets.— Crest. !na 

coronet, or, afwan, with wings expanded, ar, 

beaked, fable.— Supporters. Two fwans, ar 

beaked and membered, fable ; and ducally gc 

or. .—Motto, ^x ea nojira <voco.-—Cii\2-T S 

At Warwick -caftle, in Warwickfhire ; at Richi 

in the county of Surry j and Hiil-ftrtet, Lond 


Granville-Leveson GovvER, Earl Go 
Vifcount Trentham, and Lord Gower, Baron < 
tenham, and Baronet, a lord of the privy-co 
lord lieutenant and cuftos rotulorum of the c 
of Stafford, and governor of the Charter-houf« 
ceeded his father, on Dec. 5, 1754. He marn< 

[ 119 ] 

j., Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Fazakerley, 
; who died of the Imall-pox, May 19, 1745, by 
•in he had a fon, named John, who died tl-.e fame 
He married to his lecond wife, Maich 28, 
R, the Lady Louifa Egeiton, daughter of George 
;e of Bridgwater, by whom he hath ilfne, Lady 
ila, born Oft. 22, 1749; Lady Carolina, born 
v»> J 753 J George Vifcount Trentham, born on 
 9» 175^ » ^ii'i Lady Anne, born Feb. 22, 1761 j 
r mother died on the 14th of the next month, 

his Lordftiip is yet a \Aidower. His Lordihip 
;m half brother, the hon. John Govver, a cavtain 
he navy. His fillers are Gertrude, Duchefs of 
ford, Lady VVrottefley, Lady Frances, relitl of 
d Joiin-Philip Sackville, the Countefs of Walde- 
'e, and the Countefs of Upper OfTory. This an- 
t family is lineally defcended from Sir Allan 
/er, flieriif of the county of York, and Lord of 
;nham, in that county, at the time of the Nor- 

Conqueilj which eftate of Sittenham is in pof- 
)n of the prefent FCarl. John Gower, fon of Sir 
imas Gower, cotemporary with Chaucer, or ra- 

his mailer, one of his Lordlhip's anceitors, is 
;med one of the beft poets of that age, and a 
.t improver of the E-nglilh language. He died in 
ry advanced age in the year 1402. — Ck eat ions. 
>net, June 2, 1620, 18 Jac. I. Baron Gower of 
?nham, by patent, March 16, 1702-3, 2 Anne j 
ount Trentham, and Earl Gower, July 8, 1746, 
ieo. n. — Arms Quarterly, firft and fourth, 
•y of eight, argent and gules ; over all, a crcfs- 
Tf lable, for Gower. Second and third, azure, 
e laurel-leaves ereft, or, for Levefon. — Crest. 
a wreath, a wolf palfant, argent j collared and 
ned, or,— Supporters. Two wolves, argent, 
1 having a collar and chain, or. — Motto.- tran- 
mn flectes .---Luii? Seats. At Trentham, in the 
ity of Staiford j and Arlington -ftreet, London. 


[ 120 ] • 


John Hoeart, Earl of Btjckinghamshi 
Loid Hobari, Baron Hcbart of Blickling, and 
ronet, one of cbe Ijrds of his Majefty's be^kbam 
and a lord of the jMivy-conncil, faccie'ed tl.e I 
r.:iri John, bisfatbei, Sept. 22, 1756. On Ju}y| 

1 761, he ni.arrJed Mifs lury, a great 

tune, daughter of the vnfoitiinnle general _I>il 
drowned at St. Cas. His Lordfti^p'b only fille 
La('y T'orolhy, murried to captain Hothain, of 
foot-guards, dc camp to Lord Ligonier, 
eldeit fon of Bcann^ont HotLam, Efq; one of 
conimifTioners of ths cufion-is. iiis Lonjfeip'r 1 
brothers are, George, member in parliament 
Beeralfton, and man-ied, in May 1757, to Albi 
daughter of Lord Vere bertie, by v/hcm he h: 
fon%orn March 3, 1758, another bcrn Ma 
1760, and Henry. Sir Henry Hobart, Bart, 
chief juftice of tiie Common-pleas, was one of 
anceftors of this noble Earl, whofe Reports are 
in much efteem among the learned of the lav 
Cr.FATiONS. liuon in 1718, 2 Geo. IT. Earl in 1 
00 Geo. IL — Arms. Sable, a ftar of eight rays, 

between two fianches, ermine. Crest. C 

wreath, a bull paflant, party per pale, fabk 
o-ules, all beznnty, and a ring in bis noi'e, or 
Supporters. On tbe dexter fide, a ftng j or 
fuiifter, a talbot j bath proper, reguardant, ^ 
having a radiant collar and chain, or.- -Motto. 
tor pnti^fa /^ctf.- --Chief Seats. At Eiickling,in 
county of Norfolk 5 and in Spring-garden, Lou' 


William Fitz-William, rEarl FiTz-Vi 
LiAM, Vifcount Mdton, Lord Fitz- William, and 
ran of Milton, in England ; alfo Earl Fitz- Will 
VifcountMilton,and Baron Fitz-VVilliam,cf Liffe 
LiH'ord, in Ireland, was born May 30, 1748, and 
cceded hi$ father William; the hteEarl, Ai^g. 9; ^ 




lis Lordfliip's fif^ers are, Lady Anne, born March 
1744-5; Liidy Charlotte, born July 14, 1746; 
iy Frances, born 061. 22, 1750; Lady Henrietta, 
n March 20, 1753 *> and Lady Dorothy, born 
y 21, 1754. This noble Earl is defcended from 
William Fitz-William, marlhal of the army of 
lliam the Conqueror, at the battle of H?. flings in 
ex, by which vidlory that prince made his way 
the throne of England. Sir Wiiliam Fitz-Wil- 
1, another of the anceftors of this noble Earl, was 
•e ticies conitituted lord lieutenant of Ireland, in 
reign of Queen Elizabeth, and was five times one 
he lords jullices of that kingdom, and general 
commander in chief of the army there ; and 
:ng fcrved her Majefty in that kingdom near 
ty years, flie permitted him to return to Eng- 
:, where he died in a very advanced age, in the 
•1599. Creations. Baron in 174', 16 Geo. 
7ifcountand Earl in 1746, 20 Geo. IL Arms. 
enges, argent, and gules. Crest. In a ducal 
ner, or, a triple plume of feathers, argent. 
P0RT£R5. Tv/o fava.ce men, proper ; wreaihed 
It their heads and v/aills, vert ; and in their ex- 
(r hands a tree eradicated, the top broken off, 
proper. Motto, yjppetitus, raticw, parcat.-^ 
EF Seats. At Milton in the county of North- 

E A R L of P O W I S. 

enry-Arthur Herbert, Earl of Powis, Vif- 
t Ludlow, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, Barcn 
is of Powis-callle, and Baron Herbert of Cher- 

and of Ludlov/, a lord of the privy council, 
lieutenant and cullos rotulorura of the county 
lop, cuftos rotulorum of Montgomeryfiiire, and 
der of SJirewfbury, and lieutenant general of 
lajefty's forces, was created Lord Herbert of 
bury, Dec. 21, 1743; and, on the death of 
lam Herbert, Marquis of Powis, who died Marcii 

■* ^ 8, i7'J-7S, 



[ 122 ] 

8, 1747-S, and left his Lordfhip his whole efiate, 
was farther advanced to the dignity of Baron Pc 
of Powis-caftle, Vifcount Ludlow, and Earl of Pc fir 
May 27,21 Geo. II. and was alfo created Lord 1 
bert, Baron Herbert of Cherbury, and of Lud 
Oa. 7, 174.9; andindefaiiltof iffue male, todef 
10 Richard Herbert, Efq; his brother, and his 1 
m.ile; and in default of fach ifllie, to Francis 1 
bert, of Ludlov/, in the county of Salop, Efq; 
th; heirs nule of his body. His Lordlhip mar 
March 30, 1751, Barbara, only daughter and he 
the Hon. Edward Herbert, Efq; only brothe 
■VVdliam Marquis o^ Powis ; and of his wife the 
dy Henrietta, only daughter of James Earl of "* 
degrave, by whom he had ilTue three daughters 
a fon, viz. Lady Georgina, born Jan. 10, i' 
Lady Augufta, born Sept. 18, 1753; George 
Avard Arthur, Henry, Lord Vifcount Ludlow, 

July 7, 1755; Lady , born Oft. 9, j 

This noble Earl is defcended from Herbert, 

tural fon of king Henry L of which family there 
been as many brave and worthy men as any fi 
the Brit'fli peerage has produced.— Great 1 
Utfupra. — ARM''. Party-per-pale, azure, and ^ 
three lions rampant, argeot ; armed and languec 
— Crest. On a wreath, a wyvern, with wmg 
panded, vert, holding in his mouth a fmifter 1 
couped at the wrift, gules.— Supporters. O 
dexter fide, a Hon, argent, femee of rofes, a 
and langued, gules. And on the fmifter lide, a 
azure; femee of flower-de-lis, or. — Motto. . 
tudine & pnidenth.—CuiET Seats. At Powis-c 
in Montgomeryfliire ; at Oakly-park, in Shropl 
Albemarle-ftreet, London. 


Hugh Percy, Earl of Northumberl 

Lord and Baron of Warkworth, and Baronet, ; 

vv confellor, knight of the moft noble order 


[ 123 ] 

er, lord lieutenant and cuflos rotulorum of the 
ities of Middlefex and Norlhumberland, and of 
:ity of Wertminfter, vice admiral of all America, 
..S. grandfon and beir of Sir Hugh Smithfon, 
tanwick in Yorkfliire, Bart, on the death of Al- 
on Seymour, late Duke of Somerfet, fucceeded 
as Earl of Northumberland, and Baron ofWark- 
:h in the fame county, (who was fo created in 
i) on the 7th of February, 1749-50. His Lord- 
married, July 18, 1740, the Lady Elizabeth 
(lour, Baronefs Percy, only daughter of the faid 
jrnon Seymour, late Duke of Somerfet, and 
of Northumberland and Egremont, by whom he 
iifue two fons and one daughter, viz. Hugh, lord 
kworth, born Aug. 14, 1742. aid-de-camp to the 
», and member for Weftminfler, who married on 
a, 1764, Lady Anne Stuart, one of the daughters 
ihn. Earl of Bute; Algernon, born Jan. 21, 1749- 
and, the Lady Elizabeth Anne Frances, born 
1 6, 1744- This noble Earl is defcended front 
amily of the Smithfons, of Newfham in York- 
, which appears to have been pofTefTed of lands 
at county in the reign of King Richard II. 
IS. Quarterly, firft and fourth, azure, five fu- 
1 fefs, .or ; the arms of Percy, fecond and third, 
i lion rampant, azure ; the arms of the Dukes 
rabant.—GREST. On a chapeau, gules; a lion 
nt, azure.— Supporters. On the dexter fide, 
■n azure ; ^ on the finifter an unicorn, argent, 
red gabone, or, and azure. — Motto. Efperance 
';>«.~Chief Seats, At Sion-houfe,near Brent- 
; and Tottenham, both in the county of Mid- 
x; Warkworth, Alnwick, and Prudhoe caftles. 
le county of Northumberland ; Stanwick and 
nin in Yorkfliire ; and at Northumberland-houfe, 

G % 


L 124 J 


'George Wyndham, Earl of Egremont, 
'and Baron of Coclcermouth, and Baronet, be 
Dec. 7j 1751, fuccecded his father, Charle; 
late Earl, Aug. ai, 1763, who on the death 
gernon, Duke of Somerfet, his uncle, withou 
male, fuccceeded him as Earl cf Egremont, an 
ron of Gockermouth, in the county of Cumbe 
according to the limitation of the patent whic 
to him and his heirs male ; and in defailt of fi 
fue, to defcend to his brother Percy Wyndhan 
rien, no\v earl of Thomond in Ireland. His 
fhip, March 12, 1 750-1, married Alicia I^ 
dauJitcr of George, Lord Carpenter, by whi 
•had George, the prefent Earl; Lady El zibetl 
cia Maria, b'rn Nov. 30, 1732 ; Lady Frances; 

July 10, 1755 ; Lady , born Sept. 5, ij! 

ion, horn September ^3, 1757; a fon bor; 
tober 8., 1759, and another, April 6, 1763. 
William Wyndham, Baronef, father of th 
Earl, only fon of Sir Edward Wyndham, Ba 
v/as mafler of the buck-hounds, fecrctiiry at 
chancellor of the exchequer, and alfo of the] 
ConnCil to her late Majeity Qncn Anne. He 
Tied to his firft wife, July 21, 1708, the Lady CI 
line Seymour, fecond daughter of his Grace Chp 
Duke of Somerfet, by whom he had two for a 
two daushters, v'fz. Charles, laf* Earl of Egrenn 
Percy Obrirn, now E^rl cf Thomond in Ire 1 
Catherine, who died unmarried in April, 1734 ; ^ 
ElizTHbeth, married, in 1749, to the Right ( 
George Grenvile, Efq; a privy counfellor, rec : 
of Haryy-ch, elder brother of the Trinity-i: 
and member for Bnckinsham. His firil Lad; 
ing, he married the Lady MHria-CatharinCj v 
of the Marquis of Bhndford, and daughter 
Peter d'Jong, of Utrech'c m the NetheHandf 
v/iiom he had no ifTue. This rob'e Earl is def 
ed from Aiiwardu', a Sixon of diflindion, whi 


[ I2S ] 

g at Wymondham, now Wyndham, In the 
ty of Norfolk, tool; the furname of Wyndham, 
I thence. — Creations. Earl of Egremont, and 
nof Cockermouth, 061:. 3, 1749. ^^3 Geo. II. Ba- 
tDec. 3, 1761, 13 C-,<r. II. Arms. Azure, achev- 
)et\veen three hons heads, erafed, or. — Crest. A 
5 head, erafed, within afetter-iock, or. — Suppor- 
s. On the dexter fide, a lion rampant, azure, 
ed invertedly, or ; on the finlfter ilde, a gry- 
, argent, gutte de fang. — Motto. Au bon 
t — Chief Seats. At Orchard- Wyndham, and 
5am, in Somerfttfhire ; Petworth in the county 
.(Tex ; and Wrefil-callle in Yorkfhire. 


CHARD Grenville-Temple, Earl Temple, 
lunt and Baron Cobham, a lord of the privy 
:ni, a knight of the garter, \v;is born Sept. 26, 
He married. May 9, 1737, Anna, one of 
daughters and coheirs of Thomas Chambers, 
e county of Middlefex, Efq; and had one only 
hterbyher, v/ho died July 14, 174a. The title of 
iuntefs Cobham being limited to Mrs. Grenville, 
\tx heirs male, a^^ter the death of her brother 
ate Lord Vifcorait Cobham without ifiue, {lis 
ne Vifcountefs Cobham on her brother Lord 
lam's death, which happened Sepr. 13, 1749, 
n Odober following ihe was created Counteis 
pie ; and dying Odl. 6, 175a, th^ Earldom de- 
ed to the Right Hon. Richard Grenviile Tem- 
comraonly called Lord Vifcount Cobham, the 
nt Earl, at that time member of parliament for 
ingham. Befides this noble Lord, the late 
t€ls had iffue, by her hufband, Richard Gren' 

of Wotton, Efq; nov/ living, the Right Hon. 
ge Grenville, member of his Majefly's moil 
iirable privy council, recorder of Harwich, an 

brother of the Trinity-houfe, and member for 

ingham. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 

Villiam Wyndham, Bart, aunt to the prefent 

G a. Earl 


[ 126 ] 

Earl of Egrefnont, by whom he has ifllie nov 
ing, Richard Percy, born on March 12, ]| 
George, born June 17, 1753 ; Charlotte, born I 
14, 1754 ; another daughter, born on O^. 24, 3I 
.ind a fourth, born on Nov. 13, 176*; J^rnl 
privy counfelior, receiver of the crown ani 
farm rents, for Warwickfhire and LeicefterfhireJ 
jmarried the daughter of James Smyth, of HsI 
in Hertford/hire, Efq; and by her, who died I 
I4> 1757, he has two fons, James, now me 
for Thirflce, and Richard ; Henry, lateamba 
in Turkey : he married, Od'. 11, I757» Mar; 

daughter of Banks, Efq; and has one d 

ter, born AugufI: 10, 1758 ; Lady Hefter, ma 
on Nov. 6, 1754, to the Right Hon. WilHan' 
Efq; of whom lee under Baronefs Chatham. B 
ter, the late Countefs Temple, mother c' 
prefent Earl, was daughter of Sir Richard Tei 
a knight of the Bath, who married Mary, dai :. 
©f — — — Knap, of Weflon in the county of I 
ford, Efq; and had four fons and lix daug t 
of which two died young. Chriflian, the 1 
daugliter, was married to Sir Thomas Lyttel:( , 
Frankley in the coaniy_ of Worcefter, Bart. |:i 
of Lord Lyttelton, Maria, firil to Dr. Weil:, pip 
dary of Winchefter ; and, adly, to Sir John ; r • 
ham, of Cottefbroke in the county of Northan" ( 
Bart. Hefter, the fecond daughter, late Co 't 
Temple, married to Richard Grenville, of Vvi 
in Bucks, Efq; and Penelope to Mofes Bereng , 
the city of London, Efq. Of the fons, which n 
Richard, Purbeck, Henry, and Arthur, the ; 
lait died unmarried; and Richard was create.p 
count Cobham on the 19th of Oaober, I7i4' 
inarried Anne, daughter to Edmund Halley, 
member of parliament for Southwark ; by ^ 
Lady, who died March »9, 1760, he had no 
and his Lordfhip dving, was fucceeded, purfu, 
the limitation, by his eldell furviving filter HI 
the late Countefs Temple, as above recited. 


[ 127 ] 

rch of the family of Grenville, or Granville, has 
1 feated at Wotton under Barnwood m iJucking- 
ifiiire, ever fince the reign of King Henry I. be- 
more than 6ooyears.--CREATiONS. Baron Cob- 
landVifcount Cobham, May 23* I7i8, 4 Geo. 

Earl Temple, Oft. 18, I749» 23 George II. 

MS Oaarterly, in the firft and fourth, vert, on 
•ofs, argent, five torteaux, gules, for Grenville. 
he fecond and third, for Temple, quarterly, or, 
eagle difplayed, fable and argent; two bars, 
«• each charged'with three martlets, or. Crest. 
a ducal coronet, a martlet clofe, or Suppor- 
ts. On the dexter, a Hon party-per-fels embat- 
'• OS and gules; onthefinifter, a horie, argent, 
/dered- xviih eagles, fable. Uotto Ter^pia 
m dile£ia. Chief Seats. At Stow and Wotton, 
h in Bucks ; Pall- Mall, London. 


iMON HARCOURT, Earl Harcourt, Vifcount 
wnham, and Baron Haicourt, one of the lords ot 

M? jelly's privy council, lord charaberlam ot 
queen's houfhold, lieutenant general, and 
R S. fncceeded Simon, late Lord Vifcount Har- 
irt, his grandfather, July 29* 17^7, as Lord^ 
count Harcourt ; was created Earl Harcourt, ot 
nton Harcourt, and Vifcount Newnham, on Dec. 

1749, 23 Geo. II. His Lordlhip married Ke- 
:ca, daughter and heir of Charles Le Bais, ot 
well Abbey, in North, Efq; by vvnom 

had ifTue, two fons and two daughters, viz. 
:orge- Simon Vifcount Newnham, born Aug. i, 
36, member for St. Albans in the prefent parli-a- 

:nt, and m.arried, Odt. 8, 1755, to- daugh- 

• of Lord Vernon; V^illiam, born March 20, 
41 3, one of the Queen's equerries, and an oiH- 
rin'thearmy: Lady Elizabeth, born Jan. 18, 
38-9, married to Sir V/iHiam Lee, of Hartwell, 
!cks, Bart, and. Lady Anne, born in June, 1741, 
10 is fince dead. The hon. Simon Harcourt, the fa- 

G 4 ^^^^^ 

f 128 } 

ther of the prelent Earl, married Mifs Elizal 
Evelyn, daughter of John Evelyn, Efq; and d^ 
in 1721, he left ifliie, two daughters and one 
viz. Elizabeth; Martha, who married George Ve| 
bles Vernon, of Sudbury, in Derbyiliire, Efq; 
Lord Vernon ; and Simon, the prefent Earl. S'u 
Lord Vifceimt Harcourt, grandfather of the prel 
Ear), was attorney-general, in 1707, in the reigi 
Queen Anne, and 17 10 was conftituted lord kee] 
of the great feal of England, and was advancec 
the pDft of lord high chancellor of Great Brit; 
April 17, 17 13. In the reign of King Georgef.] 
lie was oie of the lords of his Majelly's privy cou-j 
ci', and in the years 1723 and 1725, and 172.7, 
one of the lords juftices, during his Majelly's 
fence in his German dominions. This noble Earl, 
defcended from the Harcourts of Norrar^ndy, wj 
took their name from a place called Harcourt, 
that province, where the family ufiially refidcl 
Oervaife, Count de Harcourt, with his two foil 
Jeflery and Arnold, came over with the ConquerJ 
wlien he invaded England, 1066. Creation 
Baron, Sept. 3, 1711, 10 Anne, Vifcount, July al 
1721, 7 Geo I. Vifcount and Earl ntfupra. Arm| 
Quits, two ba??, or. Crest. In a ducal cor 
net, cr, a peacock clofe, proper. Su??ok.terI 
Two lions, or, each gorged v/ith two bars gemell 
gules. Motto. Le bon temps 'viendra. ChiiI 
Seats. At Stanton-Harcourt, Cokethrop, and Newil 
ham, all in the county of Oiiford; Cavendifofquarj 


Francis Sevmoltr-Conway, Earl of HeRtI 
FORo, Vifcount Beauchamp, Lord Conway, Baro 
rf^ R^gley, and Baron of Killultagh in Ireland 
knij.(ht ot the moil noble order of the garter, on 
of his Majefly's privy council, lord lieutenant 
Ireland, lord lieutenant of and cuftos lotulorum 


r 129 ] 

le county of Warwick, and recorder of Thetford, 
tcceeded his father Francis as Lord Conway, Feb. 
1731-2, and was created Vifcount Bcauchamp, 
id Earl of Hertford, Aug. 3, 175O3 ^^ George II. 
:is Lordfhip married on May 29, 1741. Lady Ii:i- 
illa Fitz Roy, fecond daughter of his Grace, 
haries, Jate Duke of Grafton, by whom he has 
lie, Francis, Lord Vifcount Bsauchamp, born Feb. 
I, 1742-3 ; Lady Anne, born Aug. i, i744: niar- 
ed on iM.4rch 15, 1766, to the Earl of Drogheda ; 
enry, born Dec. 15, 174-6 ; Lady Sarah-Frances, 
orn Sep*. 27, 1747 ; Robert, born Dec. 20, 1748 ; 
:d the ladies, Gertrude, Frances, Elizabeth, and 
mother daughter born Jan. 11, 1756, another, on 
?pt, 15, 1760, and a fon, born on July 20, 1763. 
ran :is, late Lord Cor^way, father of the prefent 
ar', was created Baron Conway of Ragley, in the 
)'jnty of Warwick, and Bircn Conway of Killu!- 
gh, in the county of Antrim in Ireland. March 17, 
-02-5, 2 Anne. His Lordfliip married the Lady 
[aryHyde, third daughter of Lawrence, Eaid of 
ochefter, and by her, who died on the 23th of Ja- 
aary, 1708-9, had ifTue, four diughters, all de- 

jafed. He married, adly, Jane, daughter of 

owden, Efq; by whom he had ifTue, a daughter, 
nee deceafed, of whom Hie died in child-bed, Feb. 
3, 1715 16, He married, sdiy, Charlotte, daugh- 
IX of Sir John Shorter, by whom he left ifihe, tv/3 
3ns and one daughter, \iz. Francis, now Earl of Hert- 
)rd; the Right Hen. Henry Seyrnour Conway, a 
rivy counfclbr, lieur. general of his Majefty's for- 
£s, one of his Majedy's principal fecretaries of Itate, 
nd member for Theifcrd, in Norfolk. He married 
le Countefs Dowager of Ailefbury, and daughrer 
f the prefent duke of Argyle, by whom he has a 
aughter, An.'^.e. Anne, married, in 1755, to Jol.a 
Ian is, ofHayne, in Devonfhire, Efq; member for' 
ifhburton. This noble lord is a branch of the fa- 
lily of the ancient Dukes of Somerfet, nearly related 
3- the crown. Creations. Ut fupra. Arms 

G s Quarterly^ 

r 130 } I 

Qiiarterly, firft and fourth, fable, on a bend, cotP- 

ed, argent ; a rofe between two annulet, gules, or 

Conway, a and 3 quarters are quarterly, viz. lad 

4, or; on a pile, gules between fix fleurs de s 

azure; three lions pafTant, guardant, or, beina 

eoatot augmentation, zd and 3d, gules; two wig^ 

cenjoined in lure, or, for Seymour.--CREsT. )q 

a wreath, the buft ©fa Moor, fide-faced, coufj 

proper; and wreathed about the temples, argent d 

azure.--.SuppoRTERs. Two Moors, each wrea- 

ed as the creft, holding in their exterior hand: a 

fhieJd, azure, garniOied, or; the dexter charf 

with the ion m its glory, the other with a crefce 

:irgent.--MoTTO. Fide & amore,--CHiEF Sea 

At Sandywell in the county of Gloucefter ; Tapl 

in Bucks; Ragley in Warwickfiiire ; LifburneinI 


Francis North, Earl of Guilford, L(| 
North and Guilford, was born April 13, 1704, a 
lucceeded his father in Odt. 17, 1729, as Lord Gu 
ford. 06:. 31, 1734, he fucceeded to the title I 
Lord North, by the death of William Lord Noii 
and Grey ; and on the 8th of April, 1752, 25 G< 
a. was created Earl of Guilford. His Lordfl 
married the 1,6 of June, 1728, the Lady Lucy, daug 
ter of George, late Earl of Hallifax, by whom 
has ilFue, a fon, Frederick, Lord North, born t 
13th of April, I73Z, who is member for Banbur 
hi the prefent parliament, and who on the 20th 
iMay, 1756, was married to Mifs Speke, daught 
^.nd heir of George Speke, of D.illinRton in Somerfe 
ihire, Efq; by whom he has a fon, George Auguftu ,. 
born in 1757, a daughter born Feb. 16,1760; anoth«j 
daughter, born Dec. 25, 1761, and a 3d on Feb. ;[ 
1766. ^ This lady dying May 7, 1734, he marrie 
again in Jan. 1735-6, Elizabeth, relidt of George 
Lord Vifcoujit Lewiiham, eldeil fon of Willian- 
I Ea; 

[ 131 ] 

ar! of Dartmouth, by whom he has ifTue now living' 
ady Louifa, born March 13, ' 737, and married 06t- 
,761, 10 John PeytG, Lord V^illoucjhby ae BroKe- 
'rownliw, born m July i74t. And h s fecond lady 
vL, his lordfhlp married iMary, reha oi Lev.'!3 
'atibn, Ear! of Rock-ngham, in Jane 1751 _ i t^'j 
3ble lord is lineally defcsnded from S-.r Edward 
orih, who was advanced to the dignity of a baron 
nder the title of Lord North, in the firfl year of tne 
>lan of Queen Mary. - Creations., Baron North 
fKirtlin^in Cambridgelhire, by writ offammons 
, parliament, the 17th of Feb. I553, l-^^^^^V^ Ba- 
Dn of Guilford, by patent, the a 7th of Sept. 1683, 
c Car. IL and Earl of Guilford, April 8, 175^ ; 
- Geo IL — ^RMs. A lion paffant, or, between 
ireefleurs-de-iis, argent. — CREst. On a wreath a 
ragon's head erafed, fable, ducally gorged and 
hained, or.- -Sup porters. Two dragons ducaiiy 
oroedand chained, or, winged, fable --Motto. 
■iNimo &fide. Chief Seats. At Kirtlage m Cam- 
.ridseOiire ; at Durdans in Surry ; at \\ roxton- 
bbey in Oxfordiliire ; and Grofvenor-fquare, 


Charles Cornvvallis, Earl Cornwallis, Vlr- 
'ount Broome, Lord Cornwallis of Eye, col. of tha 
:3d r=g. of foot, was born Dec. 31, 173S. and iuc- 
:eeded his father Charles, the late Earl, the asd oi 
Tune, 1762. Charles, the late Earl, married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Charles, the late Lord Vifcount 
Townlhend. by whom he had ifTue, three other Ions ; 
 Tames, born Feb. 25, 1 74^ ) and WilliJim, a captain 
iinthe navv, born Feb. 20, 1743-4, and three daugh- 
ters, the Ladv Elizabeth, who married m J 753. to 
Bwen Southwell, Efq; Charlotte, who marned m 
17^6, to the Rev. Dr. Spencer Madan of Chifwirk, 
and Lady Mary. His lordfhip's furviving uncles are 
Tohn, born Dec. 23, 1706, v/ho had ifiue a daughter, 
-^ G 6 ^r*? 

the wife of theRevd. Mr. Earle. Edward, born F( 
I ^'^■/V ^ ^'fLUenant- general in the armv a 
colonel of the 24th regiment of foot, marr ed \lar 
17, 1753, to M.^ Maria Townfhend/d.u'ht er 
the late Vifcou.t TownHiend. Frederick, a t w n wi 
Iv.-i.vard, Lord biHiop of Litchfield and CoverTr 
njamed to M.fs Townfhend. Of this noble fa m 
v..M:h has been long of great repute in Norfolk arl 
SuiFolk was John Cornwalhs, Efq; who in 1377 t 
i^tUf R,d,ard Jl.was fherifF of London- --Cre 

of Fve' in .Tl 'u'' ' ^''•^- ^^^"^" Cornwal 

.nH f;.i r"''"'' u'^"^";^ ^" '^'^ county of SufToll 
and Ear' Cornwalhs, [une 30, 1753, 270-0 I 

---Arms. Quarterly, firft and fourth, fable, gutt. 
deau, on the fefs, argent, three Cornlfh chouglv 
rroper.-.-CREsT. On a wreath, a mount, vert, an 
thereon a fwg lodged, argent, attired, or, havin 
about his nrck a garland of laurel, proper— <^up 
PORTERS. Two fta;?s attired and gor.,ed; argen: 
--'Motto, //zr/.v-f ^wr/n^w/V/Viw. --Chief Seat* 
At Broon- in Suffolk; at Cullford-hall in the faro 
county ; Portugal -fcreet, London. 


R. !."?)-' '''^^'^'^xi ^/'■' ?^ W^-^^wicKE, Vifcoun 
Roylton, Lord Hardwicke, and Baron of Hard 
wicke, high fleward of the univerfity of Cambridae 
iDrd lieutenant and cuftos rotulotum of Cambridge 
fhire, and one of his Majefty's moft honourabh 
privy council, a teller of the Exchequer 1^ L D 
and F. R.S. fLicceeded his father the late Earl" 0; 
Hardwicke (who folongand with fo great reputation 
preuded as lord nigh chancellor of Great Britam) on 
March 6, 1764. On May 22, 17^0, he married the 

de Grey, late Duke or K<;nt, by whom he has two 



[ 133 ] 

ahters, Ladv Amabel, born Jan. 2j, 1751, and 
y Temmra, 'born oa Feb. 9, 1756. The late 
!, married Margaret, one of the daughters ot 
i,les Cocks, of the city of VVorcefter, hiq; and 
.lary his wife, eldeil lifter of John, Lord So- 
s lord high chancellor, in the reign ot Wi'hani 
andby her, who died on Sept. 19, 1761, hehad. 

fr-e ^bns and two daughters, viz. Philip, now 

^1 Charles, cf Lincoln's-Inn ; who, with his 

ther John, had the office of clerk of the crown m 
court of Chancery conferred on them, June 2,7, 
G'O. II He is member for Rygate, in the 
fent parliament, his Maj eft y's attorney- general,, 
order of Dover, and F. R. S. He married on May 

1755, M-.fs Catherine Freeman, daughter ot 
illiara Freeman, of Herifordniire, Efq; by 
ich lady (who died July 10, 1759O he has two 
irhters, one born February 15, >756, and the 
ler born July i, 1758. He married adly, on 
■c ^o, 1762, Mifs Juhnfon, by whom he has a 
aghter, born July 25, ^765. The honourable 
 Tofeph Yorke kniftht of the Bath, ambaflador ex- 
iordinary,snd minifter plenipotentiary to the fetes- 
neral, a lieutenant general, colonel of the 5th re- 
-nent of dragoons, and member for Dover m the 
efent parliament. The Hon. John Yorke, who 
ih his brother Charles, is clerk of the crown, pa- 
(itee for making out commiflions of bankruptcy, 
d member in the prefent parliament for Higham 
'rrers. On Jan. i, 1762, he married Mifs Lygon,. 

1 whom he has two daughters, one born on .June 
• 1763, P-nd the other on Jan. ai. I764- Ihe 
2v. and Hon. James Yorke, D. D. Dean of Lin- 
,ln, whoon June 29, 176^, married—-, caugh- 

' r of Dr. Maddox late bilhop of Worcefter, and by 

T has a fon, born on May la, 1764^ H-.s lordlhip s 

;/o daughteis were, Lady Elizabeth, married to 

ieorge, late Lord Anfon, and diea June i, 1760 ; 

:d Lady Margaret, married m i749> to ^^^^^^ 


Reathcote, Efq; fon and heir of Sir Tohn Heath 

of Normanton, in RutlandOiire, bart:— Creati 

Baron Hardwicke Nov. 23, 1-33, 7 Geo. II. 

count Royfton, and Earl of Hardwicke, Apr 

1754, 27 Geo. II.-^Arms. Argent, a faitir 

zure, with a bezant in the center. --Crest. 

wreath of colours, a lion's head erazed, proi 

collared, gules ; charged with a bezant. — Supp 

TERs. On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, 

colhred, gules; charged wuh a bezant. On 

linilter fide, a llag, proper; attired and ungu 

or; and collared in like manner.---TMoTTO 

cupias, necmetuas. — Cm^v^EP,rs. At Hardwii 

in the county of Glouceller ; Wimple, in G; 

bndgefhire ; St. James's-fquare. 


Henry Vane, Earl of Darlington, Vifco 

and Baron Barnard of Barnard-Caftle, in the bifh 

nek of Durham, mafter of the jewel office, gov 

nor of Carlifle Caftle, lord lieutenant, and vice 

m'.ral, and colonel of the militia, of the countv 

Durham, fucceeded his father, Henry, the ll 

earl, who died March 6, 1758. Elis lord/hip, Ma 

10, 1757, married Mifs Lowther, filler of Sir V^ 

liam Lowther, bart, by whom he had a daught 

born on Jan. i, 1758, and another on May 3, 17 

Henry, the late Earl, in 17^5, married the L; 

Grace Fitz-roy, fecond daughter of Charles, D, 

of C'oveland, by whom he had three fons and ihi 

daughters, viz. Henry, the prefent earl. Free 

rick, born the 26th of June, 1732, oneoftheme 

bers for the county of Durham. Raby, born J 

2, 1736, a captain in the navy, and member f 

Carlille. Lady Anne, married in March 1146, 

the Hon. Charles Hope Weir, of Cragie-hall, 

Scotland, Efq; brother to the Earl of Hopetou 

fince deceafed. Lady Mary, m.irried in 06f. 175 

to Ralph Carr, ofCocken, in the county of Du 


[ 135 ] 

1 Efq- and, Lady Henrietta, born Dec. 26, f73^. 
'died, Jan. 10, 1759. His lordfhip's lurviving 
les are, the Hon. Morgan Vane, who by Mar- 
-t lifter of the prefent Lord Luxboroiigh of 
nnon, has afon, Morgan, accomptant and corapt- 
ler general of the ftamp duties, and married July 
1760, Mifs Upton, by whom he has a daughter, 
e Hon. Gilbert Vane, deputy treafurer of Chelfea 
lege, and Charles, refiding in Norfolk. Of the 
lUy of Vane, which, were antiently ieated m 
lies, and from thence tranfplanted to Hilden and 
Ifel in Kent, was Sir Henry Vane, knight, who 
'356, was fo made by the Black Prince, at the 
de of Poiaiers, and from him this noble family 

that of the Earl of Weftmoreland ate defcended. 
:reations. Baron Barnard, July 8, 1699, 10 
lliam IIL Vifcount Barnard, and Earl of Darlmg- 
, April 3, I7J4, 27 Geo. IL— ARMS, Azure, 
ee finifter gauntlets, or.—CRE s t. A dexter hand 
irmour, couped at the wrift, proper, holding a 
)rd argent, hilt and pomel, or.— Supporters. 

the dexter fide a griphon, argent ; on the h- 
:er an antelope, or, each gorged in a plain collar, 
ire. The dexter fide charged with three left hand 
intlets, otherwife three martlets, or.— Motto. 
cteviere nee tmide.—'CniEV Seats. At Raby 
ftle, in the bifhoprick of Durham; St, James's 
|jare, London. 


Thomas Belasyse, Earl Fauconberg, of 

wborough, Vifcount Fanconberg of Henknowle, 

ron FAuconberg of Yarum, and baronet, born 

.ril 27, 1699, fucceeded the late Vifcount Thomas, 

I father, in 1718 ; and was advanced to the dig- 

ly of an Earl in 1756, ^9 Geo. IL On the 5th of 

,iguft, 1726, he married Catharine, daughter and 

lirof John Betham, of Rowington, m Warwick- 

; re^ Efq; by which lady, whodied May 30, 1760, 


r 136 J 

he has i/Tus now living, Henry, Vifcount F^aiK 

berg, born in April 13, 174a; married. Ma 

1766, to Mifs Lamb, daughter of Sir Mat 

Lamb, bart. member for Peterborough : Lady G 

nne; Lady Barbara, married in A p. 1752, to the 

George Barnwell, brother of Vifcount J^ingflar 

Ireland. Lady Mary. And, Lady Anne, ma 

April 20, 1761, to the Hon. Francis T;dbot, brc 

of George, 14th Earl of Shrewfburv. Us lore 

has a brother and fifter, viz. The Hon. Rowland 

lalyle, who is unmarried. M.ry, married Apr 

irai, to John Pitt, Efq; third fon of Thomas , 

Eiq; governor of Fort Sr. George, in the E^ft 

dies, who rs fmce dead. This nob!e lord is Be 

cended [i^om^ehfis, a Norman knight, who c 

over with Wilham the Conqueror, and was generi 

the forces fent to reduce the city and ifie of El 

the obedience of that prince.— Creations B 

net, June 29, 1611, 9 Jac. L Baron, 25th of iv' 

1627, 3 Car L Vifcount, Jan. 31, 1642, 18 Cat 

Earl Fauconberg, June 5, 1756, 29 Geo. H.-Ar 

Qnarter y, firft and fourth, a chevron ; gules 

tween three fleur-de-Hs, azure: fecond and th 

argent, a pile ingrailed between two pallets p] 

lible.-CREsT. On a wreath, a lion couchant ox 

dant azure.— Supporters. On the dexter (ide 

buck holding in h's mouih a branch of oak frafl 

all proper; on the finiiier an unicorn, azure, arm 

creiteJ, and unguled, or.—MoTTO. Bo^pe & b, 

^.^s:.-Chief ^Seats. At Newboroogh-hal!, £ 

AlJerton caftle m Yorkiliire; at Sutton^ in Chefhh 

at St. Thomas s near Stafford ; and Great Geon 

itreet, London. ' 

Stephen Fox, Earl of Ilchestep, Lord Ilch» 
ter and Stavordale, Baron S^rangeways of Woodfc 
Strangeways, Baron of Redlynch, a Lord of t 
privy Council, and joint comptroller of accounts 
the army, was created Lord lidiefter in Somerfc 

fliir . 

L M/ J 

, and Baron Stran^eways, of Woodford- Strange- 

3 in DorfetAiire, May ii, i74i, U p^O' "• ^^'^ 
I Ilchefter and StavordaleinSomerfetfh. and Karon 
edlynch In the fame county, with remainder to thj 
It Hon. Henry Fox, Efq; his brother, (now Lord 
and) and his heirs male, the 3d of January, 1746- 7> 
3eo. n. and he was created Earl of Ilchelter m 

• 5 1756, 19 Geo. II. with like limitation, xiis 
IHiip married in March, 1736. Elizabeth Horner, 

• daughter and heir of Thomas Strangeways 
ner, of Wells, in the county of Somerfet, Eiq; 
whom he hath iffue, now living. Right Hon. 
ry-Thomas Lord Stavordr.Ie, born July 29, 1747. 
I.Stephen StrangewaysDigby,born Dec. 3, 1751 • 
. Hon. Fox, born on April a6, 1761. 

• Lady Sufannah Sarah-Loulfa, born Feb. i, 
i-3, marriedto—Obrien, Efq; Lady Lucy, born 
. 15,1748. Lady Chridian-Henrietta-Carohne, 
1 Jan. 3, '749-50. And, Lady Frances^Muriel, 
1 on Aug. 12, 1725. Sir Stephen Fox, rather ot 
prefent Earl, bv his firft Wife had 9 Sons and 
^hters, who are all dece-ifed, and in 1 701, married 
r, Chriaian, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Charl'^S 
)e,of Nafelv,in Lincoln(hire,by whom he had iliue, 
fons and two daughters, viz. Stephen, nov/ Earl ot 
efter. The Rt. Hon. Henry Lord HoLLAND,which 

Charlotte, onlv farviving daughter of the faid 
Stephen Fox, married to the Hon. Edward Digby, 
his mother to the prefent Lord Digby.— C re a- 
Ns. lit fupra. — Akms. Ermine on a chevron, 
re, three foxes heads erazed, or ; and in a can- 
, azure, a flfur-de-lis, or.— Crest. On a cha- 
u, azure, turned up, ermine, a fox, fejant, or. 
uppoRTERs. On the dexter lide, afox, ermme; 
tee, or; collared dovetail, azure; th-ee fleurs- 
!is of the fecond. On the fmifter hde a fox, 
per; collared in like manner.— Motto. Fans 
: dire. — Chief Seats. AtRediynch, near Brutoa 
^omerfetfhire ; in Burlington-, London. 

E A KU. 

r 138 J 


John West Ear] Dllawarr, Vifcount Csi 
lupe, Lord Delawarr and Lord Weft, a Major 
rera! Col. of the Firft Troop of Horfe Gus 
vas born m 1729 and married in Augua 1756, I 
Wnynyard, daughter of Lieut. Gen. WhYov 
by wnom he has ifTue 3 fons, John, Vifcount Ca 

lupe, born m April .757. born on July, 

1750 and — -, born in Dec. 1761. He fuccee 
his Father John, the late Earl, on March ,6, A 
JjUs Lordfhips furviving brother and fifters, 
the Hon. George Weft born in 1753, an officei 
the army, who on Feb. 24-, > 764, married Lady Ml 
Grey, daughter of the prefent Earl of Stamfc 
Lady Henrietta Cecilia, born in 1730, the wife 
J^ol; Johnlon ; Lady Diana born in 173 1, the wif 

Major General John Clavering. Creatiq 

±iaron, by fummons to Pail. June 8, 1294, iz E(| 
I. and Feb. 25, 1341-^, 16 Edw. III. Vifcount 

£arl March 18, 1761, i Geo. III. This Fan I 

IS of great anuqu'ty in rhe Weft of England, and 
defcended from Sir Tho. de Wei>, knt. Temp. E( 

Y* Arms. QiiPrtsrly, the iftand 4th for wA 

Argent, a fefs, darcet-e, fable; and id and 3d 
iJelawarr, gules, lion rampant, armed and lansil 
azure, between 8 crofs croflets, fitche, in crle, I 
gent.—CREST. In a ducal coronet, or, a gryphcl 
liead, azure, ears and beak of the firft.—SuppoBr 
ERs. On the dexterfide, a wolf, cow^ird, argei 
'^J.s plain collar, or, on thefinifter, a cockatrice of 1) 
2d his wings difokyed ; gules and or.— Mottq. '%\ 
^tma 'z^/^.-Chief Seats. Sheffield olace in Suile 
Whorwel! and Bolderhurft, in Hamplhire, H?nOvJ 
Square, London. 


William Talbot, Earl Taleqt, Lord Talb 
and Baron of Htnfol, a Lord of the privy Counc 


[ ^39 3 . , 

•d steward oFthe houfehold Col . jf ^.^^^^jf^; 

-d Talbot the ate excellent Lord Chancellor, on 
; ,4, i7'6-7. InFeb. i733-4, his Lordn.ipmar- 
'M^rv daughter and fole heirof Adam Cardonel , 
.'by whom he has one fon, AVaUam Lord H^fo 1, 
'n on Nov. 5, ^739, .and a daughter Cecil, bom n 
y 1735. and married o" Auguft i6, .1756, to 
orge Rke, of Newton, in Carm'^;hen(bre Efq 
,ut and cuftos Rotulorum and Col. of the Mil^i^ 
that County, and a Commiffioner of Trade H^ 
rdHiip has one brother, the Hon. Geo''S^J,^'°^^^: 
L D clerk of the cuftody of the Ideots and Lu- 
^cs in Chancery. He married Anne, eldeft daugh- 

of thMate Vifcount Folkeftone, and has a fon, 
rn April a6 1763 He has alfo feveral nephews 
utcll the children of his late brother the Hon. 
n?y Taibo .-This noble Lord is lineally defcend- 

frJm Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton ^ Worcefx^.^ 
re th^rd fon of John, fecond Earl of Shrew bu 

'and his Lorda.ip's grandfather, was Jilljam 
eBiiliopof Durham.— Creations. Baron, L>ec. 

,,;, 7 Geo. II. and Earl, March i9..'76i, 
Geo ill.-ARMS. Gules a lion rampant within a 
,rder engrail'd, or, a crefcent difFerence.-CR-EST 

/;««;.^-CHiBP Iea'ts. AtCameMemch an^^^^^^^^ 
1, in Giamorgarfliire, Harrington m Gloucefterihire, 
•id St. James's place, London. 


Robert Henley, Earl of Northington, Vif- 
.unt Henley and Lord Henley, Baron of Grange 
ord High Chancellor of Great-Britam, a Lord ot 
le privy Council, Lord Lieut, and cuflos Rot. ot 
JampHiire, a Truftee of the Bntilh Muf^um, Re^ 

r 140 J 

corder of Bath, an Alderman of Appleby. J 
governor of the Charter-houfe, is the ad Ton of i 
thony Henley of the Grange in Hampfliire, Efq., 
aetive and uncorrupt member of the houfe of cJ 
nions, in the reigns of K. V/ill. HI. ana Q An 
He was created a Peer, by the ftile and titleBf L 
Henley, Baron of Grange, in Hants, March 
1760 33 Geo. ir. and Vjfcount Henley, and E?r 
Northington, May 19, ,76^, 4 Geo. III. In D 
174-3, h^s Lordfhp married Jane, daughter and 
heir of S:r John Huband, bart. and has i^ie, Robt 
Vifcount Henley, a Teller of the Exchequer, La 
Iniaget niarned to the Hon. Robert Lane, fon a-d h 
ol Lord Bingle3;, the ladies Jane, iMary,Catharine a 

Lhzabeth. H,s lordOiip's family has been of lo 

Itanding, g-eat repute and in bereft, in the Weft 

Lngland.-ARMs. Quarterly, ift and 4th, azu 

a lion rampant, argent, dacally, crowned, or, wii 

in a border, argen^, charged with e^ght Torteau» 

torH.Tly; 2d and 3d argent, tlir-e baitering ran 

bar-wsA^s, proper (browo) arnied and gnniOied, 

zure, for bartic.-CREsT. A demi-hon,' arga 

ieme,' of hearts, and ducally crowned, Du!e<= — Su 

PORTERs.^ On tl.e dexter fide, a lion Vamp'ant, . 

gent, femee of Torteauxes, and ducally crowne 

or. On a fimfter, a ftig, srgent, f^n-ea of To 

t^auxes, and attired, or.— Motto. So/a et mi 

-mrtus.^QiM^Y Seats. At the Grange in Ham 

Inire; Lmcoln's-mn Fields, London. " 

EARL, of R A D N O R. 

WiLLLiAM Pleydell BouvERiE, Earl ofRAl 
TJOR, Vifccunt Folkeftone, Lord Longford, Bare 
of Longford and Baronet, recorder of Sarum, fuc 
ceeded his father, Jacob, Vifcount Folkeftone, 
i-eb. 18, 1761, and on Sept. a8, 176,-, 6 Geo. II 
was created Baron Pleydell Bouverie, of Colefhil) 
Bucks, and Earl of Radnor, to him and his heir 
male, or m default of fuch ifllie, to the heirs maieo 


[ 141 ] 

father deceafed. His lordftilp married Henrietta, 
Y daughter and heir of Sir Mark Stewart Pley- 
1, and by her who died in May 1750. had one ion, 
•ob, Vifcourt Folkellone, born in March, 1750, 
ma'rried adly, Rebecca, daughter of John Alleyn, 
1; by whom he had iiTue, Wilham- Henry, born 
OS: 1752, Bartholomew, born in OS. 29, i753» 
lafon born 061. 29. 1763. Her ladyfhip dying 
[''64, he nruried sdly, «heLady Dowager Fever- 
m, in Anguil 1765. His lordOiip has hvmg, bro- 
rs and fillers, Edward member for New Sarum, 
;lin, born in 1746, Anne, Mary Ccuntefs of 
iftfbury, Chirlctte and Karriotte.— This noble lord 
lefcended from the Defoouveries, of the Caltle 
(bouveries, near Lifle in Flanders, who came mto 
gland, on account of perfecution for relig-on ?,nd 
;led at Canterbury.— Creations. Baronet, m 
[3. Baron and Vlfcount, June 29, 1747, Baron 
•ydell and Earl, uffupra.—I\^MS. Party-per-fels, 
and argent, an eagle difplayed, with two heads; 
le.— Crest. On a wreath, a demi-e?gle difp:ay- 
f<b'e- beaked and ducal! v gorged, or; on his 
•aft a crofs crofslet, argent.— Supporters. _ On 
>h fide an eagle reguardact, fable ; gorged with a 
cal coronet, charged on the breaft with a crofs 
ifslet, areent.-— Motto. Pntna cava, cartorh' 
■/^;.J-Chief Seats. At Longford, Wiltfhue, 
rlington-ftreet, London. 


John Spencer, Earl and Vifcount Spencer, Vif- 
: jrt and Baron Spencer, of Althorpe, in «he county 

Northampton, born Dec. 18, 1734, was only fon 
' the late Hon. John Spencer (brother of Charles, 
.lEarl of Sunderland, and 2d Duke of Marlbo- 

iqh) by the Lady Georgma Carolina, 3d daughter 
I John, late Earl Granville (who ^dly married Earl 

-wper) and on April 3, 1761, i Geo. HL was 

:cited Vifcount and Baron Spencer of Althorpe, and 


L H2 J 

Vifcount Althorpe and Earl Spencer, OfV. 5, 
6 Geo. III. On Dec. 27, 1755, he married M;| 
ret Georgina, eideft daughter of the late Right 
Stephen Poyntz, and by her Ladyftiip has 11 
George, Vilcount Spencer, born on Sept. i, ifl 
Lady Georgina, born on Jan. 9, 1757; Lady ]l 
rietta-Frances, born on July 16, 1761, and ]| 
Charlotte, born on Auguft aj, 1765.— Arms. Q 
terly, argent and gules : In the 2d and 3d, a 
or ; and over all a bend, fable, charged v/ith i| 
efcallops, argent.— Crest. Out of a ducal cl 
net, or, a griphon's head, between two wings, el 
argent, collared, gules. — Supporters. Onl 
dexter fide a gryphon, per fefs, ermine and el 
nois ; on the hmfter a wyvern, ermine ; each g 
ed with a collar, ileury, ccunter-lleury, and chail 
fable. — Motto. Dieu defend le droit. — c\ 
Seats. At Althorpe in Northamptonfhire ; v\ 
ble-don and Batterfea, in Surry ; Hounflow, in n 
<ilerex; St. James's-place, London. 




[ 143 J 


• HE Vifcount was anciently fherifFof a county, 
and held his office under an Earl, (^ice comes) 
)fe attendance was moftly required at court. In 
D, i8 Hen. VI. it became a degree of honour. 
:onferring that title upon John, Lord Beaumont, 
letters- patent, and gave him place above all Ba- 
5. His mantle or creation robe, is the fame as 
'oi an Earl, Marquis and Duke, with this diiFe- 
:e that his has but\wo g-aards and an half. His 
'is the fame as that of a Duke, &c. but his coro- 
differs from all, having oply pearls, fet clofe 
!ther on the ciiapkt or rim. The farcoat or 
ide, which ihey wear at the coronation of a King 
;)neen, are of crimfon velvet, Hned v/ith white 
ata, and doubled from the neck to below the eU 
/ with ermine ; but it has but two and a half rows 
fpots. The honour of Vifcoant is hereditary, 
ig wrote to, are ftijed Right Hon. By the Ki^ng, 

ally Right trudy and well-beloved couiins, 

: when of the privy council, with the addition, 
I counfeihrs. 


The Right Hon. Edward Devhreux, Vifcount 
REFORD, and Baronet, Premier Vifcount of Eng- 
d, fucceeded Edward, his father the late yifcount. 
Auguft 21, 1760, and is unmarried. His Lord- 
p's furviving brother and filters, are, Bridget, born 
May 9, 1739 '■> Catharine, born on Feb. 7, 1742-3 ; 
orge, born on April 25, 1744. Arthur Deve- 
IX, Efq; father of the late Vifcount, left iffue. 
ly his lordfhip, who fucceeded Price, loth Vif- 

[ 144- ] 

■Count, who died without ifTue ; and having ov 
his defcent from Walter, Vifcount Herefort w 
died in 1588, he took his feat in the houfe of ee: 
Aprils, 1750. Of this family was Robert 'e? 
reux, Earl of E/Fex, general of the parliamen irn 
againft King Charles I. This noble lord is d . 
ed from Evreux, of Normandj^, from whid ;oi 
the family took their name. ^ His anceftors, len 
ing William the Conqueror In his defcent 01 in: 
land, were rewarded for their fervices with j no 
and lands taken from tlie Englifh of a very re 
value. — Creations. Baronet, Nov. 5, i6 
Jac. I. Vifcount, by patent, Feb. 2, 1549-50, 
Vr. — Arms. Argent, a fefs, gules, in chie. 
torteauxes. — Crest. In a ducal coronet, or 
bot's head, argent; eared gules. — Suppor ,fi| 
On the dexter fide, a talbot argent 5 eared, ,es 
with a ducal coronet of the fecocd. On the i \t 
a rein deer of the laft, attired, gorged with ; 
coronet, and chained, or.-— Motto. Ba/isvi 
conJ}a?2tia. --'Chief Seats, At Nanterib 1 
Montgomeryfhire; Old Bjnd-flreet, London. 


Anthony Brown, Vifcount Mont-agu \v 
Ceeded his father Henry, the late Vifcount, Ju z, 
1717; and in 1740, married Barbara, 3d dai it( 
of Sir John Webb, of Hathorp, in "the cour c 
Gloucefter, Bait, by whem he had ifTue, i :ri 
children, Vv'hereof are furviving Anthony his fo t 
heir apparent, who was born in 1730, and n 
July 22,1765? the dowager Lady Halkerton. 
one daughter, Mary, born in 1735, and marr: <« 
Sept. 24, 1761. to Sir Richard Bedingficld, c' -^ 
borough, in Norfolk, bart. Henry, Lord V; 
Montagu, father of the prefent V.fcounr, m 
Barbara, daughter of James Walfingljarn, of ' a 
terfordin EfTex, Efq; of whofe ifiue are living, i 
bara, married to Ralph Salvin, Efq; deceaftcl 


[ H5 ] 

I fhe has a d2ug!)ter. Catharine, married to 
'^^ Colingwood, Efq; decealtd, by whom ihe 
daughter, wife of Sir Robert I'hrogmorton, 
.. by whom fte has a daughter. Anne, married 
Vnihony Kemp, Efq; who left three daughters, 
of whom married Charles, Lord Kincaird, of 
th Britain, ^nddi^djne prcks. Henrietta, mar- 
to Harcourt, Efq; and has an onlv daugh- 

t. the wife of Carrington, Efq; This noble lord 
fcended from Sir Anthony Brown, who was 
Bi e knight of the Bath, at the coronation of King 
Piardli. -Creations. Vifcount Montsgu, Sept. 
» 554, I Mary.. "ARMS. Sable, three lions p^if- 
m bend, between two double coffis, argent.-- 
ST. On a wreath, an eagle difplayed, vert.— 
PORTERS. Two wolves, argent; with each a 
■; collar and chain, or.--MaTTo. Suhez ratfon. 
- HiEF Seats. At Cowdryin Suffexj Lincoln's- 
n rields, London. 


^ icHARD FiENEs, Vifcount and Baron Say and 
H, LL.D. fucceeded Laurence, late Vifcount Say 
IT Sele, his ccufin, in Dec. 1742. He married Jan. 
' '754, Chnrtobella, daughter of Sir John Tir- 
Bucks, bart. and relidoF John Pigotof Dod- 
Ic v.ll, m the county of Bucks, Efq;— Richard Fie- 
)<- a clergyman, father to the prefent Lord Vif- 

Rit Say and Sele, married Penelope, daughter of 
..rge Chamberlain, of Wardingdon, in Oxford- 
^ , Efq; by whom he had iffue, befide the prefent 

^nt, Sufannah, married to Gordon, of 

-iiwicb, Efq; Penelope, xvho married Richard 
ifeam, ofStrateley, in the county of Oxford, Efq; 
latjeth, married to the Rev. Mr. Henry Quartky, 
arofWicken in Northampton. Cecilia. The faid 
•^ce, late Vifcount Say and Sele, 2d fon of 
k Fiennes, 3d fon of William Vifcount Say and 
fucceeded to that title on the death of Natha- 
Vilcount Say and Sele, Feb. 24, 1709-10: and 

H dying 

[ 146 ] 

dying unmarried, was Tjcceeded by the prefent Vl 
count. This noble lord is defcended from Jon 
Baron Fienes, hereditary conftable of Dover-caftl 
and Lord Warden of the cinque- ports in the twel:l 
cerituiy.---CREATiON. Baron Say (the name o]| 
family) and Sele, by writ of fummons to parliameJ 
on March 3» 1446 7, ^5 Hen. VI. which title v 
recognized, on Auguft 9, 1603, i Jac. I. and VI 
ecunt Say and Sele aforefaid, on July 7, 1624, 
Jac. 1. ---Arms. Azure, three lions rampant, 
---Crest. On a wreath, a woif fejant, argei 
his radiant collar and chain, or.--SuppoRTEi| 
Two wolves, argent; gorged and chained, 
---Motto. Fortevipofce an'imum. --Chief Sea' 
At Dodderfhill in Bucks ; Golden-fquare, Londor| 


George Townshend, Vifcount Townshend 
Raynham, and Baron Townrtiead, of Lynn-Ret 
and Buonet, Lieut. Gen. of the ordnance, Co! 
the aSth reg. of foot and of the firfl: battalion of 
Norfolk Militia, a M- j. Gen. and a Lord of the Pr 
Council, was born on Feb. 28, 17^3-4, and fucce 
ed his father Charles, late Vifcount, on March 
1764. In Dec. 1 75 1, his Lordfliip married the L 
Charlotte Compton, only furviving child of James 
Earl of Northampton, baronefs Ferrers of Chartlej 
right of her mother, and by her ladyfhip, had ilTi 
fon, George, born on May 7, i753 ; and two dau 

ters, Charlotte, deceafed, and , born on Ma 

a8, 1761, and alfo deceafed. His Lordfhip s t 
ther is the Right Honourable Charles Townlhe 
paymafter General of the army, and member in 
prefent parliament for Harwich, one of his Majel 
moft honourable Privy Council, who on the 151] 
Auguft 1 755, married Lady Caroline, eldeft daugl 
and coheir of his Grace, John, late Duke of Ard 
and Greenwich, widow ofFrancis, EarlofDalke[ 
fon and heir of Francis, Duke of Buccleugh, 
whom he has two fons j his iilter is, Audrey, 
8 ^ 

[ «47 ] 

fe of Charles Hedges, Efq; and his i uncles* and 
aunts, are Thomas, teller of the Exchequer, a 
.rd oF the Treafury, and member for Cambridge 
livedity, who on May a, i730> was married to' 
binia, daughter of Col. John Selwyn ; and by her, 
;0 d'ed in 1739, had iiiue, Thomas, member for 
hitchurch, and who has iflue a fon and daughter ; 
arles, member for Yarmouth, in Norfolk, and 
"nry, a'fo two daughters, Albinia, Vifcountefs 
ddieton, ard Mary. Elizabeth, married to 
arles, Lord Cornwaliis. George, Admiral of the 
le. Dorothy, married in 1743, to Spencer Cow- 
•, brother to the prefent Earl Cowper, and Dean 
Durham. Mary, married to the Hon. Col. Edw. 
rnwallis. This family are of Norman extraction, 
i came into England about the time of the con- 
•ft.— Creations. Baronet, on April 16, 1617, 
Jac. I. Baron Townrtiend, April 20, 1661, 13 
vll. and Vifcount Townfhend on Dec. 2, i68a. 
Car. II. — Arms. Azure, a chevron, ermine be- 
:en three efcalop fhells, argent. — Crest. On a 
;ath, a buck, fable, attired proper. — Support- 
5. — On the dexter fide, a buck, fable; on the 
fter, a greyhound, argent. — Motto. Hac ge- 
i tncreme7ita fides. — Chief Seats. At Rayn- 
i-hall and Stiffcay-hall, in the county of Norfolk ; 
jley flreet, London. 


mI^homas Thynne, vifcount Weymouth, and 
''Pjon Thynne, of Warminfler, and Bart, a Lord of 
)WdIH Privy Council, and high fleward of Tamworth, 
''^^''■n Sept. 13, 1734, fucceeded Thomas the late vif- 
■^^^J J at his father, in his honour and eftate, Jan. 12., 
n-'ljo-i ; and married May 22, J759> the Lady Eli- 
liii'Jeth Cavendifh Bentinck, eldefl daughter of Wil- 
of {li id Duke of Portland, by whom he has had ifTue, 
fDiJomas, his heir apparent, born on Jan. 5, 1765; 
:l#liifa, bisrn on March 25, 1760 j Charlotte, born 
I'ljiW ' H :% on 

[ uS ] 

on Nov. 7, i76r, and died on May 19. V^-*'^ 
retta, born on Nov. 17, > 762, and Sophia, born P 
Dec. 19, 1764- Her ladyQiip ,s a lady of the be 
diamber to the Qn-^en. His Lordflup s brother. 
the Hon. Henry- Frederick Thynne, born Nov.. 1 
1 7 vc He is clerk comptroller ot the board ot Gre« 
cloth, and member for Weobley, in Herefordftii 
OF this family was Thomas Tt-ynne, Elq; vvho y 
(hot in his co«ch on the 12th of February, i6^z. 
fome afrafTms employed by Count Coningfmark^ 
German nobleman, to murder him, looking upon t 
gentTeman as a fuccefsful rival ; of which there is 
Account on his monument in the footh 'i^e of W 
minfter-abbey ; whereon is his efhgies cumbent^. 
\n the front his figure in a coach, with three aflafl 
farrounding it, and one of them firmg at him wit 
b underbufl The three affaffins were foreigner 
the Count's fervlce, and were all of them convi4 
and executed ; while the Count, who fet them 
work was fpared, and permitted to return to G 
many. Tbns noble family are descended from, 
I^ottevilles of Poiaou in France, who came over 1 
England in the reign of King John and fettle< 
LonMeate in Wiltftiire, where they affumed the n, 
of fhynne.- CREATIONS. Baronet, on July 
(.641) 17 Car. I. Baron and Vifcount Dec. II, i< 
'>4 Car II - ARMS. Barry often, or and fable 
Crest. On a wreath, a rem- deer, or. - S 
portIrs. On the dexter (ide, a re.n-deer 
oorged, with a plain collar, fab e ; on the fin.ft » 
Hunfgules.- MOTTO. T^y, bonue ^'^f^-^} ^ 
seats. AtLongleate, Wiltfhirei Botsfield m Sh l. 
lliire; and Pall-mall, London. 



Frederick St.J\)hn, Vifcount Bolingbr«| 
and Vifcount St. John, Baron St. John of Lyd^ J 

L 149 ] 

renoze, andBnrcn St. John of Bntterfea, and B?f- 
.n^t, f^icceedcri his fjitber, the late -\ircourit ^^t. 
)hn of Batterfea, in Feb.1748 9» ^^d mDeC.iJ, 
Ki. to the honours and efiates of his uncle the late 
ord Vlfcount Bohngbroke. The prtlfct A^if^ouot 
iFeb It, 1754. took his feat in the houkof Jords, 
,d on' Sept. 9, 1757, was married to Lady Diana 
,£ncer, eldeft daughter of Ch;iiles late Diike of 
[arlbo-ough, by whom he hasifiue two ions, George 
id Fredcriclc. His lordlhip has ore brother, the 
on. Henry St. John, a lieutenant colonel, groom 
 the bed chamber to the duke of York, and mem- 
■r for Woncn-Baffet. Henry, ilie late Lord \ il- 
,unt Bohngbroke, was foon af er the accelhon ot 
ueen Anne, made fecretary of war, and in 1708, 
cretary of ftate. On the a4th of Oft. 1713. he 
as conftituted lord lieutenant, andcuftos rotulorum 
"the county of Eflex ; but in 1714, his honours 
d ertate were forfeited by an aft of attainder. He- 
is' afterwards reftored in blood, and his paternal 
bte fecui-ed to his heirs, and having no ifiue by 
her of his wive?, his honours defcenc'ed to his ne- 
lew Frederick, the prefent Lord Vifcour.t Bolmg- 
oke, as above recited. This noble lord is defcend- 
I ftdm the lords of Bafing in Hampihue, who 
•re Barons at the time cf the Cosqueft.— Cre.'^.- 
[ONs. Baronet, May 12, 1611, 9 J^c. L Baron 
. Jehn of Lvdiard Tregoze, and Vilcount Bohng- 
oke, July 7', 171a, n Anne, and Baron St. John 
'Batterfea, .and Vifc®unt St. John, July 4, 1716, 
Geo. I. --Arms. Argent, on a chief, gules, two 
jUets, pierced, or.-CREsT. On a wreath, a 
Dont proper, and therefrom a falcon ridng, v/!th 
lis, or, and ducallv gorged, Eules— Support- 
tj.s. Two eag'es with wings expanded, or, crown- 
l ducally, gules, and upon each bread a pair of 
rfes hemes, tied at the top and bottom, proper, 
thin which is paftvper-pale, argent and gules. 

H 3 — MoTXO^ 


[ ISO ] 

-"Motto, Nee qua r ere ?iec fpermre HoJiorejn. r 
Chief Seats. At Batterfea; in Surry; at I. 
diard in Wilts; and Charles Itreet, GrofveiK- 
I'quare, London. 


Hugh Boscav/en, Vifcount Falmouth, Bail 
Eofcawen Rofe, one of his Majefiy's privy contii 
lieutenant general of his Majefiy's forces, and cil 
tain of the yeomen of the guards, fucceeded Hiyl 
the hte Vifcount his father, 0(9:. 25, 1734. ,1 
married Hannah Catharine RufTel, relidl of Richil 
Ruffel, Efq; hy whom lie has no ifTue. Hugh, ^1 
count Fahr.oath, father of the prefent Vifcount, .:v| 
hy Qoeen Anne, created Lord Vifcount Falmoul 
&c. and was groom of the bed-chamber to his Ro' 
H;ghnefs the Prince of Denmark. On the acceilj 
of h'.s late Mdjefty, he was made comptroller of 
Jvlajefty's houlhold ; and on the i3:h of June, 171 
6 Geo, I. wa? created Baron of Bofcawen Rofe i\ 
Vifcount Falmouth. He married Charlotte, eld| 
daughter and coheir of Charles Godfrey, Efq; 
whom he had ifTue eight fons aad ten daughters, \\ 
Hugh, the ptefent Vifcount. Edward, admiral 
the blue, one of the lords of the admiralty, and (| 
of his Majvfly's privy counc'd, married Mifs Fr; 
ces Glanville, daughter of William Evelyn Gl 
ville, of St. Clere in Kent, Efq; in Dec 1742,.; 
whom he left ifTue three fons and two daught" 
viz. Edward Hugh, born on Sept. 13, 1744; 
liam Glanville, born on Augufl 11, 1751; Geo^ 
Evelyn, born on May 6, 1758 ; Frances, born 
March 7, 1746, and Elizabeth, Dutchefs of Be; 
fort, born on May 28, 1747. George, born DeCj 
1712, a lieutenant genera', lieu enant governor 
the Scilly ifl^nds, colonel of the a 3d regiment 
foot, member for Truro in Cornv/all, who married I 
Feb. i74»-3i Anne, daughter of John Morley-Tl 


[ 151 ] 

)r Efq; by whom he has iffue two fons and two 

i.uohters, George, born Sept. 4, i745 ; Anne, bom 

'cl'^io, 1744; Charlotte, born on May i, 1747*, 

id William, born en Aug. 17, 175^ ; John, a ma- 

r general, and colonel of the 45«h regmient ot 

ct • and the other member for Truro. He mar- 

»cl,'inDec. 174S, Thomadna, daughter of Robert 

^rman, Efq; by whom he hath a fon, 

uEuftus Spencer, born Jan. 7, 1 74-^-50- o^ whom 

edied in child-bed on the 17th follov/irg ; vv il- 

im-Frederick, who died unmarried; NicholAs, 

D. dean of St. Buriens in Ccrnwai, and 

.'hisAlajelly, married Jane, daughter of Wood- 

ard, Eiq: and reha of Hat£on,Eiq; by wliom 

» has a ion living, Nicholas, born on x¥tarch 25. 
756 : Charlotte, married to Henry Moor, tar! x)t 
rogheda, who died in April 1735; Anne, manied 
. Sir Cecil Bifhop, Bart, and died m May, i7i7 ; 
[ary, married in Aug. 173^, to John Evelyn, E!q; 
a ho is deceafed ; Lucy, marred to Sir Char es Fre- 
drick, kn:ght of the Bath, ilirveyor general or the 
firdnance, and member for Qaeenborough ; Kitty, 
:| ho died unmarried; the reft died young and un- 
^larried. This noble lord is defcended from Kich- 
^'d Bofcawen, of the town of Bofcawen, in the 
fJDuntyof Cornwall, who flouriftied in the reign ot 
ling Edward VI. Creations. Baron Bofcawen Role, 
3d Vifc. Falmouth, June 13, 1720, ^ Geo. I. Arms. 
Irmine, a rofe, gules, barbed and feeded, proper.— 
:rest. On a wreath, a boar pafTant, gules, armed, 
; riftled and unguled, or. Supporters. Two fea lions, 
^ routes des Larme^ argent. Motto. In Ccelo^ites. 
^0 which arms are added afefs between two roles, be- 
.ng the Lady's arms. Chief Seats. AtTregothan,in 
ht county of Cornwall ; St. James's-fquare, London. 


r George Byng, Vifcount Torrington, Baron 
>*''.yng and Baronet, born in i739» Succeeded George, 
; he late Vifcount his father, April 6, 1750. On July 
I H 4 3[o> 

[ 152 ] 

10, t'jt6Si his Lordfliip married Lady Lucy Bay^ 
fifter of the pretenc Earl of Cork and Orrery, h 
LordOiip has a brother, the Hon. Johri By:. 
— George, grandfather of the prefent Vifcount, m{ 
created a Baronet Nov. 15, 1715, 2 Geo. I. and i. 
ron and Vifcount Sept. 9, 1721, 7 Geo. I. he m . 
lied in 1691, Margaret, daughter of James Maft, 
cf Eaft-Langden in the county of Kent, Efq; and » 
her, who died April i, 1756, he had eleven fonsal 
four daughters, of which thofe who furvived h ( 
were, Pattee, who fucceeded him ; George, the 1;; 
Vifcount ; Robert, commiffioner of his Majeft 1 
navy, and governor of Barbadoes, married Eli.. 
beth, daughter of Jonathan Forward, Efq; and d,l 
on 061:. 1740, leaving ilTue three fons. John, adr- 
rial of the blue, who, agreeable to the ftntence 0, 
court-martial, was fliot onboard his Majedy'sfi. 
the Monarque, in Portfmouth harbour, March : 
1757. ^ Edward, married in 1730, Mary, daugh 
and heir of John Bramfton, of Screens inElTex, E 
He died 1756. And, Sarah, his only furvivi 
daughter, married John Ofborn, Efq; fon of 
John Ofborn, of Chickfand, in the county of Be 
ford, Bart, by whom flie had a fbn Sir D'Anv 
Ofborn, Bart, married in 1740, to the Lady M? 
Montagu, daughter of George late Earl of Halif 
which Sir D'Anvers died at New York, of whi 
colony he was governor. This noble Lord is c; 
fcended from the Byngs of V/rotham, in the coun 
of Kent, who flourifhed there in the reign of ki 
Henry VIL C^t at w^ s. Utfupf a. Arms. Qu arte 
ly, fable and argent ; in the firft a lion rampant'of t 
fecond. Crest. Ona wreath, fable and argent, ana 
telope pafTant, ermine ; horned, tulked, fiafhed, man^ 
and hoofed, or ; langued, guled. Supporters. ( 
thedexter fide, an antelope, ermine ; horned, mane 
and hoofed, or; {landing on afliipgan, proper. A\ 
on the (inifter fide, a fea-horfe, proper ; finned, oi 
on a like gun. Motto. Tuebor. Chief Seat 
At Southillj-in B^dfordlhire ; Whitehall^ London. 


T 153 I 

James Fitz-Gerald, Vifcount Leinster of 
'f.plow in England, (Marquis of Kildare, and Ba- 
an of Offaley, Premier Earl and Baron of the king- 
om of Ireland ) mailer of the ordnance in Ireland, arid 
major-general, fucceeded his father Robert in his 
(late, and in the earldom of Kildare and barOnj^ 
f Offaley, in February, 1743-4- His Lordfhip v/as 
reated a peer of- Great Britain Feb. a8, 174^-7? t>y 
le title of Vifcount Leinfter of Taplow, in the 
ounty of Buckingham. He married, Feb. 7, 1746-7, 
le Lady Emilia, daughter of his Grace Charles, 
»te Duke of Richmond, by whom he had iiTue, 
ieorge, Lord Offaley, who died in 1765 ; Robert, 
ow Lord Offaley; Caroline- Mabel ; Emilia, and 
iher children, the lall born Feb. ar, 1765. Kis 
,ordfliip's aunt is, Lady Margaret, born in July, 1722, 
nd married, in 1748, to the Lord Vifcount Hilfbo- 
Dugh. This noble lord is defcended from Walter 
itz-Other, who poffeffed feveral lordihips in the 
ounties of Hampftiire and Buckinghamfhire, in the 
sign of Edward the ConfefTor ; snd was warden of 
11 the forefts in Berkfliire, and Caflelhn of Wind- 
Dr in the reign of William the Conqueror. Mau- 
ice Fitz-Gerald, another of this Lord's anceflors,. 
ontributed very much to the conqueft of Ireland in 
le reign of king Henry II. and was rewarded with 
great eftate in lands in the province of Leinfter, 
nd particularly the barony of Offaley, and the 
aflle of Wicklow, and died, covered with honours, 
1 the year 1177, 24 Hen. II. The late Lord's fa- 
her preferved the city of Dublin from being plun- 
,ered and burnt, after king James's defeat at the 
■attle of the Boyne, in 1690. Creations. Uifw 
ra. Arms. Pearl, a faltire, ruby. Crsst. On 
wreath, a monkey at gaze, proper ; environed 
bout the middle, and chained, topaz. Suppor- 
rsRs, Two monkeys environed and chained, as the 
reft. Motto. Crom aboo. Chief Seats. At 
;^aynooth,, Cartown, and Dullardftown, all in the 

H J county 

[ 154 ] 

county of Kildare, in Ireland ; Suffolk-flreet, Loj 

don, ^ 


Edward Noel, Vifcount Wentworth of Well 





borough, in the county of Leicefter, (fo creat« 
May 4, 1761) Baron Wentworth, of Nettleftea' 
ani B^ronst, and L. L. D. fucceeded Martha, la 
ronefs Wentworth, in 1745, and married Judet 
daughter of William Lamb, of Farndifti, in No 
thaniptonfhire,Efq; by whom he has iiTuejThomas, h 
heir apparent, born Nov. 18, 1745, and a daughte 
Judith. Of the iflue of Sir Cloberry Neol, father > 
the Vifcount, there is living another fon, the Re 
and Hon. Clobery Noel. This family is of the fan 
dcfcent as the carls of Strafford. — -Arms. Quarterl: 
iirft and fourth, frette, guhs, a canton ermme, /< 
Noel : fecond a chevron, between three leopan 
faces, or, for Wentworth ; three gules, on a chi Jr. 
indented, f ible ; three martlets, argent, for Lev 
iace. Crest. On a wreath, a buck at g?.ze, arger 
armed, or. Supporters. Two gryphons, argeu 
Motto. Voifes a bien. ChiefSeats. AtKir! 
by-Mallory, in Leicefterlhire ; Saville-row, Lo. 


William Courtenay, Vifcount Courtena' 
of Powderham Caftle, in the county of Devon, ^r 
Baronet, fuceeeded his father, the late Vifcour. 
May 16, 1762. His Lordfhip is mairied, and h 
leveral daughters. Sir Wiliam Couitenay, May 
1 76 2 J T- Geo. HI. v/as created a Peer as above, t 
married the L^.dy Frances Finch, daughter to tl 
Jate Ea-l of Aylesford, April 1741, by whom 1 
had iffue, Wilham, the prefent ViCcount, born No 
31, 1742, arid four daughters. This noble Lord 
deirended from Hugh Courtenay-, who was create 
Earl of Devonfnire by KingEdv/ard I. 1295. Thei;|, 
have been of this family feverat Barons of Okehamp if 

[ ^ss ] 

.n twelve Earls of .Devonlliire and a Mf q^is of 
•";te7; and it is one of the firft and njoft i luftri- 
as'flimilies in Europe, having been .Ihed to the em- 
erors of ConiUntinople and the kir.p^ of Fnirxe 
IREATIONS. As above. Arms, Qnirterly fnit 
nd fourth, or, three torteauxes, fecond ana th.rd. oi , 
lyon rampant, azure. Crest. A dolphn na-a^t 
raen^ Supporters. Two boars argent briillea, 
tiled* and hoofed, or. Motto. Ubi hpfiu quid 
eci. SEAT. Powderham CiOlIe, Devon ; Groive- 
or-fquare, London. 

W A R D^ 

ToHN Ward, Vifcount Dudley and Ward 
.ord Ward, Baron of Birmingham, Recorder ot 
ATorcefter, born in March, 1704, fucceeded WiJ- 
iam, the late Lord Dudley and V/ard, as Baron ot 
5irmingham, in May, i74o, and on Dec. 16,1723, 
narried Anna-Maria, daughter or Charles i^our-. 
'hier Efq; by whom he has lilue, the Hon. John 
Ward, born in 172+, Kn'ght of the (hire for the 
-ounty of Worcefter, He married, idly, m Jan. 
1744-,-, MifsMsry Carver, daughter ot John Car- 
ve-, Efq; by whom he has a ion, William, born on 
Ian. 21, 1750. On April 22, 1763, 3 Ceo. HI. his 
Lordfaip was raifed to the dignity oi a Viicouat by 
*he thie ofVifcountDjdley and V/ard. ot Dudiey, 
in the coi'inty of Worcefter. The anceftors of this 
Lord were antientiy of the county of Norfolk, oi 
wh'ch was Simon Ward, who had large pofieffions 
ii the reign of Edward L IL IH. Creations. Ba- 
ron in 1643, Vifc®unt as above. Arms. Chequy^ 
or and azure, a bend ermine. Crest. In a ducal 
coroner, or, a lion's head, azure. Supporters, 
Two ange's, haired and winged, or, their under 
robes fir'guine, and tV.eir uppermoll azure Mot- 
to Co^7i/e je Fus. Chief Seats. At Dydiey U\i- 
tle, Himlev-lnll and Sedgely-park, in Staffordlliire : 
Upper Brook-ibeet, London. a -d r tj 

[ 1S6 ] 






TH E moft Reverend Dr. Thomas Secker, Lou 
Archbifliop of Canterbury, Primate of a 
England, a lord of the privy council, prefident c 
The corporation of the fons of the clergy, and of th 
fociety for propagating of the gofpel, a vice-prdi 
dent of St. George's hofpital, and a governor of tb 
Charter-houfe, was confecrated bifliop of Briftol i 
1 73 4-, tranflated to the fee of Oxford in 1737, and t 
the archiepifcopal fee of Canterbury in 1758, in th 
room of Dr. Hutton, deceafed. — Arms. Sapphir< 
a paftoral ftaff in pale, enfign'd with a crofs pattee 
topaz, furmounted by a pall, filver, edged and frin 
ged, gold, charged with four crofles, pattee iitche 
diamond. Chief Residences. Lambeth and Groy 
don, in Surry, 

Y O R K. 

— — — — and Hon. Dr. Robert Drummond 
Lord Archbiihop of York, Primate of England, i 
lord of the privy council, and lord high-almonerij 
his Majefty, was confecrated bifhop of St. Afaph 
in 1748, tranflated to the fee of Salifbury in 1761 
and to the archiepifcopal fee of York in 1761, in ttt 
room of Dr. Gilbert, deceafed. Arms. Ruby, twt 
keys, in faitire, pearl, in chief an imperial crown, 
gold. Chief Residences. Bifhopfthorpe, York- 
fliire ; Dartmouth ftreet, Weftminfter, 


The Right Rev. Dr. Richard Terrick, Lord 
Bllliop of London, a lord of the privy council, 

4 and 


[ 157 ] 
dean of his Majefty's chapels, was confecrated 
op of Peterborough, 1757. and tranflated to • 
lee of London, in 1764, on the decealeof Ur. 
aldefton. Arms. Ruby, two fvvords m Wtire, 
rl, the pomels and hihs gold. Chief Kesi- 
cE. Fulham-palace, Middlefex ; Bondltreet,. 

>r. Richard Trevor, Lord Bifhop of DuR- 
A, cuftos rotulorum of the principahty of Dur- 
1, was confecrated b-fhop of St. David's, !n I744» 
tranflated to the fee of Durham, m 1752, on the 
eafe of Dr. Butler. Arms. Sapphire, a crois 
fc az, between four hons, rampant, pearL Chief 
>;idence. Durham-palace; Tenter down- It reet^, 
I :don. 


V John Thomas, Lord Biftiop of WrwcHEg- 
-] R, prelate of the oider of the garter, and clerk of 
t clofet to the King, was confecrated bimop ot 
1 erborough in 1 747, tranflated to the fee ot bahi- 
i V In 1757. and to the fee of Winchefter, in 1761 
( the deceafe of Dr. Hoadly. Arms. Ruby, a 
1 3rd in bend, finifter, pearl, the pomel and hilt to- 
] ^ interpofed betv/een two keys, adoried m bend, 
< <ter, the uppermoli filver, the other gold. Chi El? 
; 31DENCE. Chelfea-houfe, Suiry. 


Dr Matthias Mawson, Lord Bifhop of Ely, 
,s confecrated bllhop of Llandaff, in 173^, tranf- 
d to the fee of Chichefter, in 1740, and to that 
^:ly, in 1754, on the deceafe of Dr. Goocb.— ^ 
MS. Ruby, three ducal coronets, topaz. Chief 
sidence. Ely-palace, Cun^.berland ; Ely-houk, 
I olborn* 


[ ^5^ 1 

Dr. Edward Willes, Lord Bifhop of Bath 
Wells, decypherer to the king, was ccnfecrate 
fliop of St. David's in 1742, and tranflated to th 
of Bath and Wells, in 1743, on the deceafe of 
Wynn. Arms. Sapphire, afaltire, quarterly, q 
tered, topaz and pearl. Chief Residence. W 
palace, Somerfetfliire ; Hill-ftreet, London. 


Dr. John Thomas, Lord Bifhopof Salisbi 
chancellor of the order of the garter, was confec 
ed bifhop of St. Afaph in 1743, tranflated to the 
of Lincoln in 1744-, and to that of Salifbury in i 
in the room of Dr. Drummor.d, archbifhop of Y 
Arms. Sapphire, the Virgin Mary crowned, hoi. 
her babe on her right arm, and a fc-ptre in her 1 

hand, all gold. Chief Residence. Salifbi 

palace ; Albemarle ftreet, London. 


Lord James Beauclerk, Lord BifliopofHi 
FORD, was confecrated bifhop of Hereford, in i 
on the deceafe of Dr. Egerton. Arms. Ruby,t! 
leopard's faces reverfed, pa/Fant, as many fleurS' 
lis, topaz. Chief Residence. Hereford-pala 
Old Bondllreet, London. 


Dr. Zachary Pearce, Lord Bifliop of RochI 
TER, dean of Weftminfter, and of the order of 
Bath, F. R. S. was confecrated billiop of BanJ 
in i747j and tranflated to the fee of Rocheiler 
17^6, on the deceafe of Dr. Wilcox. Arms. Pc 
on a faltire, ruby, an efcallop fliell, topaz. Ch, 
P.esidence. Bromley-hoLife, Kent; Dean's Ya 
Wellminller. ' 


[ 159 ] 

r. Frederick. Cornwalljs, Bifliopof Litch- 
D and Coventry, was conf-'cr-ited b"fhop of 
fee, in 1749, on the deceaCe of Dr. Smalibroke. 
RMS. Party per pale, ruby and pearl, a crofs 
nt • qu?drat in the centre, between four crofies 
:^, couaterchanged. Chief Residence. Litch- 
Clofe J South- Audley ti reet, London. 


r. Edmund Keene, Lord Bilhop of Chester, 
)r of Stanhope, in the bifhoprick of Durham, 
confecrated bifhop of that drocefe, in 1752, on 
deceafe of Dr. Peploe. Arms. Ruby, three 
es, with their labels, top^.z. Chief Re^idence^ 
fter-palace ; Downing llreet, Weftminlter. 


r. James Johnson, Lord Bilhop of Worces- 
'was confecrated b'{hop of Glcucefler, in 1752^ 
tranflated to the fee of Worcefter in 1759. 
43. Pearl, ten toneanxes, four, three, two -^vd 
Chief' Residence. Worcelter- palace ; Up. 

Brook llreet, Lcndor. 


ir William Ashburnham, Bart. D. D. 1 ord 
lOp of Chichester, reftor of Geftling, in Suf- 
was confecrated bilhop of that diocefe, in 1752, 
■he room of Dr. Mawfon, tranflated. Arms, 
phvre Prefer John futiog on a tomb-fione, witK 
wn on his head, and glory, topaz, his nght- 
d elevated, and hoi jing io his left an open book, 
rl with a fword, crofs iv.s mouth, ruby. Chief 
jiDENCE. Ghichefler palace ; Albemarle llreet, 



r i6o ] 


Dr. Richard Newcome, Lord Bifhop ol 
Asaph, archdeacon of St. Afaph, redor of 'V 
church, in Shropfliire, and of Landrinis, Den] 
fliire, was confecrated bilhop of Llandaff in ; 
and tranflared to the fee of St. Afaph in 176 1, i 
room of Dr. Drummond, tranflated. Arms.'* 
mond, a key, in a bend, dexter, furmountet^i 
croder in bend, finifter, both topaz. Chief l| 
DENCE. St. Afaph, Fhntfhire; Harley (treet, 


Dr. John Hume, Lord bifliop of Oxford. 
of St. Paul's, was confecrated bilhop of Brifl 
1756, and tranflated to the fee of Oxford in i 
in the room of Dr. Seeker, tranflated. Arms. 
mond, a bar pearl, between three ladies hi 
couped at the breaft, arrayed and veiled in w 
crowned topaz, in chief; and an ox of the f«| 
parting over a ford m bafe. proper, armed and 
guled, gold. Chief Residence. Cuddefdeb, 
iordrtiire ; Dean's Court, St. Paul's. 


Dr. John Egerton, Lord Bifhop of BancI 
confecrated bifhop of that fee in 1756, in the ,r 
of Dr.Pearce, tranflated. Arms. Ruby, a bend,t< 
gutte de poix, between two mullets pierced, pa 

Chief Residence. Bangor-palace ; privy- < 
den, Whitehall. 


Dr. Philip Young, Lord Bifhop of NorwiI 
was confecrated bifhop of Briflol, in 1758, andt 
flated to the fee of Norwich, in 1761, in the roori 
Dr. Hayter> tranflated. Arms, Sapphire, tlj 


[ i6i ] 

.'S, wiih their labels, topaz. Chief Residence, 
vlch-pal^cc; Grofvenor Ibeet, London. 


r. William Warburton, Lord Bifhop of 
ucesTER, prebendary of Durham, and redor 
iirnt Broughton, in Lincolnfnire, was confecrat- 
ifhop of that fee, in 1759, in the room of Dr. 
ifon, tranQated. Arms. Sapphire, two keys m 
'e, topaz. Chief Residence. Gloucsfter pa- 
; Grofvenor fquare, London. 


r. John Ewer, Lord Bidiop of Lasdaff, ca- 
bf Windfor, was confecrated bifhop of that fee, 
7S1, in the room of Dr. Newcome, tranllated. 
RMS. Diamond, two crofiers, infaltire, the dex- 

topaz, furmounting the finifter, pearl ; on a 
f, fapphire, three mitre?, with their labels, gold. 
HiEF Residence. Mathorn, in Monmouthlhire ; 

Mall, London. 


T. John Green, Lord Biihop of Lincoln, 
.ecrated bifiiop thereof in 176', in thejoom of Dr. 
)mas, tranflated. Arms. Ruby, two lions, pafiant 
rdant, in pale, topaz, on a chief, fapphire, the 
;in Mary fitting on a tomb-done, with a crown 
ler head, liolding her babe in her ripht arm, and 
rpire in her left hand, gold. Chief Residence^ 
gen, Huntingdonfhire, Lincoln-palace; Scot- 
Yard, Charing- crofs. 


If. Thomas Newton, Lord Birnop of Bristol, 
|)n relidentiary of St. Pr.uPs, and ledor of Bow- 
xh, London, was confecrated bifhop of that fee, 
761, in the room, of Dr. Young, tranllated. 
4S. Diamond, three ducal coronets, in pale, 


r i6i ] 

topaz. Chief Residence, Bridol-palace ; /le 
'corner, London. 


Dr. Charles Lytt ELTON, Lord Bifhop of m 
LISLE, prefident of the fociety of antiquaries, F.. 
was confecrated bifiiop of that fee, in 1762, 
room of Dr. Ofbaldefton, tranflated. — Arms. 
on a crofs, diamond, a mitre with labels, g{| 
CnrEF Residence. Rofe-caftle, Cumberland; 
lington ftreet, London. 


Dr. Frederick Keppel, Lord Bifhop of |C£ 
TER, redor of Shobbrcke, dean of AVir.dfor <: 
archdeacon of Exeter, was conficrated birnopCiaa 
fee, in 1762, in the room, of Dr. Lavington, dec Ijr 
—Arms. Ruby, a fword ered-, in pale, pearl t 
pc.mel and hilt, topaz, furmounted by two ke . 
ialtire, gold. — Chief Residence. Exeter-pice 
Upper Brook ftreet, London. 


Dr. Robert Lamb, Lord Bifliop of Peti iO 
KCUfH, and reftor of flitfield, prebendary of in 
coin, F. R. S. was confecrated bifhop of tha et 
in the room of Dr. Terrick, tranflated in 17 ,- 
Arms. Ruby, two keys in faltire, between 
crofs croflets, firchy, gold. — Chief ResidencIij 
terborough- palace ; Sackville ftrcet, London. 


Dr. Robert Lowth, Lord Bifhop of St. 
vid's and R.e6lor of Sedgelield, was confec ec 
bifhop of that fee in 1766, in the room of )r 
Squire, deceafed. — Arms, Diamond, on a ? " 
topaz, five cinquefoils of the field. — Chief I 
DENCf, Abergavilly, near Carmarthen. 



[ i63 ] 

S O D O R and MAN. 

ir. Mark Hildesli-y, Bifliop of Sodor and 
M, wp.s cnnlecrared bi'.hop of that fee, in the 
n of Dr. Wilfon, deceafed — Arms. Upon three 
nts the Virgin Mary, ttandmg with hef arms 
:nded, between two pillars, on the dexter where- 
a church : In bafe, the ancient arms of Man, as 
idy Strange's coat. This bilhop has no place in 
,houfe of peers. 

•(hops precede all under the degree of Vif- 

its, and are called the Lords Spirituil; tlie 

Archbidiops are ftiled Moit Reverend, and 

2 the title of Grace ; other Bilhops, Right 

; erend, and have the title of Lord (hip, when 

icen or written to. After the Archbiih-^ps, the 

I ops of London, Durham and VVmcbefter, have 

Uys the precedence: All others take piac« 

hrdiog to priority of confecration. 


[ i64 I 


THE fji'gnliy of Baron is conferred by v/ril 
parent, and is next to a BiOiop ; a Ban! 
writ is he to whom fummons is diredcd, fro*' 
King, to come to Parliament. The firft Biar(| 
patent was John de Beauchamp, of Holt-caftj 
Ji88, a Ric. II. Baron of Kidderminfter. A\ 
ron'? robe has but two guards, and laces on 
/houlder, and his coronation robe, which is of i 
fon velvet, but two fpots on each fhoulder. Hi| 
is the fame as a Vifcount's, Earl's, &c. and hi 
ronet has only (ix pearls on the rim, at equal! 
ftance. Ke is ftiled Right Hon. and by the Ki)| 
Queen, Our right trufty and well beloved, and 
the privy council, with the addition, a^id , 


FrancisDashwood, LordleDE5PENcER,a:| 
of the privy council, lord lieutenant and cnflos ro | 
rum and col. of the militia of Bnck'n^hamfhire, F. 
andLL. D. was eldeft fon of Sir Francis Dafhw I 
of Wellwycomb, Bucks, bart. by his ad wife 1 
Mary Fane, daughter of Vere, Earl of Weftrt] 
land, and fifter of John the late Earl ; v/hich 
died Auguft 19, 1710. Upon the death of Joho] 
faid late Earl of Wellmoreland, his Majefty 
pleafed, on April 19, 1763, to confirm lohimJ 
Right Hon. Sir Francis Dafhwood. bart. as Gn!ip| 
of the faid Lady Mary Fane, eldeft filler of the 
John, Earl of Weftmoreland, deceafed, the ant" 
barony of Le Defpencer. His lordfhip had a ii' 

[ i65 ] 

ad married to Sir Robert Auften, of Bexley, 
T.t b-irt. and feveral half brothers and lilcers. 

EATiONs. Baronet, June a8, 1707 ;. B^ron 
fpencer May 25> 1604, ^ Jac. I. but originally 
-Icent and fummons to parliament, June 3, i2 95» 
dw I. confirmed and allowedas above.— Arms. 
■nt* on a fefs, double cottife4, gules, three 
hons heads erafed, or.-CREST. A gryphon s 

erminois, erafed, gules.-SuPPORTERS. On the 
er fide a griffin, wmgs elevated, or collargd 

a hne reflexcd over the bac'c fable, the collar 
Ked vi'ith three efcallops, argent. On the h- 
r fide, a bull argent, P'ed fable, armed, hoofed 
collared with a chain refiexed over the back, at 
^nd thereof two Naples affixed, or.-MoTTO. 
—Chief SEATS. Weftwycomb, 
ji:.s; Mereworth, Kent; Hanover-fquare, Lon- 


: ORGE NEVILLE, Lord Abergavenny, fue- 
lled his fither William, late Lord Aberga- 
hy, Sept. 21, 174^. His Lordffiip rnarried, 
5 1753, Henrietta, daughter of Thomas 
r iam' late of Stanmere in the county ot Sul- 
f Efq; who in Feb. i755, was brought to bed 
i fon and heir, named Henry, and of a daughter. 
t. 6 1760; William, the late and 14th Lord 
erg^venny. f^uher of the prefent Lord, married 
May 1725, Catherine daughter of lieutenant ge- 
al Tatton, and widow of the late Edward, Lord 
^rgavenny, and by her, who died on the 4th ot 
c. 1728, had ifTue, a fon George, the Pregnt 
,rd ; and a daughter Catheririe. His Lordfhip 
rried again May 20, i73*. the Lady Rebecca, 
achter of Thomas Earl of Pembroke, and by her 
ifdied Oa. »o, 1758. had iffue three daughters 
d one fon, whereof are living, Harriet, born Nov. 
,1734 J J^ad WiUianj, born in oa.1741. rhj^ 

[ i66 ] 

n'oble Lord is defcended from John of Gaunt,Tr 
fon of King Kdward III. — Creations. Bare 
1295, 23 ^dw. L— -Arms. Gules on a fall ire 
gent, a rofe of the firft, barbed and fceded, pn 
—Crest. In a ducal coronet, or, abull's heac 
gent ; pied, fable ; armed of the firft, and cha 
on the neck with a rofe. gules.—SuppORTERs. ,, 
bulls, argent, pied, fable, armed unguled, colUd 
and chained, or.— Motto. Ne 'vile 'vslis. — C'r 
Seats. At the caftle of Abergavenny, in U 
mouthfhire; at Bridge, and Kidbrook-hall, in 
itx J and Charles-ilreet, Berkley-fquare, Londc 


John Touchet, (Earl of Castleha ven iq 
land) Baron Audley of Heleigh, and Baron of ( 
in England, fucceeded his father James, who 
in 061. 1740. James Touchet, late Earl of d 
haven, and Baron Audley, fucceeded his fs 
James, m 1700, married Elizabeth, daughte 
Henry Lord Arundel, and had iffue. a fon John 
prefent Lord Audley, born April 15, 1723. ' 
noble Lord is defcended from the ancient famll 
the Touchets of Normandy, which attended Wil 
the Conqueror in his expedition to England ir 
year io66.~Creation. Baron Audley, 1296 
Edw. III. ---Arms. Ermine, a chevron ; guiei 
Crest In a ducal coronet, or, a fwan' riling, 
gent ; ducally gorged of the firft.— guppoRT 
Two wyverns, with wings expanded fable.— M 
TO. Je le /z^w.--- Chief Seats. At Hik 
Caflle in Staffordfliire ; and Caftle-Haven, in 


^ Thomas Barret-LExNnard, Lord Darce tl 
m 1 716, fucceeded his mother Anne, Baronefs . 
ere, who became heir to that title and eftateon 
death of her eider lifter Barbara, in 1740. She n| 

[ i67 ] 

firft Richard Barret- Lennard, Efq; who died 
after, by whom (lie had a fon, viz. I'honias' 
;tt- Leonard, now Lord Dacre, who married 
;, daughter of Sir John Pratt, Knt. and had iflue 
ighter, named Anna Barbara, who died I749> 
)ther children. The laid Anne, Baronefs Da- 
afterwards married Henry father of the prefent- 
Teynham, and had ifTue. She was married 
', to the Hon. Robert Moor, Efq; a younger 
f Henry Earl of Drogheda of the kingdom of 
id, by whom fhe had one fon named Henry, 
•nas Lennard Lord Dacre, father of the late Ba-' 
's, was created Earl of SufTex, 061. 5, 26 Cha. 
. He married Lady Anne Fitzroy, natural daugh- 
i)f King Charles IL by Barbara Dutchefs of 
Tland, by whom he had iffue one fon and two 
.iners, who on their father's death in 1715, be- 
[: heirs to the Barony of Dacre, which was held 
( 3eyance between them, till the Lady Barbara, 
)\ married Charles Skelton, Efq; a general officer 
e fervice of the Kiag of France, dying without 
iin the year 1740, the Lady Anne, her fifter, 
I. became fole heir to her father ; and was fucceed- 
ly her fon the prefent Lord Dacre. Tins noble 
ily were long reiident at Cheveningin Kent ; they 
i Barons originally by tenure and writ of fum- 
j the 25th of Edw. L 1297 ; alfo by writ of 
nons 36 Henry VL 1460, again declared z James 
)04.---ARMS. Quarterly, firft and fourth, or, 
i.-fefTe gules, three fleurs delis of the firft for 
lard; fecond and third, party- per -pale, barry of 
J, counter- changed, argent and gules, for Barret. 
P. REST. An Arabian dog's head, argent, Ian* 
gul, gules, eyes, or, ifTuing out of a ducal coronet, 
'• and fometimes a hydra, proper, on a wreath, and gules. being the Barret- crefl.— Suppo r.t- 
i. On the dexter fide, an alant argent, langued 
s, with a fpiked collar, chain, and clog, or* 
he fmifter lide, a bull; gules, horned, or, col- 

[ i6S ] 

fared with a ducal coronet and chain, or,— Md 
Pouf b'len deJirer.—QvA^v Seats. BcU-houl 
Effex; Bruton ftreet, London. 


NoRBORNE Berkeley, Lord Botetourt 
lieutenant and cuftos rotuioruni of the coin 
Gloacefter, lord lieutenant of the cities of 1 
and Gloucefler, conilable of St. Briav-l's caftl 
lonel of the South Battalion of the Gloucefte 
m'.iiu'a, L L. D. was the fon of John Berke'e 
Stoke-Giiford, in GlouceflerPaire, Efq; (who i 
fented tliat county in feveral parliaments) by his 
Anne, daughter of Leicefter, 6th Vifcount Her 
and fifter of Leicefter and Edward, the 7ti 
8th Vifcount s : which John Berkeley, Efq; dec 
Dec. II, 1736. His lordfhip claiming the Bare 
Botetourt, from the Lord Botetourt high admi 
England, and conftible of St. Briavers-caftle, 
Ed. L and III. after a folemn hearing of his clj 
the houfe of peers, had the title adjudged anc 
firmed to him, in 1764, and accord ngly took U 
in the houfe, next to the Lord Dacre. His 
fhip's fifter is Elizabeth, Dutchefs dov/ager of 

fort, mother of the prefenl Duke. His lo hf 

reprefented the county of Gloucefter, in tht tl) 
loth, Jith and prefent parliaments of Great B 'r 
till he became a peer ; and is lineally defcended 
Sir Maurice Berkeley, fecond fon of Maurice -r- 
Berkeley, temp. Ed. L and IL (See Earl of E ie 
ley, and Berkeley of Stratton.) — Creation, in 
moned to parliament, in 1305, 33 Ed. L all '£ 
and confirmed in 17.64, 4 Geo. III.^ — Arms. • \t 
a cheveron ermine, between ten crofTes-patte 
above and four below) argent. — Crest, a ur u 
pafTaot gules.—SuppoRTERs. On the dexter fic h 
emblem of truth reprefented by a woman habit i 
zure, mantled argent, rays i/fuing from her it 
or, holding ia the dexter har^d a mirror, and c 

[ i69 ] 

^.iller, the emblem of temperance, reprefented by 
like woman habited purpare, mantled gules, hold- 
gin her dexter hand a bit and bridle, or, and in 
e exterior hand a palm branch proper, with the 
otto. — Motto. Refurgo rege ja^jente. — Chief 
:ats. At Stoke- Gifford, near Briilol, ar-d Grof- 
nor-flreet, London. 


William Stourton, Lord Stourton, Baron 
ourton, facceeded his brother Charles, who died 
ithout ifllie the nth of March 1753. He mairied 
/^inifred, daughter of Philip Howard, of Bucken- 
im in Norfolk, Efq; brother to the prefent Duke 
'Norfolk, by whom he hath ifTue, Charles Philip, 
s heir, born Auguft ^^, i-'ji ; and two daughters, 
z. Catherine, born Auguft 6, 1750. And Char- 
tte-Mary, born Sept. i6, 1751. Thomas, the 
:th Lord Stourton, father of the laft and prefent 
ords, married Catherine, daughter of Richarvd 
•ampton, of Bitfton in the county of Dorfet, Efq; 
id by her had two fons the late and prefent Lords, 
jd three daughters Mary, Catherine, and Jane. 
his noble Lord is defcended from Sir Ralph Stour- 
•n of Stourton in Wiltfhire, who oppofed William the 
onqueror in the Weft of Engknd, until he granted 
r Ralph and his follewers the terms they infilled on, 
—Creation. Baron Stourton, in 1448, 16 
en. VI. .-Arms. Sable, a bend, or between fix 
•untains.-- Crest.^ On^ a wreath, a demi grey- 
iar, habited in ruflet ; girt, or ; holding a fcourge 
r three ladies with knots, gules. ---Supporters, 
'wo fea-dogs, proper ; fcaled on their backs, and 
aned, or. --Motto. Loyal jeferai durant ma 'vh. 
-Chief Seats. At Stourton caftle, in Stafford- 
lire ; upper Grofveoor-ftreet, London, 


r 170 1 


The Right. Hon. Johs-Peyto Verney, Bail 

IViLLOUGHBY de BROKE, Lord of the bed chal 

ber to the King, LL. D. born in 1738, fucceec] 

his uncle Richard, the late Lord, who died the t 

of Auguil, I75Z. His Lordfhip married on €| 

8, 1761, Lady Louifa North, daughter of the eI 

of Guilford, by whom he has ifTue, a fon and h(l 

born June 25, 1763. The late Lord .Richard, raj 

ried Margaret, daughter of Mr. Nehemiah Wall 

of the county of Monmouth, by whom he }| 

iflue one fon, who died an infant. This noble 

is defcended from William de Vernai, who floui 

ed in the reign of King Henry L .A7itio 1419J 

Creation. Baron Willoughby de Broke, in 14I 

7 Hen. VII.- --Arms. Gules, three crofles 

cercele, verded, or, a chief vaire, ermine and 

minois. ---Crest. On a wreath, the buft of ai)| 

<;ouped and afFronte, proper, crowned ducally, 

— Supporters. Two antelopes, argent, fpt 

gules, armed, crefted and unguled, or.— Mot 

Vertue 'vaiuiceth. --Chief Seats. At Comi 

Vernai and Chefterton, in Warwickfhire ; Bi 

ftead, Kent ; Stanhope-ltreet, London. 


John St. John, Lord St. John of Bletfoe, 
Baronet, fucceeded his father John, the late L< 
June 24, 1757; and Dec. 13, 1755, married J*^ 
Simond, daughter of Peter Simond, Efq; mercl it 
of London, by whom he had a daughter born S ■. 
lO) 1759) another daughter, born Feb. 22, i:i, 
another on March .15, 1763 ; a fon on Odt. 20, i [, 
and a daughter on Oft. 5, 1765. John, the e 
Lord, married March 6, 1724-5, Elizabeth, daii 
ter of Sir Ambrofe Crawley, of Greenwich, in 
county of Kent, Knight, and by her had ii 
iix fons and lix daughters,, of whom are living, J( 



r 171 T 

le prerent Lord, born Nov. 15, 1725, Mary, the 
Ideft daughter, born Nov. 21, 1728 ; married Od^. 
6, 1754, to Henry Drax, Efq; St. Andrew, born 
an. 17, >73i-*, a clergyman, and married Mifs 
:hafe, of Bromley, in Kent, in 1759. Elizabeth, 
orn Dec. I*, 1733; married in 1760, to William 
;agot, Efq; member for StafFordfhire. Jane, born July 
9, 1735 ; Barbara, born Sept. 19, 1737 ; and married 
n Sept. 6, 1764, to the Earl of Coventry, being his 
d wife. Anne, born Jan. 31, 1738-9; Henry, 
orn June i, 1740; Lettice, born Dec. 7, 1741 ; 
nd, Ambrofe, born 061. 17, 1743- St. Andrew, 
he feventh Lord, grandfather of the prefent Baron, 
ad eight fons and feven daughters, of whom are 
iving, Mary, married to the Rev. William Fofler. 
Elizabeth, married to John Livefay, of Berks, Efq; 
Lnne, married to John Lucy of Hennick in the 
ounty of Bedford, Efq; St. Andrew, who had a 
lofthumous fon, named St. Andrew, and on whom 
volved the title of Lord St. John of Bletfoe, as 
ucceiTor to Paulet, Earl of Bolingbroke ; but he 
lied in May 1714, about two years of age, and the 
itle devolved on, Wilham his uncle; which Wil- 
liam dying in 06t. 1720, unmarried, was fucceeded 
)y Rowland, and he dying in July 1722, unmarried, 
he honour came to, John, father of the prefent 
!^ord, his next brother. Paulet, married to Mrs. 
i?efcod. Beauchamp. This is the eldefl branch of 
i he ancient family of St. John, of Stanton St. John, 
m the county of Oxford. ---Great ion. Baronet 
)t. John of Bletfee, Anno, 1558, 6 Mary. --Arms. 
Urgent on a chief, gules, two mullets pierced, or. 
-Crest. On amount, vert, a falcon rifing, bell - 
d, or, and ducally gorged, gules.— Supporters. 
|. Two monkies, proper. ---Motto. Data fata fecu- 
v^/.---Chief Seats. At Melchburn in Bedford- 
hire ; Woodford in the county of Northampton ; 
md Builington-ftreet, London. 


[ 172 ] 


■Robert Edward Petre, Baron Pet re of Wi 
tie, fucceeded Robert-James, the late Lord his- 
ther, in honour and eflate, in July I74z, antf* 
April 19, 176Z, married the Hon. Mifs How 
neice of the Duke of Norfolk, by whom he has i 
a fon and heir born Sept. i, i 763 ; and another fj 
born on Jan. 3, 1766, Robert- James, Lord P 
father of the prefent Lord, was born June 3, 171 
and married May 2, 1732, the daughter of Jam 
late Eirl of Derwentwater, by winch Lady, w 
died March 31, 1760, he had ilTue, Robert - Ed wai, 
his fon, now Lord Petre, and three daughters, c; 
of whom Julia, is married to John Weld, E 
This noble Lord is defcended from Sir William !• 
.tre, who was of the privy council, and princi 1 
fecretary of Hate in the reigns of Kmg Henry VI 
King Edward VI. Queen Mary, and Queen Eli; • 
berh ; and he negotiated the marriage between Qu( i 
Mary and Philip IL of Spain ; and was feventim 
fent ambaflador to foreign princes.---C8.EATK 
Lord Petre, in 1603, i Jac. L-— Arms. Gul , 
a bend, or, between two efcallop fhells, arge 
--•Crest. On a wreath, two lions heads eia 
and indorfed, the firft, or, the other, azure, e. 
gorged with a plain collar counter-changed.— St 
porters. According to Lilly, on the right £ 
a lion reguardant, azure, collared, or ; on the 1 
llde a lion reguardant, or, collared, azure. --Moti 
Sans DleiL nV«.--- Chief Seats. At Thorndi 
Ingarfton, and Writtle-park, all in the county 
ElTex; at Dunkelagh, in the county of Lancaftc 
and Curzon-ftreet, London. 



Henry Arundel, Lord Arundel of Wardoi 
and Count of the facred Roman empire, born Mai 

t 173 1 

t 1740, fi^cceeded his father Henry, the late 
o'rd, who died Sept. 21, 1736, and on May 31. 
.,6^' married Mifs Conqueft, by whom he has a 
uihter born in Sept. 1764. h-s Lordlh:p has tyo 
icle^, Tf.omas and James -Everard. who earned 
170, Mifs Wyndham, daughter and heir cf John 
/yndham. of ^'aUfbury, Efq; Henry, the late 
..rd, born oa. 4, I7i7. married Mary, daughter 
•Richard Beding Arundel, Efq: by whom he h?A 
'ue, Henry, the prefent Lord, and Thomas, \vho 
^r.ied May 19 1760, Mifs Mary Porter. This 
y-.le lord is defcended from Roger de Arundel, who 
me over to England with William the Conqueror, 
' mo ic66, who rewarded his f^rvice with tu^nty 
St m-'nors in Somerfetfhire, taken from the Eng- 
h Thomas, another of this lord's anceftois, was 
^e a count of the Empire, by the cmpsror Ro- 
ph, iB condderation of his fervices agamit the 

v'-j; Creation. Baron, m i6oj, 3 Jac. 

—ARMS. Sable, fix fwallows, three, two, and 

, areent.— Crest. On a wrea'h, a wolf paliant, 

*nt.— Supporters. On the dexter fide, ^a hen 

Vrriant,erminois,vi2. yeliuw po^^dered with black, 

ocally crowned, or. On the fiiufttr^^an ow!, ar- 

.--i • u'irh wings d fcbfed, or ; crowneG as the dex- 

r_!yiOTTO. /:v-^A?/^.— -Chief Seat. AtWar- 

oiir-caaie, in Wiltlhire ; Grofvenor-flreet, Loa- 



I0HN Bligh, Lord CliFton, Baron CliAon of 
.eighton Bromfwoid, (Earl and V.fcount D.rniey, 
nd Biron Clifton of Rathmore in Ireland . luccccded 
lis brother Edxard, the late lord, in Auyiitt 1747, 
ndis yet unmarried. John Bligh, Lord Ci.icor,^ta- 
her of the prefent lord, was created Baron Ciuton 
R?.thmore, in the county of Meath, the ift of An- 
il lyaz ; and, on the 5th of Feb. following, Vif- 
ant Darnley of Athboy in the fame county ; a.lo 

1 3 ^'* 

C 174 J 

00 the ifl of June 1725, Earl ofDarnley in Irelanl 
and died Sept. 12 1728, aged 41, having marri.) 

1 heodol-ia Hyde, then only daughter and heir of Eil 
jvard, Earl of Clarendon, who died July 30, 172 
leaving ifTue, two fons and three daughters, viz. E. 
ward the Jate Jord, John, the prefent Lord, Lac 
Mary, married to William Tighe, Efq; Am 
who married to Edward Ward, Efq; TheodoL 
married to William Crofbfe, Efq; The great gran] 
father of this noble Lord, who lived in Londoil 
going over to Ireland, in the time of Oliver Gron 
well, as an agent to the adventurers there, acquirti 
a good eftate, and laid the foundation for tH 
grandeur of this family — Creation. Baron Cliftoil 
in 1608. 6 Jac. I. — Arms. Azure, a gryphon fegnl 
ant, or ; armed and langued, gules ; between thrc| 
crefcents, argent.— Crest. On a wreath, a gn 
phon's head erafed, or. — Supporters. Two gri 
phons, with wings expanded, or ; each having a dj 
cal collar and chain, azure. — Motto. Fxnem refpk 
— Chief Seats. At Rqthmore, in the county i 
Meath, in Ireland; Gobham hall, in Kent; ar 
Berkeley-fquare, London. 


John Dormer, Lord Dormer of Wenge, ani 
Baronet, fucceeded Charles, the late Lord Dormeij 
his brother on March 7, 1 761, and married Mary daugh 
terofSirCecilBifhopof Parham, in thecounty of Suj 
fex, Bart, by whom he had iflue, 8 children, whereo 
Charles, eldeft fon, married to Lady Mary Talbb^ 
lifter to the right Hon. Geo. Talbot, Earl of Shrewf 
bury; and Elizabeth, married Nov. ai, 1753, t( 
the faid Earl. His lord/hip's brothers and fifter: 
are, William, Robert, Jofeph, and Francis, whc 
are all unmarried. Anne, and Elizabeth, both un-l 
married. Frances, third furviving daughter, married 
m 1726, to W/lliam Plowden, Efq; by whom (he had 
fifteen children, of which twelve are living. This 


[■ 175 ] , i 

,We lord is defcended from the Dormers of Well- 
'iccomb, n Buckinghamthire; of which 
a S°r Michael Dormer, lord Mayor of London 
,.T ,, Henrv VlII.-CREATiONS. Baron m 1615. 
',V,t i -SAzure. ten billets, four, .hree,two. 
done or; on a chief of the fecond, a dem -hon 

Sa d"^fep^pe;7Sun?erhvTSfc^ 
*ent!^Suppo^TERS. Two falcons, argent jarm- 
n-embered, and billed,, or^ Motto " 
-Chief Seats. At Peterly, in the county 0tBucK.s, 
;wdfworth, in the county of Hants; South Aud- 
2y-ilreet, London. 


Henpy roper, Lord Teynham, fucceeded his 

,tr'of Sa dfird! i'n'&fordihire^, Efq; by whom 
,e ha iffue, now living, Mary Catherine, born Dec. 
1 xjZ- Winifred, born Dec^ 5, 'M3 ; and 

rhoms, born Feb. 3. i'44:^'7,^° ■^"^^"^^'Feb 
,as a im and heir, and another Ion, born on r eo. 
" ' -6s. His lordlhip has a brother Henry, a cler- 
mVn, who married the daughter of Wjll,^ 

^iX '"^wJ^ta i: 'If^nded fro'm >he 
! ^te of Canterbury, who flourifted m .he re-gn of 

King Edward UI.-Creation. B"°"' '" ' pa'e 
T,„ r Abms Partv-per-fefs, azure and or, a pa.e, 

d ihrTe ro"bucSe'ads erazed, counterchanged . 
!!cREs?.On a wreath, a lion rampant, fable; hold- 
In™ , rtucal coronet between his paws, or.— i>"P- 
;"o\TBf rOnTe dexter Gde. a b"ckj^r. On the 

"ounty of 7em ; and Brook.ftreet, London. 

1+ LORD 

t 1/6 3 
2^0 RD M AY?nTARD. 

w^/Tf^^^'"' 'OJreldRd.^ml Baronet, lord li.utVnJ 
fi' *^^f fb '^S^"^^™^ ^nd Vict admiral of the coi^i 

[f^ S^tm'.. '^'J^^t^dk, the tJdeft daughter, mam. 

ddrended^ from —^Maynard, ^vho cam. over wi, 
w?:| am tr.e Conqueror, and whofe name is infrrtt 
la tng roi ^Ainng thofe who were in the c-^nquen 
^rniy auhe battle of Haf^ing<?.--CREATiON: Baroi 
Maynard, jHy, | Gar, I,_Arms. Argent/ 
chevron, ^zure, between three fin fter hards ere<a 
■^Q'ped at the wnft, guks.^CREST. On a wreath' 


^■H trippim, or 

iide, afi-g, pFoper 

Supporters. On t-h- dexte 
-^_. ,. . . On the finifler, a talbot, ar- 
^em.; pyed, iable ; and gorged with a plain coi'ar 

^i^^'1?'T ^"^"^^^ M<??^«^/«/^^«/v/^^/. —Chief Seats 
/u i^aiton-Parva, m the county of Effex : GtolVe- 
nor-iejuare, London. 


TlDWARD Leigh, Lord Leigh, of Stone!ev, and 
Bajonet, born the ift of March 1742. fucceeded 
Thomas l^te Lord, his. father, Nov. 30, 
1749. and IS unmamed. His lord/hip has two (ift^rs. 
the Lon Mary Leigh, and the Hon. Anne Leieh, 
born Od. 8, 174?. This family took their name 
irom the town of High-Leigh in Cheaiire, where 


[ 177 ] 

hevrefided before the Norman conqneft— Crf a- 
•, Jane r^, 1611, 9 J-^^^v^;,r" V 
on Leigh of Sioneley, in th- couniy of Warwigk, 
«lvi6, 1643, 19 Car. l.-ARMS Gules, .crols.r:- 
tailed, argent, a lozenge inthe dexter chief ot the 
'Cond— Crest. On a wieaih, an unicoro s head 
rafed, argent ; armed and mained, or.— SurFORT* 
Rs.Tv/o unicorns, argent; armed and mriined, or. 
-Chief Seats. At Sioneley- abby, m War.w ck- 

I lire ; and at Fietc'^amftead, in the fame county, 

, rpper-Grofvenor-ftrcet, London. 


.A. . 

William Byron, Lord Byron ofRochdde, born 
lov 5, 1 7ia,fucceededWilham, the hte Lord Byron, 
, IS father, Aug. 8, 1736, married March a8, 1747, 
. ;Hz.iberh,onlydaughterardfoleheiroi ChariesSnaw, 
''q- of B'-ftihorne Hall inthe counry of Norto.k, by 
Jhcm he had iflue, tv/o fons, Willi.m, born June 
1748, who died the May following : Wilham, In 
econdfon, born 061.^7, 1749, and two daughters 
lenrleita-Diana and Caroline, the eldeft of which 
lied Tune i, 176^. H's lordihip's brothers and hi- 
-rs now hving, are L^ahe'la, born Nov. 10, i7?i. 
liarried in 17+2, to the Eiirl of Carlifle, and nfier 
lis death, to Sir Richard MLifgrave, ot Hayton- 
lall, in Cumberland, Bart. John, born Nov 8, 1723, 
'.'hois a cpain in the navy, and married Sopn'a, 
laughter o!^ John Trevanion, of Carhays, in ^^orn- 
vall, Efq; Richard, born Oil. aS, 1734, Felbw of 
:h-ifts-church-college, Ox. Georg?, born April i2, 
[730, an officer in the army. From Doomfd^y-book 
t appears, that this family were podeffed of nume- 
•ons manors and lands in the reign of the conqueror-, 
tnd thit Sir John Byron, one of his lordQiip s an- 
cftors, attended Kmg Edward HI. in his wars in 
'r.ince. Sir John Byron, another of this lord s an- 
ftoi-s! was a great folder, and performed many 

: 5 '^ic^na. 

r '78 ] 

fignal a^tloris in the civil wars, in defence of KinwH 
Charles I, to whom he continued faithful to the laftlie 
—Creation. Baron Byron, of Rochdale, ComBife 
Lancaft. 06t. 24, 1643, 19 Car. I. — Arms. ArgentBd 
three bendlets enhanfed, gules. — Crest. On a wreathw 
a mermaid, with her comb and mirrour, all propeiBp 
— Supporters. Two horfes chefnut. — MoTTofc 
Crede Biron. — Chief Seats. At Linby, NewfteadB, 
abbey, and Bullwellpark, in Nottinghamfhire ; GreaP 
Marlborough-flreet, London. 


Marmaduke Langdale, Lord Langdale oI 

Kolme, fucceeded his father, the late Lord, Dec. 12J 

1718, and married Elizabeth, youngeffc daughter c 

William Lord Widdrington, and by her, who die<l 

on Jan. 7, 1765, has ifTueone fon and two daughters 

viz. Marmaduke, his heir apparent, married to Coi 

ftantia, daughter of the late Sir John Smyth of Ado 

Burnel, in Shropfhire, Bart, by whom he has ifTu 

two daughters, Conftantia and Elizabeth. Dorothy] 

married to Sir Walter Vavafour, of Haflelwood, i 

Yorkfliire, Bart. And, Elizabeth, unmarried. Hi 

lordfhip had two fifters, viz. Elizabeth, married t 

Peter Middleton of Stockley in Yorkshire, Efq; an 

Frances, married to Nicholas Blundel, of Crofb| 

in Lancafter, Efq; This noble Lord is defcend( 

from the Langdales of Yorkfhire, who redded attl 

town of Langdale (from whence they took theij 

name) in the reign of Kmg John ; but his ancelloi 

who makes the greateft figure in hiflory, is Sir Mar 

maduke Langdale, who raifed forces in the north c 

England, in defence of King Charles L and was vido 

rious in numberlefs battles and fieges ; and when hi 

Majefty, by the united forces of England and Scot 

land, was at length overpowered, he attended Kin, 

Charles II. in his exile, and returned to Englam 

with his Majefty at the reftoration. — Creation 

Baron Langdale, of Holn>e, in Yorkfhire, Feb, 4 


[ 179 ]' 

1657-S, 10 Car. II. — Arms. Sab^e, a chevron be- 
tween three eftoils, argent. — Crest. On a wreath, 
a ilar, argent. — Supporters. Two bulls, faWe, 
armed, crefted, and ungulled, argent. — Motto. 
Pofi tenehras /ucem.— 'Chief Seats. At Holme in 
Spaldingmore, and Dalton, both in Yorkfhire ; Gol- 
den-fquare, London. 



John Berkeley, Lord Berkeley of Stratton, 
one of the lords of his Majefty's privy council, con- 
ftable of the Tower of London, and lord lieutenant 
and cuftos rotulorum of the Hamlets thereof, oa 
March 24, 1701, fucceeded the late William Lord 
Berkeley (whofe father, Sir John Berkeley, was by 
King. Charles II. created Lord Berkeley, of Stratton, 
in 1658, 10 Car. IL) and is unmarried. His lord- 
fliip's brother and fitter, are die Hon. Charles Berke- 
iV, who married in I745> Frances, daughter of co- 
lonel John Wett, by whom he has two daughtersj 
Frances J. me, and Sophia ; and a fon, Maurice John, 
born on Sept. 8, 1750, Barbara, married March 29, 
1726, to John Trevanion, Efq; and, had by him. 
a fon and two daughters. — Alfo a nephew James, 
fon of his fitter, the Hon. Mrs. Cocks. This noble 
lord is defcended from Sir Maurice Berkeley, fecond 
fon of Lord Berkeley, of Berkeley- caflle, who flou- 
rrihed in the reign of King Edward H. and King Ed- - 
ward III. and was celebrated for his valour and con- 
duct in the wars of Scotland and France. This fa- 
mily were eminent alfo for their fervices to King 
Charles I. and King Charles II. during the civil war, 
and at the rettoration.—CREATioN. Baron Berkeley, 
of Stratton, in Cornwall, May 19, ^<^5^^ 20 Gar. 
II. — Arms. Gules, a chevron, ermine between ten 
crofTes pattee, argent.— Crest. On a wreath, an 
unicorn pafTant, gules— Supporters,: Two Sava- 

I 6' ges^ 

[ j8o 3 


With clubs ever their ftioulder'5, and wreathed 
jout their temples and loins with ivy.^ — Motto. 
.'atica fufpiKi pauciora defpexi — Chief Seats. At 
Abby-Bruton in Somerfetlhirej and Berkeley IquareJ 


Nathaniel Booth, Lord Delamep.e, of Dun 
ham MafTey, Chefhire and Baronet, flicceeded to 
t'lat title on the death of the late Ear! of Warring- 
ton, on Auguft 2, 1758. The faid George Earl of 
Warrington having no iiTue male (leaving only one 
daughter and heir, the prefent Countefs of Stam- 
ford) the Earldom of Warrington became extinft^ 
His lordfhip is the only furviving fon, of Robert 5th 
fon of George, firll Lord Delamere, and married 

Margaret, daughter of Jones, Efq; by whom he 

had lifu^ 2 fons and a daughter, ail decealed. He is 
comptroUer of fines, &c. called green-wax mo- 
ney. This family is of great antiquity and long 
ilanding, in the counties palatine of Lancafhire and 
Chefhire, and the name to be met with as far back as 
n the year 1175, 3 Ed. I. — Creations. Baronet, 
May ai, 161 1, 9 Jac. \. and Baron Delamere, April 
50, i66t, 13 Car. n. — Arms. Argent, three boars 
heads ereft, and erazed, fable. — Crest. On a 
wreath vert, a lyon pafTant, argent. — Supporters 
Two boars fabfe, briftled and unguled, or. — Mot- 
^o. <^od ero ffero. — Chief Seats, At Hampftead, 
iH Middlefsx; Cavendlfh fquare, London, 


John Arundhl, Lord Arundel, of Trerife* 
born Nov. 21, 1701, fucceeded his father John, the 
late Lord, Sept. 24, 170^. and mirried Elizabeth, 
filler to Thomas Wenfvorth, late Earl of Strafford, 
by vhcm he has no ifTue. This family came into 
England with William the Conqueror ; and at the 
tirn- of the general lurvey, in the icth year of that 


[ i8r ] 

were poffefl'ed of twenty-eight lord/hips In 
'feiHiire. John Arundel of Trerife, cne oi 
rd<hip's anceftors, took np arms in defence oi 
Charles 1. with four of his fons, and two ot 
loft their lives in his Majefty s fervice.— 
.TioNS. Baron Arundel, of Trerife, in Corn- 
March .3, 1664, 16 Car II.-ARMS. Quarter- 
\ and 4th. fable ; fix fwal'.ows dofe, 3, 2 and i, 
,f fecond and third, fable, three chevronels 
'^f-cond.— Crest. On a chapeau gules, turned 
"mine a fwallow, argent.-SuppoRTERs. Two 
lers guardant, or, fpotted of various colours, 

fed proper, i. e. with fire f ^''"g ^ ^^^^^'J^ 
hs and ears—MOTTO. Nullt />r^/^.-CHiEF 

s. At Trerife, in Cornwall ; andCheliea, near 


iLLiAM CRAVEN, Lord Craven, of Hemp- 

i-Mariha), was the eldeft fon of John Craven bro- 

ofWilHam, fecond lord Craven, and third Ion 

r William Craven. He married Jane, daughter 

owland Berkley, of Gotheridge, m Worcefter- 

Rfq; (and has no iflue) and fucceeded his cou- 

iFuKvar, the late lord, Nov. 10, 1764. His lord- 

,'s furviving brothers are the Hon John Craven, 

,, n^arried H.ckes, and by her is father of 

} liara Craven, Efq; and two daughters, Jane and 
II la-Rebecca ; Hon. Henry Craven ; Tho Craven, 

• a captain in the navy and member for Berk- 
- his lordfhip's fitter, Maria-Rebecca, was mo- 

• to the prelent lord Leigh. His lordfhip has a 
hew, John, and five nieces, the iliue of his bro- 
r Charles; and feveral aunts. This noble lord 
efcended from Tohn Craven, of Appletreewick, 
he county of York, who fiounihed in the reigns 
Henry VII. and Henry VIIL— Grkation. Ba- 

. Craven, of Hampftead-Marfhal, in Berks, March 
T6i6 7, a Car. L a new entail of the baronv. 
' * * Marcu 

C 1S2 ] 

March 16, 1663, 15 Car. II. and a further entaill 
21, 1665, 17 Car. II,— Arms. Argent, a feil 
tween fix crofs crofiets, fitchy, gules. — GresJ 
a chapeau, gules, turned up, ermine, a grypH 
the fecond beaked, or. — Supporters. Two! 
phons, ermine. — Motto. Virtus in adione co\^ 
—Chief Seats; At Comb- Abbey, in Warwickl« 
Hampftead-Marfhal, in the county of Berks ; (;», 
ftreet, London. . ~ 



Hugh Clifford, Lord Clifford, of Chudl^fc 
born Sept. 29, 1726, fucceeded Hugh his father at 
Lord Clifford, March a6, 1732, and married De( 
1749, Lady Anne Lee, daughter of George- Henry 
Earl of Litchfield, by whom he has ifiue, Hug,h, 
July 2, 1756 ; Charles, born Nov. 28, 1759, and, 
daughters, Frances, Anne and Mary. His I 
fhip's brothers are, the Hon. Edward Clifford, 
Dec. 31, 1727; the Hon. Thomas Clifford, ^rr 
after his father's deceafe, Aug. 22, 1732, wh' ii 
Sept. 1761, married Barbara, youngeft daughtei nc 
coheir of James, Lord Alton, of Forfar, in Scot Ik, 
by whom he has a fon, Thomas, born on Dec. 4, ^ P 
adaughter, Barbara,born Nov. 11, 176-?, and ant et 
daughter : and his filler, the Hon. Mary Clif d. 
This noble Lord is defcended from Walter de if- 
ford, of Chfford-caftle, in the county of Herei d, 
who came over into England with the Conqueror oi 
which family was the celebrated Rofamond, mil -fs 
to King Henry II. Sir Thomas Clifford, who if 
created Baron Clifford of Chudle'gh, in the 241 ^ 
King Charles II. was conftituted lord high treal sr 
of England the fame year. — Creation. B )Q 
Clifford, of Chudleigh, in the county of De i, 
April 22, 1762, 24 Car. II. — Arms. Cheque )r 
and azure ; a fefs, gules, a crefcent for differe r. 
— Crest. Out of a ducal coronet, or, a wy n 
rifing, guks.— Supporters, On the dexter fii a 
, wyi n 

[ i83 ] 

rn with wings expanded, azure ; on the finifter; . 
nkey, proper, invironed about the loins, and 

s ' At'Ugbrook, near Chudleigh in Devon- 
.  at Cannington, near Bridgwater, m the 
ty of Somerfet ; Dukfi-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare, 


,MUND Boyle, Baron Boyle of Marflon, 
EarlofCorkeandOrreryin Ireland, born Dec. i, 

,, andfucceeded his brother, the ^te Earl, onjan 
;64. On Aug. 3^ 1764, he married -daughter 
elland Courtenay, Efq; by whom he has ifTue a 

 Vifcount Dungarvan, born May 2?, i765# 

Lordfhip has two lifters, viz. Lady Ehzabeth, 

married Thomas Worfley, Eiq; fon of Sir 
es Worfley, of Pilewell, in Hampfhire, Bart. 

Lady Lucy, Vifcountefs Tornngton ; alfo a 
e Henrietta, daughter of hi. brother the late 
ount Dungarvan Charles, Earl of Orrery, 
lather of the prefent Earl, was created Baron 
rleof Marfton, in the county of Somerfet, Sept. 
tyVi, 10 Anne.-CREATioNS. Irifh honours ; 
on Boyle of Youghal!, in Sept. ^6x6, I4 Jac I. 
mnt Dungarvan and Earl of Cork, O^t. 16, i6to^ 
'lac I. Baron of Brogh.ll, February 28, 1627-8. 
ir I Earl of Orrerv, Sept. 5. 1660, 12 Car. 11, 
iuAi honour, Ut /^;>;^.-ARMs. Party- per-bend 
^nee argent and gules, crefcentfor difference.^ 
EST On^a wreath^, a lion's head crazed, party- 
■pale crenelle, argent and gules—SupPORTER . 
.o'lions party. per-pale; ^^e dexter gules and ar- 
lit ; the (inifter of the fecond and fi'^^'— Motto 
nor ^irtutis pr^mium.-^CniiL^ Seats. At Marf- 
, in the county of Somerfet ; at Caledon, m the 
ll^ty of Tyronlin Ireland; Great George-flreet, 

i LOR]> 



Thomas Hay, Lord Hay of Pedwardin; 
count Dupp'in, and Earl of Kmnoul in Scotland-, 
of his Majefty's privy-council, recorder of ( 
bridge, and chancellor of the univerfity of Sr. 
drews, fucceeded his father George-Henry, thfel 
Earl, July 28, 1758, and married, May «2, i 
to Mils Arnley, of Wiltfhire, who died in J 
1753, leaving iilue. His Lorddiip's furviving 
thers and fifters are, his Grace, Dr. Robert I- 
Archbifliop of York, who took ihe raTiC and arnv 
Drunimond, as heir of entail to his great gnmdfa 
William Drummond, Vifcount of "Strathallan, 
has by his Lady, Henrietta, daughter of Peter 
riol, merchant, fix fons and one daughter : TheF 
Edward Hay, envoy extraordinary in Portugal, • 
married Mary, daughter of Peter Flower, merch 
by whom he has three fons and three daughters'; 
fo fix firters, the Ladies Margaret, Elizabeth, Ai 
Abigail, Henrietta, married to Robert Roper 
Trimden, Durham, L. L. D. and Mary, wife of 
Hume, bifhop of Oxford. The Earls of Kinn 
who have refided for many generations in Perthft 
in North- Britain, were anceltors of this noble L( 
— Creations. Baron Hay, of Pedwardm, coc 
Hereford, Dec. 31, 1711, 10 Anne, Vifcour.t D 
plin, May 4, 1627, 3 Gar. I. and Earl of Kinn< 

May25, 1633, 9 Gar. I. Arms. Quarterly, 

and fourth, azure, an unfcorn fai'ant, argent; a 
ed, creited, and unguled, or; within a bordure, 
charged with eight thirties, proper ; and a? m 
demi-rofes, gules; leaved, barbed, and Ued 
proper; conjoined upon one ftem, fecond and tb 
argent; three efcutcheons, guies. — Crest, Oi 
wreath, an hufbandman couped at the knees, habi 
in dark grey, with ruffet breeches, a red vvaiftcc 
and a Highland bonnet, azure ; holding over 
tight-flioulder a double ox-yoke, proper. — suFFf 

[ '85 ] 

5. Two luifl>andmen, habited as the creft, their 
ings riiffet, and (hoes brown ; the dexter bear- 
ver his ihouldcr the coulter of a Plough ; and 
nifU^r, the plo'jgh- piddle, all proper,— Motto. 
Vtiti cfiimai. — Chjf.f Seats. At Brodefwoith, 
ork(hi?c : at Duplin houfe in Scotland; and 
lehali, London. 


ANCts Win.our.HBY, Lord Middf.eton', of 
lleto-1, so:! Baronet, fucceec'ed his father Fran- 
he Ute Lord, Aug. i. 1758, and is unmarried, 
^ordliiip has one brother, the Hon, Thomf*s 
)\ighHy ; alfo two uncles, the Hon. Thomas 
3ughby, whomir.ied Elizabefh, fole daughter 
leir of Thomas Sonthby oF Birdfal, in Vork- 

Efq- who d ed in 174*, leavinji^ iflue, a fon, 
y Willoughby, Efq; high fheriiToiP Yorkfhire, in 

who by Doro'.hy, His wife, daughter and coheir 
gorge Cartwright, of Oihngton,"in Nottingh?.m- 

Efq; has a fon and h'jir, born April %\, 1761, 
he Hon. Rothwell V/illoughbv, who is yet lin- 
ed. This noble Lord is dv^fcended from Sir 
3as Wiiloughby, lord chief juftice of the coii- 
pleas in the reign of King Henry Vm.— Cre- 
N3. Baronet, Ap-ii 7, 1677, 39 Car. II. Baron, 

31,^ I7'i> 13 Anne. — Arms. Quarterly, fiift 
ourth, or ; fretty, azure, for WdJoughby of 
im and Erelby. Second and third, or, on two 

gules, three water bou3;ets, argeit, for W'il- 
i-by of M'ddleton and Wallaton. — Crest. On 
ath, the buft of a man, couped and afFrontea 
:r ; crowned ducally, or.— Supporters. On 
exter hde, a p'Igrim, or grey-fr ar, in his hn- 
5roper ; with his beads, crois &c. and a ftafF 
5 right-hand, or. On the finifler, a favaga 
a dob in hi? exterior hand, wrearhed about 
!mple<; ar.d middle with ivy, a'l proper ; each 
>rter hold ng a banner, gules ; fringed, or ; en- 

^ Cgned 

[ i86 }; 

figned with an owl, argent ; crowned, ducalb 
lared, and chained, or; the owl being the cr 
AVilloughby of Middleton and Wollaton.— Mo 
Feriie Jans peur.-^ CniEY Seats. At Wol! 
hall, in Nottinghamfhire ; at Middlston, ir 
county of Warwick ; Eaton School. 


Robert Hampden-Trevor, Lord Trev' 
Bromham, F. R. S. fucceeded his brother John ^ 
Lord Trevor, Sept. 27, 1764- His Lordfhipja 

ried Gonftantia, daughter of Van Krunejei 

of Holland, and byJier (who died June i5> 1763M 
two fons and two daughters, viz. Thomas, Jp^ 
Maria Conftantia, - countefs of Suffolk, and m 
deceafed. His Lordfhip has one brother, viz P 
Richard Trevor, bifliop of Durham, who is ui ,ai 
ried ; and a fifter, the dutchefs dowager of Mibc 
rough ; alfo a neice, Diana, daughter of th lav 
Lord, by Elizabeth, daughter of the famoi|S 
Richard Steele. In compliance with the will of !)h 
Hampden, of Great Hampden, Bucks, Efq; a- 
fumed that gentleman's name and arms. - Th la 
firft Lord Trevor, became folHcitor-general i lh_ 
year 1692, and attorney-general in 1695; 'Ai 
the reign of Queen Anne, was conftituted lord d 
juftice ojf the common- pleas ; in 17255 ^o^^.lft 
feal; and in 1730, was made preiident of hi«« 
jefty's moft honourable privy-council. This bl 
Lord is defcended from Rourd Wieduck, one ( tt 
moft ancient families of Wales, faid to have flo Jl 
ed in the reign of King Arthur; but the firlil, 
had the name of Trevor, was Tudor Trevor, a 
of Hereford.— Creation. Baron Trevor of Iff 
ham, in Bedfordfhire, Dec. 31, lyu, 10 An^ 
Arms. Party-per~bend, fmifter, ermme and m 
nois, a lion rampant, or.-— Crest. On a cha3f 
gules ; turned up, ermine ; a wyvern nfmg, fa - 
Supporters. Two wyverns reguardant, fat - 

[ 18; ] 

;f Seats. At Bromham, in BedfordHiire ; Great 
pden, Bucks ; St. Anne's-hill, Surry ; Greea- 
:, Grofvenor-fquare, London. 


MUEL Masham, Lord Masham of Gates, and 
net, a lord of the King's bed-chamber, remem- 
:er of his Majefty's court of exchequer, fucceed- 
s father Samuel, the late Lord, 061. i6, 1758, 
nO&. 1736, married Harriot, daughter of Sai- 
Winnington, of Stamford- court, in the county 
'orcefter, Efq; by whom he had no ifTue. Hi& 
ihip married, fecondly,, on Feb. 4, i?^^, Mifs 
s, daughter of John Dives, Efq; by whom he 
yet no ifTue. This noble Lord is defcended 
Sir John Mafliam, who flouriftied in the reiga 
ing Henry VI. and was buried at Thornehan?, 
•e county of Suffolk, in 1455.— Creations. 
net, on Dec. ao, 1621, 19 Jac. I. Baron Mafh- 
of Gates, in EfTex, on Dec. 31, 1711? 10 Anne. 
IMS. Or, a fefs hemette, gules, between two 
pafTant, fable. — Crest. On a wreath, a gry* 
I's head couped, or, between two wings ere d, 
;. — Supporters. On the dexter fide, a lion, 
; on the fmifter, a leopard guardant, proper, 
having an eaftern crown, or. — Motto. Mi/^i 
capeffere. — Chief Seats. At Gates-hall, in the 
ty of Effex ; and Corkftreet, London. 


liLEN Bathurst, Baron Bathurst ofBattlef- 

|a lord ofthe privy council, was created Lord Ba- 

li:,Dec.3i, 1711, 10 Anne. HisLordfhip married : 

arine, daughter and heir of Sir Peter Apfley, by 

n he had iiTue, four fons and five daughters, viz. 

BenjaminBathurft, born Aug. 12, i7ii,andmar- 

Nov. 26, 173a, Elizabeth, fecond daughter of 

les, late Earl of Ailefbury, but by her has no if- 

Henry, a judge in the court of common-pleas, 


[ i88 3 

(hrho married Mrs. Philips, and after her decea;lV 
wedded fecondly, on June 14, i759' T^yPI 
daughter of Tho. Scawen, of Maidwell, »n M 
amptonfhire, Efq; by he has a fon 9 
daughter ; John, deceafed ; Allen, fellow of J 
ColTege, Oxford, and re£lor of Beverfton, in jl 
cefteilhire; Frances, married Aug. 5, i73i> to I 
liam Woodhoufe, ¥Jq\ who died in March j 
(he m^.rrl^d, Acondly, to James Whitilied, pi 
kingdom of Ireland, 'Efq: member for Cirencl 
by whom fiie has no iflue. Catherine, marri[ 
V737t- to Henry Reginald Courtenay, Efq;^, 
to Viicoynt Courtenay : Jane, ma'-ried in 
1744, John Ba'ier, mernber of parliament for 
loe, in Cornwall ; Leonora, married in 175a, ti 
jor general Urnnfton ; Anne, married in 175 
the Rev. Mr. Benfon nephew of Dr. Benfon 
fhcp of^ Glouceller. Sir Ber-janrn Barhurft, i\ 
of the prefent Lord, married Frances, daughter 
Allen Apfley, Knight, by whom he had iifue, 
ions snd one daught-r, viz. Allen, the p:| 
Lord ;' the Hon. Peter Bathurft, married to 
How, dairihter and heir of Charles How, of 
v/orth, in the county of Northampton, Efq 
whom he had two d.<ughters, Mrs. Macaula 
Mrs. Cooper, and flie dying he married to 1 
cond wife the Lady Seiina Shidey, eldeft dau 
of Robert, Earl Ferrers, by his fecond wift 
whom he had five fons and ten daughters, wl: 
Seiina, was married to the Lord Ranelagh, of 
I->.nd; Henrietta to the Lord Tracey, Anne t< 
Rev. Mr. Thiilkthwayte, Catherine to Sir Mi 
Malcolm; Charlotte, to Jofluia Langton. Efq; J 
ces, late L^dy Feverfham ; Elizabeth, to Sir- 
Frederick, bart. Louifa, toMr. Byam; Mar 
the Rev. Mr. A^alden, and Margaret is iinmai 
Peter, the eldeft fon, married Mifs Evelyn ;^ 
jamin Bathurft, Efq; F. R. S. member fori 
mouth ; the youngeft fon, married the dauihten 
coheir of • — Foole, of Kemble, in "Wil': -« 

[ >89 ] 

who died in child-bed, I737*S, having had 
ty-one children, whereof leven furvived her, 
Thomas, the eldelt, on Aug. 24, i749» married 

Fflzakerly, a great fortune, and one of the 
hters married Mr. Snell. He married, 1742, 
is fecond wife, Mifs Broderick, only daughter 
>r. Broderick. Anne, married to Henry Pye, 
irrington, in Berklhire, Efq* who died of the 
i-pox, and left him thirteen children, the eldeft 
horn was the late member for Berks. This no- 
Lord is defcended from the Batharfts, of Ba- 
^Caftle, near Battle- Abbey, in the county of 
X. — Creations. Ut fupra. — Arms. Sable, 
bars, ermine; in chief three crofles, pattee, or. 
lEsT. On a wreath, a dexter arm in mail, em- 
id, and holding a club with fpikes, all proper. 
•ppoRTERs. Two flags argent; each gorged 
a collar gemel, ermine.— Motto. Tien defoy, 
iiEF Seats. At Rufldnsin the county of Bucks ; 
irencefter, in Gloucefterfhire ; and St. James's* 
re, London. 


iCHARD On SLOW, Lord Onslow, Baron of 
ow and Clandon, and Bart, lord lieutenant and 
ts rotulorum of the county of Surry, and high 
ard of Guildford, knight of the moft honourable 
Tof the Bath, and L. L. D. born in the year 
[, fucceeded Thomas, h:s father, the late Lord, 
une, 1740. He married, on May 16, 174', 
y, daughter of the late Sir Edward Ellwell, by 
m he has no ifTue. Sir Richard Onflow, eldeft 
of Sir Arthur Onflow, and grandfather to the 
ent Lord, was one of the knights of the (hire 
the county of Surry in the reign of King James 
and in the reign of King William, was one of 
lords of the admiralty, and fpeaker of the houfe 
lommons ; and fworn of the privy council to 
;en Anne, in i7io« On the accdlion of his late 


[ iQO J 

Hajefty he was conftituted one of the lords ( 
treafury, and chancellor and under- treafurer« 
exchequer ; and having been a ftrenuous afleil 
the proteftant intereft, was created Lord Oj 
Baron of Onflow, in the county of Salop, Ju: 
1 716, a Geo. I. with limitation, for want oi 
male, to his uncle, Denzil Onflow, of Pyrford 
and the heirs male of his body. He married 
beth, daughter of Sir Henry Tulfe, by wk^. 
had ifFue, two fons and two daughters, viz. i"! 
fiias, late Lord Onflow ; Richard, who died yiq^ 
Elizabeth, married to Thomas Middhton, of :^r 
fted-Montfitchet, in the county of EfTex; an(. 
his death, to Samuel Baldwin, Efq; and, Mar^w 
married to Sir John Williams of Stoke- NeyUi, 
the county of Suffolk, Knight, late an alderrn 
London. His Lordfliip's great uncles, the oth(& 
of his great grand-father Sir Arthur Onflow ve 
Foot Onflow, Arthur and Henry, whereof Foe 
was married, who was an adlive member of J f-ii 
ment and commiflioner of excife, and died 01* 
II, 1710. By Sufanna, his wife, daughter of 
mas Anlaby, Efq; he had two fons ; firfl. 
thur, the late worthy fpeaker of the hoe 
-commons, in five parliaments, &g. who n ri 
Anna, neice of Henry Bridge of Ember-court ii 
-(which Lady deceafed in June 1766.) by wh 
had a fon, and a daughter deceafed. Th fo 
George Onflow, Efq; is member in the prefei pa 
liament for the county of Surry, a commiffic r 
the treafury, a colonel of the fecond battalion t 
Surry militia, and if he furvives his father, >x 1 e 
joy a penfion of 3000 1. per Ann, fettled upc hi 
for his long and faithful fervices, for his ov 1; 
and that of the faid George his fon, who, ii u 
26, 1753, married Harriot, daughter of Sinai 
Shelley, Bart, neice to the Duke of Newcafl 1 
whom he has two fons, Thomas and John.'r- 
Richard, lieutenant-general and colonel of tlfi 
. troop of Grenadier Guards, who left iiTue 


[ igi ] 

, three fons, George, Richard and Arthur, and 

aghter, Ehzabeth. This noble Lord is defcend- 

om the Onflows of Shropfhire, who flourifhed 

le reign of Henry III. They took their name 

I their manor of Onflow, or Ondeflow, in that 

ty. — Creations. Utfupra. Baronet, Nov. 21, 

», 12 Car. II. — Arms, Argent, a fefs, gules, 

keen fix Cornifh choughs, proper. — Crest. On 

leath,- a faulcon, proper ; legged and belled, or ; 

ling on a partridge, proper. — Supporters. Two 

i;ons, with wings difclofed, proper; legged and 

i;d, or. — Motto. Semper Jidelis> — Chief Seats, 

iWeft-Clandon, in Surry; Marlborough-ftreet, 



[obert Marsham, Lord Romney and Baronet, 
nei of a battalion of the militia of Kent, preli- 
of the fociety of arts, manufactures and com- 
:e, L. L. D. and F. R, S. fucceeded his father, 
iate Lord Romney, Nov. 28, 1724 ; and married 
.ug. 1741, Mifs Pym of the ifland of St. Kites, 
vhom he had iffue, four fons and four daughters ; 
fhom are hving, Charles, born in Jan. 1745-6, 
apparent; Prifcllla, born in Jan. 1750-1; Eli- 
jth, born April 1755; a fon, born Od. 22, 
7, and a daughter, March a, 1759. Robert 
•fliam, Lord Romney, father of the prefent lord, 
created Lord Romney, Baron of Romney, in 
It, June 25, 1716, a Geo. I. His Lordfliip mar- 
Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Cloude- 
Shovel, by whom he had ifiue Robert, now 
d Romney, and two daughters, Elizabeth, who 
ried in May, 1741, the Right Hon. Jacob Bou- 
e, Lord Vifcount Folkefton, and Harriot, who 
et unmarried. His Lady furviving, fhe married 
n, late Lord Carmichael, and Earl of Hyndford, 
icotland. This noble Lord is defcended from the 
rfhams of the town of Marfliam, in the county of 
•folk, from which town they took theirname.— 


[ J92 ] 

Creations. Baronet, Aug. ij, 1763, 15 Ci\ 

Baron, utfupra. Arms. Argent, alien i 

in bend, gules, between two bendlets, azurt 
Crest. On a wreath, a lion's head erafed, 
—Supporters. Two lions, azure; {tn\ 

crofs croflets and ducaily gorged, or. r> 

T o . ]<!on fihi fed patriae. — C hiefSsats. h\ 
Mote, near Maidftone in Kent, and at Cuxt 
the fame county ; Clifford ftreet, London. 


Charles Cadogan, Lord Cadogan, Ba 
Oakley, colonel of the fecond troop of horfeg 
governor of Gravefend and Tilbury fort, a g 
of his Majefty's forces, F. R. S. and a Trul 
the Britifh Mufeum, fucceeded his brother W: 
the late Earl Cadogan, July 17, 1726. He m 
Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Hans 
Bart, by whom he hath iffue, one fon, the 
Charles-Sloan Cadogan, born 061. 29, 1728, ra 
for Cambridge, Surveyor of his Majelly's watei 
Treafurer to the Duke of York, who marr 
M^y 28, i747> Frances, daughter of the lat« 
Montfort, by whom he has iffue, four fon; 
Charles-Henry, born on July 18, 1749 ; W 
Edward, and George. Henry Cadogan, Ef 
ther of the late and prefent lord, married Bi 
daughter to Sir Hardrefs Waller, Knt. by wh 
had two fons, viz. William the eldeft fon, latt 
of Cadogan, who diflingiiifned himfelf in a 
many battles againll the French ; efpecially 
battle of Tanieres near Mens, in 1709, ani 
on the 2 id of June, 1716, created a peer of 
Britain, by the title of Lord Cadogan, Bai 
Reading; and on the 8th of May, 1718, 4 Gee 
was created Baron of Oakley, Vifcount Cave 
and Earl of Cadogan, with remainder of the \ 
of Or^kley to Charles his brother. H^is Lc 
married Margaretta . Cecilia Munter, daugl 
William Munter, counfellor of the couit of H( 




[ 193 ] 

' whom he Rad ifTue, two daughters, viz. Lady 
rah, married to Charles, fecond Duke of Rich- 
3nd ; and Lady Margaret, mairied to Charles- 
hn Count Bentinck, fecond fbn of. WilJiam Earl 
Portland, by his fecond wife : And -.dying on the 
th of July, 1726, the title of Baron Oakley, de- 
lved on Charles, the fecond fon, his only brother^ 
w Lord Earl Cadogan, was made co- 
lel of a regiment of horfe, and brigadier- general 
1704; and at the battles of Schellenberg and 
ichilet, the fame year, behaved with great bra- 
•y. In 1706, he was appointed plenipotentiary 

the Spanilh-Netherlands,' and advanced to the 
?fee of a major-general ; and in 1709, was con- 
uted lieutenant general : he was d.qngeroufly 
unded in the reck at the fiege .of Mons. On the 
effion of the late King George I. he was made 
fter of the robes, and colonel of the fecond re- 
lent of horfe-guards ; and in 1716, was made go- 
nor of theifle of Wight, and plenipotentiary to 

States of Holland. On the Duke of Mar'bo- 
gh's death, in 172a, he was appointed mailer 
eral of the ordnance, and colonel of the iirft re- 
lent of foot-guards. No officer vas fo much re- 

on by the late Duke of Marlborough, as Lord 
logan. He had the care of marking out almoll 
ry camp during the war in the Netherlands and 
-many, in the reign of Queen A.nne. which he 
cuted with fo much ildll, that it is obferved, the 
e was never furprifed or attacked in his c^mp 
:ng all that, war. This noble lord is defcended 
n Kehdlin, Prince of Powis in W?.le?, from 
»m defcended William Cadwygan, or Cadrgan, 
Janbeder, in the county of Pembroke, another 
:he anceftors of Lord Cadogan. Creations-. 
>nof Oakley, Bucks, May 8, 171^, 4 Geo. I. 
RMS. Quarterly, firfl and 4th, c,iilest a lion, 
[pant reguardant, or; fecond and third, argent; 
|e bojirs heads couped, fable.—- Crest, Out of a 

K ducal 

ir ^94 ] COTone^t, or ; a gryphon's h^ad, vert.~Si 
ppRtERS. On the dexter fide, a lion reguarda 
^t;^ ,00; t|ie,{inifter, a gryphon reguardant, ve 
eSpl^ 'goVs^A. with a. double treiTure, flowered^ 
(Jpunter-flower^d, gules. — Motto, ^li irividet, 
mr gJl.—CuM.i- Seats. At Caverfham in Oxfo 
ihire.;. New Budington ilreet, London, 

r^no .?r)j<L O R D D U C I E. ^ 

•'^Charles Ducie Morton, Lord Ducie 
Morton, and Lord Ducie of Tortworth, in St^ffo 
fliire, fucceeded his brother, the late Lord Da 
Matthew Ducie Morton, late Lord Ducie, was c 
a(e4,Lord Pucie and Baron Morton, June 13, 17 
6 Geo. L His Lordlhip married Arabella, dau 
ter and coheir of Thomas Preftwich, of Holm, B 
by whom he had iflue, three fons and four daught' 
viz. Matthew Ducie-Morton, the prefent Lo 
Rowland Lewis, colonel of marines, who is de ; 
Charles, who married Mifs Anne Wyat. daugl r 

of i Wyat, of Windfor, in Berkfhire, J*, 

and had ifTue by her a fon, named Benjamin, ^ 

ceafed : Elizabeth, his eldeft daughter, married (t 

to Richard Syms, of Black-heath, Efq; and fecc i- 

Jy, onPeb. 5, 1719-30, to Francis Reynolds, < y 

fbn and heir of Thomas Reynolds, Efq; by wl a 

{he had two fons, Thomas and Francis Reync s, 

Efqrs. The other three daughters died unmari i. 

The prefent Lord forefeeing, that upon the fai 'C 

of ilTue male of his own body, and the deceal w 

his brother, without fuch ilTue, the title of 1 d 

Ducie, would become extind, obtained a new i- 

tent, on April a3> 17(53, 3 Geo. IIL grantin; :o 

himfelf and his heirs male, and jn default ot :n 

ifiue, then to Thomas Reynolds, Efq; and his 1 rs 

male ; and in default of fuch iflue, then to Frj is 

Reynolds, &c. brother of the laid Thomas, anc 

io nephew to hjs Lordfhip, and his heirs male, 1^ 


f '95 ] 

gntry of a Baron oF Great Britain, by the tltla of 
ord Ducie, Baron Ducie of Tortworth, in the coun- 
I'^^'ibf Gloucefter.^ This noble Lord is defc^oded 
' cm the Ducies in Normandy. After they came 
to England, King Edward I. conferred on them 
e Lordrtiip of Morton, in StafFordfliire, and feve- 
ll other lordrtiips and manors, which the family 
iijoyed for many ages. Sir Robert Ducie, one of 
^ s lordlhip's anceftors, was Lord Mayor of London 
; the reign of King Charles L and though he lent 
's Majefty 80,000 1. which was loft by the King's 

'ring driven from London, he died however worth 

')a,oool. — Creations. Clt fupra.—A^Ms, Ar- 

•ht, a chevron, gules, between three fquare buckles, 

b!e. — Crest. Out of a wreath, a moor-cock rif- 

g, proper, comb and wattles, gules. Suppor- 

ERS. Two unicorn>, argent, armed mained, tufc- 
I, and hoofed, or ; each gorged with a ducal coro- 
t, party-per-pale, or and gules, — Motto. Per- 

veranda. -Chief Seats. At Spring park and 

ortworth, in the county of Gloucefter ; Brook- 
reet, London. , 


William King, Lord King, Baron of Ock* 
im, fucceeded his brotlier Peter, the late Lord, 
1 1 the 22d of March, 1754. Peter, the firft Lord 
ifig, nephew to the great Mr. Locke, was chofen 
corder of the city of London, July 27, 1708^ and 
) the I2th of September follov/ing, had the honouK 
knight- hood conferred on him. He was confti- 
ted lord chief-juftice of the common-pleas, in the 
•ft year of King George I. in Michaelmas term. 
?i4, and on the 5th of April following, was fwora 
^ his Majefty's moft honourable privy council. On 
:ay 49, 1725, II Geo. L he was created a peer of 
is kingdom, by the title of Lord King, B^ron ot 
ckham, in the county of Surry, and m June, the 
me year, declared lord high chancellor of Eng- 

r 196 ] 

land, which he refigned in Nov. 1733' His Lor 
fhip married Anne, daughter of Richard Seys, 
Boverton, Efq; and departing this Ufe, July 2 
1734, left ifliie by her four fons and two daughter: 
John, his eldeft fon, who Hicceeded him in bono 
and eftate, married in May, 1729, Elizabeth, daug 
ter of Robert Fry, of Devondiire, Efq; but dyu 
Feb. 10, 1739-40, without iffne, was I'ucceededl 
Pett'r, late Lord King, the fecond fon, who dyii 
unmarried in 1754. was fucceeded by William, nc 
Lord King; Thomas, the fourth fon, married 
1734, a lady of an ample fortune in Holland, ai 
has ifTue, two fons, Peter and Thomas, and t\ 
daughters : the daughters were Elizabnh, who di 
in i749,and Anne.— Creations. Ut fupra.- ^^V- 
Sable, three fpears heads eiea, argent; embowe 
gules ; 0!^ a chief, or ; as many pole-axes, azure.' 
Crest. On a wreath, a dexter arm, couped bek 
the elbow and ered, habited, azure; and there 
three fpots, or ; turned down, argent ; the ha 
proper, grafping a truncheon, fable, the top brok 
off, and the bottom enameled of the fecond.— ^i 
Supporters. TwoEnglilli malliffs reguardant, pi 
per; each having a plam collar, gules.—Mon 
Labor iff e njoliiptas .—^t Ockhara, in the county Jj 
Surry ; Grofvenor Square, London. 


John Monson, Lord Monson, and Baron 
warden of his M?jefty's foreits on this fide Tre 
L L. D. and a viceprefident of the Lock-hofpit 
fucceeded John, his father, the late Lord, on Ji 
1.8, 1748. His Lordfliip in June, 1752, marrj 
Theodofia, daughter of John Maddifon, of Har 
well, in the couaty of Lincoln, Efq; by whom he 1 
iffae, John, his fon and heir, born in 1753, adau^ 
ter, named Arabella, born in 1754- ; another f( 
George Henry, born in 1755; Charles, born Mai 
ii, 1758 ; Catharine, born Deer 16, 1760, and-— 


[ 197 ] . . . ^ 

vn Oa aS, 1762. Sir John Monfon, Bart, father 
the prefent Lord, was created Baron Monfon of 
lurton, in the county ofL-'ncon May 28, 17^8, 
i^eo II His Lordfliip married the Lady Marg^^- 
-iWatfon youngeft daughter of Lewis, Earl of 
lockin^ham, and had ifiuc three fons. viz. Jahn, 
r,e prefent Lord Monfon,^born July ^^'^J-J'^—Z 
Lewis born N0V..2S, 17*8,- to whom Thomas, late 
!a lof Rockingham left his eflate on condition of 
. iftaking the name of Watfon Vide I.r^ Son^.s. 
I 'he Hon George Monfon, born April lo, i7oC, 
member for Lincoln, co'onel of the 96th regmnent 9f 
of^hofe bravery and condud m the Eaft Inai s 
dl! ever be remembered to his honour. This noWe 
d is defcended from John Monfon, who fiourifli- 
^-i in the reign of King EdwardllL from.whom de- 
, eided anXr John! who attended King, Henry 
'in his wars in France. Sir William Monfon an- 
Uier 0^ this Lord's anceftors, applying himfelf to 
le fea was made an admiral by Queen Elizabeth, 
nd was at the taking and plundering the city of Ca- 
iz w^th the Earl of Effex, in 1596 ; he uas alfo 
the taking of a galhon of 1600 tonsvvorth a 
il ion of ducats, in which were alfo the Marquis of 
^X Cruz, and 300 other Span^^ gentlemen ; he 
ontinu^ admiral in the reigns of King James l- ana 
cTna Chafes I dying about the commencement of 
'he 1.^1 war and 'is Sill celebrated for his judic^us 
lavil fafts —Creations. Baronet, June 29, 1611, 
.t I B;ron,'.//.^r^.-ARMS Or, two chev- 

■OPS Gules -Crest, On a wreath a lion rampant, 
ons, guies. ^ nr —Supporters. On the 

uftamed by a p.i'ar, or.— oui-rui^ 
jexter iide, a Ion, or ; having a collar and chain, 
,zurt the collar charged witn three crefcents of 
hefrft- on the fmiiler, a gryphon, argent ; its coK 
r.nd chain as the dexter, and its fore legs, azure 
;1\Totto. Pre/I pour ^on paU.— Chief Seats. At 
South Carlton /ndNortbod, both m the county of 

K.3u ^^' 

.198 ] I 

Xmcoln; at Broxborn, in Hertfordfhire ; Alf 
.marie ftrect, London. 


Francis Godolphin, Lord Godolphin, ,, 
ijonof Helftoh, governcr of the iflands of SciL 
v/as the youngeft fon of Henry Godolphin (foud 
fon of Sir Francis Godolphin) D. D. and dean i 
St. Paul's, and prcvoft of Eaton College, vo 
died Jan. 39, 173^-3, by Mary his wife, dau - 
ter of Colonel Sidney Godolphin, snd on the - 
ceafe of Francis, late Earl of Godolphin, Jan. , 
1766, fucceeded him as Baron Godolphin ©f Htlftc-, 
according to the hmitation of the patent. His lo • 
ih'p was member in parliament for Helflon, whene 
fucceeded to the peerage, is married and h?s ill . 
Hislordlhip has a brother, William Godolphin, k. ; 
and a fifter Mary, the wife of William Owen, f 
Patkington, in Shropfhire, Efq; This nbble Ions 
defcended from John de Godolphin, lord of ther - 
nor of Godolphin, in Cornwall, who was living ab t 
the time of the Norman Conqueft.— Creation. , - 
ron of Heifton, in Cornwall, Jan. 43, i734-jj. 
Geo. IF. — Arms. Gules, an eagle with two he ! 
difp'ayed, between three fleurs-de-hs, argent.- • 
Crest. On a wreath, a dolphin naiant, embov I 
proper. — Supporters. Twe eagles, reguarda , 
with their wings difplayed, argent.— Motto, fn • 
c6a halt toga. -^Ctiizv Seats. Godolphin, in Cc - 
wall, and Baylies, near Windfor, alfo in Pall-m; , 


Thomas Bromley, Lord Montfort, Baron 
Horfeheath, high ileward of the town of Cambridf), 
lieutenant colonel of the Cambridge miLtia, 'lL." 
iucceeded his father Henry, the late lord, who dt 
Jan. 1, 1755. Henry, the late Lord Montfort, mjl 
ned Frances, lifter and fole heir of Sir Francis Wyfrl 
hum> of Trent, in tlie county of Someriet, ba f 


I 199 I 

vAvhom he had iffue Xhomas, o£ Avhojn H;^'f 

Suon Charles Sloan Cado^an, foo ^nd heir of 
tries LorciCadogan.^Tlr/nobl.'^^^ 
at v^lefcended fr?)m Sir Walter > Br omte^he,^ of 
I&eehfe,ifi'' the county of Stafford who tlou nflt- 
S hi reigr,of Km^ John. SirrThomas Brm^- 
Iry^^another of his lordlhip's anceftor. ^f^^^' 
Ibted lord hir,h ehancellor of England, ^i.^Hz^in 

I !ch poiVhS died, .9 ^-'^:::v^l:^ 

Ouartt^ly., p^r pale, dovetai', gules aridx)r.-.CRE.T 
lfonlw;eath, a derni-lion rampant fable, ifl^^^^ 

)>ut of 'a mural crown, or ; holding a ^^^^f^^^^^^l 
^hareed with agryp-ron paflant, argent.— -ufpO^rt 

.^^^Oh the deLer fidef an unicorn cream^colouf- 
;i, gorged with a ducal coronet, thereto a^c^am 
;efleaed' over his back, horned and unguled, or. 
Dn the finifter fide, an horfe, argent ; f »i^^^% ^^•: 
iared, doveta.l, azure; thereon ^^-"^^ ^^^f^'^fl^^J- 
At Horfe-heath, in the county of Cambridge ^HoU 
calll^. in Worcefterfhire ; Seymour- place, London. 


Frederick-Henry-Thynne How Lord Cked- 
woRTH, and Baron of Ghedwoith fl^cc.eded^^ 
biother John Thynhe-How, the. lite Lcrc^ on M.> 
,0 ir6.. John; late lord Chedwonh, father of the 
pr;f^r^t lord, was created Lo.d Chedworh Baron 
of Chedwonh. in the county 5^ Glo^^^^fter, -\.a> 
12 1741, 14 Geo. II. His lordAiip marned Doro- 
tht., 'eld^ft daughter of Henry-Fr.denck, 
Efq Grandfather of Thomas Lord VifcountW.y - 
m-^uth, bv whom he had iflue. hx fons and x^^o 
daught'e^s! viz. John the late Lord Che;dw^^^^^^^^^ 
Henry-Frederick, now Lord chedworth Thorns 
.in*rrie4 to Mi($. White, aboiiUhe year i746,Ghar e . 

[ 200 ] 

^^eJ^rt^-^^l ij ^755, tp Mifs Horn 
u^bghter and heir of Sir Humrliry Howarth 

Mary, married in 175T, to Alexander Wright, B 
Howf?/V '^f^^P^^^ord is defcended from 
irZu-^ Somerfetfhire who redded in that cou^ 
lor many generations, where they were Do/IWrer^V 
I great efta.e and of other lands' in D'evSirel 

fJ^A '".^^^^8'-"8 about the Revolution in 1688, al 
ndlenif^^ ^ne Earl of Nottingham and oth r | 
-nd gentl men.m fubfcnbmg a declaration : - Tit 
*c ;f y ^^^'jed It to be a rebellion to refilt a King ti 
governed by law; but he w^s always accounted" 
^tyrant that made will the law/ and to e 
/uchaone, they juQly elleemed no rebellion, I 
aj^eceHaryand jua defence/'-CaEATioN 
>pr^.__ARMs Or, a fefs between three wolv 
heads couped, f^ble ; a crefcent for difference • 
IflJ' ? ^ 'T^'^' ^ ^^''^^-' ^^"^ '" armour, era 
fn rhiT'^J' 'r^^'''' ^>"'"S ^efs-ways, and holdi; 
in the band a fcymetar ereded, all proper ; hlluk 

Siertv' "/' ^''^^"^ ^^^°"8h.a boar's, heal; 
couped, i^b.e.— Supporters. On the dexter fidff 
a Jion, argent ;pellited, armed, and hngued, gulef' 
And on thefinifter fide, an angeL proper- the fa^ 
profile. With bro.nifh hair, ^bJted crimfon! t 

oftL^f''"T' X"-^'^* ^^^^"-"25, argent; pinioni 
of the fourth.— Motto. Ju/fus & propc/rti tenoA 

Wi^7f !^ ^•^'^t;r,^n'. ^'"^^^^^ '" Glciicefterfhiri 
Wi/hford, m WiltOiire; and Bury»s-ftreet, Si 
James s. -^ * 


George Edgcumee,, Lord Edgcumbe, Baroi' 
of Mount iid_gca^:be, treafurer of the hounrold, < 
lord of the pnyy council, lord lieutenant and cuftc 
rotuloxum of the county of Cornsvall, ani rear ad- 



L 201. ] 

mlral of the blue, fucceeded h's brother the Jate 

lord, on May 10, 1761, and on Augull 6th thefxme 

I year, married Anne, only chihi of Dr. John Gil- 

|berr, archb'iliop of York, and by her has a fon and 

heir Richard, born on Sept. 13, 1764. PJchard, 

the father of the lite and prefent l?ids, born in 1680, 

'was created Baron Edgrombe, in the county of De- 

'von, April 20, 174^, 15 Geo. II. His lordfhip 

'married Matilda, daughter of Sir Henry Fornefe, 

of Walderfliair in the county of Kent, Bart, by 

whom he had iflue two fens as above. The anceflors 

of this noble lord received their name from their ma- 

Q'^r of Edgcunihe in Devonfliire. One of them. was 

ir Richard Edgcumbe, who came over to EnglarcJ 
ivith the Earl of Richmond, having a great fliare in 
ihe vi<51ory he obtained over King. R,ichard III. at 
Bofvs'orth, by which the earl made his way to the 

hrone of England. — Creation. Utfupra, — Arms. 
Gules, en a bend, ermine ; cottized, or ; three 
Doars heads couped, arg^nt.-^CREST. On a wreath, 
3r and gules, a boar paflant, argent ; a chaplet about 
:he neck of cak leaves, fruv5)ed, proper.— So pportt 
ERs. On each lide, a grejhound. argent; gutte de- 
poix, collared,, dovetad, gules. — Motto, j^up/ay-f 
Ire fort _de dieu. — Chief Seats, At Mount-Edgr 
:umbe, near Plymouth, in Devonfnire, ; in Upper 
Jrofvenor-Ilreet, London. 


Samuel Sandys, Lord Sandys, Baron of Om- 
Derfley, and one of his Majelly's moft honourable 
privy council, was created Lord Sandys, Baron of 
Dmberfley in the coun'y of M^orcelter, Dec. 20, 
C743, 17 Geo. II. He married in 1724, Letitia, the 
ddeft daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Tipping, 
if Wheatfield, in the county of Oj^ford, Bart, by 
.vhom he has had iillie, feven fona and three dsiugh- 
ers, of whom are. living, ths Hon. Fdw.'h Sandys, 
liember cf parliament for Weftminfter, the Hon, 

Martin Sandys, colone! in the army, married Jojsl 
1 7k »?6o, to Mary, only child and heir of Wifli^il 
Trumbull, of Eaft Hamftead Park, rn Berkfhtni 
Kiq; Letitia, Anne, John. This noble lord is de 
cended from the ancient family of Sandys of Fii 
nefe in Lincafhire, fVoni which defcended the Rl^l 
Xev. Edwin Sandys, biOiop of Worcefter, and aftetl 
wards archbifhop of York, in the reign of Que* 
Elizabeth, one of the anceftors of the prefentloi'e 
— Creations, as above.— Arms. Or, a fefs dancettj 
between three crofs crollets, fitchee, gules. — Cres-i 
A gryphon fegreant per fefs, or and gules. — Sul 
PORTERS. On each fide, a gryphon per fefs, or at! 
gules, collared dancette of the hft. — Motto. Pr> 
i'um'/ion pamtet. — Chief Seats. AtOmberfley, ne! 
Worceiler; in Upper Grofvenor-itreet, London. 


Thomas Bruce-Brudenel, Lord Bruce 
Tottenham, a lord of the bed-chamber to the Kin 
and colonel of the Wiltfhire militia, youngeft fon 
George, late Earl of Cardigan, fucceeded to the tit 
of Lord Bruce, on the death of Charles, Earl 
Ailefbury, Feb. lo, 1746-7, when the title of Ea 
of Ailefbury became extind:. On February i 
1 761, his lordihip married Sufanna, daught 
of Henry Hoare, of Stourtoncaflle, in Wiltfnir 
Efq; relid of Charles, Vifcount Dungarvan, elde 
fon of John Earl of Cork and Orrery, and by h^ 
ladyfhip, has iffue, George his heir apparent, boi 
on March ^9, 1761, and two daughters, Carolih 
born on May i, 1763, and- Frances, born on Ma 
3X, 1765. The fiiid Charles, late Earl of Ailefbur; 
was created Lord Bruce of Tottenham in Wiltfhir 
19 Geo. IL 1746, with limita;tion of that honour 1 
his nephew, the prefent Lord Bruce. His lordfh; 
married Lady Anne Saville, eldeft daughter and ct 
herr to Wiliiain, Marquis of Hallifax, by whom 1 
^d'two foils and two' daughters 5 the ions died ur 

V- married 

[ 203 '3 

^larried ;. l)ut Lady Mary, his eldeft dAughter, mar- 

rledin Dec. i)z8, to Henry Bridges, of 

CaVnaxv^n,. now Duke of .Cbatid^s, and died m 

A:URuft 17^8, and.Ladv Elizjvbetb,; married i> 3^1, to 

the Hon. Bepjamin Bathurft, Efq; /^^ /nd^^^f '^ 

Al'en. Lord Bathurft. ^3y his fhird Lady ^^'^^^^^ 

only daughter of John (Campbell,. Elq; he had iflije 

a daughter, M.i ry , married in i. 75 7: , ^P tiie late Duke 
of Rifhmond,— GREATi6N;«/^/>jp-ARMS, Argeo^t, 

, a chevron, gules, between three fteel caps, ^^azure, 
dfferenced by a martlet, fable; the dilt no- 
tion of a fourth fon.— Grest. On a wreath, 'a lea 
horfe naiant, argent, mane and tai , or.--SupPOKT- 
-ERS. (Granted March 24, »746-7.) On either Iide a 
favage wreathed about the temples, and girt about 
the loins with ivy, all proper; holdmg in \^^l^ f$' 
terior hands a banner ftreaming over their heads, 
or, charged with a fahier, and chief, gu es, on a , 

1 canton argent, a lion rampant azure, the Itatt and 
p-^int proper.— Motto. Think and Thank.— ^)ii^^ 
Seats. Tottenham Foreft in Wilt(hire.;,^Sjyn^om:- 
place, Weilminfter. ''•" *-'^ ^Jo 

;:v;sLORD FORTESCUE.^.^^- 

- Matthew FqRTescue, Lord Fortes eO^>, of 
Caftle-hill, high fteward of fiarnflaple, married' June 
8 1752, Anne, fecond daughter of John Gampbell, 
of Calder in Scotland, and of Stackpoje- court jq^he 
county of Pembroke, Efq; by whom he hath ilfiie, 
the Hon. Hugh Fortefcue, born March 11, ^7513; 
Matthew, born April iz, 1754; John, bor^nMar^^ 
6,, 1755, and a daughter born July 19, 1765- ,,HMn 
Fortefcue of Filleigh, Efq; married Bridge;, . foie 
daughter, and heir of Hugh Bofcawen of Tregotb^n , 
m GornY/a3, Efq; by Ma.rgaret, hjs wife, fgurth 
daughter, and at 1 aft, c^oheir of Theophlus, F.^rJ ot 
Lincoln and Baron Clinton, by whom he had ,;wo 
fons, Hugh and Theopbilus ; and by a Jecqin.d i^.te 

IujI^Y, fecond daughter to M.awhc>y,:!i-prd.-4FA^^J-' 

r 204 J 

he had Matthew, now Lord Fortefcue : and 

daughter Lucy, iirit wife of the p^efent Lord Lvtte 

ton. oee Lyitelio?r, and the lifters of Mareareil 

daughter of the Earl of Lincoln, having no iffue, th 

Barony^of Chaton devolved on Hugh fon an 

heir of the foremertioned Hugh acd Bridcei 

who was a-terwa.-ds July 5, 1746, ,9 Geo. II. create 

Earl CJmton and Baron Fortefcue of Callle-hil, 

Devon ; and m default of iffue male, the (kid title c 

Baron Fortefcue to dsfcsnd to Matthew, his vounge: 

larother, and the heirs male of his body. Theophi 

us, his lordfliip's brother, died unmarried, and hi 

lordTmp dying unmarried May a, 175^, the Baron] 

of Fcrteicue defcended to the prefent Lord. Thi 

roble lord is defcended from the Fortefcaes of Win 

ilon in Devonlhire, who iiourifhed in the reign o 

King Edward I. from whom defcended John For 

tefcue, who Vv'a? lord chief juft'ce of Ireland in th. 

reign of King Edward VI.— Creation, utfupra.'- 

Arms. Azure, a bend engrailed, argent, cottized 

or.— Crest. On a wreath, a plain fliield, argen? - 

Supporters. Two grey-hounds, argent, each hav 

mg a ducal collar, or, with a dc-uble treffure, 'gules 

—Motto, Forte fcutuni falus ducuvi — Supporters 

At Filleigh, in the county o^ Devon, of late Cdllec 

Caflle-hill ; Ebrington in Glouceibrlliire ; and Grof. 

fenor-fquare, London. ' 


He,nry LiDDELL, Lotd Ravensworth, of Ra? 
fenfwonh-caftle, in the county of Durham, and Ba- 
ronet, was fo created Jane 29, 1747, ao George Hi 
His lordfliip married in April, 1735, Anne, only 
daughter of Sir Peter Delme, Knt. alderman ancj 
lord mayor of London, by whom he hath iffue, on© 
daughter, Anne, married Jan. 29, 1756, to Auguft- 
us-Henry Lord Eullon, now Duke of Grafton. Sir 
Thomas Liddell, father of the prefent Lord, eldeA 
fon of Sir flenry Liddell,. Bart, mairied Jane, eldsj 
•^ ' . daugh'.qr 

[ 205 ] 

;hter of James Clavering, of GreencroFt, inth* 
ity of Durham, Efqi and dying in 1715, in his 
er's life-time left ifTue, now living, Henry, Lord' 
eofworth, and Thomas, who married Margaret, 
r to George Bowes, Elq; and has iflue, one fon 
ig, named George. This noble lord is defcend-- 
rem the ancient Lords of Liddell-caftle, in iht 
ity of Durham, where they have been proprie- 
of great coal-works time out of mind.— Crea* 
N. Baronet, Nov. 2, 1642, 18 Car. I. Baron, ut 
— Arms. Argent, frettee, gules; on a chief of 
fecond, three leopard's faces, or. — Crest. Oa 

reaih, a lion rampant, fable; crowned, or. ^• 

PORTERS. On each fide a leopard, or, fpotted,. 
?le, gorged with a mural crown of the fecond.— !•- 
TTO, U/ius & Idem.—CmEF Seats. At Ravenfv 
th-caftle, and Newton, both in the county of 
ham ; Eflington, in Northumberland ^ and Sti- 
les's Square, London. 


"HOMAs Archer, Lord Archer, Baron of Um,'^ 
lade, recorder ©f Coventry, was created Lord 
•her, ard Baron of UmberfladQ, in the countyof 
rwick, July 14, I747> 21 Geo. IL He married 
herine, youngeft daughter of Sir Thomas Tip- 
g, of Wheatfield in Oxfordlhire, Bart, (fifter ta 
ly Sandys) by whom he hath iilue, one foo ands 
) dauc>hters, viz. The Hon. Andrew Archer,, 
nber for Coventry, ^nd on July 23, 1 761, married 
ah, eldeft daughter of James Welt, Efq; and by 
has 3 daughters. Catherine, who married irn 
gull II, 1750, to Other, fourth Earl of Ply*' 
uth, and, Anne, married on March 15, 1756, 
h^dward Garth Tournour of Shillingleigh park> 
Suliex, Efq; now Lord Winterton, in Ire-* 
d, and member for Bramber in SufTex. Theiir 
ther died on July 20, 1754' Sir Andrew Archer^. 
ler of the preitnt lord, fon .of Thomas Ati- 


[ 206 ] 

dier, Efq; married Elizabeth, daughter -of SI 
muel Dafhwood, lord Mayor of London, in, 
by whom he had iffue, three Ions and four daug, 
viz. Thomas, now Lord Archer, Henry Ar] 
Efq; of Halt, in Hampfhire, member for War 
who married In 1743, the Lady Elizabeth Mpn 
third daughter of George, late'Earl of- Halilfa^ 
Cfler of the prefent Earl. Daniel, de?eafcd,-v 
deceafed, Elizabeth. Sarah; and, Diana, wlic 
married to Thomas Chaplin, of B!ankney-h: 
Lincolnfhire, Efq; which lady died Dec. 24; ] 
TJiis noble lord is defcended from John de A\ 
who came over from Normandy with WJH^r 
Conqueror ; and this family is one of the. mof 
tient in Warwickfliire, being fettled at Umber 
in that county, ever fmce the reign of Henr 
John, another of his lordfhip's anceftors, wasc 
pion to Thomas Earl of Warwick, in the reij 
King Henry II [. And Thomas was Lord Pri _ 
St. John's of Jerufalem, In the 14th of King Ed ; 
II.— Creation, as above.— Arms. Azure, i 
arrows, or. — Crest. Out of a mural crown, 
a wyvern's head, argent. — Supporters. Two 
verns reguardant, argent, gorged with a r 
crown, or. — Motto. So/a bona qua ho?ieJla.—C 
Seats. At Umberflade near Stratford in Warv 
fhire ; at Pirgo near Rumford in Effex ; Grofvc- 
fquare, London. J 


William Ponsonby, Lord Ponsonb4^. B< 
iPonfonby, of Syfonby (Earl and Baron of Befbo v 
and Vlfcount Duncannon in Ireland) a lord of hi 
privy council, and joint poft-mafter general, c 
ceeded his father Brabazon, the late lord, on h 
4, 1758, and married, in June 1739, the lady O 
line Cavendifli, eldeft daughter of William, lateli 
of DeYO/^re^ .by> which Mdy, wbo d^ed Jan.* 

r 207 ] 

1 he hath Iflue, now living, William, Vifcomit 
.cannon, born on Jan. »6, 1758, and Lady Ca- 
•ine, married on May 4, .1763, to the Hon i A u- 
/Beauclerk,only furviving fon of Vere, Lord 
ie of Han worth. Brabazon, the late lord, mar- 
I Sa-ah, widow of Hugh Colvil, E(q; by whom 
liad iflbe three fens. Wilham, the prefent lord, 
IHon lohn Ponfonby. one of the commiffioners 
the revenue in Ireland, who married on Sept. 20, 
t, the Lady Ehzabeth, fecond daughter to Wil- 
n Duke of Devonftiire, and, had iliue John, 
lliam. Catharine and Sarah, three of whom are 
eafed. Richard, member in parliament for Knock- 
her, in Ireland. Of his lordihip s daughters, Sa- 
was countefs of Drogheda, deceafed; Mrs. 
rton, deceafed, leaving iflbe, Benjamin, Wilham 
1 Sarah, Lady Fownes, has a daughter Sarah, 
■n in 1 74 V, Laetitia, Vifcountefs Mount-morres, 
•ha fon Redmond -Harvey, and two daughters, 
^titia and Jane. This noble family received their 
lie from the lordihip of Ponfonby, m the county 
Cumberland, of which they were long proprie- 
•s • but are defcended from an ancient family ot 
^ar'dy in France, that came over with the Conque- 
r, when he made the defcent upon England, m 
,66— Creation. Lord Ponfonby, Baron Ponlon- 
- of Syfonby, June la, I749> \3 Geo. H.— - 
RMS. Gules, acnevron between three combs, ar- 
nt —Crest. In a ducal coronet, azure ; three ar- 
wsenvelloped with a fnake, proper.— Support- 
IS. On each fide two lions reguardant, azure.-- 
[OTTO. Pro rege, lege, grege.-CmEF Seats. At 
i?fonby, in the county of Leicefter; CavendilK- 
uare, London. 


Vere Beauclerk, Lord Vere of Han worth, lord 
eutenant and cuftos rotulorum of BerkOii re third 
)n of his Grace, Charles, late Duke of St. Albafr s. 

r 2c8 J 

born July r-4, 1^99, was conftituted one of the 
mixlioners for executing the office of high admi 
England and Ireland in 1757-8, which he refig 
July, 1749. OnMaich23,i750, 23 Georeeir h 
created Lord Vere of Hanworth, ,n Middlefex 
m April 1736, he married Mary, eldeft r'an' 
and coheu- of Sir Thomas Chambers of H.nv 
aforefaid, and has had ifTue three fens; of i 
Aubrey only is living, member for Thetford,^r 
May 4, 1763, niarned Lady Ca-herine Ponfc 
daughter to the Ear] of Befborough, and a daua 
^iary. marned on Oft. ,, 176^? Jo Lord Ch 

cf''5//'"' ^''''^^' ""^ ^^'^ '^"^-e of Marlborouoh 
^/. v^/^^//c Arms. Quarterly on the firft 
fourth, quarterly, Francelr:.d England wkh a b 
gules, charged with three rofes. argent ; fecund 
third quarterly, gules, .nd or, in fhe firft cna?. 
mullet, argent, for Vere.-CREsr. On a S 
gules ; turned up ermine ; a h'on p./Iknr, or/etc 
ed party -per- pale argent and gules, and go 
with a collar, gules,, charged with three rof^s 

^r^-T^^''^"'^''''- ^^^^ ^^^^^^ the Veres E 
of Oxford. On the dexrer fide a, azuS'- \ 
ed, cnnedand menibered, or; inrheWer ai 
pie, or ; face and neck, proper.-MoTTo/VA 
v,rm,--CKiEF Seats. Hanworth-houfe n4 ] 
worth, inMiddlefex; St. JamesVfquare! Loldp! 


Thomas Villiers, Lord Hyde of Hindoo 
the county of Wilts, a lord of the privy cour^^r' 
cond fon to William, late Earl of Jerfey, on Ma 

^°' '/^Jr'-.r'^^"^^ ^^^ L^^y Charlotte, only dauj 
ter of William Earl of Effex, by his u^ife t^he L 
Jane, daughter and coheir of Henry the laft Earl 
Mon'^-^r ^"^f.?,9hefter, by whom he hasi/Ilie, 
Hon. -Thomas Vilhers, born on Dec 26 17?. •, 
Hon. J6hn-Charles Vilii^s, born Nov. 13' jj^y 
HGn.Geora^ V,Uiefs; Vorn'on N07. 23,^ 17^9 ^a 


[ 209 ] 

irletta Barbara, born in March 1761. On May 
1756, 19 Geo. 11. Ms lordfhip was created a Ba- 
, by the name and ftyle of Lord Hyde of Hin- 
I, in the county of Wilts ; with limitation to the 
rs-male of his'body, by the faid Lady Charlotre 
wife; and in default of fuch iffue, the tide of 
onefs Hyde of H'ndon, as aforefaid, to devolve 
l?e fad Lady Charlotte, and of Baron Hyde, to 
heirs male of her body. For the ancefcors of 
; noble lord, See Jerfey. — Creation, ut fupr^, 
Vrms. Argent, on a crofs, gu!es ; three efchallop 
Is, or ; on an efcutcheon of pretence, azure ; ^ 
vron, between three lozenges, or. — Crest. On 
reath, a lion rampant, argent, ducally crowned, 
— SuppoaTERs. On either fide, an eagle, wingp, 
ducally collared and legged, or ; each charged 
the breaft with a crofs, argent. — Motto. Fidei 
cula crux, — Chief Seats, At Hindon, Wilts ; 
)ve, Hertfordfliire J Upper Grofvenor ftreet, 

LORD W A L P O L E. ; 

■foRATto Walpole, Lord Walpole^ of Wooi- 
;on in Norfolk, fucceeded his father Horatio, the 
: lord, on Feb. 5, 1757, who was created Baron 
Jpo'.e, on June i, 1756, 59 Geo, H. The prefent 
-d married Lady Rachad Gavendifh, youngeft 
ighter of William, 3d Duke of Devonfhire, on 
y 12, 1748, bv whom he had iflue Horatio, his 
r apparent, William deceaf^d, and a daughters, 
herine and Mary. His lordfhip's brotliers and 
;rs are The Hon. Thomas Walpole, merchant, 
liber for Afliburton, and married ^lizabethv 
ighrer of Sir Jofhua Van Neck, Bart, and -by her 
.0 h deceafed) had a fon Thomas : The Hon, 
hard Walpoli;, banker in Loadof^, who married 
ther daughter of Sir Jofhua V;^n-Neck, and by 
has a daughter; The Hon. Robert Walpoie, a 
•k in ordinary of the privy council, and recorder 


[ 210 ] 

©f Yarmouth : Mary, the wife of Maurice I 
ling, Efq; who deceafed June ai, 1766: 

rietta-Louifa and Anne. (See Orford.) C 

TiON. Utfupra. Arms. Or, on a fefle bet 

two chevrons, fable, three crofs croflets, acre 
for difference. — Crest. On a wreath, the buft 
man, hde-faced, couped, proper, ducally cro\ 
or, with a long cap on, turned forward, gules 
thereon a Catheriue wheel, or. — Supporters 
the dexter fide, a royal hart, proper, charged 
( a crofs croflet, and on the fiioulder a crefcent 
and on the finifter, a lion rampant, charged v 
crofs croflet, and on the fhoulder with a crei 
,fable^ — -Motto, pari qua fentiat. — Chiefs 
.Woolterton, in Norfolk, Bruton ttreet, London-. 


William Murray, Lord Mansfield, \ 
of Mansfield, in the county of Nottingham, 
chief juftice of the court of king's bench, 0De,( 
Majefty's moll honourable privy council, onec 

fovernors of the charter houfe, and a truHee 
ritifii Mufaum. His lordftiipis uncle to Lord 
>count Stormont, one of the fixteen peers for' 
land, being 4th fon of David, the 5th Vifcount 
mont of Scotland, and brother of David thesrt 
Vifcount, and on Sept. 1738, married the Lad^ .1: 
zabeth, fifter to the prefent Earl of Winchelfe n 
Nottingham, by whom he has no iflue. — Great 'F 
Baron, utfupra^ Nov. 8, 175$, 30 Geo. IL— A 
Azure, three mullets, argent, within a double 
fure, or. — Crest. On a wreath, a buck's 1 
couped, proper, with a crofs pattee, betweei 
antlers, argent. — Supporters. On either lie 
]ion rampant, gules, the dexter femeed with mul 
the finifter with croffes patty, argent. — MottQ. 

tequus 'virtuti. Chief Seats. Cane-woqd,, 

Hampilead in Middlefex ; Bloomft>ury Square,. 
4on. ... \ 


[ 211 ] 


ViLLsHiLL, (Earl of HiLSBOROUGH, Vifcount 
Baron Kilwarling, in the kingdom of Ireland,) 
d Harwich, Baron of Harwich in the County of 
:x, one of his Majefty's moft hon. privy council, 
R. S. fucceeded his father, the late Vifcount 
(borough, on May $, 174^, and on iMarch i, 
78, married Lady Margaretta Fitzgerald, only 
T of the Marquis of Kildare, and by her Lady- 
• (who died at Naples, on Jan. 15, 1766) had two 
iy Marcus, Vifcount Kilwarlin, born on Feb. 
.a752; Arthur, born on Feb. *3» J753 J ^n<i 
»e' daughters, the Ladies, Mary- Anne, deceafed, 
ry- Amelia, and———, born on March 19, i754» 
Creation. Lord Harwich, Nov. ao, 1756, 30 
?. 11. — Arms. Sable, on a kffc, argent, between 
zc leopards, palTant, guardant, or ; three efcal- 
s, gules.— Cr,*t. On a wreath, a reindeer's 
d, couped and ere<5V, gules, collared and horned, 
—Supporters. Dexter lide, a leopard, propef, 
!ally collared and cl:5ained ; finifter, by a rein- 
;r, gu!es ; or, collared and chained as the laft.— • 
>TTO, Ne te7:tes aut perfice. — Chief Seats. At 
Tiweflon, in the county of Bucks ; Twickenham, 
Vliddlefex y Hanover- fquare, London. 


3E0RGE LYTTELTON, Baron of Frankley, Tn 

orcsfterfhire, and Baronet, one of bis Majefty's 
ft honourable privy council, and F. R. S. fon and 
r of Sir Thomas Lyttelton, Bart, bom in Jan. 
, 1708-9, was chofen in feveral parliaments, one 
the reprefentatives for the borough of Oakham pton 
Devon ; in 17,^7, was appointed principal fecretary 

the Prince of Wales ; and in 1744* conftituted 
I of the lords commiflioners of the treafury, which 

refigned in 1754. on being appointed cofferer to 

Majefty's houftiold. The lame year, he wa« 

[y , made 

[ 212 J 

made privy counfellor; and in Dec. 17J5, h 

rellgned the office of cofferer to his Majefty's 

hold, he was made chancellor of the exche( 

and in 1757, \yas created Baron of Frankley. 

Lordlhip married, June 15, 1741, Lucy, dau 

of Hugh Fortefcueof Filleigh, in Devon, Ef( 

whom he has ifllie, one fon, Thomas, born ox 

30, 1743-4, and one daughter, Lucy, now li 

Their mother dying, Jan. 19, 1746-.7, he mi 

a ffcond time, viz. Aug. 10, 1749, Eliza 

daughter of Sir Robert Fvich, Bart, by whom h 

no ilfue. Sir Thomas Lyttelton, the father oj 

Lord, married, May 8, 1708, Chriftian, daught 

Sir Richard Temple of Stowe, in Bucks, B^rt. 

(ifter of the late Richard Temple, Vifcount Gob 

Tnaid of honour to Queen Anne, by whom hi 

iflue fix fons and fix daughters, viz. George, the 

£ent Lord Lyttelton ; Thomas, who died unmat 

April 16, 1729, being at that time page of hc 

to the Princefs Royal, afterwards princefs of On 

Right Rev. Charles, L. L. D. bifhop of Carlifle, 

prefident of the fociety of Antiquaries, F. R. S. 

of his Majefty's chaplains in ordinary, and r 

of Alvechurch in Worcefterfhire ; Richard. 

d'ed in his infancy ; the Right Hon. Sir Ric 

Lyttelton, lieutenant-general of his Majefty's fo s 

knight of the Bath, governor of Guernfey. i 

married; Dec. 14, 1745, Rachel, dutchefs dov. - 

of Bridgwater,, and daughter of Wriothefly I 

of Bedford, by whom he has no ifrue,.WiIliam-I 

r-y, governor of Jamaica, who married Mary, 

of the daughters and coheirs of James Macart 

of the county of Longford, in Ireland, Efq; 

whom he has a fon, named George, born the : 

of Oct. 1761 ; Chr.rks-Adam, born Dec. 28, 17 

and a daughter, Mary : this lady died in Jam? 

May 8, 1765. Chriftian, married to Thomas 

of Boconnock, in Cornwall, Efq; and died, jun 

1750; Anne,, relict of the late Rev. Francis A 





i 213 J 

h, D. D. dean of Briftol, and formerly precep- 

his prefent Majefty and the Duke of York ; 
ir, Penelope, Ameha, all deceafed ; and Hef- 
liarried in 1763, to John Fitzmaurice, of Li- 
ck, in Ireland, Efq; This family appears to 

been of very antient ftanding and confiderable 
, at South Lyttelton and Frankley, in Worcef- 
ire : for io early as the 9th Edward II. Tho- 
de^Luttelton (or Lyttelton) was chofea knight 
.e'fliire for that county. HiS fon Thomas, was 
tire of the body, to King Richard II. Henry IV. 
Henry V. and his great grandfon Thomas, was 
kt of the Bath, and judge of the common pleas. 
, Sir Thomas Lyttelton was the author of the 
R13 Treatife on Tenures, which Lord Coke fo 
ledly commented upon, and fliles him the Eng- 
fuftinian, and father of the law. He flourifhed 
•r Kings Henry VI. and Edward IV. Sir Tho- 
, father of the prefent Lord, fat in three parHa- 
lS, as knight of the (hire for the county of Wor- 
;r ; and in one for Caraelford, in Corn\vall. He 

many years one of the lords commiflioners of 
admiralty, and died Sept. 14, i75i» ag?d fixty- 
-Creations. Lord Lyttelton, Baron of Frank- 

Nov. 19, 1757, 31 Geo. II.— Arms. Argent, a 
rron between three efcallops, fable.— -Crest. On 
•eath, a Moor's head in profile, couped proper, 

1 a rowl about the head, argent and fable.— ^^ 
PORTERS. Two tritons or mermen, with tri- 
ts all proper.— ■Motto. Ung dieu, ung roy.--' 
lEF Seats. At Hagley Hall in Worcefter{hire, 
ankley-Houfe, the antient feat of the family be- 
burnt in the laft civil war) and Over-Arley, in 
fordfhire; Curzonftreet, London. 


ViLLiAM Petty, Lord Wycombe, Baroil of 
EPPiNG-Wy COMBE, in the county of Buckingj 
a, (Earl of Shelburne, Vifcount Fitzmaurice, and 


[ 214- ] 

Baron Dunkerron, in the county of AVaterfor 
the kingdom of Ireland) a lord of the privy Coi 
fucceeded his father John, the late Earl, on 
12, 1 761, which faid Earl John was advanced t 
dignity of a peer of Great Britain, as above, 
ao, 1760, 34 Geo. II. His Lord(hip marrie 
Feb. I, 1765. Lady Sophia Carteret, daughw 
John, late P:arl Granville, by whom he has : 
and heir. This noble Lord is maternally defce 
from the renowned Sir William Petty, Knight; 
paternally, from the ancient houfe of Fitzmau 
Earls of Kerry. — Creation. Ut fupra.—A\ 
Erniine, on a bend, fapphire, a magnetic n( 
pomtmg at a pole ftar, topaz, together with 
arms of the Earl of Kerry, quartered, with a 
cent for difference. — Crest. On a wreath a 
hive befet with bees, diverfely volant proper- 
Supporters. On the dexter (ide a pegafusi 
mine, bridled, crined, winged, unguled, to 
charged on the flioulder with a ileur-de-lis, fappl 
on the finifter fide, a gryphon, topaz.— Mo- 
Ut apes geometriam. — Chief Seats. At Chet 
Wycombe, in the coanty of Bucks ; Hill ft 
Berkley-fquare, London. 


Lewis Monson-Watson, Lord Sondes, of J., 
Court, m the county of Kent, one of the aud v 
of the impreft for life, was advanced to the de 3, 
of a peer as above. May 20, 1760, 34 Geo. IL ' a 
noble Lord is brother to the prefent Lord Mor a 
(See Monfon.) and married, on Oa. 12, 1 d 
Frances, third daughter of the late Right io 
Henry Pelham, by whom he hath ifTue Lewis-! » 
mas, born April 18, 1754; Henry, born Aprils 
1755 ; a ion born 061. aj, 1761.— Creation, u 
above.— -Arms. Quarterly, firll and fourth argt 
on a chevron engrailed, azure, between three m :• 
iets, Uble, as many crefcents, or ; fecond and tbi, 

LORD G R A N T H A M» >i .1 -.. 

HOMAS Robinson, Lord Grantham, Knight 
le Bath, and one of his Majefty's mofl honour- 
I privy council, and joint poft-mafter general, 
.. S. was created a peer, by the title of Lord 
litham of Grantham, in Lincolnfhire, April 4*' 
:, I Geo. 3. His Lordfliip married Frances, 
l;hter to Thomas Worfley, of Hovingham, in' 
I :aftiire, Efq; by whom he has ifTue, the Hon. 
jmas Robinfon, Efq; member in the prefent par-^ 
I ent for the borough of Chrift Church, Hants ; 
I Honourable Frederick Robinfon, and feveral 
jhters unmarried. His Lordfliip has feveral fillers, 
a nephew, Sir William Robinfon, Bart. Hia 
ifhip was fent envoy extraordinary to the court 
ienna in 1739 ; created a knight of the Bath in 
i, the late emperor of Gerniany performing the 
mony of invefting him with the order; ap- 
ited a commiflioner of trade and plantations in 
;.. 1748; made keeper of the great wardrobe, 
fworn one of his Majefty's moft honourable pri- 
|:ouncil, in Dec. 1749. I" iMarch i754-» Ws lord- 
i was advanced to the office of fectetary of ftate 
( the fouthern department, and in the month foU 
ling, was named one of the regency in his Ma- 
y's abfence in his German dominions. In Nor. 
5, he refigned the poft of fecretary of ftate, and 
sw days after was appointed keeper of the great 
drobe. His Lordfliip is the fourth fon of the 
; Sir William Robinfon, of Newby Hall, upon 


[ 2l6 ] 

Swale, in Yorkfhire ; a family of greaf antiqd 
that county, of whom was William Robinfon, 
in Queen Elizabeth's reign, who was twics 
mayor of York, and reprefented that ciiy in 

parliaments.— —Creations. As above. A 

Vert, a chcveron between three ftags, a gaze, i 
Crest. On a crown fleur-de-hs, a mount vert, ti 
on a flag at gaze, or.— Supporterjs. On eithe 
a greyhound reguardant, fable.— Motto, ^ 
ab incepto. — Chief Seats. AtNewby-hailjin"^ 
(hire ; Whitehall, St. James's. 


Richard Grosvenor, Lord Grosvenor, 
Baronet, major in the Chefhire militia, L. L. D; 
ceeded his father, Sir Robert, in 1758, and wai 
\5anced to the dignity of a peer on April 4, 176 
Geo. 3, by the title of Lord Grofvenor of Ej 
Ghefhire. His Lordfiiip married, on June 19, i 

Mifs Vernon, daughter of Vernon, Efq; 

Robert Grofvenor married Jane, the only fur«ri 
child of Thomas Warre, of Sewell Court, ir 
county, of Somerfet, Efq; by whom he had i 
Richard, now Lord Grofvenor; Thomas, mei 
for the city of Chefter, and married to Mifs Sky 
of Walthamftow, and four daughters, of \^ horn i 
was married to the Hon. William Levefon Go 
brother of Earl Gower, but deceafed, leaving 
a daughter, Catharine. This noble Lord is defc 
ed from Gilbert le Grofvenor, who was relate 
William the Conqueror, and followed him in his 
pedition to England, and whofe fon; Robert le G 
venor, had the lordfhip of Over Leftock in ( 
fhire given him by the Conqueror's uncle. — Cr 
T^iON. As above. Baronet, Feb. 23, 1661. — Ar 
Azure, a garb, or. — Crest. On a wreath, a tal 
or. — Supporters. On either fide, a talbot regi 
dant or, gorged with a plain collar azure. — Mot 
Nobilitatis, virtus f non Jiemma char^a^er.-^Ch 

[ 217 ] 

EATS. Eaton Hal!, near Chefler; Helkin Hall, 
ear Flint ; Sewell Court, in Somerfetftiire ; Wy- 
londelj', in Hcrtfordfhire ; and Grofvenor Square, 


Nathaniel Curzon, Lord Scarsdale, and 
aronet, Baron of Scarfdale, in Derbylhire, was 
-eat'ed a peer on June 4-, i76», i Geo. III. ascbove. 
[is Lorddiip, in 1750, was married to the Lady Ca- 
)line Collier, daughter to the Right Hon. the Earl 
f Portmore, by whom he had ifTue, a fon, bom 
;pt. 16, i75r ; a daughter, born May 6, 1753 ; an- 
:her fon, born March aa, 1758, and a thud fon, 
Dm on xMay 22, 1765. The late Sir Nathaniel Cur- 
3n, married Mary, daughter of Sir Ralph Asflie- 
m of Middleton, in LancaOaire, Bart. By her he 
id ilTue, John, who died an infant; Nathaniel, 
ho fucceeded him in 1758, and is now Lord Scarf- 
ile ; Asfheton, who was married to Mifs Han* 
er of Ifcoyd, Flintfhire, and is member in the pre- 
nt parliament for Clithero, Lancafhire, and L L. D. 
e married, fecondly, Dorothy, filter of the Lord 
rofvenor, on Feb. 6, 1766. This family is de- 
end^d from Giraline de Curzon, who came over 
iih William the Conqueror, ard had divers lands 
i the county of Berks and of Devon given him. — 
REATioN. B.ironet, Aug. 11, 1641 ; Baron, p.r 
)ove.— Arms. Argent, on a bend fable, three po- 
n jays, or, collared gules. — Crest. A popin jay 
ling, or, collared gules. — Supporters. On the 
2Xter fide, the figure of Prudence reprcfentcd by 
woman, habited argent, mantled azure, holding 
her linifler hand a javeh.n entwined with a remor* 
rDp?r ; and on the linifter, the figure of Liberaliiv. 
'prefented by a like woman, habited a f gent, man- 
cfd pu'pure, holding a cornu-copia proper.— Mor- 
o. Rci^e ^ fiia'viter. — Chief Seats. 'Kedakfion, 
;ar Derby: Audley Square, London. 

' h L O R S 

[ 2l8 ] 


William Irby, Lord Boston of Bofton, 
Lincolnfliire, and Baronet, chamberlain to her Ro^ 
Highnefs the Princefs Dowager of Wales, was a| 
vancedto the dignity of a peer, on April 4» i?^ 
1 Geo. III. by the title above recited. His Lot 
fhip, in Auguft 1736, was appointed chamberlain 
the Princefs of Wales. In 1735, he was cho 
member for Launcefton in Cornwall, and alio choi 
again in 1741 for the fame borough ; his Lordfh 
in 1747, was elfdled member for Bodmm m CornWc 
as he was again in 1754. His Lordlliip, Auguft c 
1 746, was married to Mifs Selwyn, maid ot honour 
the Princefs of Wales, by whom he hath had iliue 
daughter, born July 18, i747 ; a fon, born June i 
1749. Another fon, born Auguft 29, 175°. Sir I 
ward Irby was created a Baronet by Queen An; 
and married Dorothy, daughter of the Hon. Hei 
Pagett, fecond fon of Wiiliam Lord Pagett, 
whom he had one daughter, and the prefent^ L< 
Bofton. Th^s family is of great antiquity m 
county of Lincoln; of whom was Sir William 
Irby, Knight, who flourirtiedin the reign ot Henry e 
Third.— Creation. Baronet, April I3» I7 I 
Baron, «//«/)r«.— Arms. Argent, fretty lable ca 
canton, gules, a chaplet, or.— Crest A farao 8 
head in profile, finifter proper wreathed, argent - 
fibie— Supporters. On either fide an antei :, 
gules gorged, with a chaplet, or.— IVIotto. //^ f 

Jidelitatis pramiuvi. Chief Seats Spalding B 

Lincolnfhire ; Grofvenor-ftreet, London. 
John Percival, Earl of Egmont, Vifcount < 
Baron Percival, in the kingdom of Ireland ; on 3 
his Majefty's moll honourable privy council, l 
lord of the admiralty, was created a peer ot C^ * 
Britain in May 176a, a Geo. HI. by the utif 

[ 219 ] 

.ord Lovell and Holland, Baron Lovell and Holland 
f Enmore, in the county of Somerfet. His Lord- 
iipwas born on Feb. 24, 1711, and on Feb. 15 
736-7, married Lady Catharine Cecil, fecond d?u^h^ 
:rof James, late Earl of Salifbury (uho died^n 
'"g- 16, 1752), by whom he had iffue, now Jiving 
ohn James. Vjfcount Pcrcival, born Jan. 29, 1737! 
5 ,.3"i's col. of a company in the Foot Guards, 
hiiip lutton, born March 10, 1741-^: Edward 
Dm April 19, 1754; Frederick-Auguftos, born 
eb. 11. 1749-50 ; Catharine, born Feb. 20, 1745-6 
'his family was feated in England before the Nor- 
anconqueft. His Lordfliip's filler, LadyRawdon, 

jcealed, left iflue, Catharine and Helena Arms! 

;arl, on a chief indented, ruby, three crofTes, pat- 
e of the field.— Crest. On a wreath, athiftlepro. 
:r.--SuppoRTERs. On the dexter an antelope, 
;ail, altered, gorged with a ducal coronet, chained, 
fted, and unguled, topaz. On the finifter, a flag, 
,amond, furniOied as the dexter, each having in its 
jouth athiftle proper.— Motto. Sub cruce Candida 
|-Chif,f Seats. Enmore, in Somerfetlhire : Charl- 
jnm Kent ; Pall-Mal!, London. 

IJOHN Montagu Lord Montagu, ofBoughton, 
I the eldeft fon of George, the prefent Earl of Car- 
gan, by the Lady Mary Montagu, youngeft daugh- 
- and coheir of John Duke of Montagu, and was 
rn on March 18, 1734-5. On May 4, 1762, his 
ajefty, confidering his noble defcent, was era- 
,)ully pleafed to revive in him one of the titles, of 
Islaid John Duke of Montagu, his grandfather, by 
janting to him and his heirs male, the dignity of a 
iron of Great Britain, by the title of Baron Monta- 
;), ot Boughton, inNorthamptonfliire.— Arms. The 
me with the Earl of Cardigan, alfo the Crest - 
^.ppoRTERsandMoTTo, the fame: which fee under 

L a Car- 

I 220 ] 

frtr^i^w.— Chief Seats. Boughtoa, in Northairl 
tonfhire ; New Norfolk ftreet, London. 


TosEPH Damer, Lord Mil.ton, of Shrone-H 

in the kingdom of Ireland, was created a Baron 

Great Britain, in May 1762, 7. Geo. III. by the ti 

of Baron Milton of Milton-Abbey, Dorfetfhire 

His Lordfhip was born March la, 1717-18, and ^ 

the fon of Jofeph Damer, of Came, Dorfetfhire, E ; 

whofe family had been long feated in Somerletllo 

and Derbyfhire. His LordHiip married Lady Ca - 

line SackviUe, only furvivlng daughter of Lio! , 

Puke of Dorfet, and has iffue John, born June , 

3744 ; George, born March zS, 1746 ; Lionel, ba 

Sept. 16, 1748 ; and Caroline, born April 23,,!/ , 

and other children fince. John, his Lordftiip s t »• 

ther, married Martha, daughter of Samuel K 1, 

Efq: His fillers are Mrs. Dawfon of Dawlo ;• 

Court, in Queen's county, Ireland ; and Mar \. 

Lady Crofton. -Creations. Baron Milton )1 

Slirone Hill, in Ireland, May 30, '753, *6 Geo > 
Baron of Great Britam, .«^ /«/'r«.— ARMS i5? 
nebuleoffix, pearl and ruby, a bend ingrailed> 
phire —Crest. Out of a mural crown, topaz, a i- 
bot's'bead, fapphire, eared of the firft.-Su^PF ^^ 
TERS. On the dexter a talbot, ftpphire, mai 1 
gorged and eared, topaz; on the hnifter a t. c. 
lead, murally gorged and eared fapphire.-M r 
TO. Tu ne cade malis.-^CuiZF Seats. Milton o 
bey, in Dorfetihire ; Dean ftreet, Giofvenor iqi e 


Edward Montague, Lord Beaulieu, ofB« 
lir,, Hants, and knight of the Bath, was adva 5 
to the dicnitv of a peer, and to defcend to his h t 
male bv^her Grace Ifabella, Dutchefs Dowag. 
>Ianrhefter, hi? prefent t^ady, by ihe title abov 

[ 221 J 

rited, on May 4, 176*, * Geo. III. His tord(h\p, 
n Auguft 1753, was created a Knight of the Bath : 
ie reprefented the borough of Tiverton, in the iitl> 
md lith parliaments of Great Britain. In 1743, he 
narried her Grace Ifabella, Dutchefs of Manchefter, 
;ldeft daughter and coheir of John Duke of Monta- 
rue, andreha of V/illiam Duke of Manchefter ; by 
vhom he hath had ifTue, a fon and heir, and a daughter, 
)ornAug,27, 1749^ The family ofHufTey, of which his 
l^ordflnpisdefcended, (changing his name byadtof 
(parliament, agreeable to the will of John, Duke of 
jvlontaga;) camein wiih the conqueror, and migrated 
Ireland, in the reign of Henry II. and what is re- 
narkable, he now poiTeffes the imds granted to his 
iwn and his Lady's anceftors, by William I.— Cre- 

iTiON. As above. Arms. Quarterly, firft and 

ourih, Montague and Monthermer, quartered, viz. 
ifii, argent within a bordure, fable, three lozenges, 
ri fefs, gules, for Montague, a. Or, an eagle djf- 
•layed, vert, for Monthermer; third as fecond, 
ourth as firft. Second and third, ermine, three 
>ars, gules ; on a ciinton, argent, a crofs of St. 
ieorge, for Huirey.— Crest. On a wreath, a gry^ 
ihon's head, couped, or, beaked and winged, fable. 
-Supporters. On each (ide a ftag, proper; col- 
ared with a ducal coronet and chain, the latter re- 
leding over their backs, or.— Motto, Spe^e?72ur 
ige7ido. — Chief Seats. Ditton Park, Bucks; Do- 
er ftreet, London. 


George Venables Vernon, Lord VERNO^T, 
nd Baron of Kinderton, Chefh:re, was fo created 
^lay I, 1762, 2 George IH.^ His Lordfhip was re- 
uefentative fcr the city of Litchfield in three f arlia- 
nents, as he was alfo for the town of Derby in two. 
n July 1734, he married Mary, the daughter of 
Thomas Lord EfRngham, who died in February, 
740, and kft ifllie, the -Hon. George Venabks 

L 3 Vernon, 

[ 222 ] 

Vernon, born May ,9, 1735, member of parliame 
tor Bramber, Suflex, who is married and has chi 
dren ; a daughter, born July 10, 1736 ; a fon, Ju 
1737 ; another fon, Odober 16, 1738 ; a Ion inO(f 
1761, and other children fince'. His Lordiliip ma 
pied, m Dec. 1741, to his fecond Lady, the d^ag 
ter of Sir Thomas Lee of Ilarpwell, Buclcinghan 
fhire, who died Sept. 2z, 1742. Creations. / 
above.— Arms. Quarterly, firft and fourth, azur 
uyo bars, argent. Second, argent, a fret, labl 
'J'hird, or, oa a fefs, azure, three garbs of the fieL 
—Crest. On a wreath, a boar's head erafed, fabl 
duca!ly gorged, or. — Supporters. On the d-xt 
fide, a 'yon, gules, collared and chained, or ; on tl 
finiihr, A bohr, f^.ble, ducaliy colJared and chains 
or. — Motto. P'ermn fempcr njiret. — Chief Seat 
At Sudbury, Derbyshire ; Conduit ftreet, London. 


GiiORGE Fox-Lane, Lord Bingley, was a( 
vancedto the dignity of a peer on IMay 4, 1762, 
Geo. IK. by the title of Baron Bingley in the couni 
of York, with limitation to his heirs male by Ha 
riot his prefent Lady. His Lordfhip was reprefei 
tative for the city of York in four parliaments, an 
was married July 12, 1731, to the Hon. iMifs Hai 
riotBenfon, daughter and heirefs of Robert, the lal 
Lord Bingley, by whom he has i/Tue Robert, bor 
Aug. 24, 1732, member for the city of York, mar 
ried July 29, 1761, to the Hon. Mifs Henley, daugh 
ter of Robert Earl of Northington, lord high chance! 
lor of Great Britain, &c. — Creations. Ut fuprc 
— Arms, (^arterly, firft and fourth, argent, a lyo 
rimipant, gales, within a border, fable ; on a cantoi 
of the firft, a harp and a crown, or, for Lane. Se 
cond and third, argent, a cheveron between threi 
foxes heads, erafed, gules, for Fox. — Crest. I 
gryphon, fable, ifiuing out of a ducal coronet, or 
winged argent.— Supporters. On either fide a bear 


[ 223 ] 
,[-gent — ^ToTTO. InconcujJ'a njirtiis. — Chief Seats. 
l^ramham Park, YorkAiire; Cavendiili fquare, Lon- 


Henry Fox, Lord Holland, Baron Holland of 
Foxley, clerk of the Pells in Ireland, and a lord of 
lis Maj^Uy's moft honourable privy council, is bro- 
■her of ihe Earl of llchefter, and was created April 
[6, 1763, Lord Holland, Baron of Foxley, in the 
:ounty of Wilts, to him and his heirs male. His 
Lordfliip married the Lady Georgina-Carolina Le- 
lox, eldeft daughter of the late Duke of Richmond, 
now baronefs Holland, alfo, in her own right) by 
iivhom he has iflue. the Hon. Stephen Fox, married 
^pril 20, 1766, to Lady Mary, daugh- 
er of the Earl of Upper- Oflbry, in Ireland ; and 
wo other fons Charles-James and Henry.— Arms, 
:rest, Supporters, and Motto, ^ the fame as the 
iarl of llchefter. — Chief Seats. Foxley, in Wik- 
hire, Kingfgate, in Kent ; Holland-houfe, Middle- 
'ex, and Piccadilly, London. 


John LiGONiER, Lord LiGONiER,oFRipley.jn the 
I^ounty of Surry, (Vifcoani Ligon-er of Enn;ildllinand 
)f Clonmel, in the kingdom o^ Ireland) field marihal of 
rs Majefty's forces, one of the lords of his Majefty's 
noil honourab'e privy council, knight of the moft ho- 
lourable order of the Bath, colonel of the firft reg. of 
"^oot- guards, F. R. S. is defcended of a noble and 
lluftrious family in the fouth of France, the repre- 
"entative of which (his Lordfliip's eldeft brother) the 
Toble Abel Ligonier, is now peffeffed of the lord- 
hips of Aillot, &c. &c. in Provence. The family had 
1 title to the firft pofts of the ftate ; but, being prote- 
iants, were obHged to relinquifn fuch fiaitering prof- 
^ as. His Lordfliip and two of his brothers were 
)rought over to England very 3'oung, by their excel- 
ent mother, who preferred a fore'gn country, where 

L 4 liberty 

[ 224 ] I 

liberty of confclence was allowed, to her native ai 
milder climate. The two latter, after well rememben 
faithful and honourable fervices to the nation, die 
one a major and the other colonel of a regimcB 
The col. Jefti/Tue one fon, col. El. Ligonier,Vd-d 
camp to the king, and colonel of a comp. in the i 
regiment of Foot-guards, who ferved with great r 
putation during the late war in Germany. H;s Lon 
fhip, following the bent of his genius, took very ear 
to a military life, being a volunteer at the ftormii 
of the citadel of Liege, 1702, when, with the Ho 
Mr. Wentworth, brother o^ Lord Strafford, he fii 
mounted the breach, and Mr. Wentworth was ki 
led by his lide. His Lordfhip ferved all Que« 
Anne's wsrs under the great Duke of Marlboroug 
and m every fucceeding war, with a bravery. co'f| 
dud: and fortitude, that has dcferved'y raifed Ir 
to the chief polls of his profeffion ; winlft, in d.ivs 
peace, a-d in h:s reti.'-ed moments, he has been 1 
Jefs diflins^uiihed by the charafter of a good citize; 
by hi? benevolence, humanity and charity, exercifi 
without d-irirdion of country or psrty. In con: 
deration of hi? LordOiip's eminent fervices to tl 
nation, his late Majcily was gracioufly pjeafed, < 
Dec. 10, 1757, to create him a Vifcount of the kin) 
dom of Ireland, by ihe title of Vifcount Ligonier,  
Ennefkillin, in the faid kingdom, to h^m and h 
heirs male. And in further recompence cf tho 
fervices, his prefnt Majefty was pleafed, on Ma 
I, 176a, to grant unto his Lordfh-p, and his hei 
male, and in default of fach ifTue, to lieutenant c< 
lonel Edward Ligonier, the dignity of a Vifcount ( 
the faid kingdom of Ireland, by the title cf Vifcout 
Ligonier of ClMnmel, in the faid kingdom: Alf( 
0,1 April 19, 1763, to grant unto his LordThip, an 
liis heirs male, the dignity of a Earon of the king 
dom of Great Britain, by the name, ftile, and titl 
of Lord Ligonier, Baron of Ripfey, in the countyc 
Surry. His Lordfhip is a batchelor. — -.Arms. Gulej 
a lion rafnpant on a chief, argent, a crefcent betwee 


[ 225 ] 

two mullets, azure. — Crest. A demi-Iion, ermt- 
nois, ifliiing out of a mural crown, or; and holding m 
his dexter paw a palm branch. — Supporters. On 
each fide a lion reguardant, erminors, gorged with a 
mural crown, gules, holding in one paw a ftandard 
of his regiment, enfign'd with his own arms. — Mot- 
to. Jrege 6" f/^^^);-/^.— Chief Seats. At Cob- 
ham, in Surry; North Audley ftreet, Grofvener 
ifquare, London. 


Charles Pratt, Lord Camden, of Camden- 
iPIace, in the county of Kent (fo created, 1765, 
1 5 Geo. in.) lord chief juftice of the court of ccm- 
imon-p!eas, and a lord of the privy counc I, was the 
ifon of Sir John Pratt, lord chief juftice of Engiant?. 

His Lordfhip married Mifs JeiFreys, daughter of 

Jeflfreys, of Bedford Row, Efq; by whom he has 
ilTue the Hon. John Pratt, and four daughters. His 
Lordfhip has a brother, Thomas Pratr, Efq; of the 
jtreafury; a fifter, Lady Dacre, and a nephew, Ro- 
bert Pratt, Efq; member for Horfham, in SufTex. — 
Arms. Sable, on a fefs, between three elephant's 
beads, er^fed, argent, as many mu'lets of the firft^ 

—Crest. An elephant's head, erafed, argent. 

Supporters. On the dexter fide a griffin, fable, 
Deak and fore legs, gules ; and on the finifter, a iiou 
jrampant, or, each gorged with a' collar, argent, 
:harged wUhjhree mullets, fable. — CiiiRf Sfats. 
Camden Place, Kent ; Lincoln's-inn fields, Londocj. 


^ Henry Digby, Lord Digby, Baron Digby of 

5hcrborne, in the county of Dorfet (fo createcTAiig. 
n, 1765, to him and his heirs male. £nd in def,<ult 
of fuch heirs, to thofe of his father. Edward Digby, 
i5:fq;) and Baron Digby of Geafhill, in Ireland, fuc- 
i:eeded his brother, Edward, Lord Digby, Nov. ^o, 
7i7, arid, Sept. ^, 1763, married Mils Fielding, by 
' Li whou:, 

[ 226 ] I 

whom, on June 17, 1764, he had ifTue a fon and 
heir. Her Ladyfhip departed this life, in January. 
1765. His Lordfhip was the fecond fon of the Hon 
Edward Digby, third fon of William^ fifth Lore 
Digby, by Charlotte, filter of the Earl of Ilchefter 
His Lordfhip has two brothers, the Hon. Robef 
Digby, and the Hon. and Rev. William Digby, ca^ 
noa of Chrifl Church, who is married. The ancef 
tors of this noble Lord v/ere feated at Digby, in th< 
county of Lincoln, in the reign of Edward I. anc 
from thence took their name. — Arms. Sapphire, 5 
iieur-de-lis, pearl. — Crest. On a wreath an oflrich 

pearl, holding in its beak an horfe-fhoe, topaz. 

Supporters. Two monkeys, proper, environec 

about the middle, and chained, topaz. MottO 

Deo non for tuna. Chief Seats. Sherborne, ii 

Dorfetfnire ; Colefliill, in Warwickfhire ; and Do| 
rer ftreet, London, ' 

J Li 

f 227 J 

A VJl offuch Peers as do not Jit in the Houfe of Lords, 

THE Duke of Dover,! Being created fince the 
The Duke of Bran- > nnioh, " 

J that h 


have no feats in 

The foilonving being Romaji Catholics have no Sum- 
tnons to parliaments 

Duke of Norfolk, 
Earl of Shrewjfbury, 
Vifcount Montagu, 
Lord Stourton, 
Lord Pet re. 

Lord Arundel of Wardour, 
Lord Dormer, 
Lord Teynham, 
Lord Langdale, 
. Lord Clifford. 

Second Titles of the Dukes, Marquis and "Earls ^ by 
nj;hich their eldefi Sons are^ in Court efy, diJHnguiJhcd^ 

Ablngton, Earl, 
Albemarle, Duke, 
Ancafter, Duke, 
Afhburnham, Earl, 
Aylesford, Earl, 
Beaufort, Duke,' 
Bedford, Duke, 
Berkeley, Earl, 
Befoorough, Ear), 
Bolton, Duke, 
Bridgwater, Duke, 

Eldest Sons. 
Lord Norreys. 
Vifcount Bury. 
Marquis or Lindfey. 
Vifcount St, Afaph. 
Lord Guernfey. 
Marquis of Worcefler. 
Marquis of Taviftock. 
Vifcount Durfley. 
Lord Popfonby. 
Marquis of WinchefTer. 
Marquis of Brackley.. 
Lord Hfarvev. 

L (i Buc- 

[ 228 ] 

Peers., Duke, 
Bucks, Earl, 
Cardigan, Earl, 
CarliOe, Ear], 
Caftiehaven, Earl, 
Chandois, Diike, 
Cheilerfield, Earl, 
Cholmondely, Earl,, 
Cleveliind, Duke, 
Corke, E-irJ, 
Cornwallis, Earl, 
Coventry, Earl, 
Cowper, Earl, 
Darlington, Earl, 
Dartmouth, Early 
DeJavvarr, Earl, 
Denbigh, Earl, 
Derby. Earl, 
Devonfh're, Duke, 
Dorfet, Duke, 
EfRngham, Earl, 
Egmont, Earl, 
Eeremont, Earl, 
EiTex, Earl, 
Exeter, Earl, 
Fauconbere, Earl, 
Ferrer«, Earl, 
Fitzwilliam, Earl, 
Gainfborough, Earl, 
Gower, Earl, 
Grafton, Duke, 
Granville, Earl, 
Guildford, Earl, 
Hj.liifax, Esri, 
Hamilton, Duke, 
Harborcugh, Earl, 
Harcourt, Earl, 
Hardwicke, Earl, 

Eldest Sons, 
Earl of Dalkeith. 
Lord Hobart. 
Lord BrudeneJL 
Vifcount Morpeth. 
Lord Aud'ey. 
Marquis of Carnarvon. 
Lord Stanhope. 
Vifcount Malpas. 
Earl of Chichefter. 
Lord Boyle. 
Vifcount Broome. 
Vifcount Deerhurft. 
Vifcount Fordwrch. 
Viicount Barnard. 
Vifcount Lewifham. 
Vifcount Cantalupe. 
Vifcount Fielding. 
Lord Strange. 
Marquis of Hartington^ 
Earl of Middlefex. 
Lord Howard. 
Vifcount Percival. 
Lord Gockermouth, 
Vifcount Maiden. 
Lord Burleigh 
Vifcount Bclafyfe; 
Vifcount Tamworth. 
Vifcount Milton. 
Vifcoant Campden. 
Vifcount Trentham-.. 
Earl of Eufton. 
Vifcount Carteref* 
Lord North. 
Vifcount Sunbury. 
Marquis of Huntley. 
Lord Sherrard. 
Vifcount Newnham. 
ViJfcount Royfton, 



y Peers. 
rington, Earl, 
tford, Earl, 
(borough, Earl, 
dernefs, Earl, 
itingdon, Earl, 
"ev, Earl, 
leiter, Earl, 
dare. Marquis, 
igfton, Duke, 
inoul, Earl, 
•ds, Duke, 
icoln. Earl, 
:hfield, Earl, 
icclesfield, Earl, 
incheftr, Duke, 
irlborough, Duke, 
)ntrofe, Duke, 
wcaftle, Duke, 
»rfolk, Duke, 
)rthampton, Earl, 
)rthington, Earl, 
jrthumberland, Earl, 
rford. Earl, 
xford. Earl, 
jmbroke, Earl, 
jterborough. Earl, 
■y mouth, Earl, 
Dmfiet, Earl, 
ortland, Duke, 
ortfmouth. Ear!, 
ouleit, Karl, 
ovvis, Earl, 
in^eenfberry, Duke, 
^dnor. Earl, 
.Lchmond, Duke, 
Lochford, Earl, 
ckingham, Marqais, 
oxbvirgh, Dukg, , 

[ 229 3 

Eldest Sovs» 
Vifcount Peterfiianl. 
Vifcount Beauchamp» 
Lord Harwich. 
Lord D'arcy. 
Lord Hailing?. 
Vifcount Villiers. 
Lord Stavordale. 
Earl o^' Ophaley. 
Marquis of DorcheHer, 
Lord Hay. 

Marquis of Carmarthen » 
Lord Clinton. 
Vifcount Quarerrclon. 
Vifcount Parker. 
Vifcount Man4evi]le. 
Marquis of Blandford* 
Lord Graham. 
Marquis of Clare. 
Earl of Arundel . 
Lord Compton. 
Vifcount Henley. 
Vifcount Warkworth, 
Vifcount Walpole. 
-Lord Harley. 
Lord Herbert. 
Lord Mordaunt. 
Lord Windfor. 
Lord Lempfter. 
Marquis of Tichfield* 
Vifcount Lymington, 
Vifcount Hinton. 
Vifcount Ludlow. 
Marquis of Drumlanrig^ 
Vifcount Folkeftone. 
Earl of March. 
Vifcount Tunhridge. 
pari of Malton. 
Earl Ker. 

Rutland, Duke, 
St. Alban's, Duke, 
Sallfljury, Earl, 
Sandwich, Earl, 
Scarborough, Earl, 
Shaftefbury, Earl, 
Shelburne, Earl, 
Shrewsbury, Earl, 
Somerfet, Duke, 
Spencer, Earl, 
Stamford, Earl, 
Stanhope, Earl, 
Strafford, Eul, 
Suffolk, Earl, 
SuiTex, Earl, 
Talbot, Earl, 
Tankerville, Earl, 
Temple, Earl, 
Thanet, Earl, 
Uxbridge. Earl, 
Waldegrave, Earl, 
"Warwick, Earl, 
Weftmoreland, Earl, 
Winchelfea, Earl, 

[ 230 ] 

Eldest Sons. 
Marquis of Granby, 
Earl of Burford. 
Vifcount Cranburn. 
Vifcount HinchinbroU 
Vifcount Lumley. 
Lord Afhley. 
Lord Wycombe. 
Lord Talbot. 
Lord Seymour. 
Vifcount Althorp. 
Lord Grey. 
Vifcount Mahon. 
Vifcount Wentworth. 
Vifcount Andover. 
Vifcount Longueville.. 
Lord Henfol. 
Lord O/Tuifton. 
Vifcount Cobham. 
Lord Tufton. 
Lord Paget. 
Vifcount Chewton. 
Lord Greville. 
Lord Burgherfli. 
Vifcount Maidftone,. 


[ 231 J 

jEERESSES in their own 
Right, by Creation or Defcent, 


EMI MA CAMPBELL, Marchionefs Grey, and 

i Baronefs Lucas of Crudwel, only daughter of 

< in now Earl of Bteadalbin, by the Lady Ama- 

:. Grey, eldeft daughter and coheir of Henry de 

ey, late Duke of Kent, fucceeded to the title of 

srchionefs Grey, Sec. on the death of her grand- 

her the faid Henry, late Duke of Kent, m June, 

40. She married May a 2, the fame year, to the 

;ght Hon. Philip York, Lord Vifcount Royfton, 

i.w Earl of Hardwicke, by whom flie h?-S ifTue, two 

'ughters, Amabel, born Jan. aa, i7J» ; and Mary 

imima, born Feb. 9, 1756. Henry late Duke of 

ent, grandfather of the prefent Marchionefs, was 

rd chamberlain of the houfliold to Queen Anne, 

hd fworn of her Mdjefty's privy council, and was 

' eated Vifcount Goodrich, of Goodrich-caftle, m 

,ie county of Hereford, Earl of Harold, in the 

iaunty of Bedford, and Marquis of Kent, Dec. 14, 

706 ; and, on April a8, 1710, was created Duke of 

lent. He was alfo of the privy-council to his late 

/lajefty King George L gentleman of the bedcham- 

•er, and lord fteward of his Majefty's houfhold. — 

iis Grace married Jemima, eldeft daughter of Tho- 

nas. Lord Crew of Steane, by whom he had four 

bns and 7 daughters, of which it will fuffice only to 

nention three, the relt dying young, or without iflue, 

nz. Lady Amabel, eldeft daughter, and mother of 

:he prelfent Marchionefs, married John, Earl of 

Breadalbin in Scodand, and died March*, 1726-7; 






C 232 ] 

Lady Jemima, married to John, late Earl of 
burnham. Lady Anne, married to Lord Charkil 
vendifli, brother to his Grace, William, lateDu 
Devonfliire. This noble family is defcended 
jRollc, or Fulbert, who was chamberlain to K 
Duke of Normandy, and of his gift had the ( 
and honour of Croy, in Picardy, from whenc 
poflerity afilimed their furname, which was a 
wards written de Grey, vvhich Rollo had a daug- 
Arlotia, mother of William the Conqueror, a 
fon John, ftiled Lord da Croy. From him defc 
ed Henry, grandfather of the prefent Marchio 
wht) was, in a lineal fucceflioft, the thirteenth 
of Kent. — Creations. Utfupra. — Arms. Barr 
fix pieces, argent and azure in chief, three tc 
auxes, the arms of Grey. — Crest. On a chap 
gules, turned, up, ermine, a wyvern fejant, or ; 
ing his dexter talon on the flock of a tree ered 
fable.— Supporters. Two wyverns, or ; their w 
difclofed.--MOTTO. Stat rel'igione parentujii. — Ch 
Seats. At Wreft houfe, in Bedfordfhire ; 
James's-fquare, London. 


Melosina de Schulenberg, Countefs of W 
SING HAM, and Baronefs of Schulenberg and Aid 
rough, was created Countefs of WaHingham, in 
county of Norfolk, and Baronefs of Aldborough 
the county of Suffolk, the 7th of April 1722, 8 G 
I. and is laid to be neice to the late Dutchefs of K. 
dal. She married on the 5th of Sept. 1733, i| 
Right. Hon. Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Ch 
terfield, by whom fhe has no ifTue. — Arms. T 
coats, quarterly, viz. firft and fourth, or, a lamb p: 
fant in feft, quartered, gules and argent, enfign' 
on the head .with three llandards of the fecond ; il 
cond and third, argent, three eagles couped at t 
thigh, gules.— Crest. The Earl of Chefterfleld 
^SuppofcTERs. Twofayages, each holdii>g a cIi 


[ 233 ] 

r his arm, and wreathed about his temples a«d 
s with ivy, all proper. 



iRERs, of Chartley, fucceeded Ehzabeth, her 
ther, in that honour, March 13. I740. She "lar- 
lin Dec. 1751, the Hon. George Townfhend, 
V Vifcount Townfhend, by whom Ihe has liioe. 
zabeth, mother of the prefent Baronefs, lucceed- 
to the tule of Baronefs Ferrers, of Chartley, ort: 

death of Robert, Earl Ferrers, her grandta-. 
r, Dec. 25, 171 7, the Hoa. Robert Shirley, hef 
ler, eldeft fon of the fad Earl Ferrers, dying m 

life-time of his father, Feb. 15, 1698-9. She 
rried in 17 '5-16, the Right Hon. Janjiss Compton, 
2 Earl of Northampton, by whom (he had illae, 
•ee fons and five daughters, who except the pre- 
,t Baronefs, all died young.— Arms. Quarterly, 
md 4, a hon pafTant, guardant, or ; between thre^. 
imets, argent: for Compton % and salable ; vaire, 
and gules. Thi Arms of Ferrers. 


Margaret Tufton-Cqke, Baronefs Ci^ifford^ 
d Gouniefs Dov.'ager cf Leicefter, born Jane 16, 
■00. was created Baronefs ClIfFord, Auguft 13, 
•t 4 as heir to the Lady Anne CUffiowJ, late wite ot 
ichard, late Earl of Dorfet, and fole daughter and 
'ir of George, Earl of Cumberland, &c. ohe raar- 
^din July 1718, Thomas Coke of Holkham, in 
;e coenry of Norfolk, Efq; who was created Lord 
ovel, May 2B, 17*8, snd afterwards Vifcount Coke, 
id Earl of Leicelier, and had ifTue by the laid Earl, 
dward, Vifcount Coke, and heir apparent to the 
arony of GliiFord, who died in I753, and her hui- 
andthe Earl of Leicefter dying without iflue m 
p-l 1750, his titles became extinci: •, and upon the 
Lxh of her Ladyfhip, without iflUe, the title ot 


[ 234. ] 

the Baronefs of ClifFord will be extin<5l, alfo. '^' 
mas, Earl of Thanet, father of the prefent Baro 
Ion of John, Earl of Thanet, by Margaret his 
daugnter and heir of Richard, Earl ofDorfet, 
ried Catherine, daughter and coheir of Henry 
yendifh, Duke of Newcaftle, by whom he 


Anne Smith, Baronefs Dudley, fucceedec 

tlie Barony of Dudley, upon the death of Ferdii 

doJ)pdley Lea, her brother, the late Lord, 

 O'ed in Od 1757, unmarried. William Lea, fa 

cf the late lord, married Frances, fifter of Wif 

Ward, late Lord Dudley, and by her, who die( 

17?7> hadifTue, two fons and five daughters. 1 

dmando, late Lord Dudley. WiJham, who died 

married. A-^ne, the prefent Baronefs, married 

J u "^ .^n"th, of Ridge?cre in Shroofhire, G 

and has illue, tw^o fans and three daughters, one 

the daughters is married to Edward Baker, P 

Frances, married to Walter Woodcock, Efq; M; 

who died unmarried. Catherine, married to ] 

Thomas Jordain. Elizabeth, married in 1759, 

theRev. Mr. Bnfcoe.— Arms. Argent, on a p; 

between two leopard's faces, fable, three crefcer 

or. — Crest. An unicorn, argent, gutte de po 

gorged, with a double trefTure, fleury and count 

i^eury, guks.—SuppoRTERs. On either fide, al 

double queve, vert; armed and langued, guk 

gorged with a ducal coronet, thereto a cordon affi 

ed, pafTmg between the fore-lrgs, and refleded o\ 

the back, or.— Motto. hifeipfo totus teres.— Cm 

Seats. At Ridgrace, in Shropfhire. 


Elizabeth Percy, Baronefs Percy, and Cou 
tefs of Northumberland, who by defcent, becan 
Baroaefs Percy, on the death of Algernon, late dul 




[ 235 ] 

Jemerfet, her father, in Feb. i749-5o. Shemar- 

.in 1740, Sir Hugh Smithfon, Bart, now Hugh 

cy, E;irl or Northumberland, by whom (lie has 

. See Earl of Northumberland. Jofceline Per- 

the irh Earl of Northumberland, dying May 

1670, without iflue male, the title of Baroaels 
cy devolved on Elizabeth, his only daughter and 
•. She married in 1679, Henry Gavendiih, Earl 
Ogle, fon and heir to Henry, Duke of Newcaftle, 
) was to have borne the name and arms of Percy, 
he dying Nov. i, 1680, left her a virgin-widow, 

very young. She was afterv/ards daimed ia 
•riage bv Thomas Thynne, of Long-Leat in the 
nty of Wilts, who was on that account murdered 
the contrivance of Count Coningfmark, Feb. 12, 
I. On the 3orh of March 1680, (lie was married 
:harles Seymour, Duke of Somerfet, both bemg 
ler age, by whom (he had ifliie, Algernon, who 
ceedtd to the Baronies of Percy, &c. Piercy Sey- 
ur. Charles, who died unmarried, Ehzsbeth, 
iherine, Anne. And Frances, who died un- 
rried. Algernon, married Frances, eldeft of the 
) daughters and coheirs of Henry Thynne, Efq; 
y fon of Thomas, Vifcount Weymouth, by whom 
had one fon, George, Vifcount Beauchamp, who 
d Sept. II, 1744- ; and a daughter, the Lady Eh- 
)eth, the prefent Baronefs— Arms, &c. The fame 
the Earl of Northumberland's. 

::atkerine-Bokenham \^lon, Lady Ber- 
Rs, only daughter and heir of Thomas Kny- 
, of Mutford in the county of Suffolk, Elq; 
ond fiirviving fon of Thomas Knyvet, Efq; 
eft fon and heir of Sir Thomas Knyvet, of 
hwelthorpe, fucceeded in Dec. 1743* Catherme, 
e Baronefs Berners, who v/as lineally defcended 
1 became the fole heir of Sir John Bourchier, the 
I Lord Berniis. In the reiga of WdJiam the 


t - 

ill ;.' 



[ 236 ] 

Conqueror, Hngh de Berners, anceflor of this r 
famJy, was of Everfdone, in the county of C 
bridge; and in 1195, Robert de Berners, ano 
anceflor of this Lady, gave a fine of two hun( 
marks, for obtaining the King's favour and ref 
tion of his Lordlhip. — Arms. Quarterly, firft 
fourth, a'-genr, a line within a border engrailed. 
bis, fecond and third, quarterly, or, and vert. 


Charlotte Murray, Baronefs Strange, 
Knockyn, in Shropfliire, and Lady of Man and f 
lilts, luc:eeded ^ her father, James, late Duk( 
Athol, in thole titles, Jan. 8, 1764, and fhe mar 
her firfl coufin the prefent Duke of Atho!, in 
l"53». by whom fiie has iflue John, Marquis of 1 
libardin. Lords James, George and William ; La 
Charlotte, Emilia and Rachael, who vv^as born 
Dec. a, 1764- — Creation, Baronefs Strange, 
writ of fummons to Parliarc^nt, Feb. 13, 1617- 
Car. I. Arms. Quarterly, i^il quarter, azure, t! 
mullets, argent, with a double trelTurey fleury 
counter- fleury, with fleurs-de-lis, or, for Mur= 
fecond gules, three legs armed proper, conjoinec 
the upper part of the thighs, flexed in a trian 
garnifhed and fpurred, or, for the Ifle of Man, 
quarter, quarterly, firil and fourth, or, a fefs c 
que, argent and azure, for Stewart; 2d and 3d p 
of fix, or, and fable, for Athol, 3d as the firfl 
Crest. That of the Duke of Athol, is, on a v/re; 
a demi fav.ige, wreathed about the head and wi 
vert, holding in his right hand a dagger, proper, 
pomel and hilt or, in his hft a key of the latter 
St/ppoRters. On the dexter fide a lion gules, gofjl.t 
cd with a collar, azure, and thereon, 3 mullets, 
gent, for Tullibardin, on the finifter a favage v/rea 
ed as the creft, his feet in fetters of iron, and 
chain over his left arm. — Motto. Furth fortune t 
fjl the fetters. — Chief Seats. Blair, &;c. in Atbc 






f [ 237 J 


Iarv Legge, Baronefs Stawel, of Somerton la 
county of Somerfet, was tlvus created May ^o, 
o, 34 Geo. II. with limitation to her and her 
•s male by her late hufband the Right Hon. Henry 
,on Legge, E^' uncle to the prefent Earl of 
rtmouth. (See Ear/ of Dartmouth.) Her lady- 
) was only daughter and heir to Edward the laft 
rd Stawel, who died April 13, I755. ("uponwhofe 
th the title became ^xtinft) by his wife Mary, 
ighter and heir of Sir Hugh Stewkley, Bart, who 
d in July 1740. She married Sept. 3, 1750, the 
Tht Hon. Henry Bilfon Legge, Efq; chancellor 
i under treafurer of the Exchequer, and one of 
; lords commiffione'js of the treafury, by whom 
: has a (on, born Feb. 27, '757, and other chil- 
;n. Her ladyililp is defcended from Adam de 
iwel, who flourifhed about the time of the Norman 
jnqueft.— Arms. Ruby, a crofs^Iozenges, pearl.— 
lEST. On a chapeai) ruby, turned up ermine, an 
gle difplayed argent, from its rtoutfa a fcroU, in- 
ribed with this motto. En parole je w>.— Support- 
is. Twebeafts (by moft termed man-xigers) bodied, 
c. in form ©f lions, with human vifages proper, 
med with a fort of horn like thofe of a fatyr or 
jat, andmaned and tufted, or.— Motto. En pa- 
:le je w.— Chief Seat. At Aldermarfton in the 
county of Berks. 


Mary Stuart, Countefs of Bute, was created 
Baronefs of Great Britain, April 4, 1761, i Geo. 
II. by the title of Baronefs Mount Stuart of Wort- 
ey, Yorkfliire, with limitation of the honour to her 
leirs male, by her prefent husband, John Earl of 
Bute. By the Earl of Bute Ihe has ifTue, the Lord 
Mount Stewart, and other fons, Lady Lowthsr, Lady 
Warkworth, and other daughters, 

B A- 

[ 238 ] 

Lady He STE R Pi TT v/as advanced to the dignil 
a Peerefs ,n October 1761, i George III. by f 
title of Baronefs Chatham of Chatham, K  
wiih limitation to her heirs-male by her prelent 
band the RghtHon. William Pitt fwhich 
hour His MAJESTY was pleafed o g an 


was daughter to the late Right Hon. Countefs T 
pie, and IS filter to the prefent Earl Temple • 
married Oca. 16 1754, to the Right Hon. Will 
Pitt by whom fhe hath ifTue, ]L, born Oa 
1756, another fon, born May 28, 1759, a daud 
born April 2z, ,7,8, &c.-Arms. Vert on a cr 
argent five torteauxes. Supporters. On the dej 

flt'JTJ^'f^T^^''^' ^'^''^^^ on the breaft wit 
fl'P of oak fruded, proper; on the finilter, a ft 

?ffi ^^'' ^u'"''"^* or gorged, with a collar and d 

fS?A /^''■''?' P^^"8. ^^^^'^^" his fore-legs, 
refleded over h.s back, fable.-MoTTO. Be^^V. 

rnWe^rL^nd^or- ^^ ""'^-^ - ^^^^^^^^ 


t A^n^'^^'^'i ^''''' ^^dy Holland, Baronefs of Ho 

Jrv',7'6. aV°'"Trr^^H"^f"' ^^' ^^ ^^-^t 
rj iT J » . ^°- ^^^' With the dignity of Lc 

nf ^if^F f^''?'T,"P]7 ^°^' Lord Holland, broth 
^u^^f ^^^ i*"^ Ilchefter. Her Ladyfhip is lifter 
Charles Duke of Richmond, and was mar ed 

May ,744 to the RightHon/Henry Fox, now^^^^ 
Holland, one of h,s Majefty's mofthonourabkprh 
Tl'^i 2"d clerk of the pells in Ireland, by who 

£rn rih f '^"' ^'"' ^""^!. '^^^ ««"• Stephen Fo: 
born Feb. 20, 1745, married April 20, 1766, to Lad 
Mary, daughter of the Earl of Upper olory,HeDr 








L '^39 I 

rles, who died in 1746, Charles James, born Jan. 
:748-9, and Henry.— Arms. Arms of Lenox (her 
2r) Duke of Richmond, viz. (the fame as King 
irles the lid. within a border, compone, argent, 
gules ; the firft charged with rofes of the fe- 
l.) — Supporters. On the dexter fide, a fox, ar- 
, ears, nofe, feet, and tip of the tail, fable, 
jed, with a collar, compone, argent, and gules; 
firfl charged with rofes of the fecond, barbed, 
feeded, proper ; and on the finiiter, a like fox, 
ired as before, with a chain affixed thereto, or« 
loTTO. Re E, Marito^ 


L 240 J 


TH E great ©fEces of ftate being general! 
€cuted by the nobility, I fhall give my r 
a brief account of the dutyj Sec. of thofe office 

Lord High Ste'ixard of E7iglajid.~\ Called b 
lawyers, Magnus Anglias Senefchallu^ is the 
great oiHcer of the crown, being, as it were 
King's lord lieutenant, whofe power was fo j 
that it was, at length, thought fit to truft 
longer in the hands of a fnbjea:. Henry of Be 
broke, afterwards Henry IV. was the laft that ei 
ed the inheritance of this office. Since that 
Lords ftewards have been onlv appointed pro 
vice, either at a coronation, or for the trial of a 
or peerefs for a capital crime. 

Lord High Chancellor r^^ He is alwavs fpeak 
the houfe of lords, and is chief of all rnagiftrac 
the kingdom, in civil affairs, after the king 
princes of the blood, as the archbiOiop of Ca 
bury is in matters ecclefiaftical. He prefides 
the court of chancery, all patents, warrants 
ccmmiilions c«ming from the king, are peruf( 
him. He is a privy counfellor by his office, an. 
the gift of all the church livings, under ao I 
annum, in the king s books. His falary is 7< 
per annum. 

Lord High Treafurer.'] He has under his goi 
ment all the king's revenue, kept in the exche< 
as alfo the checque of all officers, any way cmi 
ed in col]e<5i:ing imports, cufloms, tributes, or c 
revenues anpertainijag to the crov/n. Ha hath 

L 24-1 J 

nfe the ncmmation of the Efcheators in every coun- 
y, and lets leafes of all the crown lands ; and in his 
lift are all the cuftoniers, comptrollers and fearchers, 
I all the pons of England. It has been in com- 
iiffion ever fince the acceflion of the Brunfwick fa- 
lily. The falary of the hve comnrilioners is 1600 1. 
erann, eacJi. 

The Chancellor of the 'Exchequer,'] has the cuftody 
r the exchequer fea!, and fuperintendency over the 
eafury rolls ; and the offices of comptroller of the 
ipe, clerk of the pleas, and clerk of the nxhils, are 
I hrs gift ; and, as under treafurer, he has the gift 
: the iwo appraifers of the court. 
Lord Prejident.'] His office is to attend the Kine 
'propofe bulmefs at the council table, and to repoit 
the King the feveral tranfadions there, when Ids 
sjefty has been abfent from the council. 
Lord Prl-uy SeaW] fie is an officer of great trnlt • 
I? all chartcxs and grants of the King, dl pardons' 
:. 6:c. and all matters of fmaller concern, which 
Miot pafs the great feal, pafs through l,is hands ; 
iHirft they muft pafs the fignet, in the fecreta^v's 
hce, which, being direded to -the lord privv 
U, IS his warrant for affixing the privy feal to the 
ant, and the pnvy feal is an authority to the lord 
lancellor or lord keeper, to pafs the great feal, 
lien the nature of the grant requires it. 
I Lord Great Chamberlain of E?igland ] He cla-ms 
the coronation of every King or Q^een, 40 ells of 
mion velvet for his own robts ; and on the coro- 
tiOfl day, before the King nfes, he brings his fliirt 
if and wearing deaths ; and after the King is 
i by hmi, f e claim^s h-s bed, with the funu- 
€ of his bed-chamber, and all the King's nisht 
pare! for his fees On the day of coronation, he 
ines the gloves and Imen to be ufed by the K-na 
tha ^'ccahon As alfo the fword, the gold to bS 
ered by the King, and the roy.l robe ar?d crown ; 
3 in the proceflion he w^Uks with h;s coronst and 

^^ white 





[ 24.2 ] j 

white ftafF in his hand. He likewife undrefles an< 
attires the King with his robes, and ferves him th? ,rc 
day, before and after dinner, with water to wafh hij 
hands, and has the bafon and towel for his fee,' 
He finds all^ things fitting in the houfe of lords dui 
ing the fitting of parHament ; for which end he h? 
an apartment near the houfe. He is governor of th 
palace, and he iffues out his warrants for the fittin 
and furnifhing of Weftminfter-hall againft con 
nations, and trials of peers, or others tried by peer 
in parliament. When the King or Queen goes to tl 
parliament, he difpofes of the fword of ftate, to I 
carried by what lord he pleafes ; at which time if^ 
goes himfelf before on the right hand of the fworf [ 
near to the King or Queen's perfon, and the es 
marfhal on the left. Upon all folemn occafions tj 
keys of Weflminfter-hall, the court of wards ai 
court of requefts, are deHvered to him, and thege jj^ 
tleman ufher of the black rod, the yeomanufher a 
the door keepers, are then under his command. ^. 
him belong livery and lodging in the royal cou J 
and certain fees due from each archbifhop and 
iliop, when they perform their homage or fealty 
the fovereign, and from all the peers of the rea! 
at their creation, or doing their homage. T 
office is hereditary in the noble family of the B 
ties, dukes of Ancafter and Kefteven, - 

Lord High ConJIable of England."] His power ; 
jurifdiftlon was anciently fo extravagant, that fi 
the death of Edward Stafford, dulce of Buckmgh; 
in 1551, there has been no fuch office, except ; 
coronation, when a lord high conftable is created 
the day. 

Earl Marjhal of England.'] The earl marffial t? 
cognizance of all matters of war and arms, whe 
he is commonly guided by the civil law. With 
kings at arms, and heralds, he marfhals and on 
all proclamations and coronations of our kings 
queens; their marriages, funerals, cavalcades, n 






[ 243 ] 

jnterv'iews, feafls, Sec. and alfo when peace or war is 
proclaimed. He keeps a court of chivalry, in the com- 
mon hall of the college of arms, London, where the 
kmgs of arms, heralds, Sec. fit as his council or a/Tift- 
ants in tneir coats of arms, and he is judge to determine 
all dilputes concerning defcents, pedigrees, efcutche- 
Dns, &c. At a coronation he appears in his robes, with 
his coronet and ftafF in his land, which latter is of 
?old, enamelled black at both ends, with the king's 
irms at the upper end, and his own at the lower. 
This ofhce is hereditary in the dukes of Norfolk ; 
)ut the prefent being a Roman Catholic, the office 
s executed by deputy. 

Lord High Admiral of Efigland.'] He has the 
Management of all maritime affairs, and the govern- 
nent ot the royal navy, with power to decide all 
naritime cafes both civil and criminal. He judges 
11 things done upon or beyond the feas, in any 
*^" of the world, upon the fea coaf^s, in all ports 
nd havens, and upon all rivers beyond the firft 
'Hdge from the fea. By him admirals, vice and rear 
dmirals, andall fea captains are commiffioned, all 
:^Pu ties for particular coafts, and coroners to view 
ead bodies found on the coafts, or at fea. He alfo 
ppoints judges of the courts of admiralty, and to 
im belong, by law and cuftora, all penalties and a- 
lerciaraents of all tranfgreffors at fea, &c. &c. the 
oods of all pirates and felons condemned, fea 
jrecks, &c. and a fliare of all lawful prizes. Alfo 
jll great fiflies, as fea-hogs, and all other of extra- 
rdinary bignefs, commonly called royal fifhes, ex- 
ept whales and fturgeons. It has been long in com- 
iiihon, and the feven commifTioners have looo 1. 
er annum each. 

Secretaries of State,'] They are two, one for the 

[orthern province, and the other for the fouthern 

rovince, into which Europe is divided. They fend 

iredions to, and receive advices from all minifters 

3road, in their feveral provinces ; and direft every 

M a thing 

[ 244 ] 

thing at home, for the church, crown, army, mi- 
litia, private grants, pardons, difpenfations, Sec. 
and petitions to the fovereign, rnemori.als from fo- 
reign minifters, are by them received, anfvvered and 
difpatched, according totlie king's command. They 
have alfo the cuftody of the (ignet. The paper of- 
fice alfo depends on them, containing all pubUc pa- 
pers, council letters, and of minifters abroad j and 
generally al! papers and difpatches which pafs thro' 
the fecretaries oihce, which are difpofed into a li,- 
bi-ary, and a keeper ha5 the immediate care of 

Ste^vjard of the King's HouJJjold'] He rules aojd 
guides the king's court and hou(hold, and has a\i 
thority over alt the officers and ferv.ants thereof, e;$ 
cept thofe of the king's chapel, chamber and ftables 
Rtthe beginning of parliaments he attends t'aeking 
and admmillers the oaths of allegiance and fupre 
macy to all the members of the houfe of coaimD93 
and at the end of parliaments, Jie adjuds all p^r 
liamentary cxpences, &c. He judges all oflfcaces 
as treafons, murders, felonies and bloodfheds, com 
mitted within the court, or the verge thereof. A 
the death of the fovereign, he breaks his ftaff ( 
office over the hearfe, wherein the royal corpfe 
depofited, and thereby difcharges all the officer? ui 
der his jurifdiflion. 

Lord Cha;nbsrLvn of the Hotifiold,'] He his tllj.' 
overlight and government of all. the king's office lg| 
and fervants above flairs (except the precinci: of tll^; 
bedchamber, wh'ch is v^holly under the groom of t.'L^; 
ftole) who are all fworn by him, or by his warrarr'^ 
to the king. He leads the queen when ^n.e. goea |'^.j 
broad, infpeds all the officers of the wardrobe,, V^ 
all the king's liouies, and of the removing v/ar l.i", 
robe?, or of beds, tents, revels, mufic, comediarl';. 
hunting, meflengers, Sec. &c. retained in his l^JlJ',; 
jefty's fervice'. He has alfo the luperintandrioce Ijj': 
-the ferje^Et at arms, piiylicans, furgeons, a^orhl "^ 

cariil* ; 




r 245 ] 

caries, barbers, Sec. and finally of his Majefty's 
chaplains. Alfo of the charges of funerals, coro- 
nations, marriages, entries, cavalcades, and of all 
furniture in the parliament, and in the rooms of ad- 
drefs to thfe king. He carries ci white ftaff in his 
hand, as a badge of his office, and wears a gold key, 
tifed with a blue ribbon above his pocket. 

Treafurer of the Chamber. ~] He pays all the king's 
family above ftairs, the chapel, the yeomen of the 
•guard, the mefiengers and all travelling charges. He 
receives the money from the exchequer, by warrant 
from the lords of the treafury. 

frenfurer of the Hovjhold.'] He Is a while ftaff 
officer ; and in the abfence of the lord fteward, hath 
power, with the other officers of the green- cloth 
(sn office fo called from the green c'oth, where th.ey 
fit) and with the ftewsrd cf the IMarffialfea, to hear 
iand determine all oflfences committed in the king's 

Comptroller of the HcufehoLi.'] He keeps a roll of all 
other officers of the green-cloth's acccmpts and 
reckonings, relating to the houfehcld, and fits at 
trials, as the treafurer doth. 

CentJenienofthe Bed-charnher^ They are frequent- 
ly called lords of the bed chamber, whereof the fiifl 
is groom of the ilo'e, i. e. of the long robe or veft- 
ment ; he hav r.g tlie rffice of prefenting and putting 
on his Majefty's fiiil garment, or ffiirt, every motn- 
ing, p.nd to order every thi.^g relative to the bed- 
thamber. The other lords oX the bed chamber ira 
generally of the prime no'jility, who wait a week, 
in their turns, in th^ king's fced-chamber, there to 
lie by hinv, oA a pa'let ^^d,, each night ; and in the 
abfence of the p;room of the ^ole to fupply his 
place ; they alfo wait upon the king wh?n he eats 
in private; for :hen the cup-bearers, carvers and 
ftwers vlo nor attend. 

Cofferer of the Houfhchi.'] He is a white llaiF of- 
ficer, and hath % fpecial charge over the other offi- 

bl I ccrs 

[ H6 ] 

• bers-oF the king's houfe, and is^ to pay the wage 
' 6f feveral of his fervants, above and below flairs, a 
' alfo for provifions, by the direaion and allowance o 
the green-cloth : He likewlfe fits on trials and judg 
'iments, with the lord fleward, as the treafurer am 

",eomprroller do. -,,,,, 

^ Alajler of the Horfe to the King.] He has the charg 

nf ordering and dilpofing all matters relating to th 

ki/ig's flables, races, breed of horfes, &c. He hatl 

^^ihe power of commanding the equerries, pages 

'footmen, grooms, riders of the great horfe, coach 

men, farriers, fmiths, fadlers, and all other officer 

'^^nd tradefnien employed in the king's ftables, toal 

whom he gH'es (or by his warrant to the avener) th 

oath of allegiance, &c. for the true and faithfu 

difcharge of iheir duty. He has the charge of ai 

lands and revenues appointed for the kmg's breed c 

liorfes, for charge of the liable, and for litters 

coaches, fumpter horfes, Sec. and hath the privilege 

which no other fervant of the crown hath, of mak 

jng ufe of the king's equipages, horfes, pages c 

footmen. At any folemn cavalcade, he has thehonoi 

to ride next behind the king, and leads a horfe ( 


Majler or Keeper of the Great JVardrohe.'^Th 

creat' office is an incorporation or body politic fc 
ever, efidbllffied fo by J^^raes I. Belongmg thereto 
are divers trndefmen, artificers and others, to th 
number of iixty, who furnilh every thing from thenc 
for coronations, marriages and funerals of the roy: 
family ; furnifh the court with beds, hanRing 
cloths of ftate, carpets and other neceffanes ; houfi 
for ambaffadors at their firll arrival ; prefents fc 
foreic^n princes and ambafladors, cloths of eftat< 
and other furniture for the lord lieutenant of Ire 
land, and all his majefty's ambaffadors abroad, robe 
for the prefident of Wales, and foreign knights ( 
the garter, alfo for thofe at home, and ail the ott 
cers • of the garter ; coats for kings, heralds, a» 


[ 247 J 

purfiiivants at arms ; robes for the lordnreafurer, 
under treafurer and chancellor of the exchequer ; 
livery for the lord chamberlain, grooms of the privy 
chamber, officers of robes, and feveral other of 
the king's fervants. Rich liveries for the two lords 
chief juflices, all the barons of the exchequer, di- 
vers officers in thofe courts, and all liveries for his 
Majefty's fervants. Furniture for the yatchts ard 

/iuditor of the Exchequer?^ He files the bills of all 
the tellers, whereby they charge themfelves with 
all money received, and draws all orders to be figned 
by the lord treafurer (having firft a warrant from 
him) for ifTumg out all monies, by virtue of privy 
feals, which are recorded by the clerk of the pells, 
and entered and lodged in the faid auditor's office. He 
makes debentures to the feveral perfons who have 
fees, annuities, or penfions, by letters patent from 
the king, out of the exchequer, and direfls them 
for payment to the tellers. He receives every day 
the ftate of the account of each teller, and weekly 
certifies the whole to the lords of the treafury, who 
immediately prefent the eftimate or balance to the 
fove reign. 

Tellers of the Exchequer.'] They receive all mo- 
nies due to the king, and thereupon throw down a 
bi:i through a pipe into the tally- court, where it is 
received by the auditor's clerk, who there attends to 
write the words of the faid bi!l upon a taliv, and 
then deliver the fame, to be entered by the clerk of 
the pells, or his clerk ; which tally is then cloven 
by the two deputy chamberlains, who have their 
feal-3, and whilft the fenior deputy reads the one 
part, the junior examines the other. There are 
lour tellers. 

Treafurer of the Na'vy.'\ He receives out of the 
exchequer, by warrant of the commiffioners of the 
treafury, all monies for paying^ the charges of the 
navy, by warrant from the principal officers thereof. 

M 4 Co/;* 

[ 248 ] 

Qonflahlerjf the Ton;jer.~] Is ufually a perfbn ol 
tbefi I ft quality, and under him there are a governor, 
deputy governor, a major, gtntleman porter, twc 
inafter- gunners, &c. a chaplain, phyfician, furgeon,' 
Apothecary, 40 warders and a number of othei 
officers. The matters he has in charge, are toe 
well known to be here enumerated. f 

Of the KNIGHTS of the GARTER; 

This molt nobk and illuflrious order (if v/e con- 
fider eithtrits antiquity, or the noblenef? of the pef- 
fonages that have been enrolled therein) excels and 
cutvies all other inftitutions of honour in the \vhok 
world, and owes its 'orig'nal to the great hero of thai 
age, Edward HI. who conquered France and Scot- 
Jand, and brought their Kings prifoners to Eng- 

It began in 1350, the 24fh of his reign, viz, Tlj 
years before the foundation of the order of St. Mi- 
chael, by Le. vis XI. King of France, 1469; 8oye?.rs be- 
fore theirftitution of the order of the Oolden Fleece 
by Philip II. the fecord duke of Bargundy, 1430 
and 190 berore King James V. of Scotland reliorec 
the Order of St. .Andrew, or the Thiftle; and 20( 
years before theOrder of the Elephant wasinftitutec 
in Denmark. 

King Edward, upon a view of recover'ng France 
(which defcendtd to him by right of hs mother 
made it his buiinefs to draw the beft foldiersof Eu- 
rope into his irtereft, and thereupon projeding and 
fetting up King Arthur's round table, he proclaimec 
a folemn tilting, to invite foreigners of quality and 
courage to the exercife. 

The place for the folemnity being fixed at Wmd- 
for, he upon new-year's day, iHi344« publifhedhis 
royal letters of prote<5l'on for the h^^ coming and 
reiurn of fuch foreign Knights as had a mind to ven- 
ture their reputation at thcfe jufts and tournaments, 
which were to be held on the 19th of January en- 

fuing. ,T 


r 249 1 

Moreover, he provided a great fupper, to beg'n 
the foJemnity ; and th i ordaining this fesft to be 
annually kept at Whitlontide, he for that purpofe 
erecled a particular building in the callle, wherein 
he placed a round table of 200 feet diameterj in 
imit.^tion of King Arthur's at Winchefter ; and there- 
at entertained tlie Knights, at his own ^xpence of 
loo I. per week. ■'"' ' 

Tlrs mighty and invincible prince Edward, being 
endowed with great piety, commended himfelf and 
his companions to the prote<5tion of St. George of 
Cappadocia ; whofe parents being ChriRians, af- 
forded him the advantage of being educated in that 
religion ; and he taking upon him the profeffien of a 
fold;er, was made a tribune Or colonel (in Palefline, 
his mother's country) in which poll he behaving him •• 
felf with greit courage and condud, he was preferred 
to higher ftaticns in the army, by the emperor Dio- 
clefian ; but the faid St. George afterwards complain- 
ing of the faid emperor for his feveritics againll th^ , 
Chriilians, and arguing in their defence, he was there* 
upon imprifoned and cruelly treated ; and the em- 
per<:>r perceiving his cordlancy to the Chriftians was 
not to be Ihaken, he was, on the 23d of April anno 
290, drawn through the city and beheaded ; and 
thus he received the crown of martyrdom. And 
that his memory might be ftill continued. King Ed- 
ward gave his companions, for part of their ddily ha- 
bit, the image of the faid fain', (fitting on hotfe- 
back, encour.ter ng the dragon with a tilting ipear) 
appendant 10 a blue ribband, cpntinuiilly to be worn 
about their necks. 

In 1347, the faid king iffuing out his garter for the 
fignal of a battle that was crowned with fuccefs 
(which is fuppofed to be the batt'e of CrefTy) where 
he took John the French king prifoner, and brought 
fcim to England ; at which fime he bad alfo prifoner, 
'David king of Scots, as before- mentioned ; and Ed- 
ward his foD, the Black prmce, expelling the rebels 

Mi oi 

c[. 2-50 ] 

of Caftile, and enthroning Don Pedro, their lawful 
king ; he, upon thefe mighty and glorious exploits, 
inilituted this order, giving the garter preheminence 
amongft its enfigns, whence the fele6t number, whom 
he incorporated into a fraternity, were fliled, Equites 
Aureae PerifceUdis, viz. Knights of the golden gar- 
The prefent Knights Companions and Officers of 
this moll Noble Order, are, 

1. The Sovereign i. Prince of Wales 

2. D. ofSaxe-Gotha a. Duke of York 

3. Landgr of Hefle CafTel 3- T)uke of Gloucefter 

4. Prince of Orange 4. Prince Ferdinand 

5. D. of Mecklenburgh 5. Hered. P. of Brunfw. 

6. Duke ofNewcaftle 6. Duke of Rutland 

* 7. Earl of Chefterheld 7. Duke of Kingfton 
' 8. Duke of Leeds 8. Duke of Bedford 

9. Earl of Lincoln 9- ^^^l of Winchelfea 

io. Earl of Cardigan 10. Earl of Albemarle 

21. E. of Northumberland 11. Earl of Hertford 
i#. Mar. of Rockingham 12. Earl Temple 
13. Earl of Bute. 1 3 • Earl of lialUfax. 

Officers belonging to the Knights of the Garter. 
Dr. John Thomas, Biffiop of Winchefter, Prelate. 
Dr. John Thomas, Bifhop of Sahfbury, Chancellor. 
Dr. Fred. Keppel. Bp. of Exeter, Reglfter. _ 
Stephen Martm Leake, Efq; Garter prmcipal king ol 

Sir Fra. Molyneux, Knt. Uiher of the Black Rod. 

Of the KNIGHTS of the BATH. 

The order of the Bath, fo called from their bath- 
ing ufed before they were created, was iirft inftitut- 
ed at the coronation of king Henry IV. Anno 1399, 
when he made forty -fix that were bathed in the 
tower ; and fir.ce that time it has been cuftomary tor 
k-nes and queens to create knights -at their corona- 
^8 : tioD', 

C 251 J: 

tlon, marriages, births of princes, oran.y other time 
of public rejoicing. Therefore hig Majefty king 
George I. was pleafed to re-eftablifh the fame, and 
ere6l it into a regular military order for ever, as fol- 
lows : ' : .!'■'- *^' 

. The perfon, whilft receiving this honour, kneels 
before the king, who, after knighting him, puts a 

J, red ribband over his right fhoulder, and fo athwart 
his breaft and back, under his left arm, appendant 
thereto is the badge or fymbolof the order, (being 
a fcepter, rofe, thiftle, and three imperial crowns, 
conjoined within a (Srcle, all of pure gold, and upon 
the circle this Mo'.to, Tria junda in uno, and are 
daily worn by each knight companion) and while the 

 fnd knight is kneeling, garter king of arms adminifters 
the oath. 

The prefent Knights and 
nourable O 

I The Sovereign 

3 Earl of Cholmondeley 


7 Earl of Inchiquin 

9 Lord Grantham 
II Vifc. Fitz- William 
13 Sir f5er>ry Calthorpe 
15 Sir Edward Hawke 
17 Earl of Mexborough 
19 Sir Edw. Wa'pole 
a I Lord Beaulieu 
23 Lord Car ys fort 
25 Sir James Grey 
27 Sir John Gibbons 
29 Sir JefFery Amherft 
31 Sir F. Blake Delavall 
33 Sir George Warren 
35 Sir Charles Coote 
37 Sir Andrew Mitchell 


Officers of this moft He- 
rder, are, 


4 Earlof Breadalbane 
6 Sir Wm. Stanhope 
8 Duke of Chandos 
10 yifcount Ligonier 
la Sir Tho. Whitmore 
14-SirW. M.Harbord,Bt. 
16 Sir JchnMordaunt 
18 Lord Onflow 
2G Sir Richard Lyttelton 
22 Sir William Rowley 
24 Sir Jofeph Yorke 
26 Sir W. B. Froflor 
28 Sir George Pococke 
30 Sir J, Griifin Griffin 
32 Sir Charles Frederick 
34 Sir Charles Saunders 
36 Lord Clive 
^d Sir William Draper 


[ 252 ] 

Officers Belonging to the Order of the Bath, 

Dr. Zachary Pearce, Bifliop of Rochefter, Dean of 

the Order. 
Samuel Horfey, Efq; Bath King of arms. 
John Suffield Brown, Efq; Geneal. and Blanc. Cour* 

fier Herald. 
William Whitehead, Efq; Reeifter and Secretary. 
Henry Hill, Efq; Brunfwick Herald and Gentleman 

Ufher of the Red Rod. 
Mr. Henry Foulkes, Meffenger, j^ 




I N D E X. '"' 







A Bergavenny, Lord, — 
"^^ Abingdon, Earl, — 

Albemarle, Earl,  

Ancafter, Duke, — 

Anglefea, Earl, — 

Archer, Lord, — 

Arundel of Wardour, Lord, 
Arundel of Trerice, Lord, 
Afhburnham, Earl, — 
Audley, Lord, — 

Aylesford, Earl, — 



Bangor, Blfhop, — 

Bath, Knights of 
Bath and Wells, Bifliop, 
Bathurft, Lord, 
Beaufort, Duke, — 

Beaulieu, Lord, — 

Bedford, Duke, — 

Berkeley, Earl, — — - 

Berkeley of Stratton, Lord, 
Berners, Lady, 
Beiborough, Earl, "- 

Bingley, LoiJ, "~ 

Bolingbroke, Vifcount, 
Bolton, Duke, — 

Bofton, Lord -^ 







































J 79 
















Botetourt, Lord, 
Boyle, Lord, 
Brandon, Duke, 
Bridgwater, Duke, 
Briftol, Earl, 
Briftol, Bifliop, 
Brooke, Earl, 
Bruce, Lord, 
Buccleugh, Duke, 
Bucks, Earl, 
Byron, Lord, 


Cadogan, Earl, 
Camden, Lord, 
Canterbury, Archblfliop, 
Cardigan, Earl, — 

Carlifle, Earl, — 

Carlille, Bifhop, 
Caftlehaven, Eirl, 
Chandois, Duke, 
Chatham, Lady, - 

Chedworth, Lord, 
Cfiefter, Bifhop, 
ChefterfielJ, Pari, 
Chichefter, Bifhop, ._^ 
Cliolmondeley, Earl, 
Cleveland, Duke, 
C'ifFord, Lord, 
Clifford, Lady, 
Clinton, Lord, 
Cork, Earl, — - 

Cornwallis, Earl, 
Coventry, Earl, 
Courtenay, Vifcount, __ 
Cowper, Earl, 
Craven, Lord, 

























14 ^ 



















. 199 












' l8z 




















I N D EX. 




Dacre, Lord, 
Darlington, Earl, 




Dartmouth, Earl, 

" — . 



Delamere, Lord, 




Delawarr, Ear], 

J 38 


Defibigh, Earl, 




Derby, Earl, — 

•— . 



Devonfhire, Duke, 




Digby, Lord, 




Doncafter, Earl, 




Dormer, Lord, 




Dorfet, Duke, 




Dover, Duke, 




Ducie, Lord, 




Dudley, Vifcount, 



. 11 

Dudley, Lady, 




Durham, Bifliop, 




Edgecumte, Lord, 




Effingham, Ear!, 




Egmcnt, Earl, 




Egremont, Earl, 




Eldeft Son of Peers, ho^v denominated 

, »27 

Ely, Bifiiop, — 




Effex, Earl, 




Exeter, Earl, 




Exeter, Bi{hop, 




Falmouth, Vifcount, 

^ . 



Fauconberg, Earl, 




Ferrers, Farl, 




Ferrers, Baronefs, 






Fage. Arms. 

FitzwilHam, Earl, — no \ 

Fortelcue, Lord, --— a-^S J^ ' 


Galnfborough, Earl, — • ^9 5" 

Garter, Knights of 2j<» 

Gloucefter, Du'<e,. — a I 

Gloucefter, BIfhop, — 161 23 

Godolphin, Lord, — 198 17 

Cower, Earl, — 118 8 

Grafion, Duke, — 7 * 

Graham, Earl, — 105 7 

Grantham, Lord, — ^'5 '7 

Granville, Earl, — 94-6 

Grey, Marchionefs, — »3i ao 

Grolvenor, Lord, — 2.16 17 

Guildford, Earl, — J30 9^ 


Hallifax, Ear!, — ^6 T 

Hamilton, Duke, — 18 a 

Harborough, Earl, — J^i 7 

Harcourt, Earl, — 127 8 

Hardwicke, Earl, — Xia 9 

Harrington, Earl, — ^IS ^ 

Harwich, Lord, — 211 17 

Hay, Lord, . 184 '4 

Heraldry explained, a? 3> 

Hereford, Biihop, — 158 23 

Hertford, Earl, ~ ia8 9 

Hillsborough, Earl, — aix 17 

HoldernefTe, Earl, — 70 S- 

Holland, Lord, — ft33 >^' 

Holland, Lady, — H^ W 

Hundngdon, Earl, — . 34 3 

iiyde, Lord, — a^8 



Jerfey, Earl, 
llchefter, Earl, 




Macclesfieldi Earl, - 
I Manchefter, Duke, 
Mansfield, Lord, 
IMarlboroogh, Duk?, 
.Mafhara, Lord, 









Ker, Earl, ^  

Kildare, MarquIs, — 

The King, 

King, Lord, «•— 

Kingfton, Duke, — 

Kinnoul, Earl, — 124. 14 


Landaff, Bifhop, — 

Langdale, Lord, — 

Le l3efpencer, Lord, — 

Leeds, Duke, ■*- 

Leigh, Lord, — 

Leinfter, Vifcount, — 

Lincoln, Earl, — 

Lincoln, B'fliop, — 

Lichfield, Eaj-l, — 

Lichfield, Bifhop, — 

Ligonier, Lord, — 

London, B^fnop, «— — 
Love! and Holland, Lord, — 

Lyttelton, Lord, *— 


























17 ' 






% • 






15 ' 


T N 

D E 




Maynard, Lord, 




Middleton, Lord, 




iMilton, Lord, 




Monfon, Lord, 




Montague, Vifcount, 

— i^ 



Montagu, Lord, 




Montfort, Lord, 




^lpntrofe, Duke, 




Mount- Stewart, Lady, 

— ' 





Newciftle, Duke, 




Norfolk, Duke, 




Northampton, Earl, 




Northinston, Earl, 




Northumberland, Earl, 




Norwich, Bidiop, 



Officers, great, duty of 




Onflow, Lord, 




Orford, Earl, 




Oxford, Earl, 




Oxford, B;{hop, 





Peers not fittirs In the 


Pembroke, Earl, 

— • 



Percy, Lady, 




Peterborough, Earl, 




Peterborougli, Bifhop, 

16 z 




X etre, jLora, "• 
, Plymouth, Earl, 


Pomfret, Earl, 




Ponfonby, Lord, 




I N D E 

Portland, Duke, — ' 

Portfmouth, Earl, . — 

Poulett, Earl, — 

Powis, Earl, — 

Queenfterry, Duke, .— »7 













Radnor, Earl, 
Ravenfworth, Lord, 
Richmond, Duke, 
Ripley, Lord, 
Rochefter, Bilhop, 
Rockingham, Marquis, 
Romnsy, Lord, 
Roxburgh. Duke, 
Rutland, Duke, 

St. Alban's, Duke, 
St. Afaph, Bilhop, 
St. Divid's, Bilhop, 
St. John,. Lord, 
Salilbury, Earl, 
Salilbury,. Bifhop, 
Sandwich, Earl, 
Sandys, Lord, 
Say and Sele, Vifcount, 
Scarborough, Earl, 
Scarfdale, Lord, 
Shafielbury, Earl, 
Shelburne, Earl, 










































»7 ' 






I N 

D E 




SJirewfbury, Earl, 




Sodor and Man, Bifhop, 




Somerfet, Duke, 




Sondes, Lord, 




Spencer, Earl, 




Stamford, Earl, 




Stanhope, Earl, 


100 . 


Scawell, Lady, 



Stourton, Lord, 




Strafford, Earl, 




Strange, Lady, 



.ao. ' 

Suffolk, Earl, 

— • 



Sufiex, Earl, 




Talbot, Earl, 

— * 



Tankerviile, Ear!, 




Temple, Ear!, 




Thanet, Earl, 




Teynhem, Lord, 




Torrington, Vircount, 




Townfhend, Vifcount, 




Trevor, Lord, 

V. u. 



Vfere, Lord, 




Vernon, Lord, 

. — 



Uxbridge, Earl, 




Walde grave. Earl, 




"Wales, Prince of. 



Walpole, Lord, 

— • 



Walfingham, Coantefs, 






A^arwlck, Earl, — 

kVentworth, Vifcount, 
-Veftmoreland, Earl, 
kVeymQuth, Vifcount, 
Villoughbyde Broke, Lord, 
A'inchelfea, Earl, — - 

^inchefter, Bifliop, 
■Vorcefter, Bifhop, 
Vycombe, Lord, -^ 


•ork, Duke, 
'ork, Archbifliop, 

















159 , 









Since the preceding Sheets were worked off 
at Prefs, the following Alterations have |j, i- 
been made, which the Reader may infert, 
with his pen, on the fubfequent pages. 




Page r\^ Julys, 1766, h's Royal Highnefs the Duke 
1 . ^ of York was appointed keeper of the forelts, 
parks and warrens of Wlndfor, and lieutenant 
of the faid foreft. Alfo keeper of the Lodge anc 
walks in Cranburn chafe in the faid foreft, &c 
a. His Royal Highnefs the Duke of Glouceftei 
was, on June i8, 1766, appointed colone 
of the 13th Regiment of foot, upon the refig- 
nation of General Pulteney. 
C. Lord George-Henry- Lenox was, on July i 
1766, appointed minifter plenipotentiary to tht 
moft Chtiftian King. 

12. The Marchionefs of Taviftock was delivered 
a Ion, July 6, 1766. _ 

13. Lord George Cavendilh is appointed lieutenan pi 
and cuftos rotulorum of Derbyfhire. 

J4. The Duke of Marlborough is high ftewardo 

16. line 13 and 14, dele Lord lieutenant and cufto 

rotulorum of Derbyfhire. 
a4. The Duke of Manchefter is LL. D. 
a6. The Duke of Dorfet is alfo high fteward 

Stratford, upon Avon. 
6^' The Earl of Shaftefbury is governor of the Tur 

key company. 
6B. The Earl of Berkeley was, on July a, ijSfs 

conftituted Lord lieutenant of the county 

Gloucefter, city and county of Briftol, and cif 
. , and county of Gloucefter, alfo governor of St 


69. Lad; 



). Lady Eleonora Bertie was married on July 7, 

1766, to the VifcountWenman. of Ireland. 
3. line 23, for ambaflador extraordinary to the 

court of Spain, r. ambaflador extraordinary and 

plenipotentiary to the moft Chriftian King. . 
r5.0n July 6, 1766, Lady Caroline M'Kenzie, 

was delivered of a daughter. 
19. Vifcount Beauchamp is member for Leicefter- 

Ihire. — Lady Sarah Frances was married in May 

1766, to Robert Stewart, Efq; 
30. The Earl of Guilford, is high lleward of Ban- 
38. Lady Diana Clavering died in May, ryS^.-^ 

The Hon. George Well is appointed aid de 

camp to the King. 
62. Dr. Lowth, bifhop of St. David's, alfo holds the 

8th prebend of Durham, in commendam. 
68. line 6, dele lord lieutenant, alfo line 7 and 1. S, 

conftable of St. BriavePs-caftle. 
75. TheHonourable Mrs. Roper, was delivered of a 

daughter Mirch 9, 1766. 
91. One ofthefons of lord Romney is deceafed. 
,37. Lord Mount -ftewart is member for BolTmey, in